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EN studios it's. Here's Glenn waigel and Mike Lomas. All right welcome back. Mike moments club legal we are these financial guys Klein actually out in the field somewhere trying to hunt down a dear. In studio with me David EPA trove some leave men and David DiPietro assembly district 147. He and I think you're gonna have a whole show right and I trapped here for the whole show I can and Mike Newman actually president of no goal will be joining us for the last about 45 minutes of the show so that's pretty cool Abiola. Sort of hometown business that's a big business solo lobbying group great effort to learn a little bit more about no go fuels in the local energy so. If you hop aboard obviously. David is very popular. They've said to me yesterday what you talked about a weaker Iraq's deliberately executed the game plan with a game plan here Iraq's that we just turn on the Mike did die ever talked to people look at me. Now. As they hit me to look. So if you want to hop aboard 8030 nine's real star night threes and all I can get I got a call rust tops in this weekly got to get him back and I know you you'd normally filling in with Russ and Carl and that's that is. It's funny because I you guys will fill in for us I get the week off and I'll be online you know at a business meeting listened to you and Russell say it would be a week off the back it like Lima leave us a lot. You guys across such a lot of fun das I wanna make sure we're we a lot of stuff to talk about folks again if you want to hop aboard 8030930. Stock in my freezer up. If I you talk money to be happy to answer your financial questions as well again 8030 nine's real star nine freezer on a cellphone 100. 6169236. Or good detects dust. 39303930. If you like the tax cuts. They've like it would be you know we'd fill the proceeding beats the other day and actually we started with this new. With these new work rules which guy Andrew Cuomo all. We see I'm going to pass from I'm laughing because of going through the the stacks of papers I have to Cuomo spellings start up New York won't get as desired re branding so I want to talk about that but. Let's start off here Andrew Cuomo announces new regulations and employee scheduling. Now this this is that's a lunatic and I hate to say at the only thing that never works that Andrew Cuomo does. Is if you invest in New York moving companies because it's stupid idea after stupid idea after stupid idea. Whether it's the buffalo billion that's been a total disaster and away strike. Double talk more about that idea and you know that not another black eye for Cuomo but Andrew Cuomo he bot basically what he says is if you own a business and you change somebody's schedule within two weeks you have to pay them. After an extra four hours which is ridiculous. And if you cancel on them within 72 hours of the cramped three hours. So what kind of a business could possibly function. Under those situation I mean there's some certainly there's some businesses out there that make the margins can afford to do some of this garbage but most are not I mean we study and analyze business models day in day out day in day out. Most business from your business owner you know that. Margins are thin sometimes you know 1234. Reasons you're you're lucky if you're 78%. In today's day to howdy. How do you tell likely with me I have a dry cleaners on the porch oppressors and people like that car now you get a blizzard. No one can come out wreck. Okay retrospect so I call and so there's no work and I called my process and say stay home okay there's nothing here obviously we've got to get closer at wake up anybody Richard council I gotta pay them for that that that's a complete joke. Okay that's not how it works that's not how the capitalist system works and the guys up. This I I think it was Tony before we got on they have the economic development hearings done in New York City. And it basically was about what Cuomo's dog in the last year year and a half. For economic development who runs that way who would run immediately that was the cheers of those companies among the economic community development committee in the assembly. So would be the chairs the senate chair the head of the the head of the senate and the assembly so little. Everybody is there and basically the thought behind this says. We're getting everybody getter to talking discussed the the the positives and negatives of Andrew Cuomo withdrawal plan yeah how everything's going to what we voted on how it's working how's everything on day well the cut. That was great because it wasn't normally you'd think like conservatives like us would be the ones Cameron because he has no development plan he has no economic policy at all at all. I'll be asks yeah yeah a shell game you know lick your finger stick it up in the air type thing while it was the Democrats or or you know thrill they would go and slowed blockers on Cuomo because in their district he's been promising things and he's not delivering. And so they ripped him to shreds that the they came out some facts now as I entered there was I don't know how he would shall for something like that but they just ripped to shreds and it was it was great being here. How it was it wasn't our side yeah that was goes bipartisan because there has been no economic development. If you west of the Hudson there's actually nothing in the state and they can't spin it. Anyway they want to it's still appellation down in the southern tier there's still living day to day dollar to dollar. And sing with Western New York we're still bottle stole third or second poorest city in the country he's done nothing to improve it the the Hunger Games doesn't work. Right it's not working right it ends this specifically when you look at like I guess using IBM is an example. We give them something like 55 million dollars three years ago. With the promise of creating 500 jobs which is just I mean to me that's awful map right. I mean returned 55 million dollars to the people who are creating jobs and that would have spent thousands of jobs created here instead he's got to pick winners and losers. And of course IBM promised these big tech jobs right. Big tech jobs are at Al you know that it's gonna we're gonna kick it off and I get my understanding is it's not like a hundred some jobs have been created and most of them or call center job minimum wage jobs. That's it that's written in and what was really eye opening. And don't have the exact number but I can't get it was the number of companies. That this economic development program has given money to. To start up. They sign a contract with a have to stay here for one year to eighteen months. Okay and they don't have to follow through on the promises for job creation. And I can't tell you the number it was a just blew me away the number of in Western New York alone that they've given money to start up and after one year in a day. They're out of the state. C'mon man. And land why near the day it's funny that is not why you know while ultimately do the last predator crack they took the money they stay didn't create the jobs they were supposed to because it's not I get a mandate. But the one year or eighteen months and after that I can't tell you it's an and it's it's a huge number they just took the money. And they laughed unreal cause they couldn't believe it was a scam he himself he had to campaign start up New York. He himself be flew into Western New York he was giving a speech and we couldn't believe it Glenn and I we're actually filling in for beach about Iowa and it was breaking news it was him. And he was talking about the economic development and he said we've created something like seven jobs. Seven. Like did we gonna like pick that he actually savant like. Not 7000. Not even seven on. So and the right and as. Cost the cost at the time that we heard about the assembly floor was almost 48 million delegates over 890 and it was advertised iron statewide. He would for that forty million because we went nuts on the floor we got when he finally remember we had foil all this to get the information took over a year and a half. And I think it was 74 jobs totally crater on the state unreal you know a lot of resistance crazy unreal I did studio with us Mike -- by the way like Michael I was going to financial guys news radio 930 WB yet. David DiPietro in studio David needing no introduction really hear if you hop aboard 8030930. Started freezer on a cell phone. 1806169236. When a text just 3930. That's free colleges working out for BB Andrew right. That's another about what I crack apparently that is threatening next plus crackdown horse manure and it. So I actually Jeff for we've college when he expert at our office. And he actually did some studies with professor believe it was from and I. And you would have had a better chance of actually winning the lottery and having your college paid for through the pool of money that Andrew had but of course it was all political grandstanding in garbage I. God guide I constituents in my district to apply. With all the hoops annual we found you know how you get that free college tuition in most case because it like you said we have to win the lottery political pull off. And there's a shocker. Let's let's sneak in jail here if you want out of summing things up your cue to call an 8030930. Star 930 let's welcome Jill. How are you Joseph. I'm doing and I'm a great fan of your show and they PP term thank you much appreciate that just. I I can't voted for trial but and that trumps supporter. But you know what I heard yesterday was extremely upsetting to me and I hope you don't think it. But he's about to overturn. And he trophy. African trophy. Laws that job Obama that you don't know everything Obama put true which I mean this was good legislation. It's illegal to bring an effort to try to. Stay. And I hope that's what an ideal if you look out China. You get any influence on that. This sort of worked for. If you once again trust me you're really well. He each apple return. It will. What is the ruling it in to bring out what is an African trophy and understand that America. At a farm animal. Or like absurd like like hunting area what are what is the real re referring to. The AM wise you couldn't bring him. Like African. Elephants okay off. Hearts and mind control things like sir I'm pro am protected species and not Obama it can't say. You know it was warmer here. You know can cellphone will but. I mean to me it was important. I hope. From got an overture to entity. I thought he says he did overturn. He did well yes and now advocating more and I am hoping that you would hear. Some influence. I'm. It. Aviat directly into the White House Michelle thanks I thought I should anymore though that I. I think but I think I know what she's talking about to a C and also the ivory trade the right tusks of Russia. That's a huge. Poachers or are huge in Africa yet because the money so it's a but on the other hand what we've learned also is our couple countries in Africa. With yell yell from population has exploded in a couple of them I mean yes there's. In the United States you can't can't bring back. Elephants but. What and in some of the African countries are really upset with that because you didn't overpopulation like we have a dear is that right yeah and they're trying to weed out the heard. And they're trying to find people mostly who want money yeah to get it looks so that they can make money but