1/12 Bauerle and Bellavia Hour 1: President Trump's Controversial Comments on Third World Countries.

Bauerle and Bellavia
Friday, January 12th

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News radio 930 WBE. And then I think everyone should feel the pain I think Sean Ryan is right. I think crystal people stokes is right I believe that we need a holistic approach and the 93. I think we need a holistic approach in the 400 I mean what better do you caballos. It's Tom Bauerle take a step back. Come late September. Early October where is there a better stretch. I'm just looking out at the glory of the security and David Bellamy you know that to nineteen certain times of the year twenty. Can be absolutely beautiful that speed limit needs to reflect. When we are our most holistic in green I think we should slow everyone down to a pace but it could appreciate god in nature. Being in concert with each other into the hourly and Olivia if a person goes on the one IV. And leave it in the morning what time they get it work. David fired. Because they can't get to work on news radio 930 WB. How. Are you attracted to Dracula. Do you fine vampires attractive one thing I don't really ethic question a whole lot. I think. With Frankenstein's. For a little bit. The vampires learn new. About our ability. Tom is still recovery actually getting stronger than ever to be honest with view. We're gonna see Tom fairies do. Very fairies and I'm really excited about it. It's tough because it's like you don't want that guy again in one over duly wrapped. Carried off his first show because you know we chose wrong but at this time does it make life easier. It's like more enjoyable. Obviously. Isn't. A better experience cores so. You know if I'm selfish. You know that's that's why we won back to us and dish everything. Is talking about at this moment and we predicted this yesterday. Did we not as an audience. As a host. We got to get around a campfire and said. Leave a mark. And of course I'm talking about the Buffalo Bills firing offense of coordinator Dennis. Finally finally. Got rid of them that's my guy the man got a lobotomy every tablet on the reds. Unbelievable. Goal from the east metre line. And and all of course I'm talking about ass hole. This whole gay now we own buddies say the actual work okay just want you know you hear. Hole. That usually mean that's really long beam by the way for such a short word. But we are not gonna be using that word because we have standards. Here at the an intercom and WB and and we ask what you call into the program 8030930. That you don't use that word eaters so we'll use the password. And say ass hole. Which can sound actually filthy would you say it really fast you know. It's what you say yes. As hall's sound actually worse. Then you know I mean I'm not actually say it followed word I'm just trying to say ass. Hole. When you say it together. As a whole. It sounds almost filthy. But now Ed traps set it and here's the thing you could have voted for Donald Trump you support down truck you can be a 100% Donald Trump. You don't have to reflexively. Defend Donald Trump every. Mistake he medics. And by the way this was my greatest criticism of Obama people. Was that they were just blindly supportive of the president no matter what. I'm just not gonna be that guy. I'm not going to be the guys just can ski in out there in the middle of the battlefield it's. I wanna take one for the bread it doesn't really dumb thing to do. It's dumb. It down just say. It's dumb to sit in front of people you'll know will immediately go to the meat. Dick dirt edge first of all just paint the picture of what happened. They have had a series of meetings. Regarding the dreamers in docket okay. The first meeting it was a complete and the escalation of the Democrat. They showed up they'd go after McConnell would go after right they went after president trump. And they went ahead and the president dropped what trumped oh. He turned the tables he kept the cameras and he put the pressure on the Democrats and ten. So why I still charges and take all you have got to do is give me a bill and I'll sign it. Whatever you want give me a bill will sign that you're gonna put the wallet. And I'll give you comprehensive. Immigration. I'll give you whatever you want I'll give it. And so the Democrats come back and what do they do. They sit down with Republicans kind of like a gang of six. But the Republicans that they sit down with Tom cotton. Mitch McConnell even now Rand Paul papers. Mike Lee the well. Now they got I. Jeff flake. Out of Arizona who by the way can't run for re election. Center flight. Can Ron Paul re election because as he would lose a primary right now that's how unpopular he is as a Republican. He also wrote a book that pretty much attached files from your whole book against Donald Trump not a fit of the president right so they take. Any pig Lindsey Graham and I tell you right now the last time Lindsey Graham got involved in immigration. We had 100%. Amnesty. And