11 Day Power Play View - "Coach" Allan Davis


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The eleven day power play at Harbour Centre it's now the back half of this event this summer here comes team and it comes this afternoon. Ellen Davis. Is the coach of the team he's also one of the original 4011 date power play guys. So when you go beckon her percent or Ellen does it like oh my god that's it right come back in it. Us isn't that's absolutely walking around their. It all comes back the days and nights in this yeah dynamic you know what's really funny though. I'm hurt I can't actually play this year it was so what's your excuse here what five weeks ago idea you have to put them up five weeks ago. I suffered an injury and it has taken me out so I I can't skate you're walking around the office just fine thought I don't look I don't see cast anywhere at Bryant I'm hurt that's enough okay our best Sony decided to. Soon. To coach the teams with yeah we've got a great it was great sacrifice that you speaker it's squad. So as everybody knows Bryant is on this team there's a lot of intercom employers along the guys from WGR. On the team we play a group from Lancaster this afternoon and there about three original. Members of the original forty. A that are on that team so it should be really good rather it's a marathon men's afternoon it's a marathon man Mora but yet they know what they're delight. So they'll pace themselves brought OK see you. All worried about media and everyone else on our team playing for four hours that you guys play for eleven days four hours got enough. The wild as some in some cases when we first did the first four hours we came away thinking how we ever gonna do eleven days and then we got in shape. Which Kiki get in shape you are in shape but he showed up at the first practice Noel ball. Accents and everything and head to our Republic's eat. Shrimp heads 99 million on marine big battle don't worry about it. I packed my gear in my car this morning for brightness routes that's because I know these shows others should you have I learn. That's about. I got. Now I've got the shin pads waterboarding enemy and need you know that prefer to this team today it's kind of on you Alan I well it is it is and I've already planned my exit strategy and everything I'm good to go about my. And the word I'm on my well it was Alec I have spent years in years just cultivating my role. As a great guy a great bench guy I'm great on the bench I spent lots of time on the bench throughout my years playing sports in high school elementary school. They loved me on the bench so much they kept it there the entire game and they were so good at rallying the bench and I'm not expected to play the same role today. Well there's about five or six that have requested that rolls. Up. Assisting. How many on the TS we have fifteen skaters two goaltenders. And we we've got some good goalies we have great goaltending. We have volume guy by the name of PJ bluff who works for Colvin Draper in in town ringer and he he he came up for our first practice he's terrific he is a great young goaltender great kid really excited to have him and the other we have is bulldogs son owned Parker. Who was recently drafted in the OHL by the Sioux saint Marie great to see now normally when I'm playing I feel and when I give the puck away now. No worries not out of the way we got a great guy and a in the net to take care and gas said we have some that we have some. Really good skaters on our team both teams do. It's been a lot of fun watching this eleven day play out the community ship play out we surpassed one point two million dollars which I know you guys know we did that last night. Now which breaks the record from last year or so were so we're setting new ground now a new highs and it's been terrific to see what's happened. I mean for you know you were their for the original last year yeah see how it's changed. And kind of it's still nil again this year it. It is the format adjustment that we made was one that in hindsight looks like a natural decision to make a Mike and Amy came up with that after the original. Forty. A set the record last year during the eleven day. And what we found was are solely people in this town love the game hockey play the game hockey who would have participated. If they were able to take the time off is a big thing you know yeah this huge commitment. And it was very difficult for many people to to make that commitment but once they were able to. To go to the event last year and see what it is I know there are many people who play the game on a regular basis and women included by the way. And as sled hockey players all these people are looking and thinking I'd love to be able to participate in this this format the community shift has given them that opportunity. And the response has been. Amazing get much better I mean people can take of four hours out of their day when you know you can't take eleven days awful worked I have to say you were gone eleven days last year and now everything went along just fine known really noticed. They. Well I think I'm still is today let's say I just gonna say on any can do it every night. Now my son's playing too if you keep an eye on him and I don't keep an eye on him bred and bred as my ringer. I'm not worried at all -- is my guy bread and it will we got Brandon to engage in musical Brent disinterested and I'm going oh my goodness that would be fabulous so we did that Brendan. And it's so great to have him because I know him for hours will be nothing you'll be able breezed by four hour some harm happy to have him were all excited at random. Two to six this afternoon on. And you can get more information on the power play and how you can help it's Roswell park camp good days and make a wish that's Ellen Davis. From WGR Sports Radio 515 our coach this afternoon.