again the overall. Overall premise was basically the ivory trade was was was getting way out of hand and it was depleting. Her gotcha well let's talk well I'll talk more about New York shortly here he would take a quick break your phone calls a welcome made 030930. Start and entries are on a cell phone 1806169236. And up 3930 if you like the text us your news rated at thirty WB and don't forget folks we managed money for a living 6331515. We have an independent health insurance and an independent Medicare division if you need help to Medicare. Instead of driving all around town use one of our independent wraps by the way if you're turning 65 I would really encourage you. Especially if you're turning 65 within the next three to six months months I would encourage you to make an appointment of one of our Medicare wraps and really get your ducks in order. Do they've got to make some pretty big decisions at age 65 and it's important make the right ones so. Use our independent Medicare team as a resource 6331515. Or Delores you are on deck first again 8030930. Start I entries are on a cell phone 1061692360. DPH from studio. I love the fact is reunited thirty WB in Mike Loma school and legal we are these financial guys in that Monday through Friday we managed money for letting folks. If you think like us you wanna use our team as a resource whether it's Social Security planning college planning retirement planning. Women and investing estate planning. What we have us separate division for police officers firefighters that women and investing. Use our team as a resource if your small business owner medium sized business owner Jeff find we have a 401K division. And that we have strategic partners with payroll company's partnerships of payroll companies and including a health insurance and Medicare divisions so. If your small business medium sized business and need help with your health insurance we can do that as well. And O'Brien Jack had a that that department's use us as a resource against extreme 31515. Medicare season now only a few weeks left to make the right decision if you've already made a decision meanwhile a second opinion. We have a whole a team of independent wraps its a free consultation. 63315156331515. But it like us on FaceBook a lot of stuff we talked about we post to our FaceBook page and follow us on Twitter at Finn guys in studio with me David DP HO. And we were talking about for the break about Andrew Cuomo announces new regulation on employee scheduling. You know let's talk a little bit about this this buffalo billion. To me that's been a real disaster you know you look at. Whatever I don't even know coming it was supposed to be Tesla they were gonna make ground breaking solar panels down there changed the world. And then that focus went from ground breaking technology to. While maybe we're just gonna use it as a warehouse to renting it out to like some other company that rents it out to some other company. I think the rent agreement now for the city of buffalo is like a dollar in New York State get them Fokker two or something like that turned into real joke is as most government projects do. A team in a way above scheduled cost and I know. We've had some developers on the show who have said black to build that building for 116 of what exactly what happened on their real mass but. You know the I look at the success that. That we've had in the sea bubble we've had some winners down there. But most of it's been private business it would cool and idealism guys like Karl Wright making you know doing project of the project to project urgency just Carroll is that'll team their owner has. Over in the city it hasn't been the city's done very little but the reaping the benefit politically yes is the mayor's taking credit for every nailed it gets driven down there and cannot it's it's the goal wasn't Carlin a number of other private developers have been spurring that on with private money that's very other working with. The city but the city again government doesn't created. Yes. By the way when hop aboard 8030930. Star 930 let's welcome most about the phone tools welcome Delores how are adult Dolores. I I don't like. Three things say one I heard yesterday. And don't you dare take joke being her and I wanna keep. At the if this theft that we'll vote for Jason I like Jason. Anyway when we were just gonna bring beamer I'm not to actually work but for you know entertainment purposes. The difference is Jason actually Jason frank here they actually work. Office to office when he. But let's we can't go off topic for entertainment absolutely. And anyway I went to speak about this two things the first thing I want to speak to illegal crowd in about the elephant. It has been put on hold at a hunter. I do follow I think I do so whether it's whatever. Okay because my my kids kind. A lot of people don't understand. That this is this these hunters rebels lot of money once they came trophies. Paid for nature preachers. In other countries. And the people that they are here. Within a community protect and preserve the species. They can get port wine and I. But the client he GAAP I didn't move out of our perimeter. Finally taken or it could be getting pieces. Yeah I think Rush Limbaugh years ago so the best Saturday ticket you know playing footsie with if we protect animals we should eat him. Right there's more chickens and never let me and it's because freedom. The great story about my granddad which was little and end and it was a fund raiser and I did these guys say peerage came deceased didn't play golf in wind. And they says look when I McCaffery I honey and I took up the gap. The AMP you column McDowell just to get it and and there are different tours what do you do with the AMP. And chief says sure maybe you don't. Look at. These just little Lotta enemies root for the that the path Delores thanks for the college florist we have a good luck also. Oh let's do we get rid you know that's it it's a good question it's funny said that because I was talking indeed before he was telling me about. You know how unhappy the Democrats are in the state. And Dyson hot is it true win amid the Republicans don't like over the Democrats don't like government. And you know it seems like common core was a big theme this year and I'm thinking if there's any year that he goes down he wins again in a landslide I mean how how does it continue to happen if Democrats and Republicans don't like him. Well two reasons one is the message. The message in the in the you kind of horse in the race. Number one we didn't have one with a history you know by a cat to me he was just a horrible candidate today he really you know it was a terrible terra and it was just it was took me about what I don't understand this. We could talk more about this but. If it's me I'm running on the platform of common core I'm running I'm on the Second Amendment. And I'm running on welfare. Because there's a lot of them to me a lot of well fed up Democrats and Republicans that go to work and they're sick and tired of the massive amount of welfare in the state. And it never gets brought up never it's like we just pushed right under the carpet into me period I bush center here at teacher. Your widget maker here right here a cleaner whatever you do you go to work you work your butt off and then you see this massive amount of wealth for just being handed out to but he's. Growing exponentially else ya. And you go back to the less I bring this up all the time go back to the Tony consensus wished they said we lost two million people which is about. Which was the worst in the country of the biggest migration migration of any state two million people but the fact is we didn't lose two million people we lost about two point eight million people because we influx. Almost a million. Permanent welfare yes. Is that so we've lost that we lost a lot of good lost a lot and I desire to play in Texas yeah. Yeah he's right people the flying body while you look at the city of buffalo was a perfect example of that right all the good that I hear about C buffalo. Now that we lost 800 jobs last year which lost eight energy option right now. Right people are safe so golf we got to get quick break your -- you don't be stranger to the show. A date DiPietro in studio incredible opportunity to picked his brain here assemblyman. A district or 147. Hop aboard 8030930. Star 930 on a cell phone at 1806169236. At outside. The area Rochester again 1806169236. 3930 if you'd like to tax dust we'll get your calls and questions after the break here news radio 930 WB and Michael almost go a little financial guys he's reunited third. Already welcome back news radio 930 WGN Mike moments when legal financial guys. Here within each and every Saturday let it thanks to a special shot out to sandy beach and Tim Winger for allowing us to fill in Thursday. Sandy feeling a little bit under the weather on Thursday and it was a an opportunity for us to do it shows so. Hall of famers sandy beach doubles it's just an honor to be able to fill in for him those are huge shoes we never actually film that. Somebody had to do it for three dollars that we pretended it. To make you went again thank you for Tim for trusting us. Let's see years governor wiggle look at this hi Glenn that's done embodied I think you should run for governor of illegals not even in studio today he's getting. Different. We've got so during the show legal has been endorsed for governor and some article to see if you have a direct line to Donald Trump that some of the let's go to Rivera getting part of popular. Again if somebody wants to hate somebody hangs up your can call an 8030930. Started 30 on a cell phone 1806169236. Before we go back to the phones or did want a sneak in here Paul Delonte. Paul is width couldn cleaners. And Paul maybe I you know I can do it justice maybe you can explain it listeners what you're what you're trying to accomplish and it's a great charity. Well for the last 22 years Mike we've been doing their coats for kids program. And this year you know we've kind of taken over the top with Allstate foundation in pinellas air. You know at a time radio and in channel four is our sponsors. We've really gotten the message out and naturally we just second. Distribution day. Last week we aren't true battles church where we distributed about 18100. Coach and then a whole bunch hedge gloves scarves. This year or today. You know our count is like 2600. Today it was absolute made him that's awesome. That's incredible. Yeah I mean we can actually good things happen to Wear a cap they they've donated over a thousand like NFL camps. He'll pull out has while gorgeous up park avenue coach. We had a number of people that actually donated some cash. And we normally weren't doing their park avenue work something out where we're able about brand new coach for five bucks apiece. That's great Paul unreal when you guys are doing some amazing things so what are you looking for me nearly over quote gloves tires. Cash. You know what really I don't wanna shake can't. The you know my body is probably turning in his grave if that's that's that's that's that's no money. Now know that I get that guy you're looking you're looking for things that they can put on where we have been physically leave left. If if people want if they don't let I don't have a coat. That they wanted to donate Beckenbauer who are. The park avenue was cold coat factory and William street the other one Hamburg and in the locker wanna