1/12 Bauerle and Bellavia Hour 4: President Trump's Controversial Comments on Third World Countries and Immigration Laws.

Bauerle and Bellavia
Friday, January 12th

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News radio 930 WBA. And you know you live in. All the nation. If the mayor of your talent or city dies his beard would dares. It's come buy hourly you live in a hole OK it is the number one. Fashion trend in your country. If assure that says buffalo bills' Super Bowl champions 1992. You live in. All this ability if these a third call of that in your country it's the stock rise. Who live in a pool its hourly and they'll be and if you or in your community. You have a top five favorite and Murray flavor. You'll live and I. On news radio 930 WB ENN. I'm breaking news right now hold. Well this actually happened to be in the program. But the Wall Street Journal reported that Donald Trump attorney Michael Cohen. I had arranged for a 130000. Dollar payment to an adult film star her name is Stephanie Clifford she goes by B. She goes by the porn name of stormy Daniels. In. And now this affair allegedly took place in 2006. That's. A little while what does the year after he married Maloney well. Stormy Daniels has issued a letter to the media through her. Ollie fatale is her attorney and she states. I recently became aware that certain news outlets are alleging that I had enough sexual or romantic affair Donald Trump many many many years ago. I'm staying with complete clarity this is absolutely false my involve Donald Trump was limited to a few public appearance is nothing more when I met. Donald Trump he was very gracious professional compete complete gentleman. And they are saying now. That. This is not true there was no hush money. But this is a letter written by stormy Daniels signed a stormy what's weird is that why would you sign it with your your porn name. It anyway. That did that's that is what it is national enquirer has. Another story out there as well so. That he's drawn fire. You gonna draw fire they do you have a stormy Daniels letter that was needed. Yesterday. Where stormy Daniels say that's not true. Stormy Daniels were talking about porn stars ready letters. It's yeah it's been that crazy. Here it is let's go back to the phones and I am in buffalo and you're on WB yen. Thank you for holding. Parker. And the pay them. There on her. I think some power and maybe I'll let the best I will be good. I will play ball he get it. We're ready yeah. I want and then because of what reluctant to anybody that Malcolm. They've you can taking it back to back irradiated. I would say that with the people. This Democrat. And it is yankees and they don't know if age. It all and then again. I've been out about them. If he bought I am about Coke they're lucky that I love it and then pick it up and saying. And ball. He shouldn't hold their big country so they can. So I didn't know how aren't let the Democrats. Want to watch. Democrat Alan Cuba and crew. Member IQ and they were no matter what you have on the power. I'll tell I would try to correct it look. What I call. Prototype Beck a vote. Yeah I don't know we talk. About what we knew. That I don't want to Obama. And that program. I want a bad about it but again no no no I don't know. I've been out. But I am. And that could vacuum. And that in. That. Do what you democratic government broke out and there can mount a little bit too though won't wreck okay. But don't let and that gets help. I saw little lake. Racing and that they want to look at it that bad apple and the patent held in their opinion your heart. Again that was a big kick out being. People are no. Not a low. Cracked. Hello I'm bill book and says and I had stated till the fat 678. As it went to I would say about. There's a question. Have we go buffalo god I. What I do wood and a buffalo you'd just listen. You don't speak when and and buffalo is speaking you list. It's wisdom. It's wisdom that's what we do. We listen and we learned from from wise people and a buffalo love love me and Buffalo's got a did in buffalo. Eight here and every B. I want to stroke play a larger bigger issue here sure liberal use. Liberal appellate. If the mental patient peak of her date he command issue Peta group like about. In the problem here is what conditions in the country that are reporting at least. We don't fix the problem with working people believe the problem network and. The result is that other nations and to beat date beef pact reached for the United States. That's good point. I mean what what what demographic is having the most children right now and year you'll see that in right now in London. The group that you know a third generation that they came from an Arab country is. That they've had three times the children that a native born in the UK's. Whenever we have that we kept that address the problems that are forcing people to lead these countries. The most important thing is to have a healthy and paper in Mexico. You don't want a country that's abusing its people you don't want. An administration like in Chansi fox who runs around Twitter like he some oracle the guy was that corrupt thing was born not. Also how many how many how many relief efforts have their bent. Four for air perk up whenever the EC people how to grow their own consumer. You know it's really not about that. It's it's not a matter of via agriculture it's they they have by the technology and they have folks that are willing to help the problem. In a lot of those countries is what happens after the food harvested. Who gates. You know when big United Nations goes into places like you know what when there was the issue we've done. In Central Africa you have a lot of tribal. Massacres you had. Vocal or rob or doing