11/17 Bauerle and Bellavia Hour 1: Status of Today's Dating Pool

Bauerle and Bellavia
Friday, November 17th

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News radio 930 WBA. And it's. Video games mallet. Or grain. It's Tom Bauerle you know what been there done that and it's weird you're. But now you know that you guys I'm sorry I'm a grown up and David Bellamy let's shoot anyone agrees with the today. I would doubt that David its hourly and they'll be I think I'm living in real bill I think I'm living in reality land it on news radio 930 WB. But I have. A real bill baker I don't have iPhone. Release I don't I mean I suppose I could probably. Call Rite Aid probably charger Epson. Maybe some track as giveaways elect when he that spears but why bother because you can pretty much get an Obama mode where do we call trump followed yours for the asking. So. Mr. Pedro is about anyway welcome it is about infidelity news radio 930 WB he and David has the day off. The noted version decides to leave me alone on Friday but I'll be doing the same to him in the future so. David is off today is that the show is probably not going to be up as good sorry about that nice thing about working with David. It just before it is. AAR braves pretty much follow along the same warped. Path generally speaking. But what's nice is that I'll be talking you'll be looking stuff up to add to our database and then he win he's talking I'll be looking up stuff that has nothing to do what the show were doing like. What is the Egyptian symbol for this on now the stuff like that all papers talking in the region in the conversation but it's it's all me today. A oh. Anyway so bear bear with me and we're gonna hear hey I'm thrilled to see you know I don't wanna say that I have this horrible capital losing things that. You can't just give me notes and little scraps of paper about who's going to be in the traffic because I mean I know the papers expensive by the redeem OK but I'm pretty sure Entercom. Can spare. A full piece of papered given the traffic guy's name. Brendan Keeney is gonna be doing traffic today. Instead Allen Harris a news radio 930. WB yeah so all we have been basically a breaking news station all week long for the afternoon drive and that's on the way sometimes fate decrees it. I do wanna put out an open invite to. Vital green net. The mother of the accused. Mess would be shooter from the other day obviously she wants to talk to people about a boy obviously she wants to tell people that he's really good boy and he's kind of getting a bomb wrap. And by all agreed I know you can't go to barrels car audio anymore and I know you can't go to Dollar General. But bio agree if you would like to speak with me. I it would Borger welcome hearing from you obviously we will verify your identity before we put you in the year because if you're not by all the that would be highly unfortunate. You sent me an email Tom. WB EN dot com that's email I have opened today I can only keep one email at a time open because they are just too many other things happening and what can only multitask so much at the same time is maintaining high upper levels of language of high budget conversation on the radio. I didn't make up their expressions of meals but by mail sent an email. Because if you wanna talk about your kid I would like to hear what you say about your kid who is basically still holding center without bail. So vital agree in the mother of the accused shooter from the other day. You call us 8030930. Is the ball number 8030930. Start at thirty on the cellphone. 180616. WB and maybe some people listening to the show all by a lingering. Maybe you can get in touch with there may be in teller that Tommy would like to talk whether I would appreciate that very much I think our listeners would like to hear what she has to say at least for a little while at the other side of disguised as situation. Mean I wonder if he was any medication I wondered if he was comply with any medication that he was supposed to have been. I wonder about all of these things that she was talking about Amaechi was talking about some pretty big triggers or losing your job marketing while with people in the next job and then have him these significant other in your life don't you. You know these are these are life changing events in some people crack under the pressure life changing events. I would also by the way just like you'll remember David's not here today so this is me saying this. In light of what the Ohio congressman that was a congressman senator. Some Democrat Ohio said yeah you know what just to avoid opposition research I just want to let you know that I've been with over fifty women and they started going into details about. About you know how many women he'd been with. Should I give the number just to avoid opposition radio station research. The other dot org democratic candidate for governor thanks a's are caught the tail end of story. So yes it's it's it's a lot more than fifty and Villa is on the opera out of it is just that's that's what happens him in life. But I'm actually going to detail like you know a redhead in hay loft a gorgeous blonde when I was scuba diving I'm not gonna with the tail like that sort of don't worry. But this thing this this sex act huge accusations that I'm sorry. It's just it's it's getting totally it's getting out of hand and frankly a little bit ridiculous because. You know if somebody he's interested in you. Somewhere there's going to be a zillion dollars to be made for somebody come up with this idea were were reaching the point do you not. Do you agree and today we are reaching