11-17 The Future of The NFL and The Game of Football Hour 3

Sandy Beach
Friday, November 17th

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Well I can bring the guys don't ever put some peppermint oil here are my opera where. And it really dug a gives you a little bit of relief from congestion. It is a basic company were talking about what Bob Costas and other the journalists including its only a co organizer of the say in the in the roundtable meeting. The University of Maryland. Bob causes who's though he's one liked when he 728. Emmys so. I he's been around what daytime Emmy winner OK. He's the Olympic ago. A host he's done everything there is the dual sports and he says the reality is that this game starting about football well. Destroys people's brains and any so he says he sees the future of football and I think these things specifically about the NFL. Is a bit not being as bright as a as it could be. Because of that some asking. Is the future of football bright yes or well. Would you let your kids play you know weren't you see a lot of the injuries obviously. Is and it's easy to explain. It's when one body is moving one way or the other body is moving right in a direct path so they're both moving at each other. So he got to running back of being hit by a linebacker ago wide receiver you gotta. Tight end. Via an endless pages of vintage video autopsy of Hernandez they'd never seen such such a bad case and he was in his case. And it says the part of his brain that was destroyed the most was the part that makes rational decisions. A and so you know his the crime obviously he wanted to be against his whole life. And never go away from them lights though I guess but the bottom line is. It was a tight end Greg that got him caught and if you look at the classic cases in the NFL. They're not certain positions but other positions a lot senator as Lisa. Because they're in their head is down on the star. Any anybody emotion. Like that you don't hear as much about it from the linemen. Especially. The ones that they'll move a few feet and it him or hit. As opposed the ones flying. Down the sidelines. But it's a concern and if it may or may not be a concern review. Some of our listeners think it's. Good idea and some thinks than anybody it would boys or us. My eleven year old plays tackle football here in west Texas where football history certainly is the future. Oh my only lord for now is having him playing offense and defense. His mother and I agreed to keep on a year to year basis as far as his participation goes. For now he's though or in Norway and as sites area in Texas. Terry calls this a lot regularly. The Texas to me and I'm not mistaken me actually at three seasons. Any year they play a lot of quote ball and its huge gap is huge in Texas. There's a high school stadiums. In less than 20000 seats nobody embargo as a self season tickets just who are sincerely just came era as he says he's though lying it is came. And in college ball so. He gets of that and you know he's top college games Drago was six figures and in attendance so football's a huge a huge. Another aspect of their move and and is and is off flag football that are and we're fact we are going to be starting up may said the league that I coach in. We're starting off like football in April. And the NFL is behind this and they're pushing this and the idea is is to give the younger kids you know 567. Urals. Playing that before they put on equipment I have no problem with that. You know it's amazes me is we haven't seen anything like this in in hockey. Hockey bit lucky cautions and I know a lot of good about their moving fast and they hit hard. But if you think about it. The individual player hockey team probably doesn't get hit as much as. A running back who has the ball half the time Horry linebacker who gets hit on every play things like that I think they spread it out. War I think a lot of that in is the perception. And has caused by the news media. The news media will focus on football. Because it's going to draw. Viewers and listeners they're not talking about hockey to not talk about girl's soccer which has more cautions than football great now it's a sexy thing. Is to put it all on full policy don't hear it being reported on the others. Although why alert anybody that's associated. We have foot. What's that there it vanish personally or professionally. Two tell all the dangers football. What do they gain by it because right now football is still king probably will be for some time and make a lot of money on it. They make a lot of fame and notoriety why would they wanna put them on the golden goose when their participating. There's no logical reason they wanna do that. Least beat him like a Bob Costas are all these media. What you elbow obsessed he destroyed lost greens laws. But shipping costs this isn't telling your kid could dive CT if you're not careful to draw a bigger ratings. That doesn't make any sense just talking about it or just bring it up gas. And usually people who have. Make a living or make substantial amount of money on something. I usually don't or drawing Kayla. It it it dominates in ratings although it's sliding and has been for some time now. I think a lot of it is behavioral. And I think more like this this taking in the evening. Kim can kill that sport faster than CT. Because I think people are are rogue. Taking the rapper one layer it's time in say a lot of things that I used to enjoy about this him no longer there. The people I used to root for and suddenly I'm looking out with a different viewpoint. We used to paint him special brush because these were special people we find out that area and a very admirable. Why it doesn't make sense for you try and torpedo Euro. Owned export. I'd like to see some statistics