11/10 Bauerle and Bellavia Hour 1: Veterans Day

Bauerle and Bellavia
Friday, November 10th

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News radio 930 WB ENN because David we don't in this ties with what Fran was saying. The arrogance of the mass media as if everybody who lives in rural America automatically vote Republican and of course because you automatically vote for people like Donald Trump you automatically have an IQ which puts you under the average of 100. Tom Bauer Leahy in the same way I think that we view the it in the event. Of a nuclear holocaust David. Or electromagnetic. Pulse attack in the United States we're going to wish we knew half of what the Amish know about how to survive and David Bellamy Aqua and how to get so what else to drive in the Wal-Mart. What are you talking about it at this is our. War because. It's dark I heard the results of our religion believe that we all should live and 1820 BC mass became that's what I believe. So I'm gonna get everyone in robes and right on. Fabrice what what what would've been a uniform tablet thank you very much it's going to be circles and squares and we're gonna sell cigarettes and do its hourly and Olivia. Okay that's important thing are you properly or tape and bag. I yeah. A news radio 930 W. Today. And it's great investments as a whole bunch of captures and bitcoin and and a drone company made some great investments this week it is about the ability of a majority of my thirty WBE. And welcome to Michelle. Obviously. Well equipped civics and issues right now and drones. You know you better enjoy your drone while you have it because I can see very easily a situation where drones are either going to be the and or are going to be so regulated the Erie county clerk is gonna have to open up eight drone permit office right next to the pistol apartment office meanwhile you can buy anything you want from. You know the car dealer or truck rental place and do you want but that drones were worried about is scary because they come from the error. So I'm it's a very special birthdays a year that hourly and Olivia. It's just not my birthday honestly birthday happy birthday David television. Thank you very much time it's also the birthday of the United States Marine Corps it's the birthday. Jason Dunham receive the medal of honor in Iraq from side in New York. And of course officer Greg was born today so. Yes and the marine corps of course to steal all the glory what do you make you think you're good enough this year birthday with the Marines that is absolute true story I was set to join the Marine Corps. The station commander down at buffalo main. Marine corps' ahead. Do you think. You have your worthy of having a birthday is in days my beloved core I thought this was a challenge to alike you know my character and competence and so. I look at him like I thought young marine showed and said. I do sir I really do and he was like wrong answer get out of my office. And hours later I was US army infantryman in the rest as they say is history that your the Marines lost its army saying who knows what the Marines Polonia submarines but well maybe even though the real major memory that's but that's what I hear that's what Lois use Adam this Family Guy but we have more bullets there. It's eight today's the day that we celebrate all service. And were really fortunate early patriotic area here understands. Vets and really appreciate that all I know like the football field on Sunday is the patriotism it just it leads off the field and I'm so much bare all arrests of the people the people what really makes a Western New York well I think. You know this area well do you think we're different them as a Florida or. Vermont or Montana in terms of appreciating. Veterans. Because even if somebody doesn't really agree with foreign policy that comes out of Washington. You have to differentiate between what politicians want and the people were willing to put their but talks on the line each and every day is that you yourself. That's a really good question I think it's it's certainly more similar to those regions of the country than did similar but it. I would I would think that the thing about western New Yorkers is that their skin in the game out here. There's a lot of areas that just because the population that can't say. It's like holly New York during the Vietnam War for capital lost more people. In a very small section. It's what is really small rural areas of of Orleans county. And they happen to like you know over the core course of the war lost ex amount but because of that size and the amount of people that were eligible to be drafted. You know there's a lot of sacrifice and it's really we're we're looking to get a new. A Plaisted to bury our our veterans in Jessica argument talking about this forever. Talking up breaking ground and a veteran. You know cemetery. And honestly it's it's a shame because we're losing a lot of world war two and Korea war guys and it would really be cool to be one field one area. You can visit your local Arlington. And I think that would be really special side I'd like to see that sooner rather than later. I've been talking for release fifteen years we'll see what happened was speaking to Vietnam and David yes did you ever think you wake up in the morning and hear these words. The American president shook the Russian president's hands in Vietnam and so we did you ever think you would hear those words. You know it's so weird to see like K Nissan. Is an area that the present I'd stage