Marco Rubio was a part of and it was Donald Trump. Who reminded people that Marco Rubio was a part of that which is what made Donald Trump defeat Marco Rubio in the Republican primary. It was sticky immigration if you a referendum. On immigration. You had one you can make the argument that we had a referenda. On immigration. November of 2060. People are gonna say the popular vote doesn't really. If it. You're gonna save that. The poll rising issue of that election was immigration. Than the majority of you would have to make the argument that people supported the Trump's side more than Hillary's. And immigration. Right. Now take. Remember. Thursday this was this what happened on Tuesday. We fast forward to yesterday. They presented this bill this gang of six immigration doctor solution. And that bill isn't telling all the dreamers your citizens. It's a lot of dreamers. To bring their parents. And Eric's. Family church migration. Into the country. You got your board while Mr. President. What are the border wall 22 and a half. Billion dollars they funded one point two billion dollars for border while. Does not even a border window. Point two billion dollars would give you literally. Two. All I don't know you'd have to go out. There may be a quarter mile of the real grind could be on. One point two billion dollars and nothing. No extra border agents like they've requested. No ax to error ice. We're not we're not any of the personnel matters this gang of six ignored but you may the doctor kids citizens. And did you not extend El Salvador and Haiti you actually expanded. These countries that would get preferential treatment. The lottery system to continue. So basically used the middle finger. To Donald for a on behalf of Lindsey Graham. And senator flake of Arizona. Use you gave the middle finger the president of the United States and what does Donald Trump he doesn't have a filter. He doesn't have a field in the second defeat and the words that he used. But I will defend why he used. Because that was pretty obnoxious. That's pretty boring. The way the whole reason why the dreamers are in the United States is why. The dreamers were supposed to beat kids to what they had no insurance right. They came to America because of the scenes of their parents. Are you to comment. To us up. Three kids are totally should that's not their fault they were brought to America. Wander across the river on their own. They weren't here by their parents. So the new doc out with the gang of six basically says the people who broke the law. You could become in jail. Your Smart enough to smuggle your kids at the right guy so you get to be rewarded as well. And this idea of chain migration and the idea that you can bring friends and family over its so what the president United States said. Why. Do you have such an obsession. Over people from Haiti El Salvador and Africa. But he used. He used the word ass hole. Should just be honest there's a little bit of trucker saying he didn't say hassle of game. And speak ties. I had CNN there was a person who claimed to have a source inside the White House. That the actual word that Donald Trump used was asked house. And it's dead serious that's house. And this aide who leaked to be able Washington Post said. As a whole so. And while Donald Trump has say I didn't say ass hole. He actually is saying that he said that vets and first word but he used thousands got a whole whatever I don't care the point is. Did the first part of the word is what he's in trouble for. And you've got me you love who's of each a Republican in the House of Representatives. Haitian descent. A Republican. Female of Haitian descent and she's a pit. Calls it was Obama. Picks for. And the way the very definition. Of an immigrant. Be honest if you didn't live in an as hole you wouldn't be risking your life to come over. Leaves an area that's absolutely fantastic. You don't immigrate from you know Amherst few. You know Warsaw poll and oh you go from horrible spot you go to spot however. It's sort of like. You know your date of girlie she's chubby. Right or your date a girl and she's cross side or your date the guy and he's got an extra finger. You know. That's just the way it is you don't you make fun. He makes fun of it might tease each other odd because there a couple of when their cool but the moment you talk about my girlfriend extra digit. Or her lazy guy punch you in the face it's not your place you you don't have a right to say. At present trump definitely right to call other places. As holes. He is not lied when he says that Haiti had parts of Africa are most indeed as holes. With no doubt that as an accurate injury statement. One should never be made by the press. Even if John Kelly made he would have to apologize. If someone close to the president used that word they would. Not let us not be crazy here. Remember that this White House has seen some. If the White House carpeted speech it would be on HBO at 2 AMR right there have been some things that have happened in their