read across from the old but I'm feel. They could buy it coat for 20% off park avenue was running this now and then park avenue donates it to us that's awesome that's awesome they can do that. But I'm Tony you just go and here closets in and you find coach you bind here if you can't find her all the Allstate offices you go to colon cleaners that time. And click on coats for kids he'd take you to our website that shows you all the public. Places that you could donate all of the us. Polished donut shop BAC women's. You know there's a number of places that have jumped on board all the Allstate offices Ramallah locked for all the way down to. I think spring they'll do we have we have one in Rochester. So in debt to keep in next two weeks we need to collect a lot of gowns. I'm sorry a lot of coach. And that has to be done now before the second of December because that's our last unless. So of course that drop off locations colon cleaners Paulo's donuts Allstate insurance agents any Allstate insurance agent yeah all right. Paulson legally applause I mean we love Paul. I said honey you'll run a policy rate he got a drop off a coat and pick up some doughnuts and indeed cute she's. That's Paul is the by the way they are awesome I mean and it you know anytime I hear charity IE it's it's Paul Paul Paul mean that that family over there they are really great people can really great donuts yeah that incredible law itself that they'd call appreciate all the help by the way I I was a talking to Dave here for the president's is that this is your competition usable. Those leaders admitted Paul they let me just say Paul Goss an incredible job used by the leader in shaker of this industry in Western New York he goes he's out there he's always on video said he helped two years ago yeah you're getting help me when I was getting started and I took over from my father and 89199091. So we'll put some good people and Paul's always been a friend to the cleaners and he he leads the charge in Western New York yet so I mean when he does this he helps out so many people. Paul that we developed back in 91 that's right. I mean totally about how how a position that is. I still use that politics you know that that that computer system you hook up with with. Similar Fuller. There's not too many of the guys last year Tommy to it was a 40% of the leaders are gone now yeah I think in 2000 I think Paul could crack me but was off 4300 cleaners are now they're down to body 300 do you guys don't have any regulations you have to deal but he thought. I thought of all you want into the fifth at at. Well. I mean we we have to meet any regulations because ourselves as a percent green. It takes really a call I appreciate but he had you know up Monday somehow I gotta make sure we link everything you're trying to do to our website. And I assume we can do to try to really get to some of the other connections we have sold. We'll do our best to try to get his man because what's the goals or goal. You know what we don't set a goal we just make sure that everybody that comes in gets a coat. You rock that's related to our very good judge you called a next week he had to. We're gonna try to help make this happen so well. And which I guess we're on an amnesia with Uga incredible even better all right we'll see and actually got it. So ball this good talked. I have sounds get. Yeah Paul is just. How all of a guy Utley he's a leader in shaker in the industry he. He moves mountains he does a great job and he he's always like this coats for kids but in the spring the prom gowns those types of things. You know he's he's just there's always hope and I'll worry Canada and you know so I if anybody needs help we don't go to Paul. He secretly community that's for sure she is let's stick with the lines here at David DPH throw in studio with us 8030930. Stock and entries are on a cellphone let's welcome. Scott in the East Aurora Howard Scott. Guys thank you Adam yeah brought me up. Question for you about about tax reform I was I was pretty well I don't want it to in the week on here I was. I've been pretty excited about it until of course I heard about you know. Deletes all the actual proposal came out there who. I was I was pretty excited about it to a delay actually saw the proposal and it's not about grade. Now you know and then it would have a question number is set up and what happened comparing you know in my wife and I we itemized. And you know it's a mad that point where you know they. It's a double the production like they say they're gonna do. They're from married couples and we and we have two little kids as well. I've I think I'd say they'll probably come body inform. Right in that bonus targets LPC because that changes we. We have we have three different income sources we look we have. We have we have our W two income what we have unemployment. That we have demise some independent contractors that we do. All of Scott Jones is on dozens Iran zone or about the Alaska you know when your little three to four million dollar range that I think you breakeven rate. Did the hit actually to keep some of them hit the three of the you know it's got the the frustrating part is that. And we're we're sort of leaving New York now moving onto a more national topic federal topic but. But you know the the frustrating part is we had all these Republicans that promised billions guys a big. Big tax cuts right and now I see these guys bring girls bragging about. They'll while look at if you're an average for only might you hear a thousand dollars ahead big would be. Right look me. The hip and some of us it's like early every I is probably gonna cost me money but I thought everybody's countries need this big tax cut the great points cut is frustrating is up and. Have a feeling that if I have a feeling it's gonna cost you money members think it might of the and you know it. I support this guy yup no it was yeah it was you know it you know brought some friends over at. And you know. We've got I don't like that it's gonna cost you money. Yeah well I look at Scott I think there's there's certain things trumps doing a great job on right and when it comes to deregulating getting back to some kind of normal. Market environment he's been using his executive authority. To get rid of what Obama used his executive authority to deal and I. I give them all kinds of credit for that and there is some good things in the tax laws so. For instance corporate taxes coming way down you know we've got to get these corporations back here we gotta get this money. Keep the money in the US as opposed to going overseas. And that's a good thing but you're right the frustrating part as the Republicans now. Have nobody to blame but themselves why are they going big communal bubble went big he did right into the politically you know he's not just were not just the opposite plus but he ran right over us he went as far left as he possibly could. And as you call it Republicans have an eagle out. You know we we we have to balance out the cots with you know you know of the spending into my so but how all cut spending how about. You know how bout we stopped paying first studying shrimp and a treadmill. Probably stop the Obama flaunts how about you know we take the fifty million people that are on food stamps and try to get of jobs right. I mean why are we thinking proactively or mountain have to waste after waste of juiced. And that they can't think of any quick but they can't think of an inning to cut I guarantee you and I of their budget within twenty minutes were word word. 30% luck of the legislation just like the New York State legislation that it's like it and and a half. Yeah and Hamels pat. Great description recently of about the federal government really is. It's really big insurance company with an army yeah and what when it comes down to it and figure out this is you know obviously they're kicking it down their picnic and number. Like everybody else does in Washington yup and Yahoo! it's eventually they're gonna have to make decision or that it's gonna have to like look I can collect those security when I'm ninety. Gather crummy thing is when you look at the potential of the last the potential for us to grow at 67%. That's not gonna happen. Let unless you unleash the very people that create the wealth which is all of loss right the risk takers the people going to work every single day. You have to give them that more of their own money or the highest taxed folks in the free world right. And it's got to change and and you know that's from corporations to individuals to. Give us back our own money and it's fun with it he when you ask Republicans take two tax cuts bring in more money the federal government they say yes. I would say do buy is proof look at the last bush tax cut brought an all kinds of extra money to the US treasury. Well I don't know I'm not be you know I had to go to Harvard but maybe we keep cutting taxes until the opposite happens hit it. Maybe we just keep aggressively cutting taxes until we stop bringing in less money you know that mom but now they they just can't do it go. Eight go it enough you're gonna all of eagle back to Reagan's tax cuts that okay that and that just at the time. The 99% of the public doesn't know what the details are. OK all we knew in an early eighty's was he he was cutting taxes cutting taxes cutting spending. And then by 8380 floor. The economy exploded yet okay I and the people there the we're getting jobs in making money weren't going. Into the weeds about what happened in the tax cut all they know was that Reagan did tax cut and in the benefits showed up in spades and I'll now there who have the good the Republicans are laying the Democrats control the agenda lane and nitpick on every little thing in this. Just pass it. Just go right to the wall with that yet and put as much tax relief as you can for everybody because in two years from now. And especially come reelection time when they autonomy when they all get kicked out by the way that's right in this economy is gonna go go crazy if they would do it right no doubt. But and then you would that don't have to worry about the reelection that's right okay but you're right right now whether or not there there so timid they're such rhinos they're getting. They're getting scared off and it's it's crazy though just are not doing what's right for all its. And I'll ask god to be of the final fighter the second tuba. You know what I don't understand is we were promised simplification as well right number in the post cowardly to put up a well doubling the standard deduction doesn't make it simpler that's the same thing right I mean. It does so nothing they were there for the creation did nothing at all the whole postcard think went way right and I'm thinking you know what they're gonna do is complicate this thing so much that they're gonna get certain Republicans that are not gonna stand by that right so that were right back to the drawing board just like obamacare rate Obama all you need doodle bunkers defund it which having. Donald Trump is actually doing really good job right. Just take my anyway take money that's than it collapses right. With tax cuts just give people back dramatic drop the rates in a give all these guys and girls in a room all these Republicans and say look at. We're gonna drop the rates then we'll come back and re complicate things that's running right now let's just give people back their own money. To stimulate economic growth so we'd win the