landed in. You know it's just it blows me away I can guarantee you no American president will ever go to ramadi. You know in the shaker for at least for 2530 years but you know it's just weird and the idea how we feel about. Can't read about Vietnam. How how are we supposed to pitch you know like arm you don't mean like I do you embrace it do you still hold resentment it's a weird. When as time grows on its a really strange thing else in the world works. It is as time wears on people people change I mean man who let's put it this way David. I say the work Iraq fifteen years ago twenty years ago Iraq was a mortal enemy of the United States now Iraq is an ally. Back in 1944. If I'd said the word Japan on the error the instant visceral reaction would have been. Those cheap cash to now Japan is one of our strongest allies in the Pacific. Vietnam. Does pose got an interest in question because in a while we still have this attitude and Cuba which I'm never gonna understand as long as I live. We have. A more recent situation obviously with Vietnam where the politicians are hamstrung our troops in a lot of guys don't have great resentment over that. But you have the American president shaking the Russians president and in the Vietnam that's when I woke up to this morning and I I literally had to shake the cobwebs out of my head. Because like many people now as a little kid during most of the Vietnam War. And just the sentence the American president shook the Russian president and isn't Vietnam it just it was like well. The manager. It's it's strange really has I think god you don't see the the old Soviet like that that's what it would get really street as I've talked to I think we got a caller that was talking about. Was Pakistan in in the very beginning of the Afghanistan war we sell a lot of folks to these Soviet air bases to get ready for the invasion of Afghanistan. And it was you know some of these guys that grew up in during the Cold War. That Soviet flag like that sent them into almost posttraumatic stress and they. They stood in in Germany. Across Soviet divisions. That were ready to rock and roll we're talking about like the tank that you just got to fuel up every so often and don't rush the snow off. These guys were locked and loaded at any moment ready to charge at each other. And you do that every day for ten years and all of a sudden you wake up in Europe Soviet base yet you might think that you were. Take it out it'll POW in 1985. Well let's let's try to put this and to assume more of modern perspective you know the idea of an American president in Vietnam. At whatever our relationship is now with Vietnam. Which hasn't bothered us suits the end of the war as far as I ate at al-Qaeda if al-Qaeda was a country right. I said Osama bin Laden meeting. The future meeting Chelsea Clinton president guide states. And bin Laden's son meaning that president Chelsea Clinton in a rock and Syria. Would be a little strange for some veterans to date we're up for you I mean yeah it noses and this is your birthday and how many years ago was it today you were on the march into a very famous battle with our cost a lot of very Fineman their lives. That thirteen years ago the battle of Fallujah in November 2004. And there are a lot of people in the audience were there to. I mean it was a very long campaign involved a lot of good men and women what people might remember Fallujah if they don't remember anything else because collusion is the place where those guys were dragged the contractor that's right dragged out they were murdered and then their bodies were left hanging from a bridge in volusia not a lot of civilians remember that that's that's an excellent point to make it it really was the image of like what we saw Mogadishu in 93. That image of Bill Cleveland in the street over and over again it's very difficult. But those Americans obviously. You know their remains were hung literally in the streets on a bridge up everywhere there's absolutely hideous and you and a lot of your fellow men and women you had to march into two Fallujah under very strict radio silence to. Recapture and try to bring some civilization back to that area right it was a pretty. Yeah. A deliberate attack they basically in six months to. To get ready for it and make sure the women and children left and credibly a lot of the terrorists dressed as women get out you know at least we knew Zarqawi escape that way. Later to meet his demise but that city everyone in it I was like old testament and the Marine Corps. Has that that Anbar Province from ramadi to pollution it was a really rough area and you. You got into a fight. Every single day when you wanna petroleum products it's GO. And those those guys who and it it went on for us for years it was really not it wasn't just 2004. That continued until the surge in in Los you know half fatiguing. Is that as a as a veteran at a combat veteran at that knowing at any given moment. Of any given day you may or may not be in the cross hairs of a pretty good sniper. Yeah yeah how does that Wear on you you see it's it's one of those things it's kind of like. I. Am a sniper it's so humbling because it's a good sniper. It just happens and you had no idea it's you know. The Hollywood likes to show these duels between snipers very few and far between does that happen in Abbott so few with it. You know we know on one hand how many accidents happen. Nine times out of ten it's a guy with a shot and he takes it and and year you're just you know trying to get to but