11/09 Bauerle and Bellavia Hour 4: Sexual Assualt and Bad Drivers

Bauerle and Bellavia
Thursday, November 9th

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News radio 930 WBA. And yeah. So David are two things that I wish I had or had not done when I was around that age and I think back mound I think I blew it number one. I should not have put down the guitar when I was like 1516 years. It's combo hourly I put down my 1970 Jupiter delicate after I had bought it were to order valid mint condition. I sold for 200 dollars mint condition. And I really wish I hadn't that's number one. Number two I should go to law school and David Bellamy I got accepted those 26 I could ask the Barbara the most thirty and you never would've known. Like you know I wish that through. But I its hourly and Olivia finally the money shot on news radio 930 WD. If the is it that after six news radio 930 WBD. And it. And that's what your homeland you wanna watch and interesting stuff I. On TV or some great documentaries on YouTube about World War I and specifically the battles of ten and bird. And though the battle of keep. It in France and attack bird actually. As a iiroc halt was the first time the Germans actually were able to use a gas. As a weapon against the encroaching Russian army. Tore my favorite stories. And in you and I can certainly understand the significance. It is a ten minutes after six that news radio yes I'll say thank you to. Leave hill middle school today. Russell Salvador and a bunch of veterans went out there and superintendent principal honored all these veterans I was it was a breakfast I gave little talk Russell Salvador. I gave a talk game I wore jeans just to annoy him. Wonderful guy wonderful guy clean bill outstanding job very proud of Cheektowaga and the way they celebrate veterans and also a fan of cars John Barack America. Is struggling she's out sick right now she's fighting hard. But she's resting and recovering. And Richard Terry they the mother I should say Rich's mother Veronica. Is out listening to us and we thought we teller keep frighten. She's fighting the good fight. So well Veronica yes that's that a fighter classified as she's she's going to have cancer and she's given all she's gone. Veronica hang in there hang tough and I know you well and were Lincoln good thoughts for yet. It is eleven minutes after six and is ready at 930 WB yet hourly and del via so if you're just joining us we've got two things on. Actually able to rephrase that because it is 27 to we have two topics on the table. Number one. Gays you know when you think about all these allegations what's really freaky to me at all let me just emphasized neither of us condoned in fact we've both condemn in the strongest possible terms any sexual assault which includes. The consensual relationship between a all miner and an adult which actually is consensual because statutory rape means somebody is old enough to give. Consent to such an adult behavior we condemn. All of that stuff and you know the age of consent forty years ago may have been fourteen into those state or talk about Alabama yes those matters. But it right it does it evokes real weird right we just wanted to say we're gonna record we condemn all sexual assault. On the other hand we also condemn. The this era in which we live. Where somebody can make an allegation of something that allegedly happened thirty years ago and without offering anything like proof. The Republican hierarchy. Immediately to cover its own behind it decides to turn its back on a senate seat in the United States senate. Even before knowing what the candidate has to say other than it's a lie about the allegations. I want that context thirty years ago. On and when you think about all of the allegations that are coming out. Against the various people Louise I mean the list keeps right Louie CK Harvey wanted only just keeps on growing. I am really of the belief that if you were single and especially if you are a male. As freaky and his paranoia is this might sound. We're getting to the point where. You might consider talking to a lawyer about coming up with some kind of an agreement. That you would have you were partners sign it before. You do anything with somebody you want a date. And at this point David I'm kind of wondering if you know if I was single and I'm at a bar. And I say hey you wanna grab a drink some time. Hey can I buy you would drink that in 2017. That's gonna be considered some kind of inappropriate or predatory behavior. I think it's brilliant Tom and I think it's so brilliant at it we should her repeated in the 630. In fact we should repeat the entire three. Our pocket yet it's those things where you if you raised your son maybe. If if ten years ago it was 2070. And he was at that age twelve years old you know fourteen years old you can sit down with the kid who's about to go in the years were start to notice girls. It's almost as if the entire father son talk needs to be completely. We re written. Because no longer is it about. Hey you know. You never write a note that your mom wouldn't wanna read it's about social media it's about photographs it's about respecting your self respecting other people. It's about always erring on the side of you know not offending someone because right now an allegation in high school literally will be on your current record your life but your options are limited. We're talking about an allegation