11-10 SPCA Segment - Gina Browning


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Gina Browning is here from the SP CA's serving Erie county hi Tina good morning a big a cold day today the big Children's Hospital move Medina and everybody watching that but. You've got a great companion for somebody now we head to celebrate veterans day ourselves you know we saw him get at the house special going and due to narrow okay. And Danny is there any past or present member of military can adapt and animal. Our shelter in my Senegal or off site for free. We will get that should be. This morning our news hunt is on that down to celebrate veterans day he's packed his red white and blue flag Indiana and on tight end who Dini I Carol pit Bull Terrier mix he is just can't beat. Is he appears in this photo happier when he's got a tour life and friends can and we he does an hour photo. But this time younger looking at him only that they started actually seems to hit the ability to aunt Nancy every single day just like the real. The real good DE. And it's very and go ahead Bryant who. Yeah Houdini looks like a locally I see him for all the way over here at a Children's Hospital I have a question Gina. Is that you know I got the new puppy home. And with the weather getting colder it's getting a little windier out. It is not like going outside it's tough to get to go out giving tips. He's either very Smart not well well you know I guess my only tip would be the ad is let him out only fur is flying as it takes. For him to relieve himself and bring him right back and he's he's already tallying heat is on one of the out. Yes I have to carry amounts that you know he'd he'd he'd stolen outside he hears that wind. Eddie towers all the way back inside. You see those behaviors when their soul young Knight grew up with some Wyatt husky and it was exactly the apple family had to try to carry her back in sag even during the blizzard of 77 it was tricky getting her again. Know it's funny because my dog is that way whose night god doesn't matter what the temperature is loves to go out roll around doesn't matter doesn't want to come and I have to pullen and Brian. I idea. That may be that'll change as he gets a little older I think now he's just too freaked out he just about the most sometime right. He's actually quite Smart to me didn't you beat these very Smart actually. I maybe maybe he needs them might winter coat that use again. And we hit it to sell some I'll winter clothing Fordyce thinking it's right in the Poteat and at parliament shelters up come and then. Processed at night and is now the fashion choices caiso. Have a lot of people taken advantage of that's impacts a lot of you know we've had a lot of people coming in and what we are noticing a lot of and different types of animals are being adapted usually it's mostly dogs always seems amcats adapted some of the smaller animals. So we're seeing more of a variety of work. Hoping everyone can come and hang on the weather is not going to be great at the special and tomorrow we help everyone McMahon into my ticket and that sounds great what are your hours tomorrow night Tamara adapts to open and ten mile an hour earlier on Saturdays but now so close it eyes so we close an hour earlier than most don't don't write it for thirty either right -- you condemning you had some time to spend with an animal and thinking what the weather and might be a little quiet smile so damn can be attacked and Peter really takes intends and the SPC game won't be the crowd that usually CN Saturday's. Are we'll check out who do you least picture. On our patriotic Houdini and that's like blue scarf at news radio 930 on Twitter that's Gina Browning from the SP CA serving Erie county.