11/14 Bauerle and Bellavia Hour 1: Cheektowaga French and Union Road Shooting Coverage

Bauerle and Bellavia
Tuesday, November 14th

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News radio 930 WBA. And it's well listen to this dude where are saying is you don't wanna be a situation I would Wear a life of sell this. It's Tom Bauer lady where if you ask a woman hey. Would you like to grab a drink some time would you like to grab dinner sometime we've almost entered this surreal realm where somebody could say. David Bell of the year. Made inappropriate suggestions to me when I saw him in public. He asked me if I would be alone with him and have a drink with him in David Bellamy got. I'm sorry I don't yeah it would joke that my parents we talked about I never go out with women other than my wife and it was like what. Loser. 87 feet you have what's wrong what you just what buddy. You're never gonna hear Mike Pence in accused of anything. Because it's just over religious or if you were cautioned its hourly and Olivia off I gotta tell us the dirt I simply. I cap wise yeah over the weekend dirt I mean you know what the. More of these allegations here the better actually after saves on news radio 930 WB ES. Well I mean it went when your at all. It is it's there for news radio 930 WB and it is by hourly and relative weakness of breaking news that we would like your help on pleased. We like if you're in the area of union and French are reports that hours ago. I was shooting union in front possibly at one of the stories. In the closet there. We don't have a lot of information upon which to go but if you're in the area and can describe the scene. We would government interest in what chip says you've got pictures you can send us on and David at WB Ian that count and David at WB Ian that come obviously our thoughts and prayers with the victim leaders one person shall we do not know with the condition of that person and reportedly to organs have been recovered but as far as anything of that. We think we know so far but if you can add to it. We would definitely like their beer for you know 330. Start at 31180616. WB ia and hopefully this news. Something that is extremely isolated and did not indicative. Of any. Mass amount of mayhem going in that area of union branch. And probably also goes about segment of the last things the top of the first responders need is that people driving over there just to check out. If you're in the area already and you can tell us what's going if you're in the area all that's great but don't go Revere for a special special for news. If it is worth it used at the goalies clustered. Don't wanna be in the way and don't wanna be a lucky Lou but I got tight and that's for that area. You know commercial. Area to to have any thing out of that type. Golan is that is a big story. Recovering you know again log it does that necessarily mean a rifle could be a shotgun could be something else it's still alarming it's still an incredible story about. You know we I don't wanna jump too far ahead we don't really know what the with the details are. I mean let's face it at this point in time any time we hear about a shooting in public in broad day light and no longer being involved you know we always consider what what are the worst possible scenario worst. Case possible scenarios. Given the limited information we have at this point and again folks limited information but just know our first thoughts are with whoever is early. That's for. It'll three all right thirty start at 318061. Such WB EN and you can also try to catch those at 30930. That is 30930. We are glitzy. All so well that again this is this is an unconfirmed. Report. This actually is on the text board so we have no idea of knowing whether or not it is valid but allegedly. According to a texture. The shooter is also shot and is in custody. But that's from a text her and we have no idea whether the texture is reliable or a reliable I'm simply relaying what may or may not be. Information and that's what we're asking you if you're in the area for a your phone calls to give us at the very latest we get the correct backed out to people. 803 all night thirty starlet thirty is cellphone number 180616. WBE and and Mathers area massive Cheektowaga police response. Somebody has or claim to have counted nineteen. Police vehicles and that is that is their response via that that what that has to be more than just Cheektowaga and you've got to work probably west Seneca hearings and troopers and state police geysers well. We got the through with a do you figure of all the of the reason why so much is in Cheektowaga. There's obviously gonna be a huge. Law enforcement since that well if you got all your. You know there's a lot of commerce there there's a lot of people in and out population. But what's crazy to me though is that can you imagine already congested area anyway nineteen police cars. You might get the music ready well let's just nineteen police cars or however many there in the bin but also depending on exactly where the shooting take place what are they gonna have to do they're gonna have to secure the scene that's right you only get one chance to your crime scene right. And depending on how close to the road the shooting took place. That could have a major impact. On the drive all the images Sony factors that we just don't know right now and that's why we're asking for your phone call 803 all right thirty start at 3180616. WB. Or if you work have a photograph which will better put us in