and ratings have Brady is gone up in college football. Were the NFL ratings have gone down because it look like this if you're a football fan you're gonna find football watch all of his football NFL wants to. Destroy itself the way they have been with the meaning like you. You pointed out that the people America's means is that I love my country more than Columbia alphabet or watchful policies could be college. Well I think yeah I think you're right about the NFL not understanding that. The NFL remember in the word two that we used all the time. Just before the and a Pia players taking a knee was. How arrogant the NFL is they really are. They think that that there are God's choice of sports and that nothing they can do can touch them harm them. And the only the only reason that he has started looking into CG is because they had. They were coded to believe me there was monthly involve a lot of money involved they don't want to have anything to do with that. It is one of the golden goes the way it is and so would you got via the the gold laying goose you don't want anybody before. So they can do it for the very reasons. But I'm just saying if there's information out there. That says that this is a sort of things happening on a regular basis if you have any kind of a career Osama don't usually play. High school math sit on some lucky enough to make college in the divisional goal. The city FL but those that go to the NFL. The Google was that a dying are dying I mean Hernandez was 2128. I think something like that it has to east. Now how can absorb enough hits in your twenties no matter how much football you play. To have that happening if it can happen to you accelerated rate course he was a a tight ends so he's involved in a lot of collisions. So it was but he may be enough to take a hit I don't know. But if it's there. And Jews were ignored it journalists are actually at the risk. Of the person you're making a decision for. We'll take a break will be back after somebody it detects that earlier it's our school well what do you wanna put a wrap your kids in bubble wrap. Boy you don't know me because how many times have I said that. We can't wrap our kids in bubble graph but we also don't want him juggling chainsaw is either you know there's there's some middle ground. You have to use some common sense. One of the great stories is. Oh well let's see is producing a bills were in Washington. Game was over and we're waiting for the charter to a rival and Rick Hayes ours and myself and Joseph blow below average conversation. And being the moron that I am I said dude Joseph Diaz to jail to the table in a sin let's get down in a three point stance. And that at launch hit because I wanna see what it feels like to be hit IU. And Rick sorry days are looks at Lisa's. Are you crazy. No but I thought. So wise men a bit. Ago. As. I years ago when I was in Erie ice sponsored in the nationals. The world super heavyweight armed champion. The IndyCar. And though we were doing some promotional things and we had we have determined he wasn't in the course is too good. But the bottom line is at the end of the day. We're both there and and I said any exit the delivery of let's lock up. And now don't you just mowed don't require laughing at me over the head with a I just wanna see if I can move your arm. Disco here lock up to see in my view move your arm or so ago. It. It. And he bull Meyer arm so fast and so hard it lifted me off the pad. And I waved him maybe a 280. A close of 300 that I sent remind me not to get into arm wrestling as a as Avaya a fun sport or hobby. So I've got respect for athletes that I certainly cholera Robin wrote a rapper anybody innate. In a a balloon and like that a bubble wrap I am not like that kind of a person at all but I think when there's an obvious danger. It is you are responsibility. Look you'll tell your kids don't smoke is dangerous. You tell your kids that don't go a hundred miles of borrowing your choices like I did because you might get killed. There are certain things that you take precautions over if there's scientific proof that if you play this game long enough. And the there's a good chance that your brain will be disintegrated. Now I don't think that's an overreaction. To say maybe you wanna see and move forward with caution on this one. But what people do is they try and paying you well a bureau on that if you want fabulous visa and go up plus you know I'm tired about. I'd go back to the Roman in line Wednesday's if you want to aboard. I don't think that's that at all I think it's reasonable rational poking back to my argument would you like yours on. I have whose. Bill because he's not qualified to I think that if my son. Worked his way up the ranks it was a professional. Motorcycle racer that's up to him as certain dangers there. From either steel or lock or anything else. But I know I would. What first of all the bottom line is it's more powerful than most Ferrari's. In the bottom line is if viewers if you have the skills to do it. Then you ought to do it that's fine but that's not the same thing you could say that about skydiving. Is there a monologue that. Putting people in danger is my point that that that's what I'm focusing at. Is is if we're gonna eliminate something because we say it's dangerous to say football is dangerous so we shouldn't let the kids play. Then we have to look at. Have well where would you draw any line the new drug Nolan I mean would you draw it is no Honda and it's easy and at the safeties they're more cycles of interest in football but that's not a and that's not a good that's a good comparison which argue about the number of people that play football. And stay with it and they're good enough to get through colleges and pros and we're talking about