people. That might not be PG thirteen. Now as offensive as your age you may feel Dow dropped language may have been. And certainly. Is not the worst thing that has ever happened in that world perhaps on that couch. Given or that meeting was held. But I can guarantee. That in the late ninety's. There was much craziness going on and that wing. But the point is look you don't half to reflexively defend the president. He lives hopefully our side is the freeze thinking side. And we're not blindly loyal to a man were were loyal to our country to our principles. And a person who represents that we will support will give our fidelity to but I assume the guy and does something stupid and even agree. Did something stupid is not appropriate for the press the United States today. And it will cause damage and it's embarrassing. And it wasn't needed. You should know you don't talk in front Dick Durbin. Did Britain. Tell Dick Durbin. What time are we meeting for that lunching Mr. President advocate for you to Dick Durbin for fifteen. You fifteen minutes to prepare the office projector. You people in your life you never give accurate information Joseph because you know you want time to prepare for the penguins the party. So after eight. At least ten minutes to prepare for this person walk through my door what are they gonna complain about what they and it's. You know that guy right direction Dick Durbin at the White House should bring a ball over and start talking shop. You gotta be Smart. I think sometimes the president when he likes fish knows who you know let's get. You should try to be bodies and slap backs and hey you know we we hate each other when the cameras are you in me. Pay region. We let their hair down and talk about how it really is may be in the old days body. That anymore this is dirt all you do is longer a Republican Democrat uniform. I you don't take off at night this is a tattoo on our bodies now this blood sport. There's no give him a law we Democrats and Republicans that is over. They aren't trying to change the president how does it matter if he says just call it doesn't matter if you says the war. They are going after this guy come hell or high water. If the president thinks that he can be buddies with others and he is sadly mistaken he gets what he got borrower. He bird because he sets up behind closed doors that problem shore man many people. Headset behind closed you're telling me that Hillary Clinton got excited when she found out she was flying to Bosnia. Hillary Clinton as the First Lady wanted to fly the Bosnia. She almost died that day was shot her with sniper fire. We heard the testimony multiple times. She almost died her daughter was whether it would attract tragedy. When Hillary was in Bosnia remember that. It happens all the time mostly naturally you'd you don't feel the need. To call for this program would be like I've voted for the guy that's why I believe. I am not saying anyone. Is. It is wrong here. On ass hole and calling those countries how bad of course you know you run you don't risk your life to leave a country that is amazing. Okay. Something's broke in that god I hope it accurately entering the United States at great loss of life two to the people who were doing. Sometimes survive and hurt our Border Patrol agents. Sometimes the only job they can get is perhaps Jordan and again and start selling drugs and they hurt our. Our sons and daughters. There's a leakage how explained losing a loved one to a car accident. In two DW I accident. You find out the person behind the wheel should have a license. And you're thinking man you don't want. My kids should be. You should have been driving you should have been drawn you'd have a life and you don't have a sense because you're not legally supposed to be in the United States. How ridiculous. Is happened. So all that as a mom or dad. You lose a kid to an accident the person's wrong. The person doesn't have a license the person that arrested multiple times the person that multiple do you watch. The purpose speed deported. To debate here and killed your Q it. She actually is is crime to clean up I think get the guns off the streets above all I can guarantee you. There are people in this city that they did their jobs they can get people were not supposed to be in this country. Out of this country. It's a really easy thing to fix. For whatever reason one side doesn't wanna fix. You could still believe in that and not defend. An avalanche. Coming down the mountain. Why is this song plane failed. All the bad happens we called the bundles surfers hall so all of our music will actually have a theme today. That is correct one now Emmys will aren't going crazy over the big. I should say that. Chide him hey it's your turn. And here yet so anyway it's it's it's the gate. Right it's as Colgate. That's it. That is is what the problem is now CNN has gone absolutely insane let me put it yesterday it was actually really fun to watch. If you like MSNBC CNN and we all knew we talked about. Christine. We talked the last it was going to lose their mind. The biggest in the world well CU and hole. Now CNN here's Anderson Cooper. I'd take him talk about Haiti one of the places the president United States refer to today as a country. I swear our. Whole lot of public lives would see at the outraged and pregnancy says this. Majority of people were out its feet and two great delight in saying. This whole currently 85 and currently editing on. 36. As well it. You play that entourage is only like two hours a program yet they should. 