11/10 Bauerle and Bellavia Hour 4: Veterans Day

Bauerle and Bellavia
Friday, November 10th

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News radio 930 WB EN yeah it's hard to find anything we agree on today politics sports it doesn't matter whether the environment. Veterans it doesn't matter your politics. You know it's when it doesn't matter your ethnicity your sexuality. You serve. Your on the good team here on the good side and we can. It's Tom Bauerle everybody who served. Gets recognized everybody who's heard that matter where is her. When you served with you in a logistical or support their role in the United States stateside. You know the United States for. Whether you were overseas in the thick of it. It is for all veterans and David Bell media and the and the discipline more and I think it's great for I think veterans are the best neighbors you get. Its hourly and Olivia for those who don't know David Bell via. My noteworthy co host there is a decorated the rock war veteran wrote a book about it how's the how's the book is being made it to a movie. By Ron Howard on news radio 930 WD. Infidelity news radio and thirty WB EU wanna give a shout out to a veteran. You wanna tell us why you join what was your motivation for joining double Utley tackles that David served you volunteered. I did not survive well worn the uniform to defend the country. Anyway. The funny story is David shares a birthday with a core. The United States Marine Corps and he wanted to list on his birthday walks at the Marine Corps offers the recruiting sergeant says. Argue good enough to sure up birthday with my beloved core and bella is is I think. The marine tells a big get out of his office David then becomes a member of the united states army. And it's it's integrated it's one of those great stories you know David these two. Our success to point eat doesn't come close to mine criticism. But she would recognize or purchases and that's where we get along so well we don't have ego clashes on the show. But David it is one of the top 100 most beloved veterans. In American. History according to a list out there on the Internet. David does not mention that you talk about it because he's world like legal laugh about it like I'll laugh about these the talkers magazine stuff that we give him. But David is very highly autumn in the military world and you know his biggest regret in life appears he didn't make a career out of and again and have done that he wouldn't have met him there wouldn't be developed which makes them even ruby retirement all the wars that he should have stayed. Important for. More you know. Now your your your cat but it's it's a really you know I think trying to blow smoke I don't abundantly and such an awkward things your life. It's sold it's soul awkward. To be like think about this. You you know do the things that's so weird to me you think about you know any of the gold star parents that are here. There are signs. Of fear was you know. Did they lose their son in in hostile fire and their go on and then the stat guy next to him. He doesn't get hit. And he comes home and and we're just we don't know what to do about it's a sacrifice that is so incredibly moving. That we just reflexively take the person who is alive and say you know what. My god did thank you for for what you've done and and the guys that there is like what I do know I mean I I had with just. Lucky enough tend to not give it the old those rounds hit another part of my armor and someone else wasn't that lucky and it's it's extremely. On comfortable in extremely odd in and it's something you know the purple heart. We we talk about valor awards all the time but the purple heart those guys are earning that every single day. Every day you know a leg is gone and arm is gone warriors burned and it's just out. It's it's odd it it's uncomfortable and. Weird but you very count and I appreciate that but. You know thirteen years ago today we are all just. You know trying to make it out of of a crazy time yet thirteen years ago today folks David Bellevue was one of those on route to Fallujah. A city best remembered by many of us because it's where a whole bunch of our contractors were murdered then dragged through the streets of them their remains changed from a bridge. As all get almost like a signals say. Oh yeah come get us in Fallujah. And David and many others did exactly that and won the battle of pollution we have callers on the show who were very heavily engaged in that ramadi. We have people listen to this group called the show who were involved in Afghanistan. And I've always honored also I don't wanna leave you guys out to. Make note of the Vietnam veterans and you know you guys are something special too because I was a little kid when Vietnam was happening and that's why when I woke up this morning I heard. The president of the United States and the president of Russia shook hands in Vietnam. It was like a total all my god I'm getting older moment because that this would have been unthinkable statement to a per. When I was five years older when you were eighteen years old and the bank. So. I just wanna thank you Vietnam guys and you know I'm glad that some view where your hats the baseball caps which took us a little bit about your service because this summer at one of the breweries in transit road I met a river guy riverboat. And their job in part was to sail up diesel rivers and