1/12 Bauerle and Bellavia Hour 2: President Trump's Controversial Comments on Third World Countries.

Bauerle and Bellavia
Friday, January 12th

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Welcome back to buy hourly and Bolivia. We had full bank of phone calls. Isn't that machine. Now there's nobody let one person has left on hold if you wanna call back in the program it'll 30930. Star night 31806. With six WB at U what's the funniest thing in the world. Is that I have actually. In raged. Far left. And far right people. All throughout the tax sporting a Twitter. And the big great irony here. Is that I've said what I think is that that's straight up answer which is yeah I don't think there's any one. They can look you in the eyes and tell you. That a person. Is not defined by where they come for a a person you define a person from where they're from. But you can still comment on the area that they're from. And the reason why you're an emigrant is could you don't like where you're living. And when my ancestors left Italy it was because Italy was an ass hole. And when the Irish left during the detail for am dram and it was because I it was an ass hole. But it's truth. Don't fool left what he's gonna go to get here. Let's go someplace that it has something. I mean what what blood. And here's what. You can't have the president the United States. Saying that. Here's the thing you said it will probably drop would understand. Nobody expected this to get out to the media. And the thing bothers me more than the president saying that is the president thinking that Dick Durbin was a bloody. You know what I mean like how do you underestimate your enemy like that. And it shouldn't let don't don't even pretend that this was the case set play. That trump did this on purpose does this happen to trump trump cause this. But my old takeaways I just can't believe he did it to begin. Durban is gonna turn on every time did you think they'd like to you guys were bodies. And I got all excited that so yes or here's what happens Donald Trump got together with the some people and basically he said. I'd take a moment. And the few happens. With a quick with it he said. A poll. And go crazy we've protected this week together yesterday we sat. As it happened and on this program from three to seven you heard by hourly of course everything happens hourly job. And yet when there was like four terrorist attacks in the train derailment. And then I know. He followed the story breaks the Donald Trump said this horrible thing that we all predicted. What everyone. Was going to say and it was happening right. Well she would absolutely crazy. I expected. Cooper did the craziest thing where. Again what the left is going to do is take Haiti being black Atmel Africa being black. Course else Albert was there too and whatever. But dark people. Who live in castles. And the Norwegians are white. And we want more no Norwegians and here's the reality. You do it great to a country and left the country you're leaving. Is flawed somehow now. Right. And if it's going to cause you to risk your life. To cross into a desert gold through water you would think. That is because you live in and school right. It but it's trump who sent. And the press states should not be ever saying things like that because there's a level. He's an ambassador he'd they're supposed to be if that's. With the president. The CEO of the company I'm sure CEO the company arts okay I'm sure they passed gas with their whole. But if you were giving a speech in past catch you don't tell the CL Mann act actual real. And just always tells the truth he's always Rio. He just in front of his entire company that that's a professional. You might think that it can be real but some people. He can't. But. To me this and here is just in its Dick Durbin the thinking Victor with amid. Of course. Passed through Luther mine in Anderson Cooper did not let us down at all here's Anderson Cooper. And the great is if he literally describe. What an absolute. Ass hole. Haiti is by telling stories of the. Guys were taken moments talk about Haiti when the places the president United States refer to today as a whole country. I was taught math in high school by Haitian immigrant named evil well who worked harder dedicated himself to teaching kids America. He ultimately return to his country Haiti was assassinated while running for president. A guy that. Is a sign that your country is and as well when a hardworking men. Goes home. To bake better they'll lay and he came from and he's murdered. For having the audacity to run for office. That would be if this was family feud that would be in the top three answers. If you were describing it as all of a country that would be one of the top three answers on family feud. We're gonna go back in time we can magically I remember. I remember mr. mr. Smith he was from Haiti. It was a wonderful man he he taught us so much about the neighborhood about each other he showed us true love. He went home and of course he was attack to death by Siegel's and again but he was a good man. And then there was mrs. Jones never mrs. Jones she was Haitian she's a wonderful woman meanest jokes and and she went home two to Haiti. And she was eaten by children. Yes. And horrible stories. That people aren't the people are horrible but they're from. You really that's. Deny that. It's the problem of the president's name. And Al then narrative than about daka. The narrative than about an infrastructure