the point in this country and rapidly. Where dunes are gonna be afraid to ask outwit. Whether it will be afraid to ask out doubts. I am honest to god serious about this okay given it reputation. I am going to if I'm ever single again and I don't think that's going to be the case but if I was single right now. I like people think I'm joking about his I'm not. I am dead on in earnest serious about Paris if I were to ask any woman out. I've probably would wanna get your signature on a piece of paper saying I agree to be asked out by Tom Bauer. I disagree but. He was not pushy he was not obscene filthy dirty bile it anyway because I wanna be able to cover my Botox okay. And then. I got the guys are natural laughing you're you're elaborate about this but guys. It's luck right now it's high profile people okay and Pittsburgh buffalo is concern in all of somewhere in the middle of the pack. I mean you know but that ever but he knows me a bit that everybody doesn't know me so I'm somewhere in the middle of the pack but it's getting to the point where guys like you in the next room you colonials. You get to be thirty. And 35 years Ole. You see a woman in the aisle at wegmans or tops were ever. And you'd think page she's attractive and I think she's flirting with me you're gonna have to start here at around a document. Like its already bitten you know scrutinized by your attorney that says. I agreed to meet Phil at Starbucks at 1245. On main street. Because I am interested in getting to know him better. You're gonna it's gonna come to that and you're gonna have to documents that that are going to be have to be signed every step of the way. This confirms my signature here by affects confirms. That mr. Kennedy took me out to dinner. We had a delightful conversation and that in no way shape or form that I feel that he was going to rape attack were coerced me into sexual activity. Signed Mary Lou. Then you go back to her house or your house you're gonna have to have another document. I consented to having him come into my home. And it's just gonna have to go one by one I can send the biggest being that might well. I can set it to biggest well as to stop their case shall we but you'll understand what I'm saying folks and and guys in particular I'm sorry. But this this country is so F stop right now. That basic human interaction Y is for example would actually support a Democrat here. Why is a Democrat governor candidate in Ohio being raked over the coals for doing exact. What I would do if I was running for office I might not go into that kind of detail that he did that's one of the reasons I suppose he's been raked over the coals but on the other hand you know what. You if you run for office anymore you're gonna have to pretty much say yes I had sex with. X number of people. X number of men X number of women and it was never coercive in any way shape or form I had engaged in the following sexual acts. You're gonna have to say that. Because on the one hand the left tells us that everything is acceptable I fired by German shepherd attractive I'd like to bury my German shepherd I identify as a German shepherd. Well if you identifies a German shepherd clearly you're German shepherd and quit picking on my fire hydrant. On the one hand we're supposed to be so tolerant and soul accepting of people. Well I'm a man but I feel like a woman. I'm a woman and I feel like a man. I'm white but I feel like I'm black and we're supposed to accept these as normal parts of the human existence and yet. We're supposed to be I'd get past the normal thing that is did the things since the dawn of time. Mental typically pursue women men typically initiate relationships with women. I think beckoned by 54 years of life minus what childhood minus teenage years when girls steered me. And I think back in my thirty odd years of being around or with women. And I will tell you that 95%. Of the time I was the person who initiated the relationship whatever the relationship turned out to be or did not turn the thing. And I will play right now that there are things that I did in my twenties and thirties that now. Would be a scandal. Since Campbell. So it's I take heat for people were saying hey here's where here's went on vacation. And here's what happened or didn't happen you know why. Because I believed to be with you people look at a piece of the that I am not. About Italian it well I went to a religious retreat for two weeks and for two weeks we read the gospels and worship Christ. Well I've got to tell it I went to orgy joint Jamaica you have an issue with that. Now it is true I've never taken part in an orgy that is honest to god truth. And it is a very relaxing place I have to be brutally honest with you would almost relax it's like a place for you actually feel free. But seriously. If you're gonna run for office or your the public ally. You've got to take a lesson for me just be honest with people because people are a lot or accepting. What do you do when you don't try to hide it. I've never tried to hide certain aspects of my life because I just I felt that will be lying to you guys you know sometimes my boss's goals like what you have to say specifically what. I know I don't have to go. But their relationship about what you guys is such a market always you. But getting back to it. It's a moral is that not Monica today. Todd Whitman went all the great women elicit additional by the way just here here's another thing that let it will be said before comes up. I think women in power it's a great thing I loved working for women. I'll say that again I am not intimidated. By a female bosses one of