1/12 Bauerle and Bellavia Hour 3: President Trump's Controversial Comments on Third World Countries and Immigration Laws.

Bauerle and Bellavia
Friday, January 12th

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News radio 930 WBE and then we still an ongoing feud between a biochemistry major. And someone who is organic chemistry major both claiming they're idiots. It's Tom Bauerle. Bio chem guy. The guy that wrote in the that the organic. We action is wrong it's not a panic reaction is no new carbon compounds. They're being armed and David Bellamy they have a chemistry professor here so. Water is certainly not a chemical action it's a physical process I teach chemistry this is my job. He saved organic the bio Kim graduate is correct. According to a chemistry. It's the hourly and they'll be you know we've got up a nerd. Right skirmish over facts about salt start and WB and violently though the issue Yahoo! on news radio 930 WB. All you. Then there was a lot of commercials. I just said here all whole time staring waiting that's what it's an average we have press conferences on my goodness gracious. Tell you why. Really starts to me off. You know why. I should go at him. And if I don't it out of like that broke like a man. The and anyway what I wanted to say it was a hole that's what I wanted to say now. The first United States made this is these statements and whether you agree with the president voted for the president to meet. The one thing that I would want to differentiate. The Obama the blind. Unwashed masses that Barack Obama without even really knowing. Why. They would just defend did you hear what Obama's I agree. Obama's against. Hungary. I'm against it do whatever whatever took I don't wanna be apart and I will be an apologist Donald drop and but to the point that he was making. What you read that did the colossus the new colossus at the base of the statue of liberty. When it's referring to the wretched refuse of your teeming shore. It's basically talking about whether or not you live and as a whole. It's referring to yes people live in has holes. Confide refuge. You don't refuge in the United States. But there has to be a method to how you do it. Right. Otherwise you have eleven million people that are living undocumented in the United States. And so doctor comes to mind this whole thing happened because a doctor. And what were they supposed to do come up. With a compromise. President wanna 22 and a half billion dollars for a law they gave one point to present an end Shea migration. President wanted to give citizenship. To only countries that had. Open access from the state departments of there was a travel ban you window watcher you're series. And not only get 850000. Give automatic citizenship. Not only was there or the ability for their families to come over but the parents never heard was about to. Who did not break the law these kids they're only crime was they got smuggled across the border. They were brought here by their parents who broke the law why should big kids operate there dreamers. But now you want to bring the parents of a group. Actually screwed up we wouldn't have parents now. And shall not would you not extend. Preferential treatment to El Salvador Haiti you actually increased. You brought more countries into the most favored by you know status for the lottery and you don't have a merit based lottery you kept everything the way. Basically told the president of well. So he tried to beat top end when trump tries to be tough that salty language comes out. And you know what Dick Durban busted him and Dick Durban got to Boston again. And you can't trust senator flake you can't trust Lindsey Graham and you can't trust all these other guys. Huge giant tried to smoke cigarettes with the president involved and everything is critical great. It didn't go great. It never goes great and they're constantly trusting that you know what. Let's take the uniform off we're just two guys in Washington. Million. They never take the day off they never quit. They are in politics when it's they're talking about sports or politics from the talking about music. They're talking about movies and fashion it's always politics. All the time and they never it. You let your guard down you got busted in a stupid and now we're talking about whether or not our president is a racist. Rather than the a masculine Asia in the Mr. President trump did. Two of the Democrats live on camp. Talk about doctor at it and we talk about whether you're big it's stupid. It's self inflicted stuff. And I disagree with the fact that Haiti and most of Africa. Our ass holes absolutely. In the or Anderson Cooper emotionally talks about an eighty his story all of this and. And they went back to Haiti and America. Executive. Jay to what the president said Haiti is in as an apparent reason why you leave a country. It's because it's horrible. You know and let's go to our Jim in Orchard Park Jim your W via. Gem a cat two just. Mr. Pringle the beach and it's active it's. It's so he's got attacked by a cat. Two quick impact obviously that audio that we can program that I want to see what happened this might be like this reporter for. You Joseph Denver Barley delegate. Updates on traffic and weather and what's happening in the world. And you got an episode of murder sure you were I went to G Orchard Park and just went