their thing Moby d.s you wind that blew up an early ninety's. We would drop. Just plunged millions of dollars of green water everything so people can actually have something. What happens the warlords take. It ain't it becomes you know it's a barter system. That's power that whoever's holding that food decides who weeks and you're gonna fight with us or you're not gonna eat. And so injuries you have to be on the ground. To make sure that innocent people have protection our secure and Ekene and that means. Americans. And Europeans. And Asians and Africans are going to have to pick up arms and go in occupied these areas of the the bad guys know that they can't push the locals around. Who wants to do that. Is anyone volunteering to do it because that's the solution and agriculture problem. If the United Nations if you lived in a desert. Without our technology we could put greenhouses. Matt Damon can grow Opentable on Mars. Then anything is possible my friends. And how do you do that with the help of China. Right lessons from Hollywood. On belief. I don't think he grew potatoes with a home well that did the rocket booster that's true that's true but my point is we have the ability. To take the worst of conditions. And bring food fresh food so people can do what. Eat right. Well how's the power going Africa. How how the pipelines and Africa what's and Libya by the way that's part of Africa bureau Ben the Sudan. What's the travel guide looked like in the Sudan this time year of that. Algeria. That was supposed to be calm area at the French of head. Decades of blood spilled in Algeria. Algerians and some you mean they they love France others would risk you know are part of a movement to kill every French person namely. It's a hostile ice. There are success stories. If you wanna if you look at Djibouti where Marines well if you look at Liberia. There's some success there Ivory Coast seems a good days. Egypt has seen much better times and what you know they had four years ago five years ago. A whole foods like we need to give the people potatoes from Mars. That is an important lesson don't ever underestimate. What we learned from the martian. We are talking about whatever went on CNN's talking about and that is Donald Trump allegedly said. Whole. In front Dick Durbin and Dick Durbin a bow out his pants. He went crazy. And he went out of the Washington Post picked up the story Dow drops that the government it. Said that the countries are they are for Obama. That's holes is reset their from those place now. People gone. He's a racist bigot he said Norwegian Norwegians are white. Patients tend to be darker we've got out in countries that are dark so this is all about skin color obviously the president. Hate black people but you know you have the jets' position of unemployment lowest level African American unemployment lowest level in the nation's history. Not not cut the nation's history. So think about that. And you also have the idea that. You know what is best for Americans right now if you're. If your at at the level where you're getting extra money back from the government you're looking at pine house you're looking at achieving the American dream. And you are at an hourly employees you're making fifteen dollars an hour whatever the case may be what happens when twelve million people. Now again that the fantasy is that these are all rocket scientists that we went to the university. Bogeyed issue. And found. 35000. Orthopedic surgeons in Somalia and they all came to the United States. But the sad reality is the skill level might not be as advertised. And how do you feel about you know getting a hip replaced by a Doctor Who went to Panama. You might think it's the greatest doctor in the world they might have they might have actually doctors bought. We pride ourselves and our education standards of the United States in the western world. Most people wouldn't king Hussein had heart problems he went to Mayo clinics and people of the Cleveland clinic. World renowned health care part of what it industrialized nations bring to the table so. If we gonna bring folks over here based on skill based on need. To what merit based system will take the Albert Einstein of of Somalia. What will take the top 5%. You know skill. Levels in El Salvador actual. You give us 200000. You know. People from Mexico that that all our ad business degrees let's do it. Is it that would really is happening. Because if that's really happening that we don't know what level people are when they're coming and we don't get into our country. I think there needs to be some sort of solution here because otherwise what's gonna happen in twenty years. We're gonna have what are we joy about the fifteen million illegal immigrants. We we should have decided this and 28 team. Let's go to Matt in like a lot of Mac here on borrowing ability to right. Metadata. And I don't know of anybody there Modano Lake Worth Florida. In the early nineties Clinton let thousand agent then. And it just there's part of the area down there it's in the locals only come up. And it may gain in it's it's so violent that people grew into areas. And then you have parts of Minnesota were thousands Somalia does subtle and it's the same deal there. Why are we let me not skilled people in this country well we had people. There were born here that are having a tough time. Now we're gonna let unskilled people that don't speak the language they're gonna get rid on the the government's. Boom. And inside the socket system dry while we have people that were born here. It'd better have a tough time. We should be looked at thousands and beat country I better on the Roy Bennett and the raw country as they are like holes that you made is that issue could work. Right now