bill. The narrative. Is about trump being racist and let's give them right back. To their fund raising and all of the protests. And this was a self inflicted wound will be back at this. I. And then kick. Barley and Olivia. You know it's it's interesting because I'm reading all these text messages in and emails and FaceBook you name it it's it's quite. A lot of people are worked up over this were talking about of course. The president state Donald Trump and the whole. Hubbub about him saying. Whole nation's. And why. July of the B I got uses much. But anyway he's our. I look at its own clubs examine adjusted myself I moved them over grab of the beeper button. So unnecessary. What we're talking about people are upset about this added I do is that well first of all do you agree with what he said. And do you think he should of sent it or you offended by again. This is what's wrong with the country automatically goes feelings and it becomes an emotional thing. People love trump are gonna get to middle of drop. You can support trumpet think this was a pretty daunting for him to say. And I only. Criticized the certainty because. I just think it's unnecessary and necessary thing to do it let's go for the doctor Jeanne buffalo Jeanne you're on WB. Hey David how you do or the good. Oh not much hope Tom did better open your back on the radio soon. I'm I'll call about what happened yesterday when Donald Trump then this also called rate he's dead right. OK look. I mean. Maybe you could awarded it a little differently but he's right. I gotta say eat right because. For back there by no. America couldn't go to the same country he was mentioning and be shaped. Okay. At its core or whatever it. That's Jayne the the point that gene just made is an accurate point these some of these countries are on the State Department travel ban like an American citizen. The State Department tells you if you go there there's a high probability you'll be kidnapped killed whatever very true. There are now. I would also went deep into it who knows these immigrants come here. A lot of them are not even tried to assimilate to our country they'd still one of the of the value them like Alabama back home that's why. To. And I actually witnessed this person in my own self. And then ignore and it could not seen it around not that near buffalo Nazi you know be sometime in the in the neighborhood where immigrants live. Okay and a Pataki. Appleton are working our own government don't look like why in the world would you wanna bring somebody here who knock but it is something that help benefit the country. At. The other thing is what other country would allow eleven million people to enter their country and involved. I mean no no other land would. Are pretty I mean even Mexico got a book argues is you don't wallow in the southern border. What exact. You'd you'd do this in Mexico and Europe. Exactly okay now looking up one bit. Like that they may be awarded a little differently but not totally agree what what he is not as how we stated it would be wrong but what he said he would. And under in my opinion. For people to sit there and jump all over him because missed because of the way he worried it I can understand why don't they major opponent. But I got sick when he right he's right and people these days. They so worried about being insensitive or not and trying to be politically correct. Right but the look what the left is doing. But Jeanne what the left is doing is saying patients have a skin color Africans have a skin color. And Norwegians have a skin color and he wants Norwegians and not these two people. It's about race the airport trumps a big that's that that's the rallying cry. But that the problem with the lat bit but they always play identity politics you know it played great politics they've always done that big a part of last sixteen years. I am not I mean I'm older maybe people that are listening to a right now. And their products and Michael pagers no one will guide to support rob you know part of what are by a white what got a new slash for. I'm an African America. And I can tell you now. I'm not only yard reworked from David for the simple fact that. I have witnessed it my own eyes for years and I'm telling. I'm finally got somebody who's in the White House won't say it like it is and beat people get hot. So well. First let me get right to they would get real long it is not a threat for the person. Or you know are my in this case like the president himself or anybody else. The versatility to write a freedom of speech and I feel even if they have the front and he's up like this because mine need to learn that they would if you want it. He. OK but if people feel like it but then bill list. I can't. I really can't argue with that I just think though that there is still. There's a segment of the population that wants to see the American president and just you know an ambassador of the country. And there's no controversy. It's a Pollyanna looking at it at the which you would think that that would be tarnished after Bill Clinton I mean if if anyone. It's sort a bedroom it would be but. The point is though you know bush played that role played world. But but trump. Two point but. To appoint Britain but at this point I think what people are looking at is what. The other side the political side the gene why would you say you did what you think Durbin was gonna be like hey I can keep it secret. He didn't attack planes. I'll get asked about the