he did to aid station. But you know it's the fatigue the things I never thought that I would have to deal was in Fallujah was like we like strep throat. Really like you know temperatures from just bacteria it was just all around us tonight public stomach flu and sore throat and a temperature. And you're tired and your Hungary and with that. If you got a kidney stone Roger I would rather read through this all these different. Issues that you would never think of war and you look back and our forefathers. Guys. Fighting in World War I or two and Vietnam I mean this is. Our hardship has no air in comparison to what other generations of adored the show and it still happens today right now there's a kid in Afghanistan. Who. You know K call into work sick. Others though there's so sick of guys that are there out there Alder. Elder glory no matter what their condition is there their fight and we are. Under Israeli thirty WB EE and that it is that veterans day 2017. And if you are a veteran. Any regrets. If you are wanted to give a shout out to a veteran. Deal for. Is there somebody in your family who is a veteran to whom you would like to give a shout out. Tell us what you know tell us what you wanna say and it's shortly suggest that you call early. And that is the first time and actually had the pleasure doing a better station though where is. Mr. bell being who is a well decorated Iraq War veteran so Mexico at a special for me in 03. Also reminds me of the he's a man I'm not. But it's 803 all right thirty start at thirty at 180616. WB and as you know 330. Start at thirty and 180616. WB Ian as we commemorate our veterans and David you're and leave it all yesterday. Try to steal my friendship with Russell Salvatore and the whole. A whole bunch of other B now that's quite secure Tonga yesterday. But and a whole bunch of other people a collegial who showed a tremendous support and appreciation. Of and for our veterans and it's a great school Cheektowaga degree count and again you'll see it all throughout Western New York. It's hard to find anything we agree on today. Politics sports it doesn't matter whether. The environment. Veterans it doesn't matter your politics. You know it's when it doesn't matter your ethnicity your sexuality. You serve. You're on the good team you're on the good side and we appreciate. Absolutely and anybody who's here right now there there because they wanted to be eager to blossom and you know I don't what are your regrets in life vision and hang out longer and the have more of military career army talk but then in the antelope hills school ride. Now you're actually right it's it's it is and that way you look at it two it's I it's my law school decision. You know org is Euro should have done but you can do right exactly you know that that was you know retrospective look back it is eight absolutely. Amazing experience to be around. You know especially when history is happening from view you can actually say you know I was -- on the ground. It's great to look back at that they relationships. And the and the discipline that you learn I think it's great for I think veterans are the best neighbors you you know sometimes I ran into people like let's just orbit Vietnam. I wouldn't be able to Vietnam are rated to a riverboat guy at a place in transit road oversaw his job was to be bait basically that's what the riverboat guys were they would take these basically glorified rafts and sail them into these tiny Belichick creek like places in Vietnam. To attempt to draw fire from the enemy so artillery would though were to concentrate fire they were in affectionately known to themselves as bait. And Alan Harris earlier this week or Trevor report was telling me about a half brother of his. He was a total rat in Vietnam not only was he wounded ones but after he spent considerable time in the hospital. After recovered he went right back to mile tunnel rat. And for those who don't know the Viet Cong the BC the guys in the black pajamas and the saucer cats day had a lot of tunnels in Vietnam much as the Japanese did on the islands of the Pacific in the Second World War they borrowed under relevant to these elaborate at a Colmes. In Vietnam and somebody had to go and try to figure out the geography of them we didn't have robots back then we didn't have you know computer aided drones back then that applies to them if he had to do it in your hands and duties fifth and any literally. Every second could have been your last think about how easy it would be the pop some guy just grown into a hole. I'm Ted Wilkinson who's been on this program numerous times of out in Wyoming county he is indeed Vietnam veteran. The association national association. Vienna that he of the tunnel rat. That is one of the worst jobs I mean claustrophobia forget that forget the cluster phobia. Close quarter contact Tom. I mean we think the battle over John we talked about trench warfare very similar circumstances your knowledge of World War I. The mistakes that were made the ballistics used that type of brick that they you know there's. Very I mean definitely should go on year any time you discharge a firearm in a tunnel what he's gonna happen I mean there's. Clouds of smoke everywhere you can't see anything he can't breathe. And that's hoping that there is no water where you live because those things are always filled the nasty and dirty kind of like our studio yesterday it is. Unbelievable. That that valor is pretty much know it is truly is and we didn't take into account the