11 Day Power Play Update - Mike & Amy Lesakowski


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Today is a big day. At the eleven day power play at harbor senator Mike let's accounts in his wife Amy the masterminds behind this. And Mike is just off his overnight shift he was playing from 2 until 6 o'clock this morning Mike are you feeling. I'm pretty tired and who thought the lack. Was this heavy done other shifts to. I get out might or actually allow for. So you've got quite a bit of experience on your down hoping didn't give me some pointers what do I need to know before I step out on the ice. Well this year well hydrated. Check cooler full beer the fact that. You've got to change it under garment boxes and certain things like that you're gonna get what it up. OK okay I've got that ready and I've got so my my special. Goal scoring stick I've scored one goal. While playing hockey over the course of ten years with its so while I'm ready to go. I'm better ago. I'm mound where were all pumped to be had taken part in debt all the proceeds of course going to a really great cause not only Roswell park. But I camp good days make a wish and we understand that the fund raising goal. Of our meeting what though what happened last year that said the mad as of today is that right. Yeah. Yeah Amy can you talk about it. We grabbed by may have that we are happy on why you're. Where part he liked it well that's that's amazing that sense that says huge. Undertaking by you guys and how has attended spend. At the power play. You know it it's been studying mean. We are obviously here. And you know to violent crime and an end people who aren't just coming in and out. I'll hours. Compassion and they're open and I end. He gave my heart stopped oh amount about it. He's a great hockey I just played it. Two guys that are shipped from two to six salmon there was probably fifty people there just to come down a lot. That's great that's amazing at that hour of the day to get people wood down there and it probably helps too because. Unlike last year you have just about everybody in the community involved so it seems like everybody knows somebody. Who's involved in some way everyone has a reason to go down. Yeah and the others there's actually some really interesting and heartwarming stories that again that we just played. The goal that we just played against Boston than two weeks ago to cancer so he was very. Ten emotional during the game in and out of his friend and under cannot support and so it was a it was. There's quite a it was quite an emotional game the the past sessions solos there's a lot of those stories that's just one of them. While that is that's incredible I was gonna ask I mean our guys kind of playing for fun out there or is it like a serious game of hockey. But I guess the emotion can also take over to. Yet both. Well that we have to keep on you know we want to keep it on its hockey. And anybody knows ranked as you won't want you know and the united anybody whatever level we are here to competitive if you just start all in. So we try to. You know try to keep this on as as possible not to get too seriously. But there are a lot of people playing for you know for loved ones and things like that so it's. And the men and adjusting and him. Yeah well that's great here in love to keep it fun and fun for everybody who comes out Amy you're talking about. I kind of its steady flow of people are still low grade events around the power play to you guys have brought in. Some entertainment says some other things to keep people you know coming in aside from just the hockey. We have and every. What's what you just really really Koreans are different. Components should be about and you know we. I think that Elliott coming down and and sharing that had been camping understand that it's just really really. Our guild last year it was forty guys that were living at Harbour Centre for the eleven days. This year coming more players because it's now a team thing and if you're changing an app every four hours coming more people are involved this year over last year. Well we have over 18100 buyers. We have over 100 volunteers. A lot of moving art. Everybody in other and and other thing we have an online we have had. Issues being captured Friday locker room. Munich ample media not the players will take pictures of him there obviously. The credit nameplate. And we had an accurate and help Brian mentioned Cameron. I I'm but I finally. You know I'm really nice things that we hear people out really comment and national to be a part about it. And you know they execute their teachers union. And Latin number a lot on the number of summer and well it seems. Not paid that's you know great to hear and it's a great message to send as far as everybody being on the same team in this even though. You might be going at it on the icy don't Mike at the beginning of this she said your critics argue played two to six today do you find yourself laughing. At year old and being tired because of last year at this time you're playing for eleven straight days. Yeah I I have or more to the plate so. Yet it kind of funny we note that an aspect is to the people have played. And it should make it up they have and a new appreciation for what myself and the other guys did last year. Because they got up before our share and they've marked as technically we just did that when he turns and rode eleven days. We did exactly what we did with one on the bench so. It's really enemy in two you know you can hear those stories but I do a two and a half a MacBook we're playing what we're putting into the guys. Four hours in the bye bye like nothing especially with twelve or fifteen guys in the team it's actually pretty easy. While Mike I can't believe how much you're playing it's an incredible but death thank you both for joining us and for the great work pitcher doing for Roswell. For make a wish and for camp good days. It's Mike in any less accounts do you live at the eleven date power play. Brian is playing this afternoon the team and a come from two until six.