11/14 Bauerle and Bellavia Hour 4: Cheektowaga French and Union Road Shooting Coverage

Bauerle and Bellavia
Tuesday, November 14th

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Yup hourly development on the radio about thirty WBE. If you have any thoughts I'm what it what. You think the plan was today do you believe. It is your gut value. Do you think that this was a guy who without any. Off or bought do you think that he just snapped because. According to a witnesses sister. And and mother they wouldn't give him a job application at Dollar General they told me had to do it online is that a situation of odd guy snapped. Do you believe he injured it the Dollar General we body armor. He did it first to see how many people were there may be chasing it for possible robbery. Or do you believe that maybe he had more sinister intentions all along. And maybe he walked into the Dollar General. To see how many victims they can get the that this guy had sold rounds on human ready to go to David and the fact is wearing body armor Alitalia I. Can't wait to see this guy's social media page and the kind of things he talks about so I'd. I don't wanna take anything away from the Cheektowaga police department and the Erie county bomb squad and every other municipalities that worked in concert today. The Cheektowaga police. Had a very good day and that's because of hard training. Good equipment and brave souls and those guys deserve the credit for this situation for the response time in the way they went out. All I was necessary to throw the 911 dispatchers under the bus. I thought that was a little unnecessary I know some nine on one dispatchers personally it's a very difficult job do you think they throw the bus. It was just because there are resilient our morals and your thought exactly but I am very confident that. Not one dispatchers know that there is this the first time something's happened of Dollar General. And do you believe do you believe that the chief was trying to come up with an explanation for why he said the response time was. Four minutes and ambulatory at that as you well know under fire for minutes seems like an eternity but we have you'll regret all again who described everything it was as it was happening including the arrival of the sirens and it seems to me like that response time. Although officially it was four minutes is seems to me like it would have been a lot less yeah I mean again who's to know what I don't. Money morning quarterbacking I'm sure we'll get more formation but I just thought that was an unnecessary thing to throw up their four minutes is still. A pretty good response I guess the only reason I would bring that up it is the only reason he would bring up the issue with 911 and don't we. Pay extra money to have enhanced 911 and figure it does it wouldn't matter if the calls were someone had to would give either the wrong address. Or the rates it is not a question of all we missed we accidentally went the wrong Dollar General someone said go to this one. And they found out it was the wrong one but. I am seeing some obviously someone else had gone to and there's no way they could have gotten their four minutes less on what went to the proper Dollar General at some point. I don't wanna sing all the people any gun folks out there. All you have told us is that the they are platform this black rifle is eight just machine of debt. And any time it's fired people die it's so wet and it's a military weapon it kills people. Here we had a professor calculus take 88. The legal if he had over seven rounds in that. And a pistol grip and everything else Governor Cuomo was told us so deemed safe back was broken here at the state that did not stop this from happening. And another thing is. It takes an operator who knows how to handle 888. A rifle. To be able to use it effectively here is a guy who obviously has no idea what the hell he's doing with an AR. People could've lost their lives today. But it's not the rifle. That is to blame for this and to me here is an example of a guy who did everything that mash shooters do. And he shot rounds. And by the grace of god that the police won the day and no one was killed I really wanna know what this guy a.'s political beliefs are I wanna know if he has a history of any mental issues. David the fact that he was wearing cam mow the fact that he was wearing body armor. The fact that he had not want. But two rifles and obviously an abundant supplies of ammunition. David I hate to say this but I'm kind of wondering if this might have. And again I'm not saying it was but I am considering the idea. That maybe this was supposed to have been a lot worse but may be the guy at the last minute got cold feet. Well camouflaged body armor and with your rifles that's really hard to argue that. You just can be driving around with two loaded eight yards and body armor the other thing it's weird it's the way this thing and he didn't have a a rifle on him he put his. Weapons systems back in destructing and appeared to not want to fight with the police. So normally when you see if this was a religious thing of this was a political thing wide Dollar General. There's got to be some personal connection to Dollar General with the either an employee or the business itself. It to two way you know if we're gonna profile this guy as amateurs. I don't think that does anything for the audience but I can tell you that it's not typical if this was inspired by terrorist organization horse that you would. And AA's shooting. Not really that unsuccessfully. But to do it without taking your own life it's something we haven't seen before. Unless you get cold feet and merger horn outside but again dude I don't know and I'm not saying it as a declarative statement simply putting it into the mix of it asking our audience what do you think this was was this guy who snapped. Because he couldn't get a job application in the store and I want to point out. That our witness who was in the parking lot and gave one of the most detailed elusive accounts of something pretty traumatic unfolding in front of him. And I won't play he was just. An amazing sea of recall in detail. And was able to give us information that was later verified. By the police during the news conference at 6 o'clock. But the information about the suspect going after a job application was provided by our caller Tom. Who obtain that information from his 94 year old mother. And his sister who were in the Dollar General before the shooting started when this guy was