mid term elections Garrity you get this country growing a 45%. We would vet which is no good for everybody. We win the midterm elections but they're not doing that but that it's a bit complicated nothing will get done that's got to give a final thought. It just saying and I wish I wish they are. Are really in what I would RNC I would either I or Arab budget really good PR if they think it. Selling the other due to block out of the pocket because the Democrats are going out there and staying out of the administrative court but not that. True on a lot of other fight being army are. Relations people out there selling. Yup you're absolutely right they are awful let that just awful and I think it is the right. We are right. In cutting the taxes were right in the people want that. And I doubt that's what Chris also tries floats yup it's the right thing to do and we don't do it and then we get scared by it. And people don't wanna stand up for the values that I wanna they don't want to play the replaying defense all the time and that's when you lose even going up against the Democrat machine right if the if the goal of the Democrats is more social programs we need more money for that. So let me let's get a little secret. Mood to get our money we need to cut taxes he need to get the economy going again he need to start to wipe outs on the twenty trillion dollars in debt. And then maybe there is an argument to say look we've got more money. But until we get that we're just gonna continue to go down this slippery slope of more debt board that board that last job creation just like European style socialism for years 2% growth rates barely we just yeah I'm for eight years we did have it for eight years yet we have not made horrible just getting rid of some of the regulations about trump has been doing a marvelous job that by the way. What that's added one to maybe 2%. Economic growth on top of what we had that's a double its huge that hey Scott thanks for the call buddy we take a break right. We've got judge Joseph Charles and David up on deck I promise we'll get your calls on the other side Davie PH trail in studio. If got the financial guys Israeli and a thirty WV and it is probably folks who do manage money for a living 63315156331515. I already welcome back he's ready at 930 WB and like human is on his way he just a console like if you're out there and among the radio but that may be what you guys he JC you've got my phone do you think it do you and he and call my back so he can in this place it's like for Max. 8030930. Start entries are on a cell phone. 18061692363930. If you like the Texas 3930. The Joseph Charles and David up on that David DiPietro in studio that he brought in some oatmeal cookies do you make it easier way now like welcome you to compare. And we'll debate it. Now these are supposed to be for Jason frank but they didn't make it and they've put he'd studied rademan for you but I forgot to give do you want them yeah and then let people that's what accidentally won just jump out of the bag and I'm confident as well that. Clearly. They don't tell it was an important weapon and take longer to simply go up like against. Ought to bring up up covering up love someone doing absolutely true cool I started a program. Which is called the naming bridges and roads after deceased veterans. And and occasionally up Albany you know you'll get someone will name a procedure road right or highways great. But this is actually a program where the average citizen can come into my office it's a one page form a lot of form nominate someone. In their talent and we'll take it and then we will take it and move with the local will go to the VFW will go to the town. And wool research and then we'll bring it up and we'll get passed in Albany next year Los or do you need support for that it would it would you know I don't I just need people if they have they've got a deceased loved one or someone in the community. Who served an Indian wars and they they want that they've. They want to honor them via then come on and call my office will send you the form will personally come out we'll talk we'll put this together. The good thing about this the way the way it's done in Albany is little cumbersome. This is sol the smell at all at this thread and I didn't itself. So you gotta pay somebody right and leave an envelope of cash admired. So and I've named a few and I've been there I've been able to do some for some towns yet but this is. I want a flawed. My district. With highways bridges and roads being named after. Deceased veterans especially after what's gone on but Vienna is a joke of an NFL what this whole Melian yeah. And I just I I I I I pull my hair out when I hear liberals talk about. They're not protesting the flag. Baloney right flag is what gave you the right to protest a flag is what these what our country stands. We're not protest the flight then why aren't they doing it like out exactly. Why do I do it during the Internet do before the game guy's sold a 100% wrong and show up at 9 in the morning before the game starts and block up and down now southwestern exactly picket signs nebulous like I belong Lotta water and if anybody ever wants it. Children and a love to debate you because disrespecting not a veteran I'll say it's certainly NFL it's helping trumped by the way there helping tropic. The other couple walk into the White House he is strategically so Albright knowing that. He wasn't gonna get those players' votes anyways right seventy was something I 71 the 75% of people around Trump's side for the sultan. And you know when you're in the political game you win by 67%. Landslide right now 7175%. Of the people on Trump's side politically it's a good move. And this and I just in and what's gone what's happened this week when we came up with this program when I did the it's going statewide a lot of assemblyman and senators are picking it up because it's a way to. To streamline the process. And it and it helps out your district. So anyone out there in my district are not even in my got a couple people outside of my district who have said we want to do it so get it to me I don't care where you are apple. Get you the former Aussie who you who your representative doesn't. Caldwell talked a little would get it done for it's cool idea. How's the back of the lines in 030930 start has reserved. Before have to Allen talking about budget. Also in the talking about that Cuomo is not giving you some money for limits some tornadoes right up upstate downstate where Hillary in my district in the righted the town of Holland tone of that crew of the were affected by that July. I'm right Redmond came through the Hamburg got crushed under my whole yes absolutely told Reuters in an idea how I know that yet they're just they're. So I had my understanding knows that we're sending money to Puerto Rico from New York State but not pollen we're just. Almost sent the state troopers over there and resources in two and I think it's been over four million dollars from yet in our district my district where the tornado came through. Heatley hasn't sent a penny and he's been in every day we were calling all through the summer what's going on are we need relief we need some relief OK we have tornado touchdown. In the couple spots we've got flooding from it. Nothing crickets that nothing nothing to do it's a joke. Yes well yeah I'll be you know the thing is stated there's a lot of extra money in your state. That is. And it's tax cuts will be coming any time let's go pop through these phone calls and Majoli Charles and David up on that let's go to David in buffalo David allies there. David. We're doing Rick great. It boggles my belly pulpit bag. You know any event. Yes it's it's money that's right we're just blessed to be vetoed graced with his presence and to be able. Get a little bit of our morsels back right. That you would. Think they. Yeah. I don't think. Right I don't think it but that won't wait a little pain it. It. Won't be this. Or color or how well. I agree I and the dreaded about it lately average counsell saved 15100 dollars with. How about the average household saves like tegra that's. How about real numbers are real numbers I can have a true economic impact. And I hit it. And I cannot believe it I don't. Think you. Get Carter. And the other day. Yeah. 8 o'clock but they're going to be like next creator birdie I don't think I went and did not. But going back and it complete. And it. Is definitely check. It well wait. He had withdrawn but what do we cut. It didn't it went to all public debt the Treasury Secretary. One after the company's great. So it can't. Eight potential. As well out of going to. You are you're saying you disagree with the corporate tax cuts. No what I'm saying it and it. Protection it's. A tank. The company doing everything bad. Today I heard. The job. This secretary rolled out. Was there. Annika do you become a great career and only a small. Properties what actually read about. The potential. You know why. Or. I don't know I disagree with that for sheer I think they cut the tax rate to where they want a cut it down to 20% lower would be better a huge 20/20 percent. Will put us back in the game and I think those companies. Once they they see the profits I don't think bill I think they will recall that I'll tell you what they've we've been doing the opposite which is increasing corporate tax rates for the last what two decades. You know and every single time we've increased accident rates have these corporations more money went overseas so I'm just saying let's try the opposite. Ethic that. Because they will keep a lot of us here not to mention it'll make the stock market look very attractive. And you know let's face it did years and years and years ago the biggest wealth people have it was a primary residence now mullets that's a 401K plans. And when that four OK plan does better because the market does better what you will would tax cuts. They're gonna be more likely to clot spend money they're gonna feel more optimistic we'll get the struggling at the rate we can grow look we've got the potential in this country grow at 67%. And we've just had eight years of Obama on the IMAX that has been a miserable miserable the redistribution of wealth failure. And we've had 2% growth rates. After the worst recession since the great depression and I'll tell you what every other recession the bigger the damage on the downside the bigger the explosion on the upside. This one wasn't even explosion it was it was just nothing it was blocked. 