the reason why you're probably in those countries is because they're horrible. Exactly you don't they don't send you to places that are great. I was those that and one over Hannah supplied Travolta over there but. You know why don't we why we won't let that element in this country. And hadn't due to automatically tartan. Dependent on the government would no skills they don't speak English. Are these people that are that you beat Keebler crying and lose your ball floated or else well trumpet trumpet. Let these people who don't you let him go next dirty you you can pay their rent. And an island with a guy political call to go about taking away the voting rights and taken away that offer benefit tenure. Let's see how much their crypto wish that these people come here then. I grew up in an. You know Matt hey you hear a lot and that's a sentiment that we've heard a lot of the tax Portman and Colin and appreciate your call. We I mean it's it's. Nobody else has this standard. If you don't know the language can't read it you can't write it you can't speak it. What are you gonna do if I should do the Saudi Arabia and you meet fifty people from buffalo what do you want prayer night. You prob not getting your your Christians these are five people from buffalo you go to the same church you'd you all the bills. You're not gonna watch the soccer game you're gonna watch the bills' game on satellite. And you're gonna hang out you're gonna speak English and in each it that way because it remind your home. If they're not aliens. I totally get it. What you're asking your pick people don't language don't know the culture in your saint assimilate. And what is the advantage for them to a civilly. What what is the why would they do that there's no. Actually no purpose to do that when we're gonna catered all of your needs and allow you to take your country and bring it here. I'd give us call it a 30930 start on 3180616. WB and Barley and build the F back after this. Back to the thing. Program all day we've been. Talking about. Just asking us texted this to me and I am sorry that I don't remember who did it Q. I'm Twitter. This is from I'm Jennifer pal Mary. Was she is now the president of the center for American progress action to 527 for political nerds. And the it's for American progress Bartlett Jennifer Palmieri was also the communications director for Hillary Clinton when she ran for president to state department for the such scandals has been gone Z and server gay. Great she letter a fund raising letter these groups futile to. Fund raising letter she wrote that the jury workers. Our quote a critical component of the democratic party's future electoral success. Well he's in there and change. Can you believe that. That's literally what she said. The dreamers are critical component of the democratic party's future electoral success running behind us. To fight to protect the dreamers. Is not only a moral imperative it's a critical component of the democratic party's future electoral success. It's there Heidi it's the ultimate. We want you in this country so that we can eliminate conservatives eliminate Republicans. And hold on these seats of power in perpetuity. That is what our goal. Of go to bill in ball. Ahead. David pleasures beat you as always. Builds up you know what. I'm an American and I just I am so disgusted right now. If you can navy war another planet. Or one other country on the face of this earth on this planet that we can go all get free health care and our bills are gonna get paid. That we can use migrate to. Everybody did police spot like trump and if not why don't we just get together and just take over or country leave America let him have it. Let's go to Canada LaToya mixed. I don't care I don't want says that's what the problem is but it would be great if you gonna skate I was hoping bill's gonna let me Neiman Plavix as inept as it was my game plan. Team. It was worth it formally known as Pluto. Got right. It's gone. It would be great if we can escape to somewhere out of Florida. That would with North Carolina and Florida and Virginia are. And he's down mean my home natively and Jim you are on our ability ago legend. They're a great cure all I was hoop help but cry yeah. You know they brought you guys who are natural. Oh. And your patriotism and rebels announced a little luck you know they talk about. President did wrong and what that statement made. You know I watch the price is right let it could feel like you remember the last time they had an all expense paid vacation there. Good point you have to pay some to even the cars they gave you you have to pay taxes time. It's it's it's humble the last thing and as if that's such a great place. Why don't they have let's make it W. Yours and why is the destination. Over all of these places. That's right that's right or interests and nick watt. What you there. You in your mind finding dog will be dropped 45. Nights and four days. Are are lucky and that's. Who. Look outside and I don't look at it that global warming. Up front like during the last warming. That's true national than what. Well and I asked one question I've got well there's a gentleman or beaten up. Paper not to mention his name. Successful. Global warming don't you believe. I I want to know what happened dirty ice age what Brett installed prior image out there and milk at all and ice. You know I've often asked that same question but unfortunately. We only go back to recorded history and in away. It's sort of narcissistic for us to assume that our weather is the same way you know that everything started when we started writing things down. Ready for a norm. How can you go there are 1002000. Years ago they can shoulders and. Kid that's what they have extended the earth is 