the best bosses I've ever hat. Was like a multi billionaire H it was a female issues really really cool. There was never any sexual tension there was never anything inappropriately said there was never anything like that. But she was a woman she was powerful and she was great a great person for whom work. And the winner in my life as friends or whatever. Day are typically women that are women who have power and substance. And who are not enough they're not carpets or not they're not meant to be walked upon they will not allow themselves to be walked upon. Because that's what I'd like I'd like people in general who know they are who and what they want into aren't afraid to go for. It so this also must be extended them to the women who tend to be in the dominant personality. Classification. If you are a woman listening to the shell. And you are a go Gator. You know you heard your degrees you started your business and you've got something going for you might be in the public. God forbid if you ask a man out scenes were giving the point. We're all of heterosexuality. Year is gonna be called into question. If you are a woman and you've got something going for it and you're interested in the guy. You might wanna consider speaking with your attorney about the very documents that I had just laid out for it. Permission to ask somebody up a written. Agreement that you work that the big guys you talked with is willingly going to meet yourself a written agreement that the guy it. That you met so where is really coming to your place until August. And it is written agreement every step of what that's what this is all coming to do we should protect it. That men and women in America don't have sex with apps that are pretend that there is at eight percentage of the American public that has had more than one sexual partner at their lives or more than ten sexual partners of their lives or more than fifty sexual partners and their lives and I'm going to stop right there Rick as you will hate. I understand or are we hit that point. I mean I'm sorry. The irony of this whole thing ladies and gentlemen is the same kind of people who brought us the so called sexual revolution. America's two prude America's two puritan America is just to stock about sex that same kind of people who told us that in the sixties and seventies are. Same kind of people who are now jumping the people said. With fifty women like the Democrat candidate for governor of Ohio. This is exactly the world you guys want to win at all asked not to be so hung up about sacks so make up your irons. The same people. As this actual revolution. That we need to do what ever with whom. Ever whenever we want it are the same people now who are being such a melodious scanners snipers. Went god for bit. Somebody in public life says. Yeah I kind of enjoy sex and I'd have. Never really been big on monogamy and you put those two together and yeah you can come up with a pretty substantial Lambert doesn't mean that the person gave you the number unless he's a player or Wilt Chamberlain Magic Johnson it doesn't mean that they're out of that up out of mind number. It's. Not apologize for. Why wanna cry. Because I would raged as many of you word in the air where we were told. Not to be hung up about sex. If it feels good to. Doing. So. Overall. I mean what did you think what's gonna happen. When you talk America. That the days of Ozzie and Harriet. And hazel and Leave It to Beaver dignity were over and that we had this new era of liberation. The TV show it was eggs Germaine Greer I some some of the early feminists believe it or not we're part of the whole sexual revolution. But that's set in it feels good do it. You know to an end to doubt drop out and and have sex after you're done doing LSD I think Timothy Leary said I don't know I just hung album one night but that's another story. It OK. I would just like to say Timothy Leary did not ask me to take LSD he did not inappropriately touched me make any inappropriate comments whatsoever actually doctor -- the night I was out with them basically sat on the couch he was a very pleasant fellow but he appeared to be a zombie so the lesson I picked up on that in life was this. Hey here's a really Smart guy. He had a lot of brain power early in his life. Any killed a lot of brain cells with Ellis the note to self Tom don't ever do ask that. Okay Roger that never did Estes thank you so much. Seriously I saw the result of it and yes I really like about what might with Timothy Leary and were Downey junior this in my it was it was a blast. But Mort was the life of the party and he was just a chain smoking alcoholic. He won its theater chain smoking alcoholic but I will tell you that Morton Downey junior. Who was one of the pie appears that this format he was one of the greatest man I've ever met. He was a true gentleman he was a classy classy guy. Swirled but. The bottom line here it is. The left. I don't criticize the left for this because I don't wanna live in Saudi Arabia I don't wanna live in Yemen. But. What I think back to when I was a kid the young man. What was said about sex and needing to be open about it and not wanting it in the closet and watching daytime talk shows about orgasms and oral sex and teams sex like Oprah Winfrey. What did you think was going to happen. Seriously what what is the result of that but every force in the media says it it feels good do it and man people. Go out and do it than twenty years later in the public or their running for office. How can we possibly criticize them. Like that there is not one bit of information out there. I'm aware of of the Democrat