60% total growth over eight years terrible they Dave thanks republic Jokester into the show we've got to take a quick break you know Mike Newman. Did make its way in studio like I'm sorry Buddy Guy adds a site called but. But that they let him anyways. LeRoy Burrell will bring in Mike for the next dollar Davis they would definitely article. Joseph Charles up by Dak I promise we'll get your calls after the break here 8030930. Start our trees or on a cell phone 18061692%. The following is paid programming securities offered to pick brokerage LLC member funeral SIPC investment advisory services offered through independent solutions wealth management the financial guys an independent solutions are not an affiliate to pick brokerage services LLC the political views and should not reflect the views of peak brokerage the show was not intended to provide specific vehicle tax investment or other professional advice please consult a professional for your specific situation this radio shows for informational purposes only and is not intended to solicit or recommend any particular security information discusses obtained from sources believed to be reliable but its accuracy and completeness or not guaranteed. There. Com and me. It's time to talk money. It's the financial guys radio program with the local investment professionals gladly go and Mike moments registered. Representatives from its peak brokerage services LLC member of the Iraq SIPC. Now live from the WP. GM studios. Here's Glenn waigel and Mike Lomas. I welcome back he's ready at 930 WV and Mike Loomis the legal financial guys. In studio with me now David EPA true in Mike Newman Mike is the president of no go family owned and family operated and you know all western New York State also will be mixing. Mike in that closer to the V recorder after so. Equal opportunity to talk to a family owned a business here and certainly again a staple here in Western New York. We will clean up the phone lines win more capable and 8030930. Star night freezer on the cellphone 100. 6169236. In death 3930. If you like the tax cuts but again due probably to the end of the show folks every week we get a ton of calls at five to three. And Astor releases tax that he takes over a tree so 803093. 803930. Start 930. In Dallas this community's fault lines here two leading into the surprise ethics reforms sidelined in Albany we didn't get to that in asking that. Missiles from your website. At six reforms sidelined in Albany yeah. Of course it's a little bit. I brought a puzzle book. To get people excited that we're in the and they that's only an all out we're not we're gonna have to study that little bit and not do is study is done a study. Boy at. I've been on hold since 1949. In the state militants currently there's so many bills that are presented and changing ethics and we can do lament a heartbeat and did the that the powers to be will never let him come up the ones that they just passed in the budget last year was all for show meant very little unreal I mean the fact that they had to put. Pension forfeiture. On a ballot instead of just doing industry EC go to jail and we had to vote to see which you know give the pension. Is that comments and that's so watered down to begin with anyway yeah I mean you literally the boot loops and holes you have to go through. To actually get your pension taken away it's not just automatic up constitutional convention and ask you about that did you vote no yes that Gelman yes I voted against it I would have liked to have seen it in one respect I'm I don't trust any of the people up there. Running the show and think now I think that was a real concern for them for most of the conservatives out there that said you know what do we need that civil how nice to be a constitutional convention to start this thing over. But who rates the over that and it's just that the purest thought great we'll get reform on all sorts of different levels but the fact is we would have gotten any reform yet the citizens without Obama get in it I think to it was David Olivia. And I go where he was out with a single and said you really think they could make it worse he goes oh yeah definitely aha gosh yeah. Ultimately every day at all that could make a lot worse oh yet so let's clean up the phone lines here though welcome Mike to the program let's welcome Joseph. Joseph we are live on Israeli and I'm thirty W via Huntley Brinkley from house to workers are like a mouse that actually works. Joseph how are the. I am I doing good thanks for taking my call you got a core I got a quick question and I'll management fees when you're doing. Like an IRA mean I have her it's beneficial to do a one time seeing. As opposed to you know fees that are taking quarterly man show like for me. Yeah I mean it it really there's different philosophies out there there's a few firms not many that will actually allow you to pay them up front they give you advice. We are not one of them I'll tell you why because markets and economies and goals and objectives change all the time. So you know if at all Austin to pay a fear you or charge a fee to somebody. Have them command ones and then have them come back and again six months later because that's what we're doing our clients implement a ticker system so every so many months. We're sitting down going back through the homework the risk tolerance questioners going back through expenses. We have some pretty sophisticated financial planning software that we walker clients through so. You know but if you feel like. Look if you feel educated enough where you can manage your own money that it may be worth it to pay and we do have a certified financial planner and our office that will do that type of relationship where you would pay her fee. And sit down with her and say what do you think about stuff and get a second opinion on that. But you know then again and you have to understand and if you're confident enough Joseph that you know what. Large cap value is in small cap growth and relative dividend yield and technical analysis and and that you feel like you're confident and managing your own money in that might be the way to go. We have both options that are firm up so if you wanna call throughout the week I can point two minutes in either direction and he could actually interview both sides if you wanted to. Thank you very much yet appreciate the call 6331515. 6331515. By the way like us on FaceBook and if you want to hop aboard here 8030930. Star 930 let me just clear of the fallen search. The block where Howard Charles find yourself great health clocked four. Often had to rein in a little bit that's his season right up right before I'd get to my question I'd just been solicited it. Talked about the big game Monday. Yet but look I prompted by the way put that on hold. On trump put that level. Yeah. I wish you well know I hope he goes back to it because good more more research I found out that they're conservative groups and Africa. Get a portion of these big game mall all our partners. The Ella and in certain parts of Africa our understanding is that they haven't in elephant problem by. Yeah like we had a deer from certain guys ever overpopulation like we have to do your problem they actually have that with. Because of the conservation efforts over there and in different groups led the United States saying we don't like not allowing them. They have no way to get rid of these these elephants in some places are. Are multiplying faster than they can they can keep up to be and so they're trying do a little bit of damage they want or want business together trying to root out a way to much just like we do with the deer and a and it's. You know sort of double edged sword yeah. And from the poachers is they get nothing yes. And the other question was I'm on a state taxes. But they do away what does salt program I think like I'm. Like even faster so it's not a good thank. Yeah well you know there's certain parts of the tax reform that I like. I think the biggest and most frustrating part is two things number one. We were told by the Republicans that they were gonna make it simple right to remember the whole postcard think well that was a bunch of BS they're making it even more complicated number one number two. I was told we were gonna get big league I keep calling vaguely because that's what. That's what does sound that I like like from president trump smile the big league tax cuts reddish huge tax cuts and now like they're bragging about the average household saving 500 bucks it's ridiculous. I give people their money back they worked hard they earned it give people their money back. You know any and every if you if you go back to the Obama debates one of the questions. That'll but oh strode at Obama from a liberal was. Hey just so you know. That would the last few that tax cut people got more of their all the money back in the government brought in more money why would we not do that. And you know I could throw that question in my ten year old and she would say he had to why would we not do that well. President Obama's answer was yeah well you know economically we would bring in more money and it would be better for a lot of people but it wouldn't be fair itself. Yeah he gets about I have some music and have those so a child's face for the comedy I agree with a frustrate the frustrating part is just not enough right right didn't make it simple what they promised us and they're not giving us the big tax cuts that they promised us. It's been crazy again you get that's our leadership it's called leadership we don't have right now besides the president yet. Allstate could brake feel and hop aboard a deep deep PHO Mike Newman president of the no go. A no go energies and of course everybody knows no color green buildings everywhere. And death staple in the community it will bring up Mike if you hop onboard David DiPietro might Newman financial guys 8030930. Start I've freezer on a cell phone 1806169236. I already welcome back his radio 930 WV ES my Clovis my legal financial guys. Have a telephone with the show folks we do manage money for living use our team as a resource whether it's I would and in many of you that have listened for years you know we department analyzed and our office so we have a state planning retirement planning Social Security planning. College planning. We actually have a health insurance division and in Medicare division so independent Medicare wraps up user team as a resource extra 31515. In a lot of folks a lot of folks a pop per office actually meet with a different divisions and same day so and they made they might meet with the health care specialist for Medicare specialist or retirement plan specialist on one. One day so again user team as a resource extreme 31550. In studio with me David DiPietro and immunities my mil on Neumann Mike appreciate is spending some time listener. Oh his his Mike. There yells go I Mike thanks very much for enemy it's great to be heard evidence ties him I appreciate you coming in now you have bad your family I mean just huge part of Western New York they can't. I however I think Western New York I think like you know go write a meat and by the way. I'm not saying this just because you're here it's the only place I buy fuel. And it's because of I I can actually click the fuel thing I I stop a live and alma and I stopped at French and transited a concert Cuomo in transit that's for my Phillip clay says. But because it's always so miserably cold here and yes I'm one of those people that complain about the lawful owners. I can actually put the guessing and keep that there hop Akamai Paris and then when it shuts off tomorrow. Thank you companies say that because the thing that we deal with most is. Those aren't out some towns so we put him on the places are allowed but some welcome news obviously immersed doesn't allow them while I would not allowed. These ridiculous and it happened to people's stuff or wallet in their gas camp and they do record. We can't find out what they did I've never done in the wallet and I have gas GAAP it's funny because ultimately. It is manufactured by the factory to work right when written and they get these you know things to fix that wallets gasket. It's almost nationally to spill yet so we've tried to talk to local fire marshals and it is awesome and I do appreciate the business thing we who have funded. We are third generation Robert Aston. Question here and not easy to