to. It's like I can't. Attacked him it was like the noise that can mix with her about the teacher jugular. Go to David Laporte. David. All right he seems to be safe let's go Dave analog port. I'm OK so far. Eight I mean just mentioned by the way you know it sort the Democrats say we're not supposed. Punish that that children. Because they're parents brought them here that the kids all right that the parents that brought him here. But somehow that doesn't apply to us when it comes as slavery does it. Good point. I mean it's laboring knows no shelf life. I'm you'd say yes right good to go and let them beat us with a 150 here's two more years later it just never gets old does it. Would you say. You know trouble shouldn't it said it is or a president should say this I was gonna say yeah you got to add a little bit of that. A Republican president can't say that. Well let me give you a little bit but I we we actually looked this up and what is SE NS news. Which is a religious news service did Abraham Lincoln quote as saying there's nothing can make an englishman. Quicker than the sight of general George Washington now Abraham Lincoln's probably 71862. Barack Obama said. He really drew the higher. The highest call oh yeah he called Mitt Romney a bull. And Joseph Biden. Said. That this. Deceit Joseph Biden said the front of the media that this was a big. And deal. Him ever and. What is an odd television Dick Cheney told pat Leahy go F himself George W. Bush called. A New York reporter Adam Clymer Major League hole. Mixed Kim said the what are tape. Watergate tapes put the phrase. I can't even for I kipper can do that and John F. Kennedy. To the media said with the bike for wasn't working once said this is an obvious follow up. So I mean look Harry Truman in Truman's i.'s general Doug Douglas MacArthur was a dumb son of would be. And Nixon was shifty guy GDP. To the media these presidents are dropping. Bombs. And we we didn't have Internet and Twitter and FaceBook it's a huge deal he's gonna get hit port. Well we re edit there at that time when old went up by exit old Biden went went Biden called Obama clean and articulate. Yet that I tell you what. But Joseph Biden is actually done he did he did that about Indians at seven elevens he made a comment. And then he felt up everyone's wife for the last ten years has been quite it. You're very uncomfortable to watch that the port is appreciate your call. I wanted to get back in time just about seven minutes ago and thank you feel Kennedy John Murphy for funny this. Here's what just happened when I went to collar what does it sound like. You know. Let's go to our GM Orchard Park Jameer W via. Gem a cat two just. It's sort of cat. Like attacked if suddenly you can't attack if you would Jim and Orchard Park who has a cat please go check in them I think the cat. Many of overtaken. Can you imagine that it was again a mutiny of the animal Lamar Odom you have no idea what happened. Anyway let's go to. Pat in Lancaster pat you're a MLB go ahead. Maybe you should be focusing on the work rather then it's contacts. America is calling and other civilized nation. A conference of a billion people one where China is crushing economic or one where or US servicemen were just kill. That term. I am not aware of a place that servicemen are killed in hostile fire that isn't as tall. I'm not aware of a place where Americans bleed and die in hostile conflict that is it an as hole why would we be there in Los it was a hassle. For our own security David were trying to keep I cents. From concerts at the bright the so what would you point to the president why is it offensive though to say that places horrible. One note force servicemen were killed the president said that it would stretch eat your import. I understand that I'm certain that doesn't didn't DeVon. The point is that contrary they're going to his it's completely fallen apart DOS American forces have to kill people. Maybe you have to be right yeah okay. I would battling cancer affluent suburb of western new York and a pretty healthy. OK great you know I think it's Saipaia. It's an axle OK I haven't made you feel you think people but figure that the picture is. Patent Lancaster and Batavia as it has all the beefy. McGraw and you attack the green and her of the BTV at. Alex's restaurant. We have a thriving Kmart you bastard. It. Fifteen pizzas per square well. Do we did today. We went a lot we want me just. We want to be there for you and if you want to stay in bad reports are used. To support education. We do and detained but pat. You call the TV and accessible to clinch the fact that we don't have people try to what's to LeRoy. But yet we don't all of our publicly. What actually we do get the tax cut about raid in the Acadia. People are leaving in hot air balloons to Pembroke. You daft war. It's quite a currents of what and how are Walking Dead can act guy. Just accuse the soil of the United States. Not that thing and soul. Is. That. I. Want listen. If Doctors Without Borders has more than two camps in your country you're probably gonna cancel our right. If if if the average male. Lifespan. Is what six years old you're probably in trouble if there's no well. Did you can drink with a cup without boiling it first. You may live in an as a tool. In the JV is none of those things. Don't tell anyone playing this song. Odds of