David anybody can say anything about anybody. And then you know god forbid that lets say it is somebody has innocent and somebody become let's say famous football players simply. You know one allegation comes out then there's another allegation hey there's another allegation it's almost like this piling on effect if you will. And while we both absolutely positively condemned sexual assault David. I think we also have the equally condemn. The idea that somebody is considered guilty. Before they've had their day in court yes even Harvey Weinstein. Steams my eat even even even Harvey. And I'm sorry but I also have to condemn people who make false allegations about other people because you know fun being on the other side of that no matter what the allegation is. It's beyond that they're really asked to be if you're if we're gonna play this game and have zero tolerance the other way which it should be by the way. When you make up a story like that and damage is done I think you open your door to. To criminal activity David five years ago let's say a single. And I would have thought enough then you know start the conversation with a woman at a bar one thing leads to another next thing you know were my house by five years ago whatever. I wouldn't do that anymore. I if I was single I I wouldn't even put myself in that situation. I would I would absolutely positively. Want. Proof that anything that happened was consensual. From the time that person clock to me until that time. I seven with taker to breakfast but then didn't I would want that all built in writing in some contract. I think you'd be a fool not to army but did you realize how absolutely terrified that sounds well. A pair know every day there's a new person. Listen. She cain's career. Lou CK his career is over there is no coming back from what five women. Bill Bill Cosby most of the over under the UAW against seventh person or is what we hear us now Balkans revealed how have you right now about the world and dropping anywhere and I report income black and he is black for Friday's is what I've been saying she's Friday cloudy Russa overall be the notion hours at a high Arnold are accurate and right now were writer whose brilliant night losing to lobby the he we ought to. I heard not collapse. And you know what we need to win the election cavs don't know he. It was you know all of this report is a privilege of my material themselves or whatever great president not the older. Audio and about get that error says that article for a cardiology at the right so cool. The whatever they're called to drug and shooting tennis around you know George Cohen David yeah drivable close to Bill Clinton or two guys pals around I don't hesitate at the oldest of beauty did express and I annual his coat and I am at a moderately from pre order your email first and bring her stature and people coming up obviously friends like you it was a grind it out like that. Pointless and all the stomach because here we just don't know Alger drive but what do you and again that's one cent for a break here and if you don't we're tripped him up. We. Because your team. I need order totally fair here for a hundred people with all the allegations yes that is correct unfortunately who has yet so the third one. I don't know that was necessary thing to say. But I I'd say you know throughout my thirties and you're currently hundreds of one's WV at maybe seeing vehicles can't zoom zoom like no no it's not that because despite having an a hole vehicle I don't drive it like an able. No well I'm not seeing that you drive that made all I'm saying you are know what I think that is a correct statement as I that. You drive obnoxious and three other people are and are not able to keep up. Same rate of speed and do the same things that you never known and usually what happens to me is and this happened twice in the first quarter mile giving to work that are approaching. A light a stale green light okay at 835. Miles an hour so this is the light that takes like three or four minutes or three or four years quite figured out. Two of those lights in a row somebody. I was in the left flat and somebody in the right lane without a signal just drifted slowly in front of me. Causing me to break to increase my following distance because they don't wish to rear end anybody. Days blissfully. And lightly made it through the light. Being irresponsible driver got stuck forty red light not what it's been twice today. On the drive into work and due in a perfect driver nobody is a perfect driver but I will tell you this if I make a mistake. I will always give a courtesy wave to the person I have made the mistake against and generally you know give a thumbs up and in response and I've even been known to rolled out the window at a at a red light and say I I apologize I cut you off. I didn't see you I am sorry that's happened once or twice and people are pretty cool about it. But when you see people doing things. And then at but they're not even aware they're doing it to me that is indicative. And ignorance of the rules of the road. Like like nobody ever taught how to drive right. That we we have to take a break if you've got thoughts on this we have one open line at 803 on I thirty. Start at thirty and the cell phone. And L 10616. WB at 803 on I thirty start at 31. And a 180616. WB CN. Refuse refuse it you are refusing San Diego and the taste of his thinking along he must be