if you get complain about law. And more dollars as we said. Hernandez was only 28 is not like why are you but they're all forty whatever. And then you also have way. I think an obligation. To be as rational and reasonable educator and former something that draws a lot of attention. For wanting to be a part of America is a football crazy country we love football I've watched football my whole life a love to play book volume of people have a team. But if we did I would've gone far and I would probably played even by new about CT but that's where. That's where are the grown ups after Colombian your kid can't give a damn tour without you say OK okay. Can't do it can go to New York State. There are rules and regulations about everything and if you if you think the a public opinion comes out of people who a speaks harshly to their children in line of tots. See what the hell happens oh win net win the something like that happens let's hope it never dies and for most people have probably never would. But taking reasonable precaution over why. That you like to play a game that's fine maybe like curled enough. And you are rational enough and your past your teenage years you can make that decision. But right now if you're in high school what are your high school year you graduated seventeen for granola so you're 141516. To seventy. That's what I said you know allow them to juggle chain saws. Why would you why would you let him play a sport there can be that dangerous weather or other sports supply you your bigs rugby fans. What was the spore I got. I mean or big a soccer rent houses were got hooked under real hard the rugby I loved it. I loved. I'm not one to shrink away from stuff like that but it's one thing to take the yeah. I'd take the chances you for yourself. It's a lover when it's your kid who isn't old enough nor mature enough Moses and make those decisions you think any kid. Putting a football helmet makes ever gonna die a CT. The answer is an ago you'll go at 90. And you wouldn't you daughter plays soccer. Well I don't know what the stats is your your desperate the year you're searching around us that he's old and has more cautions and girls' soccer. And terrorism law concussions don't you know concussions are problematic certainly cautiously deceit yeah while concussions yes I understand what you're saying about concussions that's why they have the protocol and precautions though would be. National boy we're talking about football. Football in this country is a lot bigger than soccer soccer's big bigger internationally but it is too war. But football in this country you go at and I noise and if you I don't know who you're trying to commit try to commit yourself or you are. Try to commit somebody else today I'm making the point if we're gonna go after all all go after we don't. No we don't we go one thing at a time football in fact you lessons are sometimes learned one thing it's. Would you do. If you if you're coming here about to get into a fight is three guys there there. Would you go after first you know as long as I do you go after the toughest pars because if you beat the toughest. He go after the biggest guy in the toughest because of UB the other smaller place if you go beyond the toughest guy one review so he's still got to fight the toughest. So you always the toughest guy first to get that and football is the toughest guys. Right now will be back McMoran goes regular thirty WB. Area backward region company gets the most as a lot of attacks and FaceBook on businesses. A little fun tax and become our now chain saws a much safer than they were Tony Gardner zero wallets room and. As sue me some studies say that chair waiting is the most dangerous sport Tony would you let your daughter surely knows who young foreign now but say you owe it will she be able to cheerleader she wants though. That's tough question because you know there is not a figure in the air current situation. With just sticks because I can't be two places or bats earlier it's true and I think. The weapon that I don't like about cheerleading I think there's an over emphasis on competition. Rather than cheering for team. I eat like cheering for team as opposed to the competition so at this point I would say no. Okay here's about a lot of parents supposed to stop children from repeatedly hitting their have a whole wall. Well that's the parents they hit the head and the world around children don't listen as the parent of us who go all the guys and don't get the impression that I reversed to a and having something there could be dangerous. They keep in mind I've been shooting guns and those body your results and my government's army. I bought a full dress or Harley-Davidson. Before I even sat on a motorcycle and learned to ride in on the highway. OK I don't think as a city. What else than anything else both recycle at horses with warriors. Race never that is motorcycle with Myanmar's does that sound like somebody who's at all know I could be injured no but I am saying gotta use insensitive some sensible. Thinking here and there. It would you do things I believe I would love to play football you kidding me I would love to have played we have 42 kids in class. With the help Palestinian put together with forty stupid to even if you football as a top they haven't now there's enough people living with so ago. We had tracked. I shot that I threw this is just shot put. And a basketball I play go for years of basketball. But we didn't have football I would love to have I think it would have been great and I believe me. I could have the same conversation now and say I'm going to play even a point of absentee so I know that. It's it's a natural sport you wanna play it you'll wanna do it your competitive. But it's up to the grown up to say it's