automatic without a doubt they'd that would that would where he made a mistake if they do need to trust. A budget Democrat are you kidding me okay what you know mark it left and I guarantee that. Well Jane you're at a ton of we'll get a ton of feedback on. All the old Jane is awesome thank you Jeanne this is the greatest caller however where the hell is Jean bend had gene called bag game. Jeanne. You you've done it. Well look I'm gonna like it did army cowboy been raised as a person but my father always told me. Never afraid to speak your mind if you know you're telling the truth. And can never get in trouble to that your. You know archer. Jane thank you for the cause you'll be called back and that was really great talking and I think you mean actual point that the point Jeanne made in the very beginning about. You know the fact that. You're you're talking with the time we knew this country music that you wouldn't be borrowed. Right and stable. Here to get out and what would it. You can it would doable whatever persecution. Horrible like. That you come in and you want. It's not the way traditional immigration. And how we did hear you may well I will tell you. The background wise. The immigration and national. I nationality act of 1965. It was originally called Har seller. The hearts are with each game. A big Ted catch the ball this with Ted Kennedy's first real pet project. And the what was interesting was there was a typical. From that time and Ted Kennedy would declare on behalf of the Democratic Party. And this is it give you a direct quote from Ted Kennedy on immigration act of 1960. Courts Ted Kennedys as our cities will not be flawed it. With a million immigrants annually under the proposed bill the present level of immigration remained substantially the same. That. Is a lot. We're gonna give that any one the. Get that one slide to cops felt bad that now secondly Ted Kennedy says the mix of this country it will not be ups. Contrary to the charges in some quarters the bill or not inundate America with immigrants from any other country or area. Or the most populated or deprived nations of Africa in Asia. Well now that. It doesn't seem. That seems to be a little bit of applied to costs as well. Don't think that's true but. Ted Kennedy finally goes on to say that. The in the final analysis the patterns of immigration under the proposed measure is not expected to change as sharply. As the critics seem to think the bill will not other cities with immigrants it will not upset the. Ethnic mix of our society it will not relax the standards of admission. And it will not cause American workers who lose their job. I don't know what more can save but why do costs that the whole thing was glad you got in the event will be go to the very bottom of this. And we start there was one provision in that acted the democrats' major was in there. And that was making the discrimination of sexual deviant. Mentally defective or constitutionally. Psychopathic. In theory years. Or gay people. Yes no immigrant who admitted to being gay until 1990. During the George. HW Bush Administration. The first bush. He took out that clause in 1965. The sexual deviant mentally defective clause if an immigrant said he was okay. He could have been disqualified until 1990. When he took out these discriminatory. It's constitutionally. Psychopathic. In your ears well. And you thought it was bad. That says I'm hopeful. Let's Ottawa and buffalo Matt you're on WB and it. Anybody. I totally. I give mad props the last caller the job well stated. And ignore it. President trump. Called it like it is in and the more I want to admit they're in so sick of elected politicians. Playing with kid gloves. And all that let's just. Isn't true the signature to mean. Are hiding behind everything. Analysts think the fact we wanted president. Trump in the air because he was different. And all the rest of the junk they kept going awash in plain and simple annual life I I voted for him because I want to stop. People just comment in here. And and taken my hard earned taxpayer money and getting it handed to them or not saying when we have homeless and actor and and other homeless people already in this country. Who get barely any pain or not. I. When are we gonna take care of ourselves burst. Yeah it's interesting because if you kept welfare the way it is right now. And just a limb and eliminated illegals. You're talking about a 112. Billion dollars. Now imagine. In New York State and a 112 billion dollars worth of the pie. For Medicaid. Or for any of the other programs they wanna do send people to Jerry like for the weekend. You know what whatever they wanna do over for the impoverished. If you take illegals that that's that's a hundred billion dollars more that you can play winning and keep you know a voting base happy. Right you would think for a from a political standpoint but that's what they're interested in what they want is they want more people at the ballot box. They exactly they want more people at the ballot box. Who are not going to be. Prior American. We're gonna recognize dammit they're seeing her for bringing them and allowing them here and then just vote blindly instead of voting for what America and or net. You're com here and you heard integrate with society. And in so many people are common here and we don't want to integrate with our society they don't want to be an American. It it seems like it if it's frankly describe. Things. I mean when I talk to let