the picture with there are some more information you can set it to Tom and David at WB EN dot com. Just noticed Tom. On days like today we're talking about what is alleged to be eight. A shooter in Cheektowaga that may have we just had a attacked reporter of assailants allegedly the the shooter was shot. By police in custody. And it's like he never hear about police brutality. You never hear about Kelly don't go to David yeah well it's always think these types of stories are the ones were we just assume law enforcement. You're gonna show up and do your job and make sure armed you know people argue put down in not EO we try to avoid innocent people getting shot. But tomorrow we'll talk about the of the bad cops. The 1 thing I obviously am having an issue reconciling used via first reports that one guy as good there was one person who shot and now techsters as well the suspect was shot and he's in police custody so. Are we talking about somebody who was waving. A weapon around. And to whom the police took out with a single shot before he could shoot anybody innocent are we talking about somebody who shot somebody else and then in turn was shot by first responder or citizen. We just don't know. And I just you know what go back in time back to the 1980s. That we brought this up for a few weeks ago on the program David but right in the middle of the yep afternoon drive there's a guy who decided to take over. Walden and union in Cheektowaga I can just attempts to get to this day. There is a guy of long hair and a beard and he was basically marching around with a rifle in his hand. And needless to say. The first pick cops who showed up were obviously. Very very concerned actually one of the guys was Jon thoughts Vietnam veteran and merchant blogger police officer for a long time news I think the first responding officer seen in that eventually other tactical guys Cayman. And though one of the Cheektowaga police officers actually ended the situation. By putting paint and magnificent rugby tackle. On the guy who was holding the gut and the thing is he was not shocked by Cheektowaga cops because he never leveled the weapon at anybody he was holding it with the Beryl you know pointed. Up that's incredible discipline. If if if if what is said about cops were ever to be true. That they're just out to shoot people when you're not shooting people because of the posture of the of the Mosul basically. That shows it and it extreme a lot of discipline by both law enforcement officers because I think what. You could have very easily taken that shot and very easily you know being an able to stand up and a court lines that did the right thing all. An event like the first the first unit of this and I I believe was that was John hunts and a I'll never forget John because as a Vietnam veteran he explained to me woody sucking chest was and what the proper first aid treatment was where he's sucking chest it's a crazy season it's embarrassing these things you pick up on net and wide open and it. And the key to data is is having basically plastic. On the exit wounds side and only end up putting tape on three sides. Of that plastic you want it to breed on the on the back end because you stairs here he's still wanna go in and out and that's that sucking chest wound is yeah around he's playing and it's a cigarette cellophane that strike you dead and gambling site accessible but that is the the casing that comes with your box cigarettes is the actual perfect size for a bullet. And and do a taping it for a second test. I don't know how many of the guys are listening to the show up as fellow board Graco or answer any of those guys but those those were the days but that was an incredible incredible discipline and Giles a terrific guy out of jobs still with us anymore but a long time since we've talked it is sevenths and if you are related to John just know that he he's no longer with us he goes live on obviously in my memories of being taught me a valuable first -- habit. Double we're talking about right now is very very preliminary. If you're in Cheektowaga union and French not it is not happening right now union of wall that was back in the 1980s union in French reports of shots fired at least one person. Yet. May or may not the suspect be in police custody a massive police response nineteen according to a texture police at first responder vehicles at the scene. And given the proximity to west Seneca. I'm sure you've got Cheektowaga it would not surprise me at all you've got west Seneca in there as well theory county and the state and it may be. Maybe other people as well but if you've got pictures we'd like to you'd back it put us in the picture you would Tom and David WB EN dot com. We have our attempt later on route to the scene to. Bring us the very latest information is of course if the Balkans war we will carry any and all that news conferences that the police offer. If the situation merits that kind of economic average. You know in and this thing is is what became alarming first all day that area that this is located in. You know anytime you have to businesses and shops and any you know gunplay shots fired not something we're expected. That happens commonly than the other thing of course was the recovery of two. What were called long guns and you know deck can always mean. It could mean a black rifle could mean a shotgun. What a long gone is is it basically not a handgun that's what we now. We don't know anything other than that we now have one person it's injured and we've got a bunch of other people who are listening to real time police scanners and sometimes that information. I can be confusing because what you think you know what what the police are talking about they might have bad information. Those scanners of course art. You know that's just what's happening in the now and put information out there sometimes it's hard to kind of titled together and you get to. You get some some rumor started that's what we're trying to avoid here only telling you what we know. Just make very little making it clear what we think we know verses what we do I don't know we do though it is a French road and union and here's something else I know is that that is very close to work history. 