36 times like it's three lemon jade emperor Anderson Cooper and Pulitzer accidents over its. For five hours of programming. And it's thirty. Times. Here is an appropriate target about. Pencil okay. I'd take a moment to talk Haiti one of the places the president United States refer to today as a whole country I was. And I'll. A step back and realize that this is hysterical. Yes I'm disgusted that the threat the United States that this is an issue but it is funny. Because nobody in their right guy is going to refer any of these countries as anything other than Abdul. But you cannot say that. At present we agree but here's Anderson Cooper tried do you. You know it's all right now and high school by Haitian immigrant evil I'll work harder dedicated himself to teaching kids America. He ultimately return to his country Haiti was assassinated while running for president. A spent a lot of time. By the way that's another definition you live and in a hole when you're good guy who works has bought off. And takes his riches home. And then is this. That means you livid and hassle Anderson discount you know. Media first went there in the early 1990s as young reporter. In 2010 my team from CNN was the first international team of journalists on the ground after the earthquake struck. Has been more than a month there and overturn many times on the Simon and on vacation. Like all countries Haiti is a collection of people rich and poor well educated not good and bad but I never many Haitian who isn't strong. You have to be to survive in a place where the government has often abandoned as people. You have to be strong when you're limited Agile and is the editor you have to be strong because the government makes the country. No said the people are the reason why they live in a hassle. Debuts at their countries. Harbor. Our ass holes OK and that is basically de dupe Andy what the president said but I mean outraged that he said it. Everything you just described is that of an. As a whole country. Where opportunities are few and where mother nature has punish the people for more than anyone should ever be punished. Another another example of an as told the country to live. But let me be clear tonight. The people of Haiti had been through more they've been through more they withstood war they fought back against more justice than our president ever pass. Tomorrow marks exactly eight years since the earthquake struck Haiti. A seven point one magnitude earthquake killed anywhere between 520000. People. I think that's the definition of a Haitian has gone through any more than anything any American president has probably gone through. I think about that. If you are that poor and that impoverished and 200000 people died in the earthquake. And you had to walk around that disease without a government caring enough to rebuild. Or giving you any sort of sustenance. That American troops have to risk their lives to give you bottled water which you then in turn kill each other for because there wasn't enough to go around. Yeah asks. It's horrible. And the Asian people should be celebrated. For enduring. The fact that they live in an ass hole. That's all I'm saying. That's all I'm saying let's go to the phones it'll 30930 start I thirty. 10616. WB is go to Jim in Toronto Jim you're on WB yet. I protect my call and I does what you're doing a great job my I used it Syria also aren't but I disagree you. But you won't talk about how your life what are. One thing that the lap we used when yours when drop. Are talking about the courting and the illegal back in refugees what the one thing they describe why. We can't send them back now they might use a little different language but it's no ormat is probably. Because there are there people will will kill them. Thank dilemma LB ray BJR. So that's how you. Up explanatory. If it how are you can't send them back a wait wait wait but that. And and that they get dropped valued at a local language. But you know what it actually and and you know what he said what that there are also saying about the country I mean I don't up of course much. Can't I don't doubt it I don't doubt anything you're saying I'm just saying the presidency shouldn't say. This turn of. I think I got but that's not and I know I had to drive decrease in the price of the people who support him and. Today's a day ago today today we should be talking about leveraging the Democrats over daka. And today has been hijacked. Going into Martin Luther King Day which by the way