have a family business continue and move on. Now a year you Western New York are you outside a westerner at all. We do it whatever lubricants business and her fuel business we all the way across Hampshire Massachusetts. And Canada Ontario. So we do we had a lot. Wider brat that some of the distribution businesses it. For the capitalists that's likely the convenience stores in the terminal to adjust your question here and so it's also a little bit before we hit the fullest and actually or get some phone calls and some questions that the those little girls are separate. It's also about what is no go what do you do. I mean you distributor what do you do I don't think people understand that. Most sites you don't see that takes me but in a million. Go fill my car up but do you sell gas oil. Do you refine their what do what do you do know refining started if you don't mile to a quick story started in 1933 government grandfather he was working at a hardware store. It was during the depression my grandmother was a teacher. And hardware store owners should you know we have to cut the salaries or losing money were getting killed here you've got to wait for game. We need to be helpful if you took some money on your picture helped us out agreed. Then three years later my grandmother becomes pregnant with my father. McGrath I expect art restorers she's got the teacher and I need the money back he says so our counsel you're too bad. So my grandfather and goes to his in laws and borrows money buys a coal truck in the C title Wanda started delivering whole door to door in 1933. And then from there started to develop into really heating oil distribution business we bought the terminal in the early seventies. And that's certainly means stores in the eighties so some sort of and a tribulations through all that that the term mostly just being fluid warehouse that has distribute product and so we're gonna history by from visit Pennsylvania's elderly feels coming in former. Really all over the place it really is sourced both Canada out of Pennsylvania from united refined game. We've ice on the pipeline printed up from that if refineries along the East Coast. So really wherever we can buy the product that the best price available resource and how you look for the best price in your your constantly you know going on contract what pricing in this. And we. We do look for longer term deals as well because of archery supplies we don't have the disruption if there's hurricane something that would show refinery now we have some back of sources. We try to have at least three your force sources and one time of the different products from diesel or gasoline or propane. So we do try to manage that group great people working support department. And agree to time. Negotiate in trying to make sure that we keep polished or opening keeper he customers with eastern when you still do the lubricants out you know all the way to New Hampshire you still have that business or is that not out of my soul that. We have ExxonMobil was or big supplier. Partner with the global chemical company called frontier. They come and it served me so off we couldn't refuse that accent and said to us we won't really support you anymore and should make this deal available. We sort of arm twisted and what we did so was this point. But two great people there and that's where they were I cut my teeth so lubricants. Just for yours half of Tulsa. While the pricing the field and I think there's and correct we've Iran I think there's as big miss conception misunderstanding that. All that gas day you know station is increasing the prices and their make and all kinds of margins. My understanding is just the opposite it's patties right. It ultimately becomes leading cock. He'll conversation for me many times. In about her death and rightfully so it does seem very. Random times put so many things disrupt the way supply comes up here. Particularly if there's a pipeline disruption coming up from the East Coast because we're the farthest point on the pipeline coming out of these post. In addition of that if united refinery has a problem refinery shut down or something happens in Canada you can get large disruptions in that were a bit of a sensitive place here. It's difficult so. It is really priced dated and we try to prices replacement product. We get that all the time in Albany people ask why are we in Western New York the highest priced gas. And I hear a war worth the end of the line. And and I don't think idol audience of that one what is what it why are we the highest priced gas Western New York. Is it about every additional mile pipeline news. Here for free you please go for the source I know it's a tax now all up. In addition sales figures. And in the state. It's certainly an awkward back and are yours so yes England and have been much of loss leader we really try to drive food service sales and delivery gases just it keeps the place open. If these these these are my words later and it's always funny because when fuel prices rise and all his local politicians to work get up or putting a panel together we're gonna look at who's responsible for that's and then when they got to cover that it's bam. It always goes away every single tiebreak but I hop aboard by the way and and pick my trainer 80309 real star and I 30 of course David DPH resident of stimulus. Again 8030 nine's real star and I'm 30. So thin margins are mature also in the retail business I mean you know I stop and local all the time. I stopped that your one I'm bored in the and beatable as of one of Borden and French and boards are French aboard the actors like they got you can import users. And I'm not addicted to Tim Hortons but I am physically addicted to coffee. And I just happen the light to Morton's and copy other enough but I that's what runs through the drive through there but. You know another business where the margins are thin right and expression to stay like this and I don't want you know. My political opinions and now you're political openings but. I don't know how you do it lists with you know minimum wage going up and you know we've owned some Subway Restaurants a bunch years ago when an ion. Man I'm margins were thin there to meet you be lucky to make 67% sometimes. There's not room sloppy in our business section accusation and catches the details we now. It's trait that retails details we have to be very careful and law in shrink him and damage things and aren't large waist were very careful and that's why we've spent so much time developer food service side with the Tim Hortons which butcher. With subway. Use world because that's really the only way it will be able to continue to keep the places opened. But you make another point which I think. Is really misunderstood as minimum wage thing is gonna take jobs out of the market. That money people's 100%. No doubt and and you know what you know you're gonna see the museum folks embracing more. Robotics more animation right so that's all they continue to do is be automated automated automated and unfortunately mr. for a long time. You know everybody. That's everybody the lot of young kids you know you cut your teeth and those types of jobs right in the united gonna run the cash registers somewhere you're gonna stock shelves. And those jobs are going to be few and far between the seven or not we get to experience that they need. And and you know a lot of I'm sure you have folks that it started stocking shelves or do you now they've moved up and probably in the corporate latter's right. Absolutely the number of people that oppression and timber company that started at that at that place in the store worked hurt. Don't devour the training we've provided them and quickly moved up. The chain stores to district managers. Opted to operational manager actually operations manager used to runners torture Parker for years great guy Pete Smith he said. Terrific asset force but he did exactly that he works very hard he's very dedicated pitcher and it's starting wage and a living wage I think. May I guess there's two parts of minimum wage they struggle. I don't disagree that the minimum wage is likely creep up over time to reflect inflation but it had to go up 38%. And prepared for years yeah. Just when it's ridiculous if any guise of do that anyways you know competition would set them right he said it as a kid I remember a minimum wage at that point. A list I don't know three dollars a whenever and mighty taco came out and they were paying like six bucks an hour. And that was a big deals that it's so what do my buddies do they went they got dated jobs a mighty duck a riddle and everybody else do they increase relates I. Nobody needed to tell anybody what the page remarkable site itself. You might have legal form answer John's got a question about energy. I think this is John Rochester of the my screen is hiding out of it jogging there. Here come here Gabrielle aria and doing good too and good you know I was gonna talk about. The tax credits you know I'm up I'm up reported over wind and solar however. Let's compete. On the same basis. They're getting a tremendous ad industry a tremendous. Tax credit that is what. Guide to the taxpayers are paying for that are very able to. Compete against oil gas. It and height girl. Any job with little pieces subsidies legal and they judge can you might holding you have an awesome question I'm sorry I should I should wait until after the break with some heartbreak I got to take okay. The great question we come back we'll answer your. Mike Newman from our president no go of course David DP HO and studio financial guys Israeli and I'm thirty WB yeah. And I'll saliva click click boom. About this this is I love I guess. Michael as the legal financial guys in the studio with me David DiPietro Mike Newman presidents of the local energy. You know David in my hand than Mike appreciate you spent some time on Saturday night you guys work well we give your bag of fort Albany and so. I can't thank you enough for spending some time with us especially local family business along that I mean you'd you have hired people you've been you've been here Western New York for a cover. And I god bless you and your family for creating jobs here in Western New York thank you for that. And you know Dave I think you're the only guy actually fighting in Albany so. It makes it clear that you knew about this and it actually calls me back if I look at it from other shows so I appreciate that we'll we got to that your your your road paved the and yeah Q do got to commit road favorite that's all but that's it. Let let the release of text and here by the way 3930s. Like the texted. Mike can you please open a no go on the south side corner of herbal well what. Let's funny stories we actually were in negotiations with the owner for a long period of time because you're really wanted when there because we do think it's a great coroner returns couldn't. It's such a big piece of property in the way in which vote that the developer wanted to do and just doing a black to solve we think the access restrictions would hurt but I think it's I agree with whoever sent it it is a record and I wish we were there. And it's tennis ball works best on the gas and help. I took effect at at at somebody said get in new jingle. We've already paid for that ones though. It's give Peter a little while. Is that they'll Bolivia again most of my jobs. I let's go back to John John it's a really questioned say John you know if you don't mind