an album called do you keep all yet. Because all of our music. It kind of centers around. Hole and that's what we're gonna do facial listen I. Actually compiled a list during the commercial break. And that's how do you know whether or not your nation is a hole. End of the first thing is you know who live in. All nation. If the mayor of your talent or CD dies his beard would be Ares. You live in May. Poll okay if if the number one. Fashion trend in your country. Is your shirt that says buffalo bills' Super Bowl champions 1992. You live in. All. If these third cause of death in your country is a soccer riot you live in a poll. And have you and your community. You have a top five favorite and Murray flavor you live in. Poll. And if god in your lifetime is ever dropped pallets of water from the heavens you live in it. Hole of a country that's why you know. We've got to ever dropped water on you. That was not god. That was the US army and that means that you live. In a hole. Oh like garage I'm sorry I'm so sorry let's go to the orange and talked to. Up at Hamburg Paul the way we heard from Jim and orchard parks wife and he's OK that was a cat. And he's fine upload Hamburg it. Yet another question about it dreamers. Or dumped here and there were welcome you don't care. Another I wanna become legal citizens let a state we pay so many American citizens better homeless. And out of work they would pick in the Canada. Italy scumbag in the US they have no idea Adam. What if things can happen gum they're gonna be detained. Act got three days beware of or sports citizen or will be. 1860 in Baltimore in the present stage Abraham Lincoln that pad to the Baltimore. Anyway I guess no you're right it would be ridiculous. But pray about it now imagine if you compare how some people each grade in New York involved low density in Detroit. I'll bet you'd think it would I had farmers in our country you could they get glasses everybody individually. The powerful movie. Where it all these people that don't know what will be our work really well. Did you know what we're also gonna find out that drinkers are 850000. The David that bill goes through you're gonna find out the dreamers are really one point five million. And then you're gonna find out that their families and their parents are gonna bring that number over to about three million. And that is gonna keep building in the same thing and you don't really doing twenty years. Have eleven million illegal immigrants in the United States that we know. Sadly it's gonna bust their country but I'm saying that the American people wanna stand up there government debts would be who do they need to I Arab government ought. We are nonviolent way in the. I tell it but that's what it it it's what the left has been trying to do since trump got elected. Actually excellent call appreciate that let's go to. I Peter and they mean saint Catherine's Peter you're on WB a go ahead. Yes it is very very good true you can won those talks have. Down. Who pushed home speedy recovery. Looked he would look I'm seeing. The people that come into America know what to do west. Not to people who came in Europe great grandparents came. To new immigrants that are coming. Are coming with a message it went out to get forty years of cool to actually do you deal with an exit fired from the award. And they're coming. Knowing that America has simply haven't peaked went through a support system social support system so. The coming in independence faction and the Democrats. Understand that it's. So what Democrats are doing is they're bringing people who saw less educated. Yes people were less that have been written testimony. And you're gonna keep him in a very dependent prosecution. So that they can give them a lot of west via inaudible bubble forms except it's section. And down to keep him in that situation sort of aggregate of four that's what this is about and to me the problem has. Look at what happened in Europe and Germany post World War II. Did you months and you look at particularly in two months bent or what backcourt. To try and become men. To Hitler Nazi Germany and it didn't kick in or one of these immigrants and the last years. Preach and preach on Peter lose this this isn't spending and I've read this story go ahead. Well the point of view is that. If summer if look what mr. trump said that my problems it is. I want to give back to Germany though that's a perfect example. Out of what what an immigration system has imploded. This is what happens in Germany. And that's what he's trying to say because the points he made to tighten Germany's debt. Why would you be taking people from both countries have a whole are not using gift would have food. And if we don't stop. And you don't look equality of the people. Except our you're going to become like that too many Padilla and other European countries at a good it's a tremendous student in these sort of support system. And the people are not assimilate and so at some point to. He had somebody had to put their foot down and it would changing demographics of United States. Knew that probably would not be able to recover. And those are all the things by the way that they promised in the 1965. You know law that wouldn't happen and the other thing was is that it wasn't just. The the. You know Asia and African countries were almost completely ignored it