354. And it's also less than a mile away from the exit off with a 400 yeah union road you're almost gonna think the union and French would probably be shut down. That area at least it shut down now it would not surprise me at all if they are in the process of closing down union for maybe French to to work Clinton street. One of our people. On the text worked says that is what they've heard a scanner but yeah I think you know the information we really wanna get out there right now for the purposes of our commuters is. Were awaiting more information on the crime itself. That is to say the shooting that happened union and French shooting or shootings happened at union and branch within the past forty to 45 minutes. The reports started to comment Howard Tim Weiner is on route to the scene but for purposes of your commute. If you if your commute takes you on union rode through Cheektowaga. If you get off the 400 and you're trying to add to. On union road you're trying to head toward the Amherst area. You are probably going to be in were quite a bit of the it would not surprise me at all if the union road exit 400 gets backed up for Avery quickly there's a traffic light there's a restaurant or interviews side of the road but. Back could pose a real traffic issued today for those heading off to the north towns via union road or patent activist Al towns via union road. Or those of you come around to get off the 400 and then try to double back and make the French road you could have Bernhardt I'm doing your regular route today. Yes but here's what we do know we do know that the situation appears to be over. That is the danger. That was 45 minutes ago shots being fired a lot of chaos. We have appeared the police have this under control. And dad this is no longer in active situation which is always good news yup very important to note that and again folks if you're just joining us be collision caught between African Union rotor maybe Torre started back up of the 400 here's what's going. About 45 to fifty minutes ago now reports started reaching us of a shooting at the plaza union. And French in Cheektowaga. And there was a massive police response to that area. We have some reports that one person was shot. As some reports that the person who was shot may have been a suspect in something. And there's also a possibility that these suspects shot another individual so that there are a total of two people shot we don't know. At this point but there's all kinds of possibilities the good news is as David pointed out. Very diligently via the active shooter situation is not a situation anymore it is totally contained. But again I just have to caution you that one of the things the detectives and the forensics people will do. Is a comprehensive. Preservation and analysis and documentation of of the crime scene and that my friends can take hour after hour after hour and a look at the weather and bit I don't know if this is in sight seeing David or outside scene but obviously it's outside seemed. Time is always very very. Important because that ray eatery precipitation could wash away. You know valuable valuable evidence the other of the field we do is reportedly police have recovered to. Longer odds but most of us would think it was rifles but that it could be a shotgun. At the scene and again details are still very brief sketchy. And we do encourage you. To be if if you drive it in the air for Paul spoke over the area if you're not already eager but if you are already there and you have information you can. Call us at 803 or thirty start at thirty in the cell phone 180616. WB he has ample free number for those who remain from a I'll drive it through. And you make text us and 3093030930. And our email for those of you were in the area where your cellphone pictures. Tom and David at WB EN dot com and obviously our thoughts and prayers are with the V person or persons. Who were. You in anyway victims of day of violent offense. So that is what we think we know so far David anything anything else commit we got our first. It was of the of the scene and I'm going through those right now put them on FaceBook and Twitter. Our legal via FaceBook by hourly and Olivia and Twitter. And we will get those up as soon as possible we're just trying to make sure that everyone's privacy is protected here with license plates and everything else we don't wanna. You know put anyone else's information out there so we're just doing our due diligence town. All right well we will do our due diligence and that take a break we've got news coming up at 330 from Tom pocket. Took Langer is very safe driver don't know if he is that nearing the location yet I union and branch of the scene of the shooting. Roughly 55 or so minutes ago. Just trying to sort everything out here as it information snippets of