her Obama and Orleans county I'll I'll run into someone that sell over here for. You know our guest worker program and their from Mexico and we just start the conversation and tops and they will say like Republicans hate. Like they they hate the the white Republicans they hate people like me. Admittedly it's even the immigrants think coming in. That they have an allegiance to the democratic party for wanting them to be here it's absolutely. It's again it's not. Like they're trying to hide it it's completely transparent. No they're there and they are completely keeping the Democrats are completely keeping all those people. Currently where their act because there are there it sank a minute we'll hand out hand out you don't need to wearable BV and instead of coming in and trying to get them into society. It is making them be productive members. Met hold and if you want to he's on a roll some growth through Smart start Smart stuff but it's it's off. But he did it without using choice language that's I think my problem with what the president did just with unnecessary. We have breaking news that Kennedy. According to the hill. That is these paper of record on Capitol Hill Chris Matthews MSNBC. Joked. About putting a Bill Cosby pill in Hillary Clinton's water before their interview now first of all. I'm throwing up in my mouth right now. Second of all. I mean are you honestly and I am no fan of Chris Matthews but you honestly implying. The Chris Matthews was sexually harassing. Or is that. Any way connected. To meet two movement for that and it's an insensitive joke. He shouldn't have said whatever. Whenever peace he would but Chris Matthews is you're going after his job for joking about. Date rape being Hillary click I mean first of all. It's ridiculous. Even funny. Is not literally make use Madden buffalo. We've all collectively lost mine met. Thank you Dave I think I just threw up in my mile. But back to that point. It's been able bodied adult at indigo or somebody coming in under immigration. Comet hit it. Country they need to realize it won't get a job. And and support yourself don't expect. Hand out and the way it needs to be kept away one of Portland. Which happened before they stop immigration. We'll look for the doctor bill and and again I just I wanted to pay him Matt I appreciate your call. I'll keep on hold if you want to stick around and come back acted to Matt buffalo and we'll get to the other callers 8030930. Start in thirty I want to set the table. Of what happened what led us through this this whole ass hole. You know situation that happened. The first thing which you had. And in what it was a meeting that was supposed to be a photo op moment with leaders from the Democratic Party. And the Republican party's senate and house. And they all got together and they brought them the comedians they took their photos it was still photography and video. And normally they do that for five minutes they have the fake notebooks in front of them and their little cops and everyone's facing of course the fourth wall. And no one's at the other end of the table they're all facing the cameras it's a photo op will. Drop tells the media to stay put. In doron looks around like one and he starts negotiations. In front of the camera. He is the one defending. His agenda. Not Mitch McConnell not Paul Ryan not Ted Cruz Donald. And he's making a lot of promises to the Democrats that he will negotiate in good faith but he wants a BNC. So the Democrats come back with two Republicans senator flake. And senator Lindsey Graham out of South Carolina and the Republican from Arizona now remember senator flake is the guy that. If you trump wrote a book about trumped up like trump and he's not running for reelection. Sheriff Joseph Arpaio is going to primary for. Senator fully seat. So here's where we are. All of a sudden you have to Republicans and for the senate Democrats present a new doc a proposal. And that doc. You've not only have the dreamers all becoming citizens 850000. But their parents are citizens they get to go to second generation. You know migration essentially they get to. It stay at that the chain migration as to the families and the parents. Of these streamers. We go back to the lotteries. So were and they gave one point two billion dollars for the wall the wall of approximately 22 point five billion in total cost. One point two billion is nothing. And by the way. I mean it's ridiculous to say it's nothing but in the would you when it takes 22 and a half billion dollars and you're given a one point two. That's nothing to think if he didn't get to increase in troops he'd get the increase in Border Patrol agents and equipment that he requested. So you basically put the middle finger to Donald for a and you did it publicly so why all they're marching into the White House just who trump invites you hear this plan he invites good a lot. He invites Mike Lee he invites. All that all the conservatives. In his office while these gang of six people present quote unquote the senate plan. And what do they all do they all take a dump on. All of them piled on and said it's a horrible idea. And Donald Trump. Body was talking with the boys. And he got busted and that's what happened that's why we're here ever what's going crazy stay on hold it 030930. Start 930. Did you agree would throw you disagree you think he was wrong do you think he should apologize. Or trump being trump will hear from you get updates on traffic after this.