just too dangerous. And it's just open was riding high performance that bikes or cars or else there's there's an element of danger almost and we like to do. But you have to weigh the risks and in the pluses and see if it's worth it you have the proper Troy training via the proper equipment. Do you have you have the skills necessary to handle what you're going to. And that's all about is not about protecting kids so that they never blog at a coal. Let's go to combat Grand Island that you run W via. Yes and hey this is this is a great topic and really think for and is look they describe it restores. Four. But yeah I thought that was a good descriptive way to do. You know I think I think here and you know gain voters like actually is actually. Really. Respect but I. I first started when I I was born in the sixties and and Europe. I first started playing football. My first exposure of all was elaborate. Football games that would be tackle football games. What you're learning it's not a moment and we've played these street indicated it would be kids range in age. But you would play and you've learned it football without a helmet which I assume Tony that's the idea I like what became acute awareness out with all our. Yet debt and in doing we're doing is with the hawk tackling style as I mentioned earlier. Teaching accuses tackle by a place in the head to the side of the body and wrapping up. With your arms as opposed to Li's team with their head like he did when I played. Yeah and I I think I think the issue country because I I even closed between the time that I started playing it's a mega ice and and that was that Republican like that the whole lake. Just sort of playing sports independently as kids started to go away and everything up or organized. For good reasons but what if that was I think. A lot of kids first exposures the football without helmet out. And it's your first time you play football you're wearing a helmet. I think football forever is a different kind of sport here because. It's it's it was this bad with with you know guys had. It would have been a lot more for announced with with with what was going on. With with all of the you know people getting injured back in the 40s60s. And seventies I mean we would see there will be a lot more Mike Webster's partner. You know you're right to bring back good memories we used to play neighborhoods of football none nobody had a helmet and it size does matter is your name reality is there a neighborhood and I think you bring up a good appointment did you enjoy your playing days. I am I did and I that this is an opportunity and yeah. I've ever thrown at your friend because he woke up from a nap in my house. That's what I do want to see if you're good shot put. And I got my friend on the one because he's the one we will we over a map I had a shot put right next to habitat and I throw them. The. I just I just fear I I don't know I think it's seemed to me that a horse's left the barn for folks already Tony because it's. I I just fear that you know that the phobia about this kind of accident and an incident happening is it's so great and I just I just don't know how the war that this sport Texas football is by design a contact sport which is the difference between it. And a lot of other sports like soccer they're collision that happened in soccer which soccer's not by design a contact sport. Where is where football is football by design is is all about. And that's the lure football to that they they put out the greatest hits the dvds and things like that that's what people wanna say thanks Matt thanks for letting them into our conversation appreciated. Take a break and be back in a good thing for Dan Landry that you weren't and darts he guy exactly op or javelin. Probably couldn't bring the javelin in my house a local but we'll be back where both our newsletter and I started every Libya. Get some of these some of the is it's next year sandy yesterday you said you didn't run for anything it's that big of an unbelievable. Pretty far earlier in your coach river Matta says there here's another never felt a motorcycle is truly frightening. Yeah a very there were animals and I have a quarter horse big strong are seventeen and and quarter horse. Which frankly is the size of a draft horse it was big muscular. And at a riding club Kabila's advantage. Bring your motorcycle open wheel race my horse against your recycle. OK we decided to do it in the fields and can't really Rama course on the road. And it was fun I've got a picture and I should figure out impose that on the web page of my horse digging them that is the start. It was like remarkable was leases and hold on and hope you there at the end but we had a great time he had any rural places with his motorcycle. As always CC has ones I think I've no I don't remember I can remember the bike. I can see it in my eyes is no big white on the big on. I had it was a big one arming it was a winning a cruiser guy it was crash via. And of course the big advantage if you're gonna race a motorcycle with a horse in the field is that the horse as immediate grip. Motorcycle takes a little while to get going we did three heats. All theory. And that's why in my pictures up ships. And never says that it was type deal likely you get out form them and then use catch in his only did on the first one we didn't even start. Okay I'm here and I were both there horse that knows going. Horses and throw the bureau motorcycles and organ failure that so here's a little jittery but who's very fast and very aggressive program so we started even. Go and how is gone before you'd know anything so then I horse caught on. And and getting them back with good stuff like that again because you wanted to go before I could really get a saddle. So what we have