candidate for governor in Ohio. That he coerced or forced or compelled anybody to do anything they didn't want to do he's talking about his voluntary sexual. Exploit or sexual history okay. Why would anybody. Have an issue with that if other two they were among the sexual liberation sexual revolution crop. They have created this get so it America. It feels good but. Don't get caught doing it and don't put yourself in the situation where thirty years after you don't put somebody's gonna come out and say. He forced created a sometimes honestly after that much time goes by I really really wonder. About the motive of the individual and I wonder about clouded memories of the individual. And I wonder in some cases if the individual isn't feeling themselves some kind of go for something at the time they may have done voluntarily but over time their values have changed maybe they used to be if it feels good do but over maybe they found god made the turn it will born again Christian and they're having to face up to their past and they're thinking you know what. I'm real proud of what I did so maybe it's part of what I did I can try to put the blame other people. Especially politically opportune time to destroy their lives. Between creator of this quagmire. We you know it's like. There are warning signs on the right from Phyllis Schlafly of people like Phyllis be where this sexual revolution be where the new morality. And this quicksand. That we have created. Acting surprised the people actually stepping it. Think it's just that it does anybody understand what Alexander here. Why why should any of this be a surprise to anybody. People talked about call Newt Gingrich talked a lot about cultural rot and we find out that Gingrich was cheaper that's why a lot. I mean two days before he did this conference at Erie Pennsylvania Newt Gingrich's talk about the sanctity of family and turns out he really wanted an open marriage. Now I'm not Henry Kissinger. FDR. You wanna talk about sex scandals FDR and all of our at an open the marriage votes. Eric. There is nothing new under the sun nothing new under the sentinel it is Bauerle. So I did at. And a FaceBook tennis rises and hope it the last few minutes and shocked many of us grew up in the sexual revolution. And we were to all of it feels weird do it conservatives. Nothing but a bunch of puritans monogamy it's outdated it doesn't work so. This is the message that the children of the sixties and seventies heard repeatedly. In the media and movies on TV okay. The new America the new American quality means go back you could look at magazine covers from back in the day all magazines where things used to come usually once a week in the candidate have a news slash opinion theme to them. And magazines were typically found in doctors' and dentist office. As something to look at as as you were preparing eight A root canal that's what do magazine used to be. But anyway. So. You have this generation. Now middle aged late middle aged people. Who were children of the sixties and seventies who were told it isn't cool to be with one person. It is cool to be. Conservative or a stick in the mud about sex. So these people took the media message and they lived accordingly. And now they hurt being castigated. That the guy running for. Donna who. Have worked for governor in Ohio as a Democrat. He posts his history on line. Which is by the way exactly what it's that I would ever do if I ever ran for office which is never gonna happen but if I did. I would I would actually put that stuff out there. It all straight people that it's basically you save the shock factor and you saved the people from. Should you save the people from a spending all the money to to dig up the dirt on you when you just put the dirt or so called dirt out there yourself. My whole point here is. Why is anybody surprised. That politicians. Who must by the very definition have a dominant personality all that equipment. And psychologically. People with dominant personalities. Tend to have more partners in the lives of people without dominant personalities it comes with the territory. Okay so the people who got the message. About loosening up about sex they were kids and they were teenagers lived accordingly. And now their catch hell from the same kind of people who told them to lighten up about sex that markets. And we act like this is some big surprise. This this was this is so predictable. And looking ahead. I don't even know what a America is gonna look like in thirty years from now in terms of call in shows and talk radio or anything like that it is you Longo from that by them. But the longer the short of it is. Good to hear roller phrases but the long and the short of it is this can of worms that's being opened up right now. I can't wait to see how it's going to go the other way. And end up blowing up in the faces of the people who were all about well if you identify it as a woman you must be a woman. If you like to modify as a dog you must have thought if you're white and you identified as black you must be black because twenty or thirty years from now. Is some political candidate gonna say well you know in my twenties I identified as being black. And they're gonna catch hell for that how dare you try to. Rip off. Another culture and make pitcher all is that going to be the next. Al east all of political misfortune for the generation to this country is so wrapped up. It it really years. Aunt and the media and you can include pretty much every aspect of media is really. If not complicit. Actually even leading the way in that regard. But those of you in your twenties or