barred. A variety bust and a bad drinks red old granddad. The whiskey. Now I've done OK don't ever have old grand dad get my looked good in the Billy Bob Thornton movie I tried it last Christmas that was like hey. He did be one of you just keep the bottle spurs I know it's still. In his basement bar Joseph. The statement you made I've been thinking about this recession which ones that you made when you said I'm a hypocrite I'm still watch the movies. Yes evil. It's about Louis CK is a different story because he is the number one stand up draw out there right now no Skinner community does matter more respected. How differentiate now are you been able to mention that. You'd still want to at least I mean right now he's a social for you can't even totally forgotten silent film but worse alt is way worse yet we eat and futures drop it and and bomb your stupid here. You know you're you're you're just bats and that was Assam. Just but it's also just ignorant and ridiculous but when you're hurting people's wealthy people here to develop what little he is accused of what asking women if they wanted to to watch him pleasure himself. And actually do. And but did the women express objection yes and being barred them firmly in the yeah see that's that's a big part of a story that's a big component and it's also in its suit his character actually does this on the show. And it's like he makes jokes about it so it was like way to many years that this funny tapping your real life is wrong here. Yeah vets. Beat look if you were bothering anybody from leaving. Bats you know again actors and that's just shift we found a really good. There are going to happen you unless you're sick well known criminal. Stuff as I mean look people look. People have their freight and other freaks people have their kicks OK how can they have there freaks they've got their kicks I've got mine UN I Europe but. The bottom line is when you start talking about people. Who are not of the legal age to consent when you start hawking about prohibiting people from leaving your presence. Could be on cake that goes into criminality and the slow right listen. You do you would be upset if someone took your dog. And and you know took it away put it behind closed and we were talking about. Dear this is behavior that's unacceptable to feature lawnmower okay. If so what borrowed your lawn Moore didn't ask you did something horrible on your lawn more these are things that would you know you would want to. Rand Paul your neighbor you would tackle him break his ribs because it's totally acceptable. We're talking about it actions. Out of someone you know literally forcing themselves on another person. There it's it's lose seats that look the left goes out of their are out of control there are always out of control. I believe there's this there there stunted in some emotional growth but on this issue. I don't really find a whole lot to disagree with my liberal friends on this is abhorrent. Destructive criminal disgusting behavior unless you're Bill Clinton I just think we have to be a little bit careful. Before we you know can you know. The difference between America and the rest of the world we allow people to eighty face our accusers and be have a day in court. All yes I would definitely say that that is a big difference between America and the rest of the world but this all the birth underscore what we've been talking about what we're gonna take some phone calls and that is. That let's just presume for a moment that Louis CK Louie CK let's presume for a moment that he is innocent in which case. The idea of having people sign contracts complete with nondisclosure agreements. Makes a lot of sense Louie CK is got a few million bucks which is that worth 203040 million whatever Larry launched or long story short is. You know. He should have little worker if his argument is going to be it was consensual he should have them sign contracts believe me I'm well aware of how paranoid that sounds but c'mon he he made sixty million dollars last year. Okay and that's just annual income that's not network annual sort of thing and I was always doing his net worth could be a lot higher. Much higher. WB. The end here is. Dave in west Seneca. Today welcomed by hourly ability at the other thing we talked about it is to people be. Should people have to show that they know the rules of the road with a written test. At a practical on the road or simulator driving test. In order to stay on the road as much as I hate saying it would what I'm seeing out there I gotta say absolutely. Well guys without a doubt. At any age not justice is seen here are the professional driver a thirty year commitment that I see out there is just beyond belief. Our number one. The disrespect for truck driver is unbelievable. Normally art art art semi truck and normally. I'd leave our circuit is based in traffic. North people probably been at me but. People aren't quite in depth where they're gonna do it and get ahead of the big truck at a big truck why. I have no idea who would want a cross on eighty to pound vehicle and traffic is beyond me. Number truly a violation. Warning stock option aren't especially when they're making a right turn under under an intersection. People do not stop at stop signs anymore. Number rates. Anyway that's Dave Reid can't beat them no luck there there's stopping at a stops and it does not get us out to practice your image wheels technically