11/18 Buffalo Means Business w/ Riverfront Auto Sales

Buffalo Means Business
Saturday, November 18th

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You're listing to buffalo means business on news radio 930 WB and this is where we hear from the businesses and services available in the buffalo area and if you'd like to be on the program send me an email at Randy not push over. @entercom.com. Aqueduct its owner Marty pat Guerrero senior from riverfront auto sales there at thirteen 79 tigris street. He can even take a call right 861626. Just to get all the fanatics out of the way first before we get about the good stuff here. Stanley dealership for generations and working on maybe a fifth right. Yeah actually my daughter just had a little baby voice so we'll see easily two months old I don't know if he's gonna join the ranks but yeah we have a new grandson that we're really excited about. And now we're getting into the holiday season here and of course. Lot of Christmas ads rife with new card deals but that's not exactly the way that you would suggest that people go right. Would new record demo I think uses. Really a great degree difference I mean we are just talked him off here a little bit about one instance where. I have a that we that we just bought may just clean through the current Fonda the view original sticker for the current that the guy paid 2141000. Dollars this car. We have a Curley and a lot for only 59000. It's only got 38000 miles it was kind of like when you sit there you can scratch your heads while. You know not only the price difference but. You know everything else that goes along with that the sales tax difference on 2141000. Vs 59000. So and then Nektar you can enjoy it. Use it love it and if you wanna get rid of the power couple for five years later. You're not gonna get hurt no worse bed as you would on a new vehicle that of that stature that's just big time moss now. Sure and assuming there are no major problems with a previously the pre owned also the way to go because I've got to. When the Jonas LA after breaking in your ease or be gentle necessarily not that you would go you know off road with a thing. Right right and some of the new or some of the new cars you know they their warranties are for four years or 50000 mile assault. It all the sweet spot is at two year old tower three year old car it's still got. Factory bumper to bumper warranties that covers it just like a was from the factory so there's really. You don't vote outside and the not to mention my son does a great job man. To be some extent awards season we offer some external wars that would cover two so you can still have that new car coverage. But still have the savings on the used car. Certainly a number of ways I can go with this Havoc with the talk about that warranty but I want to. Keep by talking a little bit more about the whole pre own idea and I've had this experience at your place and it was a nice experience that. If I'm looking for something in particular you guys soon and certainly hunted down and find it. Yeah you know I don't wanna take all the credit for their radio my son really specializes that's his specialty he's really learned how to reach out to resist. Think it's kind of like how blue collar stores have it word car stores confined to a power from another. From the roof car franchise. Out of the state what we have the same things called OVE it's an outline deal exchanged it. There's sums priest tough start things guidelines it should be in order to deal with this to have to but we can locate congress by using this online view change. And you know if you're told me ten years ago a B bank account without touching it. Feeling it or seen it would have told you were crazy I'm not gonna buy account because a power guy and I gore by a nice guy he's my site in field but. Nowadays the way that detailed descriptions and detailed condition reports are. And if the powers not as described when it comes. It's back and the seller so and then the reason the seller really has to be very clear on the detailed conditions the cars because if I by current California. And it gets here and it's not as described associate he says never had paint work that we find paint work or he says it's doesn't have a dad does evident. If it's 500 dollars or more he's got to pay to ship be. Both ways he's got a reimburse me for the shipping to get a California would be. And then he's got to pay to get the ship be of the current debt to him and I get refunded the full amount and the customers now dollars so. Takes all the guesswork out of it. He had he talked about that vetting process and that's where I was going next because that's certainly a lot of concerns for the hurricanes that affected Houston and a parts of Florida in a separate instance. So there concerns that innocent people down there a little last unscrupulous would be trying to sell those vehicles that got flooded out you know a lot and you bring up a good point radio Lotta times people rely just strictly on the car fixed report. And card check reports. But when I come the fine was d.'s there's a lot of people in taxes. That you don't have to have insurance. So what happens is that car gets flooded out there's never record because insurance companies does that then there's no insurance so that cargo its debt you cleaned up. It put back into circulation. So there's a lot of things that we know from our experience and what to look for you know you look for water marks in water states we've even gone to points where we thought maybe Carmine had damaged. We pull off the door panels deceive as a baseline jerk and he kinda you know residents of a flood damage will be at the very very carefully just because counterfeit says it wasn't in a flawed or wasn't enough. A total rack trust me that does not mean it wasn't. Because they don't report it to the insurance company would never get report are facts. And your gonna buy flood and you do not want by flawed. Owner Marty packer our senior with us here on buffalo means business on news radio 930 WB and he's with riverfront auto sales you should be familiar with that by now it's certainly. Had many a commercial here in the market including our Africa on stations. We started out talking about a number of things and I haven't forgot about the warranty. But it occurs to me that I should ask that time as we're heading into the holiday season you guys have any special things going on riverfront in regard to the holidays. Well you know Thanksgiving is probably one of my favorite seasons along with Christmas and we know. Worth we have a big family we always get together for dinner and I know some other misfortune Stanley may not have. You'll Turkey dinners so were offered a 21 or for the dollar gift card to whole foods whole foods just open up to great store were really. You know really excited about that but yeah we're off for anybody to one of the dollar car which have opened should be enough