was right at the dead ramping up of Vietnam at that time when this immigration bill came out. But the one thing that's interesting. Is that you don't. Who gets hurt the most in a society when you know you start to bring in an influx of immigrants. And that's going to be that the same people that were struggling for the last ten years with the housing crisis these are urban people these are. These are folks that are arts that were struggling under Obama these are people after Americans right now on the United States the lowest unemployment number in recorded history. Is that gonna stay the same when you bring eleven million people back into that. Especially when everyone's talking about autumn is it's gonna be robotic everything. The perfect time to bring in twenty million people when those jobs are gonna go away to robot. I agree to deeper than that the problem Merkel insisted. The African Americans. Have put a lot of due to ones in America hardworking people get put a lot of us wecht. Blood into building America until when I just found by. For people coming out of Latin America and just a common use will decrease until overrun this system until it. Support but did own children and he owns Tom and Colby. I've been taken to meet even more so we did going to have a senior confrontation on. It important to people between blacks. America and Latin Latino America and that's something we need to consider. Excellent call excellent point Peter to a great doctor Peter or Smart guy I always enjoy him always makes us think makes us work. Which we don't like. Well let's see here let's go to fill in a lot of joy failure on WB and go ahead. David thanks particular cause tonight. Militant gangs of New York. Back when the mayflower came here. We're also assert giving people IQ test when they arrive that our shores sic. You'll be productive you won't be productive what are my grandparents and grandparents were. Capped all because they will be in a work in a textile though they weren't gonna do. The cat but did you know felt like a while ago. I mean you know god forbid you let a runny nose when you came through Ellis Island and or you had bags and your eyes. Secretary of government get over the areas to the Japanese that's right pretty you know. How many how many of your family members found out what they did their genealogy that their name was different. He has apologized yet. Of course and goes silent brag but. But more importantly what I'm trying to do strong suit fact that. The president office has a certain level of I believed to core. And you say that all weather but they were they want why should our resident talked works so caliber on the street. And that's respect people let it keep inflation used to sell. Because it would agree at this wedding with what the people normally not the people from any. That you're so don't think someone intelligent is that where there are. Why why do you like. Y all are you zeroed in and unaffected. It's a racist comment because Norway's and. Beat Kentucky through the recent talk solution to our. Several important fact with more weight. On people from the port. Countries we want the people from Norway. What can we at all. What if it would have set but what if he would've said England or Germany would have made a difference. Same difference I have relatives that their membership to Australia. If you said I want people from South Africa not. In Nigeria what would you think. Shouldn't we yeah would you think it's the white people of South Africa which is the minority were do you think it worth the black people's. I artwork or South Africa and Joseph are you think wider black. Oh it was quite know what. So what I'm saying is is that. If UC truckers are racist almost everything that he said you're going to equate that he's a racist. He's just opening Turkey but he has no kill her and that's what you've been staying up restrict their 22. He's the decorum and all. I went beyond that vote. Or I'll take one I'm with you on that I'm with you on the decorum and I'm with the and the filter. I'm just I find it interesting and and I guess that I appreciate the back of fort Phil thank you for the call I just I find it interesting that if if you see him as a racist. You'll you'll if you could take a step out and just look at it. Everything a person does once you have labeled them something if falls into place. Right once OJ is a murderer everything OJ Simpson does for the rest of his life feeds into the narrative that he's a murder. So what what do we just got away from ad hominem attack what do we just got away from labeling people. That we disagree with and just listened. And thought you know what I don't like that. But I can go that. I mean what would happen. What is the craziest thing that could possibly go to stand alone get your calls as soon as possible Brenda. Don't know where you're aberrant but you're on Bartley and all of you without your mind. Yeah I'll do my thing is this something you might not involve the president top and it went about it yet and I picked it. And yeah we haven't looked to be a type of debt I don't concern and support what I'm not a because. Until then we too much does not do that type of language. And that does begin Mecca and the way he held it high in the opposite of the country and he'd talk and and don't think about it needs to come about. Any kind