should come to a full stop Bridget did truck drivers are the ones who get the blame for everything. A number of another big one is broke. Black red light okay if you ever green arrow in its electoral only. There'll be an average reader or vehicles when that last there'll turned red that plow through that red light to try to get. Opportunity interception. And that's not a trap for calm and the other way. And it's ridiculous are seeing this all the time all the tar. Able cattle load you cared. OK so so when you're driving. Is your job get more hectic when the holiday season goes on. OK so what you're during the holiday season black ice he's right when people are driving all over the place. What percentage of G people that actually try to do you view. I mean do you experience road rage from little tiny vehicles drag along interstate. And they're yelling at you about something you're doing wrong when they're breaking all these different rules. See aren't so because he's of driving light and heat heat gets an accident victims whose company well enterprise loses job and let one little accident this not even his fault you probably get clipped but hey the leaders getting getting to the topic though Dave specifically. Do you believe the people even know the rules of the road that's why I'm advocating an annual written road test because. Lehman and sunny more. Don't they don't know and they don't know the actual law. What do the other biggest bank does multi casting associate all the parent or driving you know distracted. Distracted driving as job so all bad especially with the cellphones of people don't care people don't care now that they're even writing tickets for Serbian on the phone. People there are on the phone law. Aren't. Well I am afraid ever for major right now as far as the situation of physically driving itself but a personal for any further. As we approach the holiday season please do Bauerle develop via a favor. You're going to see guys in FedEx trucks UPS trucks United States post office trucks and DHL trucks in various delivery services. Bear management expects them to deliver a thousand packages and Howard they have totally unrealistic expectations placed upon them so. I know there were all in a hurry but even IAMR. I'm always trying to get somewhere in Mercury but not speed. Even I'll let the delivery trucks in because they are so pressured at work you have no idea so please remember to give the delivery people a break and let him into traffic I know transit in main street in southwest I know they get congested. But help matters mr. can't. Now as far as a practical. Test for driving. You know Dave week we talk a little bit about parallel parking and the insistence people put upon that. But I see people now going into. For example the left hand lane to make a turn and they don't realize that a quarter of their vehicle is still in the other lane she can't go buying. Right right and another big thing is. People do not know how to merge in the traffic anymore. I'll be and what we call the great anyway which is slowly in on the right hand side and people com up the ramp. And not even look at. So what do we do by Canadians. Have you discovered. And then. We do you here's posted to every other car thing right. You are supposed to do the every other car that it. And the white Davie it's just because you're pro. When in doubt right. Where is the guy exit when the hits the thing you go right you go left right it depends on where you're at the traditionally. You're in if it's the worst case scenario you never want exit. Into oncoming traffic correct. So what they tell you did you just like. You have to slow we have to look for a what's called an XT brow. Mean. Yeah well you're gonna leave yourself an out when you're driving at what would I do it it's self defense a New York State are. So pocket real quick which is what we did our contract. Real quick question of the day at west Seneca and it is this. Do you believe an annual written test. Would actually help people become acquainted with the rules of the road again and made. Driving a little worse in that it has been because I've seen a steady the twin engine in driving ability. Would you also may get so you'd have to demonstrate either with a simulator. Which would of course be geared to whatever vehicles you are registered to you were you're planning on driving. Were actually a physical over the road. Read driving test because something has to change because it I swear that given a driver's licenses like candy. Our I think that's a little too much. On a year annual basis maybe dependent on age but I would say at that would depend on the violation. A written test unless you actually drive and a for the written tests all the time. You make a rescue if there's a violation and and and you're if you get it checked or. Egregious that that. Think you should have the judges say OK you have to show that you could prove that you could. But I'm not even talking about you did try to get points off yeah because you've been ticketed I'm talking about everybody. Because you're seeing it across the board across person you know including me including US every single driver but a written test to me is not nearly what the problem I think Dave's talking about the fact that people about a lack of us feel as what the last time you pick up a book when you're sixteen years old I mean. The laws change people don't always. You