information comments. We will put the whole piece together the important takeaways are. There is no active shooter situation okay it's everything's been neutralized it could urge the other thing that is an issue is going to be your commute because union road anywhere near French. I assure you. If Plano investigation at all is going to be a Mongolian clustered dance for a while OK that's number one. So if your commute takes you. You know you get off of the 400 and you want to head toward Amherst he you're probably gonna wanna try a different road today. And if you lower in the Cheektowaga area to try to get the west Seneca union wrote is not going to be your best option. So one of the things to look out for is. Backups. That might ensue depending on how much union road is blocked off. I think it's entirely possible we'll see backups not just exiting the 400 but we might also receive longer than usual back ups getting off the threw away at that William street. So just stood be advised that there were gonna keep you abreast. On the traffic affects of all of this but much of this at this point is conjecture because that we simply we don't know exactly what is going on as of yet but they're better to be four. Warren to there for you could before armed with that you're driving plans and I know it's frustrating hearing will this might happen this might happen this might happen this could be happening it's frustrating to hear that that. I'm just try to put out as mania possible. Scenarios is possible. Tim Wagner. Is that okay yell let's go to WB instantly eager to get an update on the situation and that Tim you are on location and that what you have force. A comment not yet at the spot worthy the police are congregating in putting obviously can't tell you any details of the actual entity yet but what I can tell you. Here's what you've been saying about the traffic situation you don't need to be in this period to unite union road is closed right now. I'm I'm headed southbound at. French and is shut off here that massive police presence many more vehicles than what we've been initially indicated are blocking this intersection so union road is completely a mess right now. In the southbound direction headed to France and it looks like it's. It's down about half mile south of there where they had this completely closed Nazi just definitely do not want to be in this area union road. I've shortly as should be where the police are staging a media motives and details. That we might be only gets you that. We don't know any additional information from what you guys are reported but I can tell you if you're not here you don't need to be here you definitely want to avoid because it's an irritant. Many people don't know this beat the traffic from many many years in the helicopter debris were familiar with the congestion patterns for afternoon drive when you start getting around a union road 400 Clinton street area French road area. I'm thinking about William street and the exit I'm union often the 400 being possible sites to avoid. Am I missing any other routes. I don't think so time and I'm about to a point here right need to talk my way through wrote okay go ahead you can do what you gotta do and I'll be back with you right after the break. But you bottom line is union rose closed here so definitely avoid it are expected to. That WB against him later and that we've had techsters telling us that a union is closed between French and clip them. Which would not be a surprise but keep in your news radio 930 WBE. And the situation itself is no longer a danger to anybody that is the important thing. Union and French in Cheektowaga there's been a shooting we don't have many details yet but as we get details that we can report on as fact we will pass them along to your you make text us at 30930. You may email us especially if you pictures from the sea and so we can better get an idea of what is going on. You may email us Tom and David WB Ian dot com and a separate her if you would for a if there have been any Europe innocent victims in this situation it is hourly. It probably develop live regular thirty WP GM and it. If you are in the area of union of French in chief to log that you one and Elvis what's going on. The police have closed down and a union. You Rhode between glitzy French and garden built parkway as we have it. There has been a shooting. And reportedly one person shot there is some confusion as to where exactly the shooting took place. Pictures that we're getting show a number of police vehicles including a suspected bill west Seneca vehicles at the Dollar General location. I'm a union wrote. In it's it's right at the border actually between the Cheektowaga and though west Seneca but reports are one shot. Too long guns at some time taken into police custody. But. There. Are going to be traffic has situations as a result of this. Particularly. Union road obviously which is a huge federal purse so you're gonna wanna consider some alternates to go through that area generally. Some alternate roads they have to take you in a north south election. And you'd of course by now I'm sure had your alternate strategy as far as when something happens and you you Rhode. And I'm thinking the of the William street exit might begin to get them backed up at some point depending on how long via road union road is closed. And independent politics. To do the investigation of boxes of the actual scene itself. Was in the parking lot of the Dollar General seemed to which most of the police