just revisit the question you had for Mike and we are talking throughout the break about even some of the things that they're doing there what their business so there you just. Yeah I realize. You know I'm a proponent of also word when it that's it's great however these tax credits. Yet make it competitive with. You know gas or oil and quite Earl I think. Number wonder they are hurting academy is just what we. Tax credits take away tech review from stated in federal governments and local governments so. Or subsidizing. Its industry I think. It unjustly. And you. Huge issue. I'll give me an example I saw this project in Rochester area of up 2.2 million dollars solar far. To construct. And 75%. Of that was going to be subsidize. Tax credits and grants that comes on the taxpayers' pockets so what. My my point is this what unleash. What we have underground gas oil. Well Hydro we've got a Hydro facility at night falls we could increase Hydro plants etc. why. Is the government. I'm this kid to subsidize this sole witness solar industry. They certainly want to kill the hydrocarbon business we are advocates of alternative energy and I think John you're asking great point. And what's most interest in this the people that have been able to navigate. The grant system are making a fortune I mean people that are doing it and bill in the solar firms are doing very very well. So you're right not only does it make. It it makes it very competitive it makes the owners in the developers of those systems to very well around that in the picture right at the taxpayers' expense that I. Agree that it's not particularly fair. For the government to set an agenda menus you're in my money to basically execute what they believe to be the right thing and I'm not publishers that there accurate. There's no other Hotmail it seemed a bit more losers than winners that's for sure when yeah absolutely but as sudden you're getting into but I mean you did as a as energy company you're looking at those alternative energy reps in and we do crucial natural gas and electric for ESCO our energy service companies are we to believe that we'd like to be able to actually. Providers hopes the energy in which we resell. We like try to do something that would work for the field of our customers cheaper price we feel that the greatest opportunity. To bring those savings in the house. Grant money to customers to save money and there are electric systems. Just make. Ourselves all the system money but yet it's great quote are you guys out Rochester Johns in Rochester hills that have parties yet we have natural gas electric office over there are some great people there. Of John it actuary cut my teeth selling lubrication oils. With all those machine shops and codec was so that it was there was some specialties such really hardworking people love him. Date deep throat there are so I think yeah yeah days I was gonna say this talk in what is in this state assembly this. Two. Can't see tax credits deals fall in in in leash against oil industry. No not in New York State it's it's it's it's far too left in and in the assembly it's a hundred Nintendo box forty. Democrat controlled and about 75 of those are from New York City that's near actually controls everything so. No they would like to push it more the senate is the sanity is is holding on by a thread so they don't even pick up the they don't pick up the topic. But if they would it would be more. It would be more for more wind and more more solar and totally subsidize with taxpayer dollars in New York State. You know I think the problem I've seen with a lot of the stuff as is the what the government has given money for these projects don't work. And they're not running. And that's where I get crutches the taxpayer particularly in a look at it works you know a company like no local find it and they'll use it but if it's not working let's not fund it right. Solyndra and her on some of these other projects paid. Death in this that it comes down you know there's actually a moratorium. On the jobs can be created southern new Yorker now actually opened up the state for some of fracking. Wide open by governor has moratorium on fracking out there and I think all the jobs have been created in Pennsylvania. Now this new industries in the new opportunities and made available out there just aren't real belief. Locals you know he was gonna look at it out right California elected and he put on the show after your elected yet. Member that is rhetoric he's driver like she's like well look at we are going to look at that but just not right now. Because of one man's politics. We people suffer and the beauty of it is in all all these liberals they logo files they love the Els on a family. In my they just. They just don't want the jobs here. Hey John thanks for the call it. That's so is there really 64 automobiles of the top hat is a really 64 cents federal state and county tax per gallon and accounting tax and answers. Does that does that about a right number yet 64 sensors actually eighteen cents sales pixel right now. Gasoline taxes there 64 cents for every gallon. That's the business to be and it's about a a little thirty cents more than the rest the State's average were very close and that's why we're so always so high. 64 what does he do with this money. What are they doing nicely dale and it happened or what it's like 64 cents for every gallon of gas right. Every time I drive on the threw away. I'm spending I I'm Richard that may get two little girls are that your leagues that we were in Syracuse Eisley. To go from buffalo to Syracuse it was like twenty stood back and forth right and think he loses money go. We're here does this money and that's not even my state taxes of my property today annual. Look five years ago when I came into the assembly I think we pass the budget was like a 133. Billion her 136 something like that just. Five years later the state now we've lost how many hundreds of thousands of people I get our budget's gone up to. I think this year a 16050. If we bonded another. Five or six billion this year I mean it's a where's the where's the money go honoree at its total total corruption. Unreal did you see that Cuomo can I don't know if you're an illustrious fighter with a global proposal he wants to now if you if we change schedules for people. It's two weeks before two weeks before the bush I don't know how you could operate a business like that like a retail shop at. Without having to change schedules mean. Even so you change it two weeks before you have to pay that extra. And if you change it are cancel three days before or somebody two dollars before you all three dollars it's. I mean I'd look they shop like yours just knowing what I know about that. And I don't claim to be an expert in retail but I know that the margins are very thin and I think how we how do you overcome that he. It's terrible and I think the whole way in which the governor has rule as labor policies is first the wage board. Basically circumnavigate. The legislature came through food wage you know. Entry into new minimum wage program which is going to be very expensive operators. And you get into the New York hate him lately I'll boil until I got by people working in store and or accomplished say you know what we're taking leave definitely we don't have any control over so what do we do we can't switch scrambled reference there in there was no real. Ability for them they could have controlled it had only one person for facilities. One time but so that we could lose the whole staff and you can't fire him. Can't fire me replace some of the jobs available when they come back yup it makes for retail and on the predictive. Predictive scheduling my friends it helps filter it running great. Car wash business they do really well that. Big attention do you tell people what to third minute to go through is just. Yeah how'd you do that Heidi you can't even sent a sketch I had an agreement with the weather is really tomorrow while on the week from now it has. It's always frustrated that you saw what the minimum wage. A few when I first got in they were do you think proposed going from seven and a quarterly the 775. To eight at eight quarter 875 they did a three year deal death and that that was supposed to be the deal. And then a year and a half later no that's not the deal we wanna go to fifteen so they totally reneged on the original deal which was already moving forward. And so we literally have doubled our our minimum wage. From seven and a quarter to fifteen dollar in New York City in the matter of five years which would hardly any other businesses stay in line with that how do you how you compete. How can you be you don't make that kind of money not your your you'd you'd. There's there's it's it's it's probably the most inept thinking. When it comes to economics that I have ever seen. On the differentiation between the fast food wages and that store wages regular minimum wage. Because whoever subway I moved an attraction because the states that they want us out faculty want us to diversify or businesses so we opened subways into Morton's now I have. Kid behind the subway counter that's gonna make it a dollar more power than the person I can pay behind the current store just could raise all wages and presumably and seven dollars per couple. Cough well immediately. Why they did why did they do a fast food okay they had nothing to do a fast food let's get that real clear and everything to do with taking the lowest the so this is socialism. 101 you take the lowest worker on the on the perception Delhi which is that the beginning job fast food. Worker right when you raise his wage now the EMT and everyone else is gonna say. I think deserve more raises everybody's wage and it totally blows up your economy because no longer are you. Economically driven by the market you're driven by government and that the government does not shut the wage government never has been able to and it's it's a failure. I'll be elected a folds your quick review and who while we got a full banker called scary as a popular while in this. Thank you can of course there Iraq's various 803 tonight's real star 900 somebody hangs up. I need a struggling folks extreme 31515. Interview our retirement planning team estate planning team. Insurance plan we had and in independent insurance agents whether it's health insurance. Or Medicare tis the season use them as a resource at street 31515. It's got the remembered Rambo Jim Holler about it. Jack guy thought. I wanna talk about you guys talked about this there the other dog goes back to one thing I lost it but just two months. No god. Leadership that's what I've been saying is all leadership. Got same thing. But the debt that I. To get right ball. I don't care if you like right on the U I don't care what you think about the guy that guided the activists are. Oh. If I don't live every had a chance to meet revelers if he looks like the bad you know what that he sounds like TO ADD does well below that Tim could call it we'll see you soon. Barrett lets us see content. Can our. Territorial Morgan. I don't get a question not for for local whatever. And with the acquisition of awful walling in Warren and YE it was a certain that it wasn't search for local. You we get in that is an extension of our. Think heating business we thought our industrial products business or whoever can business would be great place to be in that and we'll be the end realizes it's a very specialized business