early thirties you're not aware. What the world was like in the 1940s and fifties delicately wrought people were still having affairs in the forties and fifties okay. And frankly the wealthier you work. The easier wants to have an affair. Is the more you could cover and the more you can hire people make sure your wife was coming home unexpectedly and stuff like that but for example if the but by today's standards of the left FDR would have to resign from office. FDR would have to resign from office by today's standards. Have you read the accounts of what he used to do what it would have women in his vehicle with him. FDR by today's standards here is a guy who's in a wheelchair. You would have to consider him a sexual predator. His thing used to be. In this when he was in his twenties or thirties. He was he lets. Ansari was all that up and about it but. He would he was merit and the women he was at whip in his vehicle. Pay might. They are they all knew he was merit but he would take their hands. And he would. Hold their hands and then she lol league guys their hands to where FDR one of those ads that. By today's standards ladies and gentlemen at the by the standards of today John F. Kennedy. Not just a sexual predator possibly a rapists. Possibly Lyndon Johnson. And Johnson was tag and half the women and taxes in the 1940s and fifties. Sexual predator. Should we go on. Jimmy Carter. The only thing Jimmy Carter who I think it was the second worst president in American history Obama being the worst Jimmy Carter. Got in trouble in the seventies. From the right by the way. For admitting in his campaign against Gerald Ford in 1976. That while he'd been faithful was what wiped Rosalind. That he had committed adultery in his heart. Should Jimmy Carter was honest and he said yeah you know what I'm there. I love my wife but there have been times that I wanted to tag other women. Putting trying to put in today's vernacular. But he didn't but he still thought about it in his art he did not acted on what his innate lust was in trouble for. Let's see Ronald Reagan to the best of my knowledge could not have been considered a sexual predator he was divorced but the story that was his first wife was what they are. As far as I know Ronald and Nancy were a monogamous. The thing you know how it. Bill Clinton c'mon give me a break and Kirsten Gillibrand. Can you say a day late and a dollar short minute that you've only got your position in the senate because you're daddy was this big political dude downstate. And you are Chuck Schumer and puppet but I think you're a day late and a dollar short coming out arguing for Bill Clinton he should average. It with the Monica Lewinsky scandal. Your break while Obama. There's another thing for as much as I can talk about Obama. And it is politics let's see it in the White House but let's forget about Chicago let's forget about the limo let's forget about the blow let's forget about the we'd. I don't remember. The fact I can tell you with almost 100% certainty that Barack Obama. When he was president of the United States didn't have sex with anybody else but his wife. I'm pretty sure about that statement so I don't think we call Obama sexual predators are at. Bill Clinton yes George W. Bush. There's a lot of things what you say about George W. Bush. You're Barbara the guy who was in office before Barack Obama George W. Bush guys president during the world trade on it yet that that George W. Bush. To the best of my knowledge. During his time as president. But he he he was not exactly in exploratory mode. Mean I think he was frankly got a lucky to end up with a woman give it up with a reaches a wonderful world. But. What you look back at history. And you I'm so are you look back at the disconnect between what we were supposed to have been as a country. In terms of our national morality. At what the national morale really what is behind closed doors total disconnect totally actress. And the only thing is what one in this part of the show with this is that. You've got to start thinking about what the future is going to be if you're to twenties and you think you might wanna run for office when you're in your forties. You had better think about every FaceBook post you make you better think about every week you send out. You do not put pictures up on line of yourself having a beer. Taking a hit on a ball up poll or anything else you don't wanna do it. You don't wanna put up any post that somebody can say this one post. Is indicative of a psychological. Fitness for public office. Because I can guarantee you that other people who were planning on running for office in their forties there already a few steps ahead. So you go back and you look at your FaceBook you look at your Twitter you'll look at her history of whatever you use and you delete anything. Just imagine your running for office in junior actually applied for a job. Any post. That an employer could look at employers slash voter could look at. And draw incorrect assumptions about your honesty or overall character based on the post plans the account. Deleted just from the time like prohibit. It's like it never even happened all the O nothing ever goes away once it's on the Internet. But thesis of the day something to think about. They wanted a sexual revolution in America. They got a sexual revolution in America. And now they're complaining. About people acting out the call for sexual revolution in America it's almost comical. He just said rape was comical well rapists or comical. People rape audit of the things cut off. And then thrown into the lake. To me that's a no brainer. On the