know it's their responsibility to educate themselves but under this new Tom buy hourly general Pinochet plan. Where he forces people via re educated in driving camps. You would have them ticket I've written test ice I assume in the car. Well the purpose of the written test is do you even know what the rules are doing you know what to do a traffic circle on route 62 now. They down. Buick verbally tell that to that person next revenue Wiki from the DMV. What you're doing what you would verbally go through like actual writing. Another tribe or when you when you get your license another driver and a general. Physical. The camp where you're in the car and that person next to you and your driver and a third. We you do it once in your life when you're sixteen and you practice for that they kicked around Roosevelt avenue for do two seconds in the give me your license. It is it is rather. Yet now a year the other thing is that maybe people should be required to have their own blogs and their cars. Maybe we'll find out how long you're driving where you're going you know that they're called the black box in the vehicle. All right thank you ever much for the phone call we appreciate it actually 28%. People who try to get licensed in Germany fail the first time out 28% Germany. Because it was the only country that could think of what I was looking it up. Let's go to back to the calls rust in north tunnel one that. Roberts should we have to prove with a written test and then with a driving test every year that we can still drive. I'm all right and I don't want to but. You. Got back and not. Of course dot com yeah you're the one with the very talkative young. Yeah big green. Absolutely. I want you better rush you do not forget Russia we have tons of Marines calling into mark you're a big a Marine Corps birthday happy birthday Russ. Thank you thank you and I'm ready to understand how about the the rejecting every year. You know what. They mindset of people sooner but I woke up the war against. You know what it's all about me it's bad aggregate or are gonna go richly. But apparently Westergren of that rust but. If if you're the traffic circles like Harlem road in Cheektowaga. All over route 62 what ever. It's amazing to me just by watching what people are doing I. I honestly don't think they know how to approach a traffic circle actually being at the Bailey a ball well. Your traffic circle nightmares are the least of your complaint you're talking about people not using their attorney signalled. That's not a matter of knowing traffic laws as a matter of not having the faculties to acknowledge that you need attorney signal. Lights what how how here's the bit that law New York State is when the widget levers that aren't your headlights are we still have people do. And Ross were accent from. What's acceptable. Won't. Ever go see. So are at what do we do that if if you're not down with my idea because again I've I've seen this real decline and it just its nose diving in driving skills on a daily basis. What do we do. So that we can actually return to some semblance of sanity and driving again. And Russ tell the truth how bad are your drivers in Virginia when they get fools no hectic. What do you know I'm done in which isn't ready ducks are. Closed the state. I admit yeah. But the drug is better here than it is dials up. Org and appear but in general in summer it's really that bad. The Massachusetts turnpike to me is basically demolition derby a few people to smash each other constantly they don't care it's a crazy place at the worst drive in the world. The worst revenue work QEW. Okay what is the worst driving locally what what major thoroughfare has the worst drivers to ninety by far the worst drivers locally pretty much and where you point to pop up and I interchange that you activities that the worst can change Western New York. For this project would advocate a parking lot not Cleveland drive getting to the ninety's he east or answer that Cleveland of the 33 getting are actually over where one yet people have to make a choice liquid Albany or getting up Cleveland drive there's so many things happening in talks 51 west as. I go by names not numbers. So right wanna rush to what's so what's the worst locally. Well we're out of blip on Robinson. A lot of one mind wrote. There's always I don't want to ask on the right. We're bikers in jeopardy the moment but today at stop school bus they they've tried all agree on something and stop reports. Russ we are we're playing at a time but I will I will never ever cut you off in traffic a promise. But if I do I will least acknowledge it give me the courtesy wave. Failure service Ross. Yep invade and that it did thanks to their goal thanks to show on. And it is by hourly have yourself a great rest of the Baywatch up for the black ice later on and no cheese and your broccoli god bless the United States Marines. Someone steals your personal space. Welcome back to personal stakes I'm your host Philip Jacobs and let me tell you. I care about my personal space whoa whoa okay who's around me right now who's around me. Now I always step up here and everybody gets stepped up and let's Gibson stepped up personal space supplements place. Here we go we get a one personal space too personal space three. Stand my personal space for keep away from our personal space five. Get out of that Brussels based. You know I take personal space pretty seriously.