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Buffalo Means Business
Saturday, November 18th

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I'm news radio 930 WB yen this is buffalo means business where local businesses services tell stories and Randy bush over. You have one of those stories to share you can send me an email at Randy dot bush over @entercom.com. Speaking with Pete and jolt through with prime com Pete is the CEO founder Joseph would be assigned. Which doesn't mean he's less significant but we will hear from both of them in that. What I wanted to start with first is the easiest up where you guys located and how long you been in business. Okay well we're located near immersed we and 85 north grand parkway. You're sweet home north French wrote that in this is for 25 years in fact we're just any our our 25 year in business and we started out in buffalo as say yeah I T services company. Before there was that are. Yet and what do you do now I mean obviously expanded on that and I'm guessing all sorts of things to do with communications because that's kind of in the name prime town yes primetime chance for premise communications. And we have our consider ourselves communications company are sales Marc is communication. Is everything and we start on the business again. Prior to the green Internet prior to there being actual networks and offices since. We started out when there were things common to computers which are just on terminals and desktops or grown up with the industry here and we went through the whole Internet boom. On the 1990s and we've developed. Business it's based around IT services and communications and we specialize in voice over IP. And for those who don't know just explain I mean I understand what it stands for pocket voice over IP is basically voice over Internet. And what that means is that rather than a traditional telephone system where you have a telephone on your desk and be connected to outside lines. You know land lines. Ever everything on the system now goes over the network and goes over the Internet so basically were ever your network goes your voice can file. Yeah just intrigued by how much things have changed from the old days of the old dial up phones or. You know just editing that pressing a couple of buttons back even in the old style phones and now everything's basically through your computer. Yeah and you can actually use your computer you use your cell phone. As part of that telephone system and the great thing about again voice goes wherever you go we do a lot of work with businesses that have multiple locations. And in that case your office and buffalo and office in Rochester. Every one is just an extension way prime time we have an engineer in. In Houston Texas and we have an engineer in Atlanta and this year former they are employees that had a move. Out of state for family reasons. And we kept them employed and they're just a phone call away for us but we have many large companies. Locally ecology and environment. We service over twenty sites throughout the US for that. And every one in that company whether these Seattle officer powerful office just six mobile phone can dial extensions and get to anybody anywhere. And 125 years I imagine in order to be the head of a business for that long you must've had a little bit more extended service in. This kind of work before. Yeah I I got it to the computer industry. In the early eighties and I was working for company at the time called at a general and I was a Loman a total Paula looked around I said well. What does and everyone wanted to do here and I were wanna work on the computers which is a sexy part of the business and I decided become a specialist communications and it serves me well over the years and as we see today. With the Internet. Communications I mean we can you wanna go listen to radio station in in England you can just get on the Internet or. Get on the Internet and and go in and get information anywhere around the world so communications always spent on they park well what we do and I think it's an important part you know all of our lives today and we just specialized in and so. Some things we do it you know if you're going to be on the Internet your business community that you have to understand secure. So we're pick and security to and when we're doing voice over IP it's you know it's a matter of making sure that that communications is salad from point a to point B and we're going over the Internet so we have to be able troubleshoot that. And see if there's issues plus is latency and things like that kind of technical stuff but we're experts there so that's what we've done so well that part purposes. And jewels so far you've been kind of via silent partner in this. What exactly is the role that you have with the company well. Actually I started in the cabling department that's actually upper income began in 1992. My dad would actually go out in solid key infrastructure and certain buildings. So in college I started in the cabling department. And after I graduated from kinesis. Actually I hired as a network engineer so I did that for about five years. And about six months ago I jumped over it sells so I've been kinda learning every part of the business. My from my father and from a lot of other employees that have worked their firm for twenty plus years. And used it to around. Chills kinda grown up in the business he is here is their day one and again it's probably his first job out of in high school was working for us part time. Sweep in the warehouse so he's kind of grown up in the business and done a little bit of everything and again. He's gotten a sales and in sales and are busy sure really have to kind of understand the technology and then you have to understand how to relate to technology to businesses and business hours. And so that was what I was gonna ask you next was that you've got almost take this for granted I guess would be way of putting it because. You've grown up with this I started talking about rotary dial phones in the of antennas and stuff you must just be laughing