11/10/17 - 9am - Oishei Children's Hospital Move Update

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Friday, November 10th

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Children's Hospital is moving analysts had to live update. Seven along the first patients. Block the bill that includes transcripts videos shot Children's Hospital can't see you give me an update as to the numbers where we are for the today. But so far so good what can you know everything so far so it and and really happy about. The community. Being very good partnered with Boston and staying away from the streets and so on and so when he. You won't. Good morning and I am happy that our technology is completely making it we transported six decency and haven't actually slapped me and I pediatric intensive care. Eleven patients have left some in a couple of hours ago. We have probably heard it here and we have some moms and laboring as we speak. Over us I our first admission came in late deliveries of and the dollars. We currently two patients in the emergency department and want an Iranian influence and carried him. That's an added we're on schedule wouldn't that. I yeah. More ahead thank you to everybody who looked out for us enough. The weather's Florida's offense vs power outage. I'm thinking about it please for providing us it was a curious here in the wishes whatsoever in the interest groups as. Pregnant here. No I just like to say that all the planning that all these teams have done over the past months is really turned out to make this day this success at it ourselves. Grab. Yeah yeah. Welcome back to work. And break. Beautifully. It is amazing to seen from the first generation to today how well people took the lessons learned that into account. Hello working together as a team at the time of his work out our partners with the earmarks or little that we do you know what they do. I'm because we transport patients every day we don't usually transported volumes and it. Beautifully. Do you have a different story. Really. But I think it's it's the preparation the planning so that. The the plan itself I've set this all along spectacular it's the people who implement the plans that people executed so is Cassie said. The number of blocked moves to dry runs. But tweaking with the making it better each and every time. You know we were ready them ruling casts at a couple days ago we can move as well we were ready. A little while ago but you know there kind of drive for perfection here. I think just preparation and practice always lead to a great out. Casey did anything to be switched around because of weather. Now that we and it definitely gives we already had a 500 additional blankets here and we added a few hundred more so we can have full Lincoln as it exits. On schedule that anything. A hundred. That's still the number we're working with at this point in time because throughout the day you know kids kids are really funny and quickly that you get better things we might have a few more discharges it. And work our work here I know here here we had had a mom's here so we have 1 delivery here this morning and we'll see what happens the next U. In real time. I'm absolutely over same 24 hours and like I said before it fits the pits last that's fine too. If it's a little bit more again speed is not the goal here are the goals to ensure the safety of our patience with the safety of our patients or employees. And all their families though. Will be back catcher a couple of hours get little bit better idea what we think it's going to be. But we're still sane probably went. Yeah. Not at this time they have and eat it any changes or stability changes that we need to modify anything cooler. And that seems really really expect is that they're ready. I X-Men pretty amazing and they left this building I think that he talked incontinent and that's the only others can really well. They're basically part of aren't handling it accurately and children and they allowed every child. I that was a weight has personally sleek. Onyx to pick there and magic word and we didn't count down at every structure left you know and at the end of the countdown entity got shout out learn an out and went their ambulance. I'm an as they've arrived in the units it's sort of a similar welcome we've looked parents help us dictate how the kids want to not answer their new in the senate it's. And pretty amazing emotion that I couldn't possibly pay. This well we have over a thousand between the two locations so I'm really thrilled and grateful. The community support him and I I know there's a lot of action going it. Donna the medical campus in the parking garage throughout the building and then we'll hear people ought to be a part of history and we're more than happy to have you. You know. That's less less questions and he's got it ash. I'm so far as yeah. It can't wrap up. We will have to sleep cause all the leaders and debrief together and sixty days than any lessons learned with the first units being moved already. I'm and then we'll continue on with the rest of the schedule and what role for the rest of the day so we we'll follow the debrief Whitman neonatal intensive care units apparently her delivery of your labor and delivery will be followed by another babies moms and babies were moved together and then they will be followed art pediatric colors. So just get treatments are units and then.