worst timing ever were stymied ever president signing decrees of Martin Luther King Day on Monday. And now he's having to defend say you know colonies place ass holes trichet called Jim and love the support again. We really appreciate you guys thank you Jim thank you for quality and support program to about oh you're on WB yen within my Tony. Yeah I I agree on a show what you about what troops it it is expandable. The end. But Kirk let them work actually. Absolutely one of the real one of the reasons and that kind of hole it because people really go back. And think about what happened. When that tragedy in Haiti the Clinton Global Initiative. Under current contractor friends who reaped all the eight double pollster called. Literally they literally stood in the way of money going to people who were literally starving to death. And they line their pockets. Pocket. And rural pockets they would do reports about this of course nothing was done that as usual no business as usual. You know it's sure. That would that would doctor I'm out of a hundred and route and it was from Haiti. You know. Actually these are humorous you know stupid what are your. Or racist. That they don't do that now the thing I want to yours or your community. Did you pay your education when you came here. What to free like everybody comes here all the immigrants. Let's say paid for your ability to report here's my my take away for free to go. Listen there's no doubt there are no doubt I read you in 1965 immigration act. And I'll read you'd be the quote that Ted Kennedy who gave us our current immigration policy. I will read you the quote of what Ted Kennedy promised the future of America would be and what he would have void and just should show you would hit ridiculous hypocrisy. But here's the thing. Just what should a doctor comes out and they Peruvian forward and he's like you know what I think the drop drop as ignorant these races. That that's par for the course that's gonna happen but I'll tell you the Catholic Charities right now is hosting a press conference with a bunch of immigrants that are coming out against drop. Just find it really weird. The Catholic Charities who depends on the kindness of people Western New York to contribute to what Catholic Charities truly do beautiful things. In honor of of Christ. But for that to get into this political debate right now and choose a side I think is very clumsy irresponsible Catholic Charities today. I really do and and having a guy from Haiti come up and say drop your an idiot I get that I don't expect to church to do it. I don't expect other institutions to come up and join the political fray. My my one which I don't I don't agree a 100% of the probe centered. You know I'm a conservative but I'm more on the Warburg libertarian right. Yeah and the one thing I beauty who really wanted to do for the next election. Is border right. That should be topical ask. While they went at it when you go around us getting in trouble like this there's no there will be no leverage because now if they can a if they can win this you know political cycle. This media cycle and and and look. Defying this man as a racist any voter ID anything having to do with elections is going to be looked at as a big doing it. And that's why these fights are really important that we win because. The black unemployment is the lowest level in history. Of America. And nobody's talking about that. In the thing is who is here. What are you count these news you can use our column. Except it's good for them to remember Donald quote he got comedians would you shall be hammered Donald. Nobody wanted the job Tony. Asked Arab quote yeah I don't know anyone on this planet audio I don't know anywhere on this planet Tony. I appreciate your call I don't know anyone on this planet can endure that. Honest to god that is a special. Special type of guy. Without a doubt. Wanna play just real quick to show you president trumps day he's dealing with SK. And then he holds this press count which tell me if this is not the most awkward press coverage to hold. After everyone has claimed that he called Haiti and Africa as holes. Presidential made no acknowledgment of the controversy surrounding his remarks about Haiti and African nations. Instead the president focused on honoring the Lincoln legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. today we celebrate Doctor King for standing up. What this self evident truth Americans hold so dear. That no matter what the color of our skin. Or the place of our birds. We are all created equal bike got the yeah what do you think Yahoo! even added the place a barber today. This is awkward OK because he's in spin mode. He's talking about Doctor King. And all of the people he could've called upon to stand with him. In solidarity for the memory and legacy of Doctor King are now aborting him because of ass hole gate. And so here this president that Americans should fight for doctor king's dream of equality freedom justice and peace. Karen Travers ABC news