11 Day Power Play Proves Successful Again - Amy Lesakowski


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You could say the eleven day power play went over the top pick concluded yesterday with the closing ceremony a couple of pretty special hockey games out there at Harbour Centre and we're joined on the line now by Amy less account skewed to talk. All about the eleven day power player wrapping it up yesterday Amy and brings to a close about a week and a half of I'm sure are really. Hectic running around if for you. Not yeah bet app only about time Rita we're so excited about things planned as well as bank and and you know it's at the main thing I hit hard even find the words. Does it surpass your expectations going into this one. You know it it does only because. I know how difficult it is to fund raise and I have over 15100 people you know most about exceeding our goals by far. It's not an easy thing and you know each individual player to put their heart and only about on and you know I. That's part of that it just you know we're just so great. What does it mean to use that over the two years of this event I mean you've been able to raise just about two and a half. Million dollars for Roswell park and other. Cancer charities center and that's an incredible number. You know it it I guess it it really comes down box and the amazing immediately met and and so many umpire that's let onions and beyond are affected by cancer and and people are tired of it people wanna do something about it. And you know hockey being in the being a hockey town I think it with those two components you know have product here that's. Amount of money about a cent you know integrate abstract community. So are we understand you're already planning next year or so. Will there be some different system changes that you make along the way. You know. Earlier in the for the first time about it and you know we've taken note everyday. And you know we'll tweak things here and there but you know I think we have a lot of planning to do we have to meet with our board and and steering committee and trying to come up with those changes. But I think the eleven days we'll remain the same thing before our sense army in the same. And and and just keep going hopefully your care we can support our community even more. I think you had to work here at the same things that I did witches of everybody who played. Everybody was just wanting to get back out there they couldn't wait to do it again next year I didn't hear a single negative thing from anybody who is on the ice. Now and and even would be happening matching up teams that was kind of the how you know you have people registering at different levels than and sometimes they get. It gain. And we'd be deducted on the captains thought about cap and you know to remember this the charity hockey game and robs your hat on and we had teams. Clocking in treating you know to. Switching gears isn't going the other side of it became locked tight end and that the tee back camaraderie between everyone. It was just. Really our sons and everybody locking out the door that I you know were they were giving a type I think that they wanna be involved back here. And it's just aim at our volunteers we had many repeat volunteers that's part about the first couple days. And we ended up seeing them many times throughout that you wanted to come back and be a part of. To avoid it really speaks to the whole event and the great work that you and Mike have been doing with us any thanks so much. It our mind. That's Emil as a cascade she and her husband might. Started the eleven day power play a year ago it came back this year and looks like it's going to be an annual event here in Western New York you can see a lot more. Up from video and pictures at WB EN dot com it really. Cool events that lasted eleven days and I can't wait to the next time we have eleven straight days. Of hockey.