8000 billion years they have did extend the time line Jamie it's it's very frustrating and we via and that. Tell you getting back to. The whole idea of sending people to these areas of the world. It's they all have one thing in common if they have security problems. And the reason why you can't travel safely. It's not because of the wildlife it's because we don't have a good control we don't have confidence. That the local host government can keep it secure and safe environment. Their four were warning American citizens to not travel to El Salvador. Because of the following reasons. Happens all the time the State Department put those out all the time. Unbelievable. On believe the Texas Jerry what's on your mind. Anyway we'll learn a little bit here. I don't understand what the problem is whether he's editor in that it's still true and that may. Strike people as. And liver or whatever the case may be but you know what when you come to the country when you come in that state in America and you choose to exploiting. And opposed to embrace it not a problem patriots like me appreciate it I'm sure that blunt explain individual but they'll either I mean. What is wrong with what he shouldn't I know. First of its its the fact that we're having this conversation. It's extremely unfortunate because eyes once again. We're playing defense at a time that this administration and the congress and senate should be put in office so it's an unforced here. But but again we can go existential ignore right on the on the on the ground floor I think the problem is that you should never speak. Within unfiltered mouth in front of sound is gonna go right to meet you need to know better as president of the United States you can't trust Dick Durbin not in negotiation. You can't say any word around Dick Durbin because he is going to go to the media. By the way. If John Boehner would that mean with a bomb and he dropped an F bomb that's probably going to the Washington Post true. Because they like Obama seat be smarter and that's that's one. And until it's too stupid talk about. And I don't disagree with them I think most of America in the most honest moment will call those countries. Now. Kubel. But when you okay truck came up with a little bit of an analogy here it may be good or bad but I don't wait one more about it. OK so Ellis Island in the neighborhood and everybody branches bringing insular aging and and and growing in my grasp and our bid and scratch and you know it just looks like now that we all well and traps to elect. My most diplomats most just moved to my neighbor because I like in the grass better than minor or should I pick up my own. Stop and start to make my whole grass flourish and grow and look nice these come over here and they destroy the country and. Look here's here's the problem right in our in our the one thing that I have always believed. And I appreciate called to thank Bob. One thing I've always believed the reason why America never Wayne hard left when the rest of Europe turn of the century industrial revolution. The reason Europe went our socialist and the states and every day and the United States had the west the United States had a place to escape from the city's. Okay NB you know you look at Japan and you look at just the culture of when you're conditioned to leave in urban environments. Pretty stacked on top of each other you'll learn certain. Asks cultural norms you don't speak out because you're used to living with people. With each other certain customary. Parts that are. Part of society and culture that are different than other places. But it states. We're known about how we're known of being you know brash and were also on to bring our guns to tap. Wild when asked whether you like it or not. Pete Stark guns instead I like that. And I wanna build something. And you read Indian tribes that you know that is heartland but you don't really have property you don't have it written down so you know what. Were gonna take our guns to attack. And people fought and died. For the ability to control their own destiny. No it was done with violence and a lot of Americans have guilt over that you know Howard and point out that it. It's. A genocide that was fighting back. When you break an army up against another armed element that's a war. And some people win wars and some people lose wars but could you had the American cal we lost in the midwest. Would they I mean how would have much changed. If if another country would have you know bordered on us from Colorado west decal for if that was Mexico or any other place. These are things that happened in our history there's moments that went there just as much of it and restore urged. When McVeigh 84 X comes after border you defendant or you lose. And decree is he fit the puck a group of judges American history is that an opera with the students and the rest of the world. Apple has the American treatment while I was of the American. That's happening every single hour of ever paid in the middle. I've tribes that have been their for thousands of theaters people like their wit and they're going to put him. People like to kick big lead to indicate they have Monty they take the money they have art of acts they break them. They have what they take. Africa what happens if it's stuff. They have said Avery they exchanged Pete this is what happens when he is proud of him. Before. We are obviously. As we use the technique that you're gonna wave a magic wand. If you love your enemy did. Your enemy eventually is going to what they're gonna love you back I don't I don't believe that I really don't I want to. I don't believe I've seen too much of the world. You're talking a lot of a person who who wants to to take something from. You can't do without