tributaries to try to draw out enemy fire so that our aerial and artillery people could hit concentrations of BC after the river boat people would draw them out. And you guys were bait you knew you were bay and you did it I guy talked to did it for two years and came back. Alive. And it was just it was a pleasure speaking with him we call or yesterday. Frank well crazy Jackson Nortel Wanda who I'm always running of the hip and. That we have so many patriots in this area and you know for for whatever reason you know I've got this long rock and roll here. And you guys from the Vietnam and beyond era. When I approach you would shake your hand you've never look at me cross ways. You you just there there's a certain bond that somehow we have even though I did not Wear the uniform. And I'm very very grateful for the way you have. Taken me into your arms and your confidences. And it's just it's it's just honored to to meet and speak with veterans and David before we take some calls. You know sometimes I talk to veterans and they were David Bell abuse they worked Erekat effects. They were people who serve staple a stateside baby may have your continental United States called us they were in support roles. And it's almost like yeah they were they feel late your veterans but they didn't do their part. And I could not disagree more because when you're talking about the armed forces you have to have people doing the just it's who know what they're doing when it comes to logistics. Absolutely the other part of that is that you know there are a lot of people that are doing logistics and other things and still stacked on houses and still. Saturday cleared things because of their mission they you know took IED's they knew someone that was hurt they knew someone that was. That was lost I mean again you know to get to put it into a a timeline of you know what. Experience you've had. To me it's the individual. Who signed on the dotted line was not drafted. The folks that were drafted while every other person ran into Winnipeg they went and did what their country asked him to do they know where they're going there in the prime of their youth. And they still went. Or folks today that volunteer to go and say you know what I have no idea what the issue is going where this is gonna lead me. Is is the enemy gonna take my life is the enemy gonna you know I'd take my legs my site and they're like you know what it's IE. I'm worthy of yeah. Yeah my hometown my family my culture my way of life this country is more important than me that commitment right there. Sets I think you apart from the rest of of the country I mean you're basically saying. What ever you need me to do I'm prepared to do it no matter what happens. And it doesn't matter the outset to meet that commitment is what makes veteran special. Indeed 803 on I thirty start at 3180616. WB and let's say get some calls. And also this is the 42 anniversary Natalie David Bellamy is berth by. Of the death of the 29 men. The Edmund FitzGerald which went down in the Gayle on Lake Superior right around this time 42 years ago today you know I remember that day it was especially windy in Buffalo's O. Favorability your dad was spot on accurate but not mistaken I think we actually had a day off the school. While. Let's go. The night before that there was a sabres game and my dad and I were driving through Niagara square with a about two foot visibility malleable enough to make sure my memory is playing tricks on me. Sometimes it does that but that's as its peers to Hamburg WB item. Hey I'm Dave. Credits and room. Please let me read some happy birthday I talked I tribunals Dick Garber these same day. And September for all of this this sure was on Labor Day. So I don't labor but let. Well today's reality is birthday he just a cool one veterans day and well November 10 the birthday of the Marine Corps even though he's an army guy. Are people today appreciate it thank you. I don't flush out thank you my son just. Retired from Ahmad he was an army air corps he won in 92 we just put 25 years and he actually a pretty you know gets them. Injuries as some issues over in Iraq and Afghanistan but. I thank the party's home and my dad he served in world war it was a what they call that he's probably army air corps it was a aerial doc. And Egypt some stories where he'd never want to talk about that when I got when he got shot down. Maybe he got chat with CN NB seventeen 24 super fortress where where what was via. I think I think which is going to be seventeen temperature. So you lose your youth theater. Yeah he was going over and then shall we were doing and it but German planes come and it was to guide to shoot them down and stuff like that. Okay in theory I'm sure your dad talked about this a lot maybe later on in life in theory the B seventeen was supposed to be able falloff precision bombing raids in the daytime because it's supposedly had enough defensive ability to fight off fighters so the idea was and we can bomb and we don't need fighter escorts but as the British have blurred before them with the Lancaster bombers. RB seventeens got shut out of the year right left where was your dad shut down and windy you know. Who I don't someplace over. The northern Africa or wherever he was stationed in going over may be near you you London England I'm. Them gavel North Africa London obviously two different theaters of operations but. The North