vehicles responded. We're still. Obviously unclear as to exactly what the situation was. The prompt such a massive police response we've people texting us in two dozen police vehicles are responding to see an hour to eager news. Getting situated to be in a position to give us at the very latest information from via official police at a briefing yours or media staging area that has been set up as is the case. In situations that like there's so. Again we don't. We don't know the facts at this point we only know that at least one person has been shot. We. Do know that somebody is in police custody and we do though that union road is closed in the area we mention cardinal parkway and French and we do know that that's gonna cause a major traffic issue. Depending of course on how long ago it was but already. You know you've I'd look anytime you can drive on union wrote this time of the day you're gonna have a traffic issue in this certain Leo will do nothing to mitigate that if by you are out there at ground zero. Our phone number is 803 all right thirty these cell phone number is start at 930 and you can text us as well at 30930. You can go to be Bauerle ability of FaceBook page because there were putting pictures up from people. Who have taken them and again. We don't want anybody going over there that. Has no business being there but if you're already in the area and maybe stuck in not going anywhere you could safely get us a picture. We would appreciate that Tom and David at WB EN dot com. Obviously it's a way yours and accredited member of the media's he has every right every reason to be either but. They don't need looking lose contributing to what is going to be. You know probably a gridlock like traffic situation and you Rhode as the afternoon progresses everything new covenant iMac email or. I should look at these pictures it appears that the just from the posture of law enforcement and everything at this point when this. These photos were taken was under control you see a lot of fire rescue so you know there was a report that maybe. Did the what someone was injured before. There was a shooting there was that on we got a couple guys text messages like that. You know again we're just I'm either sixteen. Law enforcement officials in this photo. That we can see visibly and that doesn't mean we're not even looking at the front of the store. So worth the side here looking at DP. I wanna say that's the what is that the Clinton side. That that actually might be that that intersection is is I think Clinton if if I'm not mistaken. But at any rate. It it appears. That these. Of these vehicles that are out there were sick and mean sixteen over twenty law enforcement show up first responders that are pretty good response time. Whatever the motive is wont get to that while the investigation will probably. Explain all what happened are right now it appears that this could have been much much worse and we're just really lucky that it wasn't because it appears that right now. We have. Thank god no fatalities in just a few people injured. Well that's what you say whoever it is at this point though we don't have much on the corpus to elect. We don't have the show me where is the corpus delayed don't know the corpus elect to not have the purposefully for those who do well what were mentioning corpus elect the other part of the show we get a couple weeks ago about how not to be it would pulled over by the cops and the woman who was pulled over who refused to give them any information like driver's license. Basically kept upon insisting that the police at a corpus elect guys so that's where that phrase kind of came from at least as far as this. As conservatives that are around for a long I'm. Other men were still waiting for all of the facts and circumstances regarding. This a massive police presence in Cheektowaga to officially come to us a news radio 930 WBE. And and a ID. Again at this point the beer is not report Arabic fatality. And you know David it just what even sure if the shooting itself but apparently one person has been shot in the shoulder we don't vote the shooting itself took place. At or near this Dollar General. On union wrote or we don't know if somebody was shots were adamant went on to that location we have no idea. We doubt and unfortunately it's soiling the good game intelligent and the dollar stores out there. Ed you know to mock the Dollar General you want obviously the Bali pool came from Dollar General I respect rank Tom thank you. And the Dollar General is has my respect. But at any rate we we really don't know much of anything other than law enforcement are like smoke cigarettes and slapping backs right now so I don't think. Anything is is a warm in and it looks like this was something. Law enforcement one. You know we don't know crime zero that we don't know who shot hole. Yet we don't but we know that no law enforcement individuals are injured thank god and and only one of wood that we know of only one person so. You know obviously this was not whenever you hear about long guns and about aid store or place but the public has easy access do you think. Mass shooting you think someone will with a motive to hurt many many people. And this appears not to be that type of story thank god and if this was a practice for something that god forbid we have to endure. Law enforcement gets to see how quick they can go to an active shooting night to tell you what they got their pretty quick it's a pretty good. You know dress rehearsal hole you know anything