bigger capital punishment but. And I think the stated capital punishment should be not beyond a reasonable doubt but beyond any doubt whatsoever because too many people have been executed when they were innocent. Nobody wants rape nobody wants people the worst in dissects. Okay. Nobody ones that nobody wants a country like that. But don't tell people on the one hand that they've got to accept all kinds of things. They have to accept. But that the people who engage in those things. Are that the cast its hated by the same basically said go ahead and engage in those things it's lots. Anyway. My complaint desk is open David is off today Tony though while talking so much because David is not here. He's got the day off he should be back on Monday it. But I wanna open up the up our ability to complaint desk and is ready in my thirty WBS about the closest we come to open line got a situation. But that's that's my biggest pet peeves right now these. The idea. That America was driven to a sexual revolution. People behaved according to the precepts of the constitution. Of the sexual revolution and the other being called out for the very behavior they were all it was okay it would agent. Well. I'll go. It was said it was OK for a woman to ever regret breast grabbed when she was with I agree that it's not okay it's not cool. The woman was obviously creeped out by Al Franken but she also should sets up at the time. It's not like she was five years old. She was a big girl. And I've got no love for Al Franken either rarely dull. And by the way the accuser of Al Franken who actually did have some corroboration. The accuser Al Franken said he should she's not gonna demand he resign he she wants the voters of Minnesota to figure out what happens with Al Franken. And she accepts his apology. So I think of that but that speaks volumes about the woman who was up talk about Al Franken yesterday. Now the guys in Alabama Roy Moore block. Anybody wanna disagree with this. It's really weird if you're thirty years old and you think sixteen girls are hot you got some serious issues. Does anybody agree or disagree with that if we ever really addressed. The creep factor. If you're thirty. And you're exchanging emails with a sixteen year old. Were your try to get together with a sixteen year old at the age of thirty U beats the hell man you really need some help. 80330. Start at thirty. 180616. WBE 803 on a thirty started 3180616. WBE and I've got the hourly and they'll Libya complaint lines open. So a lot out. My complaint line is open and what about complaints. Poland springs. Paul went. Springs water bottles what the hell is wrong with you people in Poland springs. Could you make your water bottles any fitter why not start putting the water inside tissue paper. Okay here's a Poland Spring Water bottle actually and I have to substitute at the your left hand presuming you're dominant right. In your left hand. Is the full bottle of poll and springs. Now. Actually it's such a bottle with a little pressure you could probably actually touched your fingers through the bottle. That's up that is so you've got to hold firm. They feel that practically to the top. You unscrew the top of the poll and springs water bottle what happens at age accurately it's all over here close. Everywhere because up bottles are too thin. For those of you get freaked out Bigelow at night. You're Wafer thin pole spray water bottle your furnace kicks out. The temperature your house goes from 65 to sixty what happens expansion and contraction. Bottle pops and acts. From no where page popping sound from your nightstand able. Poland springs your water bottles sucked. You have to admit that thicker screw up. Bit hey the government already say that it's cool to bring heads back from Africa. With elephants I mean did it look at the elephant population and what it was at what it is now you know anybody can even think about trophy hunting. I'm sorry I think trophy hunting is for morons you wanna go you wanna shoot a deer. Feed your family that's great I think it's it's wonderful to American tradition it keeps your freezer full you Africa killer elephant I think you're more. You an effort gonna kill alive and I think you're a huge bag. Here is that. Alls and WB and hello. I don't. Know that there's. I would just thinking. What my first thought when I came out I think you know Kevin Spacey. You know the first report. It's. As all right so stupid Oprah. Thing to do. Yeah well are you talking. And we're gonna put jump through for them to cut through the Newser John but you're talking about Kevin Spacey putting his fingers in to the back side of an individual who apparently was passed out drunk. Now I want don't let it get short order were seldom I'm on top four year old it. And illustrate just going up. John I. OK because there's there's this new era. The I a whole lives who are. Folks do you realize the left is now sounding like Catholic Church did in the 1960s it's like they don't. It's like a one baby. I'm I'm sex suddenly it's amazing to me she is like I mean it's it's amazing. And I remember people on the right talking about. There's sexual revolution you better be careful you don't want unintended consequences ensure we got unintended consequences are the ones you. And do you agree or disagree with my statement if somebody is thirty other sexually attracted to a sixteen year old they are sick. I think they're sick. 803 on I thirty start at 3180616. WB Ian and I also believe anybody who goes to Africa anywhere. Just to kill a lie or to kill an elephant's economic and Iger Walt is an idiot in an exquisite huge. It is Bali.