Africa campaign was very very important because a it got are being swept in the European. Via the dealing with the Germans in world war two and the Italians. And it also was a chance for our military to bone up on an amphibious landings lead North Africa campaign. Was very very important to be allied war effort. So I shout out to your dad. Thanks very saddened and again they've thank you for your service and that's what I'm thank you for your service because well they could generate he'll. It's it's waking people up especially last year you know well about what does go election and all added I'm so sick of listening cities. You know I. I appreciate what your sand but I I'm not delusional enough to put myself in a league with people who signed the bottom line to put their lives on hold for two or four or five years I appreciate the settlements but this is better Wednesday. Anna and I I I know work close to those guys have ladies thank you so much appreciated. It'll three old I'm thirty start I 3180616. WBE. And. Folks of the most powerful radio you're ever gonna hear a veteran's point of view. Please go back and listened to work by 30 to 6 o'clock segment when David talks about this being the time in his life when he is reconciling it. He is service years with the widows and the children of those who did not come back alive. It is some of the most incredibly sobering the and beautiful and valiant radio you'll ever hear thanks to David Sylvia of anything we've done together. That really should resonate with you guys and I don't little bears David please go back and listen to it because it was pretty amazing bill Eden thank you for holding. Now we have the time to hear your tribute to mr. two mr. del via. With my special guests and when that he starts talking right from their appointed fifteen seconds so go ahead sir and let's start. I can't verify it. He's there it's. Hello. Our target bill straitjacket this is that we beat up. Yeah that's a really deep inside Joseph bill as a super. I said that when I was a kid that girl lives to show up at my birthday party. Guy and Burl Ives was like someone I've looked up to growing up because of course he was the voices snowman. And he all did did all these religious ID being alive David and Goliath sort of stories. The my parents. Had me listen to cell bill fulfilling the promise they made up for sale it's important issue when Paul I want that when I was six well. Well actually your parent ought to the holy but it was in the closet and it just got loans. Bill that would be audio disclosed it is to take it very god that you your wonderful wonderful man that. Oh email that cute and David so well. And I wanted to shout I think felt that you know Q dated for your service and for arms my uncle gene. With in Korea lake concept is still was in Korea and I think times that is different Luther. And any of that is listening is going to and I do appreciate your service send and we really are appreciative and we thank you fraud that. Amen bill thank you us so much say a prayer for those guys and ladies there who once put them on the line. That's I mean I'd I'd like I I hate tell this story over and over again the abridged version is. You're my dad is old school guy from the 1950s a white guy and there's Luther old school black guy from the 1950s. Luther is gay. My dad's best military buddy was a black gay men from the south you can't make this stuff up and of anybody he ever talked about either of the visit from six with a read. And general van Fleet's did not make as much of an impact on my dad's life. Demi gay black men and with whom he's heard from the south Luther god bless him wherever he is now god bless and be my dad loved that man. 646. Well. Don't go you know what I mean 646 at news radio 930 WBE. There. Seventy hourly and relative. This is also the birthday of the United States Marine Corps also the 42 anniversary of the sinking of the Edmund FitzGerald the last major Great Lakes freighter disaster. And also the birthday of David Bellamy who is one of emerges that top 111. Veterans and oddly enough one half of hourly ability. 636 it is ready at 930 WBE. And the IE. I did not she did not serve did that Wear the uniform. However. Eight. It's stuff it is a 636 let's get to the calls I'm WBE and like. Amare review he really. Maker of chickened. I really good ball landing spices. You do with that stuff. With. X here is. Peggy in ten more I can't help myself a WBL I tell you. Hi. What to tell you talk about people you laugh and losing Vectren. It in on getting. That check it to chapel I mean they kept on and off procedural. And it is at. All in the air brigade. They if say a prayer if you look at it relative. Were killed in World War II who were patient and do it. They are in a book and return the book and for decades. And it all the way through and you pray daily is in each day they let it turn the page. This is it to circus for a saint call Saint Paul skipping rope yeah. Now does this also include these civilians who died during the battle of Britain and the blitz because between 170000. British civilians. Died courtesy of not just the loop about but what radavan bone. And back and hit the ball. We might help them not to conquer the world or true. And so we went there we sure it has heat on the ballot after the next day. And playing within actual earlier that night that he is and one of the book is that you're