and we recognize that you need to be a very big player to be able to buy the products properly. To be able have the safety equipment that was necessary. To frankly afford the steel tanks that you need to have it every customer for the for a gases and and what we quickly realized is it was a big boys game and I think. Strategically we recognized and and and ended up. So on the list of Praxair because there are a big player in that market they have the density necessary to be able to make money. Again it breaks our heart because it was a lot of really great people on the crew and Brian and so it was it was difficult for it. To be able to start to see the way the safety regulations were changing. And and and also recognize we would ever want to put any of our employees in any situation that we couldn't fully sure that they be safe. We had to make a decision about Solomon but I appreciate it and while those pieces that would breaks Meyer because again and I. Who like those people those really great punch people that work today groom who. Thanks so called camera to take a real quick break here Michael almost illegal financial guys. 8030930. Start 930 on a cellphone like Newman president of Coca-Cola and of course David DiPietro and studio. I'd need a struggling folks 6331515. Like us on FaceBook. Follow us on Twitter at Finn guys. He and will be back 3930. If you'd like to Texas a news radio 930 WB yeah. I already welcome back. These reunited thirty doubly the end Michael almost when a financial guys glad actually Beck next week he's out. Wandering through a field somewhere trying to catch it here. I love that man the he's at the hunting and fishing and in the he goes tracks it down in the Kohl and I get heated so I'm Amal a whole floor that's all for it that's right. So you hop on board here by the way Mike Newman. That Mike is the executive vice present your brother is the president so. I've had the financial guys actually just swap out your brother for you and so if if if it if it rough is listening to him whether. It kicked out of president executive vice president and David DiPietro assemblyman David DPH district 147. What will authorities are brother next time as well so. But. If you have questions for. Mike in regards to know go really cool off family owned business. A staple here in Western New York. And do you know an awesome opportunity to pick his brain and of course David DiPietro here. 8030930. Star 930. Let's go back to phones here David patiently waiting that's welcome Mike it once Seneca how are you Mike. We're doing great good. I just just I don't have a lot of information act you know can't we brought it. All just are Smart. All. I don't. Or to reduction food to feel you should bode well for Eric. I don't think that your. To a dark in here. Could be I don't even Ali five Madison. At that it isn't that just that the African nations make a lot of money. Like from those preserves. In there there are upset with the United States because it as a as a developed country that. Funnels a lot of money over there they just they don't they didn't like that yet and history and that's just the flu shot I don't think we've taken on an opinion and I don't know how he got off about suddenly I don't have a continent that whether somebody called and said they wanted from the stop at stop trump has stopped the heads out at least east committed to do some research. Thanks for the call Mike appreciate that. Or any any talk about a visionary planning needs you know where do where do you see no goal in the future but we talked a little bit about. You know you getting into things like wind and solar and you know as that stuff develops and makes more sense. Are there other areas that the you can tell us that you're thinking about going into are you thinking about expanding more more outside of Western New York. Actually I wouldn't we actually do live around the environmental piece to Hillary. Try to read. Cycle we have us soil so that we built a number years ago and Josh with the department of environmental conservation will bring soil that's been contaminated by petroleum. Act are far more broad river and tell Wanda and reprocess it back into usable. Commercial grade soil you can Dan rather than thrown in Milan Italy and infill and just leaving it. So there and and the manifest problem we instead like to see you recycle we do the same thing with. Used oil will take more Arroyo's encoded files. Bring them back to our facility. Drop off the water and ought to be re used for heating oil for big edges or four aggregate heaters. Can we do feel that I'm only do we like her petroleum distribution business but we feel responsibility be part of me. Cradle to grave part of that without just leave it to somebody else so we feel we're do more more of that try to take potentially old. Gasoline service stations in re purpose them redevelop fumbled it takes out can reduce oil clean mob. Such a big piece rate outlook and that we are looking at wind and solar return understand how it fits and I think. Go to the college corner there from Rochester Jonny said it. You know these tax credits her make it really weird market because you hate to invest tons of capital only to have that plug cold tomorrow or little hesitant to get too far down that. Given that relies so heavily on tax credit but. That's something we're continuing needed to work. And you know we're going to be backing him I think I'm Terry on the growth and your province is huge opportunity. There and say naming candidates specifically the same greenside enemy green did have yet and what about the amount further South Florida Louisville at an office in Florida. Yeah I'd love to be enough is from you know it's. That's OK okay. That are mean. The logistics piece of our businesses importance would have to be continued contiguous so what you find is a lot of people try to buy assets over the place. And they can't harmonize and make some hard time random efficiently and at a at an all kinds of secondary problem in those facilities self. We'd like to potentially growing to Pennsylvania although. This great operators down there we've looked at Ohio may be going down that way when I'm an idea little further and continue to movies do torture Hughes. Got a number stores in Rochester one on Whelan on the three guys. Shall we you know look froze up. Honey keep up with all these changes in rules and regulations and in the financial industry in the tireless complaining about it here because. You know a lot of times these rules and regulations. Are put in place but we'll say well they're not really helping people you know they were helping people Amal for a but they're not in now. I'm sure that's the same in your business. Every need you literally have to I would think pay people just to keep up of these rules and regs of your business has got to be. At one of the most regulated industries they're they're us. We should I spent a lot of time. Go into conferences and actually there's a lot of good legislative updates there and I'm still very engaged in our state association. So important really stay active engaged to be able to hear not only what's happened apple might be happening C can be in front of it like. To predictive scheduled for us astray it. In early to try to understand it and it's incumbent in that piece is important to realize. And really listen to a lot of what's sad because those are places where you can get caught off guard. And even this renewable fuel standards and what we just found making their coverage in Chicago last week that talked about the new ultra low sulfur diesel. Is currently heading corrosive effects on the underground tanks and so the unintended consequences of the social for diesel so it is a situation where. We might have problems with the things that we will be buried her for years ago so handsome amount of that look for corrosion and watch to make sure. Having a potentially can monitor and an all time monitoring wells around. OK it is important beavers as as it is a financial business that the tax business is just amazing memorabilia going to be a tough. Let's seek any color 8030930. Start I'm 30 I can probably sneak in one more Carson you and hop on board 8030930. Start and 30. And of course 3930. If you'd like the text outsells welcome David Perry is very howry gave it. I think you the chills. The open being here is an endangered species the president I was doing the right thing. Weight lifting it and son I'm actually in. Open. And I don't know who got to them what they think it's good that the city. They keep me not listening in and humane society is pointed out. It's there that threatened in the global community has rallied to stem the ivory trade. So it's probably in his. There is support supporters but good thing that's what you're on it but let me get the taxes. Texas but you're right this plain and that simple. And it is that a very big cost and they issued for the people spoke that hope and it did this based present and and others is in the congress may neither Republicans have supported this initial field takes safety. Which you UK says you know I didn't come on some kind to them to explain it more. It really is a plane whose time has come and European Jews. These consumption. Yup and then of course they have well and as a professor I am working within. In Michigan who has a book out I think his attitude you guys sensible tax reform what fidgety older ones. You may be paid for you it's a professor Chris of course it's called sensible tax reforms god sport chief. And just for the players it's there's a Democrat actually has put poor Ben Cardin of Maryland. And he's got a welcome Mike uses of that that they pick which. I don't favor my professors Kelly doesn't but. It's the same idea that the consumption picks as opposed to profits income capital gains estate tactics. It is that we would also Altec it was in the corporate it hero all this talk about lowering the corporate rate below zero. To be good grade. That did good ray let's talk about creating jobs are being good race that is now let data coming in appreciate the call them very hard. Well real quickly that the consumption tasks is great. But in Europe what they do that consumption tax along with another pixelated text that I said you're crazy so what happened why the US is we could ever you know who we wouldn't change it it would just be that it's only a temporary Lama and I promise this poll is going away yeah as soon as repay the bridge twelve times this tolls go anyway so. I thought well look I appreciate you guys but at some time to me I'd love to have you back out again Mike you know. Especially editing happens you know excessive fuel prices go up and now all over the place may be can be the financial guys consultant you know I mean reaching out to him our customers westerners. Gentiles be years yeah. Awesome appreciate it on the stop a no go because on the way home only need a cup of coffee. And I do need fuel I noticed my advice to light actually Tevfik came out of the leader Philip too I swear I did evidently he had the final thought here my Christmas lights are up. You asked me yesterday the day before the show starting SS was like yeah my interest in street tomorrow yeah I get mine from Ken brown number can I don't you know they're excellence go see cat but thank you two for spent some time financial guys you need a throughout the week of 6331515633. 1515. Like it's on FaceBook we'll see you next week here and is rated 930 WB.