to. You know give everybody Turkey and all the trimmings is mistaken joy and ice Turkey dinner with with the family. Now I'm interested in how that works out you don't mind me asking. But down. Whole foods come to you guys got a whole foods that come together well I just you'll buffalo its new I just figured people you know I've been familiar with whole foods I you know when I down south look at carriages and I was pretty impressed distortion I just. Canada and I'm my own just figure you know. You know everybody knows wegmans and tops in that but I just figured don't put a little mix and it whole food's pretty organic and healthy so it's a good healthy choice. And no bottles become a very healthy couches so you know what. Wanna mix it up and try to whole foods and simply people really happy so that's pretty I was you know like to hear some of the background stuff like that. Now let's get to you have something that's a pretty special called the lifetime warranty. Yes pretty awesome. You know I've been in this business for forty years well that's a long time. Yes exit over forty years since the late seventies but anyways we start out with the warranties in the company's. You were lucky to get a one year 121000 mile extent warned to keep him and you know we start out and that we went to two years and 424009003. Years and then we. You know we kind of went up to five years and it was I think 50000 miles but now are lost claim ratio has been so good that the company. We reached out as you know due to better than even five years you know people some intentional about these people keep their cars longer than five years. So we got to deal with this war to company because and its as far as I don't want anyone in his upstate area that can offered. It's lifetime so it doesn't matter how many miles around it. While there is that it does and I'm not you put out you go by Carol 100000 if you put 200000 miles on it and at 299000. While you're still covered. And same thing with the time there's no time for. So it's pretty nice to takes you know people you know are worried about you know having a major problem with the car. This takes the the two Maria. And one or the other things it's really good about riverfront is you are the home of the 100% guaranteed credit approval which is always one of the hang ups I guess sometimes can now. Stop people from doing it and get themselves an ice pre yeah again it's something that we didn't have all the time we are always we knew there was in before we had people come in and it would get discouraged that we couldn't get a finance that we are my son and I were always always reach an out to different banks and we actually know is probably fifteen. Sixteen years ago we went to a course out of Detroit and became a certified dealer for this. Guarantee credit except it's a program and it's been fantastic ever since and you know it's just great to see people come in they think you know he's my credit scores of 450 I don't think obligated aren't. And then my son or my cells that come out in the solicitor proved yours is here's the details and or just static and and no the other things that I wanted to talk about going back to the origins for riverfront auto sales. And we did touch upon the pact and had a little fun with this that day guys are fourth generation working on a fifth. Out how did it all starts when when did the riverfront RO. Sales group come together as it is today. Oh really my grandfather was in the service out of it might follow my father's father was actually mechanic. For the city of awful fire department and my dad you know obviously was always around cars in at a place just down mystery and industry ran Baghran in television and pat field. My father was on Niagara and and and bird that's right. I got into the car side of it and started the service and with the gas station in Baghdad. And then after my dad passed away I carried out of the service and it went strictly on the used car side. Next we move there rated late eighties and in penfield. I've been there ever sense still there and have my son join me rather school so we don't with me and his son my grandson my arm is now nine so he's been come around start washing cars in place and now we have a little. I would grandson little bola and we'll see how if he's a little too young to bring of their buddies Google watt just look at what. Yeah that's its greats in the family both my daughters were for me to they've won daughters title clerk the other one does the Internet stuff so. There's nothing better than him Stanley. Every day it was great work to a my dad and mine and I had him points of great memories working in growing up were when my parents. It's very very very very nice and nice that you have to kids that are Internet savvy enough to take over those portions of via of the work at the dealership yet no doubt pigs which he plays tonight I've watched the the power changed the auctions are used to bike powers and you know and not have any kind of arbitration is in you know. He had the auctions valued by our agency in your mind there 1000000 miles away. Yes they cut our market has really really come along ways since since the seventies. I could I could tell just by the way that day you light up when you talk about it family really is a big and important deal to. It is it really is you know it's great I know light you know I love going to work every day in you know it was about the better than having your own kids right there by your side. Every day and it's great. Act and we started off talk came up Christmas ads in new cars and happy in the big deal this time a year. Abbott for the pre owned ones that you deal with still a busy time of the year points. Yeah you know it's not really people think. All there's not an old boos were inactive be people Christmas shopping did you want people still need tires people get Nixon's tires brakes oh yeah we. Really don't have it for me it's a busier time because stats for be a good time to be buying angle down south and I try to buy a all during December January. In February. Spices sports terrorism now binder sports cars in the convertibles now we're load up our backyard and battery door showrooms so that we can buy them thousands of dollars and the Monique is when the spring market hits here buffalo. I can't touch the cars registered to deal anymore I just don't wanna to buy just like I bought the four by fours and pick ups. Couple months ago now don't bind pickups and four by fours I've got a good supplier laws I look at it sport there's a number of. Enjoy the family enjoy the holidays as well too with the family yet examined by possibly I used to Hutu Randy had Merry Christmas and happy new year to you and your family and same to you thank you very much that's. Marty back Guerrero senior is the owner of riverfront auto sales there at thirteen 79 tigris street you can give McCall 86. 1626. This is buffalo means business and is ready at 930 WB ES.