to do is then it was a facing straight up OK I was walking away from the starting line okay they said goal. Throw a foot into it from the start what the horse around and still screamed over and over a third wanted to barely get autumn. He was he would be was very competitive he he just loved Iran and he was having fun. And so we did three hates him and we will animal but. Yeah that's and so. Bill lets you move villagers and anybody can do that should have their picture. Op Eds Spezza chefs which I saw Wednesday when dosing with the Iranians any tears flowed down his. He's no one's life by his picture is not a as shifts maybe someday that some day I mean. Herb has a dish named after. I gave him a cop so vastly that's the gold standard having a dish named after you what if who goes round turns around and names addition after team in the gushed and you don't suggest that. Do not suggest that. I have a dish named after me at the about that do not suggest that that's bad that's heresy. As emergency. But ya if you wanna see what Danny looks like. As ships wearing a white sweater and a place that serves reds us. Check it out its thoughts or comments you made a pledge and I am steering a sausage on it looks it was home with her as an Italian sausage and sauce audio and miss sauces good yet. Says. It's just the right amount of sweetness and doesn't just perfect so it was good regimen are you got a couple of vote Facebook's Laura's voice. Howard says video lancet like this of football and it today in my life would not be affected. Pro sports today is not about sports it's about making money for team owners. And they're spoiled employees. If I had a channel today I would urge them to look elsewhere for physical activity. You know I I tend to agree with what he said I think a lot of things that maybe is turning people off that didn't used to. Remember if football started with the teams like the Packers. Where those guys had jobs. And used to do the jobs in the and they would play football on the side. In the same with the Buffalo Bills and all of them they it was not the game and is now now it is so inflated with money. And and they say OK who's gonna make for good plays who's going to be on sports center. Who's going to be able to negotiate the next bigger contract and then it's all about me he had took all those guys to block. And all those guys to do this but I would I was on move with the ball over your goal. The goal line and so I should be the ones celebrated and they talk about teamwork but they certainly don't show. It's so the hot dogs get all of the of facetime the hot dogs you know all the money and it's just spoils that because your kid. Playing sports is a wonderful thing it teaches. The teamwork camaraderie. It teaches winning and more important teachers losing it teaches how to deal with Lowe's is. I've said before. Value probably learn more now from Los than you do from a a victory. And these are positive things but the individual egos of sports has taken the big crazy though. They're absolutely crazy and so a lot of good reasons why kids should play are now reasons why maybe they're getting turned off. No employees Bernice says football's not dead but it is severely over hyped at all levels the media has an agenda to make it into a Sissy sport. Did you know that soccer particularly women's has more concussions in football. I felt it could be made safer by better refereeing. In a couple more rule changes my kids played football and wrestled both of them were injured more during wrestling. Look I wanna bring a one visa by the rules. Anybody who started watching football let's say even twenty years ago lawmaker crazy twenty years ago. Would look at today's game and say. He bat isn't it catch you Q8. You'll you'll eat up your eyes and UK. And you are clutching it and then that tip of the ball touched the ground but you still got it before. And that's not a catch. Elliott talk about. They're trying to make it into a scientific expert. Experience everything let's go to review guy and reveal it and now they're called from New York we've really you know we're here in Green Bay about. The people in New York are going to tell you what they saw can be a competing with the people who was standing right there. You know it's crazy. Look at some of the things that because I love and a fall films and I miss watching. While you watch football in the in the sixties and seventies. Where a defense of winemaking call off the line of scrimmage in some. Climate. Upside ahead or defensive back what mug a wide receiver during his very. Stuff out I think that they're they're trying. I don't know what they're trying to compartmentalize. It too much instead of being a sport it's a bunch of little individual pieces. And a solidly. Pass defenses the defensive backs I can imagine them getting crazy I've affected I. Check just look at this again I I hate mail in the they've been through with a title like that now is too much it's too much you're really is every play is it's either going to be reviewed court's panel. So you in and each flow before the object to a lot of commercials and yeah do do what I do it's it was a plays over a quick look if visible as the first thing yellow box yeah is there a slugger is that a flight. And ends at it's I mean I think that they've let the game blow battle with what my running back like two long touchdown. Ray I'm looking for the outlook as the first thing you do you'll hear from the flights. All right that about wraps it up thanks for joining us today and a higher Du'Shon do today and that option and you didn't rough him up. I was ready to throw that flag bag Jeanne thanks for helping us today I'd figured I'm thirty WB here. It's they never have to leave it be used strictly. Have you given him.