ricochet. You can literally fired a shot at a title and the ricochet you can and let hitting yourself with your own shot Tom you can end up taking out extra pass Berrian plank and collapse yet title I mean there there's so many things that I would never we talk about kids don't play national pie. All we tell kids not the player and gravel because they could hit us Kolb could suffocate stores all the time. Now we're sending people knowingly and no offense to the southeast Asians but they're not you know we're not exactly talking about the Holland Tunnel here which are not people and crude situation that made hasty. Get away for a cup purposes they were never in taking these files to be used by children going to school there is remaining Taliban so. These things are put together with any code in it would be ridiculous and it would have been impossible just old flame thrower with so many hundreds of thousands of miles of tunnels that it would have been impossible unfortunately. Steven Spielberg is tainted generation into the that the flame throw at it as marvelous as the flame thrower may have been. There are plenty of Americans it found out their the ballistic shield on the back in those taxes and exactly and you talked to a welder. Whose bread well the long and now they have a very healthy respect for anything can mr. Dole's flame throwers did not have a long shelf life of that. Tough job it is Veteran's Day 27 team buy hourly and Bolivia and we will take your calls and I would strongly suggest early phone call you wanna give a shout out to the veteran in your life. Might be your husband could be your wife or husband your father your opponent whomever it is you wanna give a shout out that's what we're here for and would love to hear from veterans because this is your day is today when typically people who didn't serve get the day off and you who did serve you end up having to work used to collect bodies that beats 27 minutes after street buy hourly makes. This veterans day 27 CNN news radio 930 that would. No being any. And that line though it's the tenth of November but you get the idea traffic is that little lesson usually would be Friday let's hope it stays that way let's hope it's day let's everybody behaves themselves. I forgot it was Bellamy is birthday is well but yes it is David Ortiz birthday. Also relate to an officer Craig later. And the United States Marine Corps. Or your President Obama beat Marine Corps as they were they today. Let's go actually it was corpse that corpsman that corpse that is what he says. But he lowers the smartest guys in the world Donald Trump is it them. Just remember these things always room and George Bush was also every every one. Several quick question for review and two way stories about people's favorite veterans on the way to every single one has built up as we want more and you know three or 930. An and it is this. There is a reporter as you know Washington opposed to have been going after Roy Moore over these allegations. From one believe roughly the era Solomon Moore were destroyed. On impossible to prove allegations impossible to defend against allegations like forty years and years for it yeah like 3035. Years ago here's my question. Is it bigger pool. To tell people that the reporter who's been on this story has written a whole bunch up bouncy bouncy checks. And it is you know as engaged in shady financial behavior where I have been stepped. Over a period of fifteen years when I just talking about like one bad month or one bad year we're talking a pattern of behavior. You and I think it's very relevant. And here's the thing I think is relevant to anyone's character I guess I've never seen this before this is this is Steve Bannon. And these guys going after reporters. And is it fair game I don't know I think it's an ugly time when when it's happening now that we've never seen this sort of character combat over what normally would be a legitimate story for journalists to cover unless of course it's a political hit job. And therefore unless you can prove that she's a journalist to owner John media have been known to engage in political hit job after towards true but I. I would hate to live in a world where a journalist covering this story that's a legitimate story. And we go back to that person important choices. And we have to relive those four choices way and they really have nothing to do with her job. OK but if somebody. Like it's always prove that they're not a person of their honor when it comes to writing a check why should we believe anything they write about anybody else unless they have solid corroboration. I think that's legitimate argument I really do I just think it's it's just a sign of what we really devolved into. But we can you imagine if you would do a disclaimer like you're driving record every time you you know came on the air qualities that. And it would just be like really strange that every time. Something negative happening in a person's career we revisited. Poor decisions that were made when you were eighteen years old but I've always wondered though when you get these TV media. Types and I do think there's stars and everything and that they're going after some politician for alleged sexual misconduct. I just wish once the politician would turn table on the media and say you know George I've heard about the stuff that happens in New York newsroom sold so its own Sosa also with so and so so would you elected may be changed its own review question a little bit. Just turn our turn right around. I've