afraid. Their list and so they took it ask you I'll talk. Was humongous inside and it checked it repressive way to look at all news. It and then the notebook. And they all the Balkans it. We would have ran tablet should hit content and and then Electro Rent them the money list so we ended up with Richard Grant from the tenor mentioned Princeton. And then they told the political fray. And not knowing what to leave my husband said that the woman at the gate as the big killer that killer. If it. Well like today had a chance to pay you how much I know he. And she said you don't ales sending in Leo EU. That this is how. They'll pick up our Beck and that I think. It lost the Second World War true for a defendant and you need to know that someplace else I cared about them but sometimes. Let's let's say that is a beautiful story. Thank you very much and obviously David it is our veterans day. But despite the savagery. Of the Nazi invasion of the Soviet Union to this day in Russia there are still people who will tend to be Germans cemeteries. From the soldiers of World War II are currently you cemetery is is a big one but it's amazing given the it was a war of total annihilation and yet the Russian people somehow found it within themselves to give the Nazi soldiers who terrorize them. Respects Peoria. It's wild things out on the battlefield respect is really important EE EU we lost that I think with a lot of the stories of the imperial Japanese because they were so savage. I mean Nazis and we're not going defend you know the ideology that. But but understand that that the Nazis did have a different you know the way they looked at medics on the battlefield where it will take clergy on the battlefield. There was a bit of respect given towards where the Japanese did do that and we see that now. In in in this war on terror. There are some people that show respect some people that do not but you'll find that veterans respect the enemy even though they are killing them they still respect to the fight. And you go back and look online YouTube's over the footage of the reunions but it between beat northern and southern soldiers of a particular at Gettysburg. And in a what are the people in statue motive ever watch those videos in the even understand. One quit they speak. One quick bit if you have any a loved one in your community that was part of the surge in Iraq understand what was asked of these men and women. They were forced to join arms and and become allies with people a week before they were on the American payroll were trying to kill. I mean it would be the equivalent of going in to rate after Hitler you know goes away you go right to the Nazis and say hey guys were gone after the Soviets join us and fight. It would be really hard to separate. That relationship with the your enemy and now your friend and yet our American troops died in Iraq that's exactly what they were asked to do and they did it. Without any story of fratricide they joined with the enemy to fight al-Qaeda was really crazy. Back to the calls we go here's Gary and Grand Island during a veteran to whom you'd like to give that a shot. Yeah I'm. And I'm. Then there. Are one and 100 external. Each animal World War I bird on. World are there some. The Marine Corps Belo would be dumb of the dough boys when when the Americans first got ended France. You're in an. Talk about World War II. Forward to a Norman d.s and yeah yes the Normandy invasion. Of my my my there. He was on GDJ or was he part of the hedge rows. No way you'll I'm. None guaranteed. Okay is that the battle went on for about 35 days it was a pretty. I'm actually Morton had made it went from June until lots of time late August. You get. 111. Short or might might care. About it. Right might get hit it. Which are part of our. Shrapnel. While. I don't know I won't. Yes you're you do I got injured in Normandy. And Padilla did you have a hard time you know talking about those injuries. Yeah I need food. On the side of the golf ball. That's a pretty significant wounded to take care. Who can go out and did Gary let me ask you something you're you your you lose your your you're your your father did he he have a life after the war that you got to achieve a chance to share and experience. Side that's that's a blessing any told you some of those stories. I can honestly it was a really traumatic time gear in that. If it was a it was a hero I hope you realize that acknowledges that thank you very much for your call Gary thank you 8030 I'm thirty start 93180616. WBE and here is Jim in this South Wales Jim hello. Hey hey guys. And rob you really the story nobody did during World War II what you tiger aspect to World War I. But it says hey I'm gonna do a shock to my grandfather. Who presumably infantry division during World War I. And it was over in the financial. And oh it is basic stories were brought brought. Well mobile artillery. During. Some of which campaigns the guy got foremost. Russia Tokyo the forgotten. Balloons and but he. That that is of the woods that was the United States Marine Corps baptism under fire in the first world war and a lot of the allies who have been there for years. Did not think the Marines. Were that. We're going to be up to it and the Marines just back bella wood is just an epic. Rattle in in the entire history of the Marine Corps and it just seems appropriate to point there about today. He had absolutely. Luckily again