because it's like what backer though. I it's funny because growing up I when I was younger I really didn't know my dad Dendreon of business and it's been really cool to to learn from him you know everything he's been doing throughout the years and Honda. Business has grown. But this is buffalo means business on news radio 930 WB and with. Pete pru and Joseph Peru Pete is the CEO and founder for creme com and we've been not talking a little bit about what it is that the business does. And people should be somewhat familiar because you guys have a lot of big tie ins and sponsorships is specifically with the two major sports teams here. Yet the Buffalo Bills in Buffalo Sabres are clients for twenty plus years we put the first networking and for the buffalo. Buffalo Bills and we had both of them as separate customers. And when the merged together when the coolest spot the Buffalo Bills. We're just a good position to understand the technology and we helped set up Pakula sports entertainment early on and also. You know one of the things that we do. Its first court in the businesses understanding. Their business process in how they communicate. And we are able to understand what each franchise needed and then when they merged together we earn a good place to. Facilitate better communications with the new organization. And those would be maybe the two most prominent but there are certainly some other. Names on the list of customers that you have that people would. Definitely know that it's a who's who of just some of western express businesses. We've and T bank was a customer of mine from day one shall costs were today we to a lot of banking industry's legal but it industry so we know Barnes is a client of ours. We have we're pretty much in all types of articles and we try to develop relationships our customers we're really understand their business and I always tell when there are France K and that's the type a customers would like to work with there's a friendship there. And what I mean by that is really understand their needs and their business and we try to do what's ever best for their business and help them grow and develop their business and our. And we've already talked about the VoIP or voice over Internet product up protocol part of your business but. Unified communications doubt that that gives me another aspect that well pre core and that that's a tie into the voice voice over IP unified communications means that. We take everything from. Messaging. Two emails to voicemails and we unified that so. For example. Joseph on our way from the office right now. Now I just got a voice that voice mail is delivered to my in box in my emails like to listen to okay I can even be on the road. And have someone call my extension. And that rings out to myself or go to one of our other locations and I can sit down I can walk into that phone and now. I'm sitting down and anybody's calling me will come out to that phone we actually have I mentioned we have. An engineer in Houston engineer is in Atlanta. That work for us we also had a business in Dubai for about five years and the people that we are partnership there they still have. Our phone system and so over the Internet. You know extension 500 and you get that are. Our folks in Dubai so again it's really international aid and unified communications means that we can. Be inside and have and we can click got a phone number and it's gonna dialer for for a sweep might be inside customer relationships that application. And we never customers' information in the customer calls up and it's gonna pop up their information force rebel. Now how does cloud voice fit into this is that like a separate part present kind of also injured well well boys everything's going to clout and that means instead of only the equipment and the services locally OK we typically go out and we're leveraging. Providers. Larger network or. Larger computing power so in cloud voice and it simply means that we have a vendor out there that we. Our contract and that service out to and we have telephones on our desk with plugin and over the Internet. We're going back to eighty you know a large cloud based phone system but their manager that is that I can put up offices anywhere and I kept customers pretty much. Anywhere in the world as us live Internet connection I can imports. And no one of the other benefits of going with your company is them lower operating costs are you able to an app you generally OK so we go to cloud voice we end up replacing the local carrier. Also. You don't have an expense that you have to invest in. Capital expense. For phone system so let's say you are a business from about 200 200 users. F a caution cluster quarter million dollars or more. For war installing that phone system while we do as we come in if we put in cloud your pain basically for every user that you have that on the monthly basis. So our place in the cost of your outside telephone lines. With that service so you're paid for service on month to month basis which you don't have any out of pocket expenses for capital costs such as the phone system files. How do you do this with how many employees who Thomas who works pretty well what got forty employees locally probably or perhaps that is technical staff we do everything from we have. Employees in opera and salt cabling. You know you're gonna put info systems and networks you need to have someone to do that physical part of it and then we have an engineering staff and pretty much everybody in the company's technical. And as we close here was there anything else that you wanted to get out about prime count. No it just sit you know if you're looking for someone to come in and has some experience. With all types of businesses all types of Oracle's and your interest in a new phone system to the scope. All right Pete Joseph pleasure to meet you guys and I continued success with the company as it continues to grow and evolve with the wake communications is changing too. Pete is the CEO and founder along with a son jolt for prime com this is buffalo means business on news radio 930 WP yen.