that could happen in the future. Course you got the Cheektowaga police headquarters which is a union merit close to Broadway than in west Seneca PD or union not that far away from the scene of this crime and not that everybody hangs out period headquarters of course the whole point if you put units on the road but the you know. But you know I'm glad you brought that up David because he had this been now five years ago had this been ten years ago had this been fifteen years ago. Depending of course on what the initial call was. I don't think there's any way in hell we see over two dozen police vehicles respond to a report of a shooting. Any plaza for a now all you get the reports of a shooting at a plaza broad daylight and look every. It looks like everybody's their offense well you know when you when you whatever you here but you know special weapons of swat team shall we it's as if these cops are literally walking around in catcher's gear all day with a you know a wrong rule about MP five and there and there have. There doing their job at whatever that specialty is now they have this secondary training that they're very good that. But when that flag goes up and we need to get everyone they have that you know given their uniform get to the scene. Get briefed on what's happening and then nine times out of ten put themselves in harm's way to make sure they get to that to the solution part. This appears to have gone. I would say. Pretty smoothly just based on their some of these pictures that we were seen the first responders. Body language and the other thing is that the numbers appeared to be. Only one person injured and it looks like that's not a law enforcement first responders so. I think it's about as good as if you get into. Potentially horrible situation. Now we are going to await additional information from our Tim Langer at news radio 930 WB EM. The email address or for your photos of course Tom and David at WB EN dot com you can see some of the photos we've gotten already at our league albeit on FaceBook. And you can also obviously a policy if you're stuck in traffic you want those we have got to it was a update on where traffic is back and up right now we would definitely appreciate that that it started 930. Is before number Mets are 930. Obviously. At this point beat it. I'm sure very few people listening actually year saw exactly what happened but right now what you are obviously experiencing is the the backup in traffic and if you wanna give us an update on that back up in traffic. You may do so at star 93. Zero you know obviously this was not whenever you hear about long guns and about age store or place with a public has. Easy access do you think. Mass shooting you think someone will would motives to hurt many many people and this appears not to be that type of story thank god and if this was a practice for something. That god forbid we have to endure. Law enforcement gets to see how quick thinking go to an active shooting I can tell you what they got their pretty quick it's a pretty good guy. You know dress rehearsal hole you know anything that could happen in the future. Course you got the Cheektowaga police headquarters which is a union merit close to Broadway than in west Seneca PD our union not that far away from the scene of this crime and not that everybody hangs out at fair headquarters of course the whole point if you put units on the road but the you know but you know I'm glad you brought that up David because it had this been five years ago had this been ten years ago had this been fifteen years ago. Depending of course on what the initial call was. I don't think there's any way in hell we see over two dozen police vehicles respond to a report of a shooting. Any plaza for a now all you get the reports of a shooting at a plaza broad daylight and look I mean it looks like everybody. Their offense well you know when you when you whatever you here but you know special weapons of swat team showing up it's as if these cops are literally walking around in catcher's gear all day with him. You know a wrong rule about MP five and they're under him. They're doing their job at whatever that specialty is now they have this secondary training that they're very good that. But when that. Flag goes up and we need to get everyone they have that you know given their uniform get to this Sheen. Get briefed on what's happening and then nine times out of ten put themselves in harm's way to make sure they get to that to the solution part. This appears to have gone. I would say. Pretty smoothly just based on their some of these pictures away were seen the first responders body language and the other thing is that. The numbers appeared to be only one person injured and it looks like that's not a law enforcement first responders. I think it's about as good as it can get and a potentially horrible situation. Now we are going to await additional information from our Tim Wagner at news radio 930 WBE and the email address separate photos of course Tom and David WB Ian dot com you can see some of the photos we've gotten already at our league albeit on FaceBook. And you can also obviously a policy you're stuck in traffic you're pills we have an update on where traffic is backed up right now we would definitely appreciate it started 930. Is before governments are 930. Obviously. At this point the I'm sure very few people listening actually saw exactly what happened but right now what you are obviously experiencing is the back up in traffic and if you wanna give us an update on that back up in traffic. You may do so at star 930. It is probably for my role chiropractic. It is timber and relief for role chiropractic. 