of like. But Britain would be different if he addressed the that the the people and had a press coverage and and said you know horrible word. Or if he's being that that was it a private moment now we have to believe that our presidents have said other things in private moments as well. This has been sort of you know told third person was like he was addressing Boy Scouts are addressing the nation. When I don't happen like that in the past but then again I didn't think we got a private moment. Well we learned that. That's deadly church and Bill Clinton taught us that list. I'm happy you know Kobe got out and out I'll. But what topics are really good private moment. You that. And as I understand that and that that. Even after that. And that probably just say it ain't got no more private moments ago these I'd be proud steady state and I was going to be a gravity yeah. I I think that's an accurate statement. I do I think that that I'm I'm again I think that we especially we get more towards FaceBook Twitter and everything is now you know. All the moments are on video he's addressing someone you know twelve hours a day you are a public figure and you are accountable I agree. Right and I can't let my granddaughter out because they elected as president. That he would show. I am and whoever else but it's how you gonna look at the opposite of what. Not what how old is your granddaughter. What happened but I'm nineteen and he's a college student. There which you studied. Forensics. Will let you know what the idea that be an awesome transition. And respect especially when you talk about like how would the last time we had someone from law enforcement. As an elected official got Gallup and without the share of but when these guys go to higher on the US senators and congressmen or cops. Well I guess I'm different kind. That's right you know what and that's just what's great about living in America right. If if you're if you lived in. Whole other country she couldn't do that. Doll from Casey and adjusted has just. That's just bought an insane and I just plain and hey god bless you take your breath that you colony and fun. Whether it is expected to get upset. She says she exits it's just bought and all it hit. Goodness gracious people judgmental. Let's go. Who's it made me and Orleans county start this all even your borrowing and don't go ahead. They inserted them maybe a little off topic but just took him back on the on the immigration. Connecticut mortar struck out but. We immigration. I think it ought to be able to make a deal EB whether it's in the country you want all amnesty creek coal and repeat it every single person. You can get on the wall built in other parts they cannot both work they received any type of well welfare benefits in years he helped put the cover they entry to. It gives average or an ebb and by the way you know a week but I've been talking about that for years and it's it's so true once you take off the table just why. Those emigrants are all that's actually if they can't be exploited for political gain it's not all that greeted the deal is it. Welcome. Her back in the and I know is why the wall has to be a condition. Because if you're not stopping that it by the way you know we're not even talking about the threaten all we're talking about all the other things that are are coming across the border. But the idea that you don't have any sort of protection at that it has to be any sort of quid pro quo last pebble. Correct if by big regards to trump look I'm. A look at the largest spangled partners to what might the election. Starting out on to what we got to do you know the general course. Now there's no backing out Stephen yours. Is your job. And hold you back out. I'm OK with that you know let it. It's not what I want to know what you do what are we gonna target job as far as I'm concerned. But one thing I think we're losing it when it comes relate to regular rest that it would mean topics. I don't know where the rate that are glad you could Bernadette earlier that the rate that like become a bit about the Mexican border while the key electoral virtually there was not a racist and keeping the beat. But if you see through that. Turret you're always going to see it through the filter what I. Find funny is that I thought Obama. Certainly stoked racial feelings in America but you could never get away with calling him a racist. I'd be going back to the inauguration when you know we have. You'll be more mellow white do what's right to be going back to the operation or racial undertones and think criticism coming up from an administration that no one would be your. It. It's typical language to describe you know I'm glad you brought it that they think are going back somehow drop it now say heat heat heat emitted the actual bulk although that was not what he said he there. Not and not at all. Not never admitted to sexual assault. We're given a language and I'm glad to jump but I think we all have to do that could. If you allow people to say it over over becomes fact that just simply not. Hey Steven Gray call and thank you for representing the greatest county in New York State count. Outstanding work they were to get back to your calls don't don't hang up these people on hold and get you as quickly as I can you stay out there buffalo black a lot of they don't 30930 start I 3180616. WB and.