actually I mean do you normally don't see that dramatic of exchange on camera but off camera that certainly happens and you bring electric food well and talk about some of the things he's told reporters. In front of everyone like don't go down that road body because I mean guys like report they are in the trenches they actually played that same that. We hear this public where you're leaking dirt I'm a reporter this article was written. Only for the purpose of smearing a reporter who covered the Roy Moore story actually broke. The Roy Moore story or or lack thereof or lack thereof because quite frankly these here's this is not unsubstantiated. These are legitimate criminal this is open. Criminal. Open for anyone to. Purse you know to to look at her record or criminal activity is public record at the group Wednesday to report the report stress. And it and that can be proven unlike what is being said about Roy Moore I don't know how would you prove that I just think it's its aid to me it's war war in dark times. When word you know when that is the threshold where journalist. Can't be trusted to tell the truth. And now we need an apparatus to kind of out there indiscretions I don't think that's and that's healthy culture actually I think that's one of the reasons why Donald Trump though was successful because Donald Trott V you know what I'm like every other Republican people like the John McCain to the Mitch McConnell of the world Donald Trump would give it right back to the Donald Trump made the expression fake news which of cognizant of but he he made the fake that those things very potent if there's more with our Roy Moore being accused of inappropriate relationship from multiple people come forward today we got a little closure of the Louie CKI. Story he admitted the stories to be true. He wrote a letter TMZ dot com we're gonna put up on FaceBook. Published a letter that that he broke when his handlers I gotta tell you. His actions he's one of the classy sexual predators with comic but no less than. The letter is very well done but he's a very disturbed and sick man and I got to tell you I don't care how eloquent the letter of apology as. You have to atone for your actions. And I really believe this guy needs some sort of outside help. If if this is something he feels come polls to do in front of strangers. I really believed it. Part two of the story needs that Louie CK needs to become healthy because he is still believe in danger to people that that that is sick he's been injured people look at. Are just you know I'm sorry just masturbating. Like a monkey at a zoo. On a moment's notice. I've been to certain places known for its their liberal attitudes on sex that kind of behavior is frowned and it's even there it's like that's a creepy thing to do. Yeah it's at it's disgusting it's creepy it's disturbing. I have no and 00. Tolerance. But here's the problem of the accuracy Louie CK has admitted this is true now so he's saying I have this problem nobody else has done. That has been accused so far and teams have gone public when we get the feeling was masturbating when his running. Unfortunately that you know is a possibility. But again not germane to what we're but here's my thing I guess I really feel that this is a sick guy and and just because your eloquent. And you tried to house to house are you are the Mea culpa. You're done you're done your career is over it should be over and you're not. And a good member of society your doings things that are completely. 100%. Unacceptable and repugnant. I don't think he's necessarily done Mel Gibson ten years after being the second coming of her ordering an Adolf Hitler Herman and their pressure from under them up and Mel Gibson it is actually he's got his biggest acting role in a decade now -- people forget and people forgive and if you keep your nose clean for five or ten years Louie CK will be doing he'll probably take over for Peewee Herman. Well I mean I don't again what Woody Allen there are very many many people defended Roman Polanski that are now all outraged over. Other folks but again acclimate him the high hypocrisy the Hollywood follow the herd and the hypocrisy are even established. This is now than you unforgivable Stan. So Woody Allen there is I mean it all of these guys what guts that skated for so many years they're no longer going to be able to escape. And you're gonna see many more women in those positions of leadership because obviously the man of proven that they can handle it. But you're gonna see a whole powers vacuum in Hollywood right now because quite frankly. It's it's a repulsive place I mean if if this is how professional people are behaving. You know it's it's it's repulse. 