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Monroe chiropractic that it yes troubled. An update from the Cheektowaga police in this this through Cheektowaga that you two are chronicled their claim mean that dead called an active shooter went out around 3 PM. The Dollar General union and French at 3 PM it appears one woman was shot in the shoulder this is accorded Cheektowaga chronicle she was taken EC MC for treatment. The store was then cleared by law enforcement know what appears to have been shot inside the store no one was injured in the store the suspect is in custody. There were too long guns that were recovered from the scene the suspect was wearing body armor at the time. I that they were taken into custody so we have a woman shot in the shoulder she that he CMC. The suspect is in custody too long guns wearing body armor and it's all according to the Cheektowaga police and the source is the Cheektowaga chronicle. According to the chief door to cry when I have never used the Cheektowaga chronicle before so I don't know if if they've got that good sources or what but well you know this does is it through there it is disconcerting though because if if body armor was actually involved what does that. You in body armor says this guy planned on doing something today. To me who who puts on part of your body armor is part of their daily route to. Well yeah so task the good test the mettle of the cheat on chronicle. Yeah I have no idea they might beat you they might have everything right through him. I understand that in a body armor that's obviously David that that changes this a little bit because. If you've got body armor on and you've got more than one long gun on you. That suggests something that goes beyond perhaps. It is domestic violence situation. Was this an especially well prepared Robert. I have we have no idea or. Is it just a vast that's been mistake in his body armor which happens a lot. You see someone with a tactical vest sonic just be to hold magazines or hold your cell phone wire. How do your thing and people look at it and think all that tactical vest is body armor that could just be someone's not mistaken identity when they looked at someone with the with the where. Well I am probably the only person in Western New York without a north based vest. And we are still awaiting big corpus to act IV WBM 71 alert forecast for tomorrow clouds. Showers late in the day the high temperature though almost fifty degrees Thursday is going be clouding is going to be breezy and cooler so rain showers might end up is light snow showers and the high temperature 43. I don't know why you would call that stuff that was coming down. On Sunday and liked it except it was like mother nature was given us a big slurping on Sunday night but tomorrow. Should just be rain it's 42 vendors ready at 930 WB EN buy hourly and Bellamy of we are getting you the very latest information that we possibly can about to be shooting situation in Cheektowaga for commuters you need to know it union is still closed between French. And Darden bill. And we're talking about through that area Cheektowaga that is very very close to the west Seneca town line. And bell what are the reasons. I'm sure one of the reasons. That it practices are informed speculation. That we've had such a large police presence is you do had Cheektowaga and west Seneca so close to one another. And the two departments often helping each of those who news briefing now to win. Are eight and at this system letters to anybody here in the garden village plaza and assistant chief. Teams buyers about to speak here and the situation that occurred here. At the store. It what's left really of this plaza eight year old guard in village plaza in Cheektowaga. You've just gone through a lot of the details of the hopefully get confirmed. From the acute assistant chief here in just a moment but. We're standing paid off for French road in and what is now under construction field. Card in village plaza we're just waiting for the assistance to us start here momentarily. Maybe gave you do you mentioned some of those details that you had decked gathered while we wait for the assistant chief here to get under way. That's what you know what do we had I heard was that there was a female that was injured at EC MC looks a shoulder injury. And that there was a suspect it is in custody and those two long guns were recovered and it appears that. There were reports of people on the street that they saw what the suspect was wearing and said he had body armor on. But we know sometimes that can be confused by even something as simple as a puffy jacket or. You know a tactical vest can look like body armor. Yet evident at any moment here we're here from the assistant chief he's just waiting for some of the other people who get assembled here. We should get some details four momentarily. We're waiting assistant chief James Swire a WB yeah I missed him earlier on location at you door. You know. As we wait for this press conference to. Two to it to begin we wanna talk about the garden bill parkway that appears to still be closed off this is right in the epicenter of where you're standing right them. The guard bill parkway by that side I believe that road is is the main artery that they're cutting off. It what what what to do it right now in the background is it sounds like they're