in the air. Before the shooter exited the Dollar General. And was physical for a woman leaving with him once and then a few feet later was physical with her again. Before the woman was able to make it to work hard and drive away. And after that according to the witness. The guy who did the shooting. Went to a vehicle retrieved. A rifle and started walking toward Dollar General at which point. A man comes into the picture the man approaches the guy with a rifle from behind says. Elliott though. And the suspect. Turns around and swipes the cell phone hasn't knocks that cell phone out of the guy's hand. The guy who just asked them what are you doing goes behind the car to retrieve his cellphone. And at some point shortly thereafter the gunfire start and you know this wasn't just about one or two rounds. Our callers said. And this was a guy who has experiences with firearms okay he's not a firearms and obviously he's fired guns he's got a shotgun. He estimated a minimum of fifteen and a maximum of thirty rounds he bird being fired and. Their matches up. Yeah the other thing it's if if recap it's about five minutes before 3 PM. Today. Union of French road at Dollar General plea to Cheektowaga police got a 911 call. Originally they had gone to a different Dollar General on the same road it was a little bit of confusion. Finally four minutes later they get to the scene. There was a time when Tim Wenger was live at the scene and had mentioned that the Erie county sheriff's bomb squad it showed up. And what do essentially happened was they shut down the road between French and the west Seneca county line road. I should say the town line because they thought there was. Some sort of bomb making equipment but that could have been. It just out of caution expelled maybe at the court later that the powder whatever was. But the Swedes as we have said earlier it could have been GS art could have been gunshot residue Eric you're mentioned at the news conference as we mentioned before. Feds were on the scene bureau of alcohol tobacco firearms ATF people so 3 PM there's a man that appears to have been wounded in the shoulder the police won't confirm if it's a gunshot or it was a piece of glass or debris think about it. You shooting. You know dozens scores of rounds as something can hit you heat this victim is that EC MC we know it's an adult and we know it's a male. The store obviously was cleared and the custard the suspect was taken into custody. Now the suspect in the we assume in the process of him getting arrested. This suspect was injured and was taken out to a local hospital. And I he is under surveillance by the police and he was wearing body armor at the time to we are very rifles recovered. Andy's wearing camouflage that's pretty much what we we're we're just like to applaud and a thanks very much the men and women of law enforcement over. Added to the scene today and you know further complicating it guys is if you check this operas off on Google street view. That Dollar General is like right on the line where it says all of west Seneca. Sell it if it jurisdiction only it was interesting from the get go because it's right and Hungary between the orbiters after they're gonna have to consult the GPS to make sure it was jurisdictions actually and the police the cooperation was just outstanding response was excellent. The preservation of the crime scene from what we saw from listener pictures it was great mother nature seems to have cooperated. But we just want to express our gratitude to the men and women of law enforcement for what they did today because they had no idea what they are getting into. Responding to a call like that in 2070. It has hourly. We're just confront uttered has been a music before my whole life I thought we were placed it was Green Day. I think we need to remove wild cherry from the system because when Belo the Cayman first day on the job he goes in. I'm in the measure heat assistant guys in the interest is look the whole new show you do where wild cherry picking out the computer and that's exactly what they did because he carries and later on to say that. So you got his delete that broke the heart of the contract yet they say I I thought it. Anyway David you know I think we we need to put a special shout out to and it's always awkward as the underlings but I wanna push out of two Tim Weiner. Ford giving obscene and offering guests on the scene coverage all day long today up to and including the news conference and are my betterment Bagger in all the bags he was there for questions and and shut up it. I said more in that news conference that he said it like to the two weeks he worked with us now let's go to Kevin that you don't log cabin your WB Ian welcome thanks for old. It's something for. I got a rather unique perspective I'd like we've we've got to want them to see the police. I saw. As a check in my spot over her student I fell one officer had toward north school and he went and to get he and he had a school lockdown but as I pulled up. Early advocate. Come out that it locked inside they did a great job. And the they don't get enough respect everyone wants to protest and complain about stories that are nonsense we have people. In our own backyard they rushed to which to a school. Even though. That wasn't where the problem was just to make sure that those kids would be protected I really appreciate you sharing that Kevin because the other Cheektowaga. Enforcers today. They won today. If things that was going it was great. Well I just I just hope that everybody pulled over to the side of the road and union when the koppers were coming down because. I'm gonna tell you. It is amazing. Being in a police car lights and siren obviously in a hurry the number of people who don't even CU or they think. They think. They are gonna pull over and if they just wish you were away you'll go away. But you authors and the UV you would be stunned at how many people are oblivious to the lights and siren when you're trying to get somewhere in a big hurry. I'm not actually seen that happen and they union road. But that kudos to the up police officers all the law enforcement people responded today. And you know also to the guy who's head of the guy with a rifle hey what do you do a little more about his story. On behalf of David Sylvia it is Bowery thank you so much for listening god bless those in law enforcement. Thanks to Sean thanks to frank and thanks to Jim Bauer it was great working with you for three weeks Jim GM account question Jim bearer.