the White House okay so now you have president trump talking about. About what Dr. Martin Luther King preached and listen to the subtext here that is what reverend king preached. All of his life love. Love for each other. For neighbors. And for our fellow Americans. Ed so now he has to Ben defend another decision that he made two days before these comments were even. Before its hole even happened. Donald Trump made the decision that he wasn't going to honor the agreement with the London show up and cut a ribbon for the new embassy but now look like he has to explain why in an over. I between the president said he will not cut the ribbon on the new US London embassy because the Obama administration sold when he called the finest embassy there for periods in fact it was the Bush Administration to begin plans to move the embassy now President Obama it could also be seen as an embarrassment to the president's friend and US ambassador to the UK Woody Johnson who said the president would be impressed with the new building and feel ABC news Washington. So he's got. Choose the need to correct that it was the Bush Administration that began the plans to move actually true but it was the Obama administration. ABC news in the field. That actually close the deal so just because the president bush said that we weep the State Department under President Bush so we need to find different embassy. I find it you know. Obama is yet if the administration that literally sold it for ten cents on the dollar. So. Don't there was really no need to to make that clarification but anyway the point is now he's got to attack why he's going to the seat because. Of Obama's it was black Obama black MLK. Talking about how. Haiti and Africa which happen to have dark skinned people living there are living in ass holes. And now the leftist said he's a big he's a racist his administration should and. The residents back was to reporters as they asked if he would apologize for the vulgar comments he made in the Oval Office yesterday about immigrants from Haiti and Africa. And this direct question. Mr. President are you a racist. The media pool. Is asking the president of the United States if he is our racist or. Can you imagine if Barack Obama while he was talking about Michael Brown. When he went when the story in the lie was perpetuated that you know Michael Brown has our hands up don't shoot that'll story. Innocent kid you know seeking the castle. As he was graduating. Kindergarten. No one showed the the pictures have of him point nine millimeter to FaceBook or the dollar bills in the tree nobody saw that side of a biscuit. And nobody talked about the fact that he was involved in a strong armed robbery before he then assaulted a police officer who then defended him by killing him. Nobody talked about that the fact that he marijuana in his system nobody nobody said it ends up. Happening wise. Barack Obama was speaking on behalf of the American people in this segment that had been treated poorly by the plea is for very long time. Nobody mentioned that Barack Obama could ever be a racist. It's very difficult to even use that ad hominem attack against. An African American. It's very rare that you hear the Louis Farrakhan. For Eric Kahn. It's not considered a racist. Yeah. That's not a name you you'll think Dixie what you think races do you think confederate flag you'd think NASCAR and in Copenhagen fine cut. Right that's what people that it's the stereotype that we perpetual we don't think of black people as being racist. It's if it's possible. Right. So we have the media poll asking the president that states if you are racist so. What did you bring up this will will get the calls 8030930. Start at thirty. But I wanted to bring this up real quick if you look at the definition of ass hole in the deck in the dictionary. Brought up on Google. You can get an extreme dirty shabby or otherwise unpleasant place its older now. Slack. The ball is now but it vulgar. Now what's interesting is if you'd take the actual live. The new colossus which is the palm of the pedestal of the statue of liberty. When you get to the park or it says with silent lips give me your tired your poor your huddled masses yearning to breathe free. The wretched refuse. Of your teeming shore. Send these the homeless. Tossed to me I lift my lamp beside the golden door now listed. The statue of liberty. Essentially just to find what as hole means. You don't leave a country that that's a better country than the play should go. Unless you're in the military in the peace corps or your rendering aid. Right people who go to live in a worst land and they grow up are going there to make better. That area that has been impoverished. By manned by nature by whomever that is why they're going to. It's you that's all you think Erica. The statue of liberty is and name eight if you and it adds little we will take you. That's what this statue of liberty is okay. What the president can't save that. Any shouldn't say that and that's what the problem.