getting ready to get all the media ready for the police briefing here I think it just overheard the TV people say that they're gonna break and their station's coverage so there has of course weakened you know that's the advantage of radio we have everything first and best and brightest TV's got to skilled. We're awaiting a news conference by the assistant chief James spider and if you're just joining us. At some point within the last hour or their up now we go to the news briefing success he. EYER. And duchess to update everybody this is in the very preliminary stages of our investigation were still. Attempting to sort out exactly what happened here. Well what we know right now is that there was a shooting at the Dollar General and union wrote a French right here Cheektowaga. Shortly before 3 o'clock. We're not exactly sure what led to that however we believe that there was some kind of altercation. A one individual was shot outside of the store that is a male. Right now an adult male who suffered what appears to be nonlife threatening injuries. We have a suspect in custody. That we located here at the scene. He is now also being treated for an injury. Act at local a local hospital not sure which when he went to. But we are investigating this as much as we can put and some video together there is some video of that we have there is other evidence were looking at. On not sure of the quality of it but we do know that. We had a canine maybe explosives canine hits. Are alerted to a vehicle it's in the parking lot that the Dollar General. Therefore we are shutting down traffic through this whole area. Just out of extreme caution. We are going to have the Erie county sheriff's. Bomb squad to assist us in determining. If there's any for further action needed it it get location for their particular currency. We will have more information available at 6 o'clock. Get our police station at headquarters soul. Send your people are you can you're welcome to join us there at 6 o'clock where the chief will have hopefully some more information for you it is in the initial stages. I'm giving you what I can't at this point. What we know. And obviously there's a lot that we don't know so we are working on that for you. Know and it's all like they have right now. Residents in the cities. Partners home user we are in an area that's safe it's been determined at the safe. Any if any of the area within the perimeter. That we believe should be. Exclusive to the public has been excluded so. Anybody in this area that were currently in right here is fine human radio market and our office we don't know that at all. You mentioned video is that surveillance video from the Dollar General sultan video we believe that there are possibly video from the I'm not sure works for us. I saw video I don't know workflow it would it. Somebody called us we get several calls commit to police station that when one of response we're getting calls where newscaster but he was the guy at the time while we treated it as an active shooter. We believed the time that it was very likely to be. Column in doll fortunately. Now there was more damage it was a more injuries to anybody here at the scene in hopefully. You know we'll figure out what happened here in well with do we need to do. I I don't I know that. You know I union in French road will be closed down any trip to comic self doubt and union will be diverted the French. And then what cynical will be shutting down traffic at their border. I don't have specific ESQ. A at this time we believe everybody's in car seated needs to be cause. We're looking at all possibilities. But that's what we believe right now we don't believe there's any other cause for concern. The public to see. If it. The public needs to stay away from the area. We have everything that we need right now under control and we just need people to stay away out of precaution. Wanna custody. I I couldn't get into you know what. That's what we have right now and I hope to have more the answers for you at 6 o'clock OK a lot of police headquarters at 6 o'clock AQ. If there. We'll have more information to you at 6 o'clock. All right that is assistant chief James Speyer here in the town of Cheektowaga police department letting us know what. His transpired here apparently added there's there's no reason for concern in the immediate vicinity anymore. We do that one individual that was injured in the shooting and the suspect is in custody. That last question I got in there about whether. Any law enforcers had to discharge your weapons he did not answer in just referred us to a briefing at 6 o'clock which course. We will head and life here on WP and so chaotic scene. Full of a law enforcers out on union road again this is south of French in north of Clinton. That section is closed down that's for the Dollar General is that's where the shooting took place. Right around 3 o'clock police alerted via phone calls into their 911 system a massive response is you heard in many people encountered. In Cheektowaga. And then we'll know more at 6 o'clock guys. Are examined it will be interesting to find out the suspect was apprehended at the scene suffered an injury but they're assistant chief speier was and not specific about the kind of injury. As sustained by the suspect then believe it was you asked if any law enforcement of people a discharge of firearms and the answer will come up on short 6 o'clock during the next news briefing hourly ability at that was Tim Winger at the scene and news radio 930 WB EM.