that you love assigned to the quartermaster corps. Into is there a little joke. So curiously. I've got some place as souvenirs. Problem I've got is that 1960 into the infield. With a bit actually. Got a British jury can. Be very careful what you say because I don't I hope Cuomo's people are listening. I don't know about David kidney I'm serious or be be careful but he knew rating everything you got let's let's just say a number of war souvenirs. OK well there's been some rounds in the Springfield so. A ghetto version of the principle on which a member of the middle final rounds are. I've got into originally thought the white helmet which is true division grew who were straight ahead. Which it's waiting. Got a German model year from the agent met these maiden Argentina. The end I don't US bailout. Well which is we've got so many people on hold so bib and started you know go through eBay here. You wet when you when you think about all of these things what do they say the year. Well I won't so many major takeaway. Amen to that. Well good luck you've got this Ozzie got to treasure trove of stuff you could feel free to take pictures and send them to do is Tom and David at WB Ian dot com. Because we really would like to see that stuff but we just have other people we wanna give them a year and a word magical thank you. Thank you all right let's go to. I was kind of getting jealous of my friend frank. It probably has achieved here's our Joann west Seneca. Go ahead. And they've great to talk you ought Dave thank you for your service and happy birthday. Colleen just to say my grandfather actually fought under Mussolini in Africa. And by white grandfather was and he would seem so just to shout out to those two veterans. Our wanna give a shout out to the Italians too were the only country that won and lost both world wars and play you know you know what's fascinating about look I'm I'm sure caller understands it better than anybody but. The Italians went to Africa at the reason Germany went it was because the Italians ran into trouble with the brits and what happened I mean that was part of the beginning of the end of the Third Reich the Germans have become men. Rubble in the Africa corps and eventually of course they got their. Butts handed to them as well that was a bad decision by emotionally and what don't forget in the thirties they also try to Ethiopia which was rather that was a piece of cake in the an quell would you use of poison gas against people with spears it's kind of an unfair fight it wasn't that much abused her case but yes you're right. We had a neighbor and stop off for another shout out another veteran bill Gradkowski war worked too bad he was detailed garner. He flew over Italy. During the campaign where my father was twelve years old at the time they were Lian. The Germans occupied occupied their house kicked them out of their house because of the strategic. Point on the mountain site they took over. And I'm assembly my father and his family were forced to live outside well the Germans were hollow inside their house. On but the main reason why can't they might boy is serving right now in the navy in Hawaii. And I wanna call sort mainly for a reason not encourage other young guys that you know maybe our college bound that. The service is an awesome thing to do if you're not gonna enjoying burger and a lot go to college. No one. Well we we work on a short time here I want to David offered his thoughts on that David we've we've got about a minute that's allowing it I think it's it's great I think you're gonna see statistically. That in five years a four year degree over four years in the military. Employers are going to want the experience that young people had in the military it's a great way to get school paid for more importantly. It looks great on a resume and you're going to see people you're gonna experience your country. And you're going to be enriched for so I I agree with the caller do it any branch of this how do you know which branch of the service to. Try you know what it really has to do with your family and their experience and what you wanna do mean the Coast Guard they're doing incredible things for the war on terror the marine course totally different than EV. Dead air force intellectually you've got engineers of these different things really is is the programs that they and you feel comfortable doing and where they're based where you wanna live. It's important. Well we unfortunately and tragically are out of time and we want to thank first of all all of the veterans listening and all of the families of veterans because YouTube made the sacrifices. Hey haven't seen him three years what's going on so thank you to the families of veterans and to veterans. We also want to work wish the United States Marine Corps happy birthday happy birthday to our colleague David Bell via. And this kind of become a tradition of the program. We look back on what happened this date in 1975. The sinking. Of the FitzGerald god bless you. Mr. cool. Relaying news. In the via my. We're doing. The lord and okay. I don't have room. The big Jew. I. It's. Okay. Ratings go. They do. Still. Okay. Okay. Okay. We'll have rim. Palin. Me. We. And I. The does anyone. It. You play this. Mean. And the they Tehran. Do you sing. In the room somewhere. Are there any of those. New. Legs. America. I think it over. And I love. It really. Church and it's. Live here.