losing I just don't Wear those. The country is worth losing out of the perfect and we were losing. And away. We're talking about immigration. Top keen on behalf of African Americans and Mexican Americans. And Italian Americans and you wish people at a Muslim Americans into the camp Roberts. It's a whole entire. You talked about how the police don't trust you did the government doesn't treat you right now nobody treats you right. And you're right eagle at the Democratic Party briefly fifteen million people in here if you think you're being true great an apple. As an African American in America. What do you think it's gonna happen with a eleven million more people. Debt are gonna. They're going for job. They're going to be entitlements without. You think that that your vote is counted out you're important. This became a Republican Democrat issue it should be something about is worthy is an important. And we that we do test what old is messed up. And there are innocent people getting slaughtered all the time in your Anderson Cooper talk about Haiti. It's funny to people he loved and cared for slaughtered. Trying to go running for office trying to make Haiti a better place. They don't debate. They don't write op ads they murder each other. You don't have dictators because. People are are are not there and they're cowards. Do you think. Think these leaders are in charge these people because the entire DNA of El Salvador where the entire DNA of of of Mexico they just love to be abused by the government and all. They isolate the folks that are gonna cause the problems they picked people. It's a very violent society Venezuela people disappear. Shot as as a way now would like to find the 5000 people that just vanished when. There in their apartment they're doing their thing and are gone. Finish ahead in the bear in integrated and you never see your league and that's life. In a lot of players that are in Central America we're talking about you and or watt we're talking about some place southeast Asia. We're talking about a place that you might hit. If you were were either but we think. That you know and abused popular vacation. We'll just we'll take the people that are view is I'm all about that we did that would bosnians we get with Asians we did with with the help of other people that were abused. But at some point the country has to get something back there's been some of your adding to the melting pot. And I think that's where the big disconnect will feel Mondays at times and station have a great week and drive safe. And Martin Luther King Day on Monday will be a lot of threes. Why are we having all these people from all countries career. Because you might learn that people from some of those all countries. Are from and country. And what does this have to do with calling. Countries. This bucking Broncos and you do you infect yourself believe that these countries that holds. Do you think these countries are old. Those comments are frankly. Discussed. This other language I'd like to use but we are on television I'm proud old people from countries because they came from the old country. They've been Miami Herald bus tomorrow to the Doral country club all by Donald Trump and trying to find a lot of people. All country we can not normalize that back that Donald Trump has turned the although off and it's like oh. The president asking frustrated that they wanted immigrants that come from African countries from Haiti act from places that he deemed. And all countries the idea that. All countries in Africa are a holes. The news tonight word that the present they disparage immigrants coming from what he called. All countries referring to African nations he once it based on bringing in the bad lies about him and all countries. Is there a predominately white or Caucasian country because the president has called. All there is no predominantly white country that the president is called the all breaking news we're the presence they refer to African nations in Haiti is. And all countries while talking about immigration Oval Office meeting that I guess you're not saying that you were you're not really figure proud the president calling Africa. He was talking about his broader but you're not proud of her age I entered the old to describe after I mean here you quote why are we having all of these people from. Whole countries come here the president said today the White House. All this down black is white and you probably come from the top because Obama and all that they'll do the work. Poll we've never come up in that conversation so today gave him a chance. To show that he was tough. And that he would get rid of the diversity visas in and stop all of the people from the house like Africa from coming over but if Obama airs on Saturday. Call it a lot Obama said that. And then of course today saying that Haitians and Africans. Come from a whole country's no one to call any country a whole the president. Why are we having all these people from all countries and here at the turn this country into into it you know a oh moral. Coal you know what back then they would the whole people. In the highly I cannot explain this and Errol. Night at this old African. Countries and it Haiti and of El Salvador what you will not talk about black and brown country and and president elegant red eye opening here jacked from. Like Columbia who I'm sure this president also sees as the whole country. The president is just showing you who he has this is who he it's okay we summon up and work okay. Fair it is this is the gift. That he decided to give the American people to the president referring to immigrants from Africa Haiti elsewhere as being from. There's word got asked whole country's I would say aircraft what you get the point.