803 and it is not worth responding to on the text word it's just it's not worth responding to your. Now patrol there is patrols that this is just not worth the in three all right thirty starlet 3180616. WBE and veterans day 27 team met here is that Jim in South Wales to observe better and you want us all think about. Today and tomorrow. Yeah I'd like you are right yet. Well mention his name. Will look to. And he started out he it was the 1942. And don't want you out got chosen course somewhat reasonable. Radio series school where I'm not Morse code instructor. Went to coach yes sir officer candidate school EL. And spend about the Euro area I would around the country teacher who review period launch code. Here and by the end of 1943. They had evolved. Technology. For the white women equipment. For the appliance and you can appreciate that as a pilot. Yet no we're listening to right you've gone. OK. And I and a parent yeah you'd definitely recognize and mothers out there Joe Hardy. Who've already who followed an equal number of it and 84 Pennsylvania. I don't memorable chapter in. In the two remote conditions I would. Age was your father this time. So work that seat when he does he want me to do so. Thirty little. Dirty to retreat. Well. I just shows like Dave who sometimes you're eating a pilot sometimes you at all forty or about it well it actually this is one of those days where we actually can give the day if you're so inclined if you wanna give the name of the veteran you wanna on and it's fun. Okay Debbie can Tammy you don't have a choice could if you want it there was a total of view everything else you would like is to know Jim. All the other just a side of the story. Majority of them got snubbed all over the country. What we didn't it was our country at least be stateside. Well paying Jack to install all the wind any equipment hours encounters. The infrastructure in the control towers it and in the airplanes. And then they had to teach the courts are applied why. They were blacked out the windows of the B seventeens. And they took according to launch is this story on the first day. The end and they alternated everyday and they both have your Dugard. And one right in the nose and the peace haven't seen that the power while the pirates. But I learned how to fly blind and completely approaches or imagine the. There's just think it's just crazy that the you know when all the technology that's out there today that they were this is how they were practicing rehearsing. Oh yeah I think it was all too clearly I mean I got all the lying to me addicts and not. Everything they did that it brings EO mark top secret back then but I got all that stuff are you prioritize. And it was phenomenal and got some child he had some some not stories. About you know does. We need to break if you've got something else wanna add to that please do so after the break otherwise we need to do at a news radio 930 WB yet. Hourly and Bellamy. VA WBE seven forest alert forecast. For. Tomorrow the official veterans day the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh government. Veterans they're partly sunny and cold again the high temperature 37. Degrees tomorrow Sunday cloudy and Julie could see some light rain and wet snow showers in the afternoon. The high 42 right now it's 23 degrees at news radio about thirty WB and but it feels considerably cooler than 23 degrees it's elector fourteen or there abouts ago. Make sure you have Europe and make sure you have more than just a light jacket I like you're giving shouts out to the veterans in your life. And you may if you choose to use names you know after. And obviously because we're gonna a lot of people colony here these pick one person or you know maybe two people and Debbie is as quick as you can. That way we can make sure that we get as many accolades in too many people as we possibly can this is a show for those people and it it's not about those of us sitting here. Back to Jim in South Wales and WB Ian Jim continue. OK. One of the best stories. They were teaching. Pilots on a land blind in B seventeens. Air and it was at Scott field at Illinois. And there's also do five touch and goes from each pilot got five touch and go. And they're coming in and they do it yet for the landing and the pilots not powering back up. And back then they didn't say throttle up that I think that's our national acronym that our species of state power up go go go and my dad was in the notes. And the guy wasn't powering up and they get almost to the end of the roadway and the guy finally. Slam the throttles forward. Air and the plane and ship sure honoring climbing. And they're not washed common around the ring road at the end of the runway and sort of got in at the driver slammed on the brakes. And and it turned out it was about swallowed new recruits who had looked at what airbase before it and he says literally any year cleared the bus by about to speak. And it shouldering all the way and there's always always the Russell faces with their jaws out of there needs. It at. As they had they had no scary but there exhilarated and guests. But I think who restated in the the report well it turned into the air force and rankings were summoned. He stated though 64 and retired as a major. And that might help for the day. While thank you very much to share about cab last. Love vintage aviation stories except that we're gonna doubles bit tragic. And other Ed just to think that he would take someone out no simulation of that and no anything just about where you know the battle of Britain some of the RAF pilots and these were people that were flying -- state of the art fighters it'll like this bit players. They would go into combat with German and the 10 nine's and the bombers with. It in some cases no more than ten hours flight time. Ten hours flight time and these guys actually took it. To Duluth Butler in the Second World War that instance. It's in debate is one of the most amazing stories are doing it in all of military history ten hours of flight that's the equivalent of like you know an hour on the range. Got your you're just getting your feet wet at ten hours of flight time if you had a chance to do with thirty or forty touch and goes that's pushing it with ten hours but these people were just amazing absolutely amazing 355 news radio at thirty WB yet.