10am Duck Boat tragedy briefing

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Friday, July 20th

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Take this time and involve a Malaysian patiently. That'll all night long morning. Yeah joint investigation with the so county sheriff's department I can assure department Branson PD Missouri Highway Patrol. Christian candidate sheriff's office and and all the fire personnel. Have been involved in this. I'm here to speak. Governors gonna speak and then all take some questions after the out. This is an ongoing investigation and we've so more women don't know what we can answer. At this time we have thirteen. Confirmed fatalities. Or have troll dive team recovered two more bodies last night. Very shall live to humans or back in the water this morning. There are birds over the four that we still have missing. And I says they'll all night. Very trying to hide him please keep all of our families involved and over first responder personnel on your thoughts and prayers. Thank you very much. First of all. I want for all of missourians and all our thoughts and prayers are with the families. And the victims. In this tragic events that occurred down here needless to say it's. That things have occurred in the last 44 hours. Heartfelt. It's a sad occasion a lot of people involved a lot of families involved with a down here on vacation try and enjoy time. And it ends up with NASA like this so the one thing I do I want to thank all the responders that have been down here wanna thank you sheriff. I want to thank the city of Branson I want it back to this or stay I would patrolled there dive team is still out in the water. I will continue to be out on the water and all the other resources and old coast guard's here there's a multiple agencies have come together. To try to help with this tragic event to break some sort of conclusion to it. Needless to say it again. Myself on the First Lady our thoughts and prayers right now with these family members. That are here. But I have to deal with this tragedy we as a state. We'll do everything within my powers to make sure that they all have the resources here they need. To come to a conclusion on the sense of that. And finished with investigation this tragedy. That we know what the outcome of what was. And what those results will be. But right now our main focus all of us should be an across this country. Should be our thoughts are prayers should be with members. Have been involved the family members are out there family members that are in the hospital. And for the families to get your safely to be reunited with some other members that are here. So that without wanna turn about with the sheriff. Let him answer some more questions but the main thing I want to say this morning statements or is editor thing with our powers. To make sure that we provide the resources needed to complete this and to that I asked for all missourians. For their thoughts and prayers for the families and that some of essence thank you. I also learned. Thank Hershey family properties in Branson Belle. They have bent over backwards helping us here along the chateau. Got an outpouring of love and support. From all over the country. And we appreciate that all dispelling rumors that the Hersh in favor of properties does not own the ducks and all of CNET Dobson. A media outlets but they do not own a dog so when dispel that rumor right now. We'll take your questions. That again it's too early in the best investigation. Coast Guard is here investigating NTSB will also have them the be helping NTSB and an investigation. That'll be up for them to to decide. I did not have any idea. Here and work. I'm sorry. Owners. Though they were not owners there was a captain and a driver that was on the boat. Captain did you watch. No matter. As far as. Right now we're we're still working with families and making notification so at this time I'm not give that information now. Ridge the first call came in our number one center at 709 PM. I'm sorry. All nose first call came and his central about the about going underwater. And I know. It. From what I understand it was life judges in the in the dog. I I can't answer that question. I have not. There. Game early investigation and and I don't have a management. It goes. Wrong. Just make one comment through a lot of questions being asked here. I think it's gonna take time to know the details everything has occurred. The sheriff the Highway Patrol. A lot of people involved trying to answer all the questions that you're asking this morning it's gonna take some time to really be able angels questions. On that we don't know what the status of all the bench yet that's still under investigation until that investigation is completed. I don't think it's my boys or anyone's place to speculate. All the things that could have happened or why this happened I think it's important that we find out for sure exactly what events did occur. And and be able to release that at some point and that will happen. Eventually but today it's just feel orally. And the sheriff and his people and all people behind me has been working. You know living up on this thing for a long time and it's just a matter of bringing all these details together at a point out walk. And yes like you is over the public does serve. From what I understand. I had a stone Canada but he that was on the branch and Belden off duty security. It was involved in rescues those employees of the Branson Belle that jumped in and help with rescue. And it was even passengers that was getting on the Branson Belle assistant and rescuing people. That. Yes that is very outstanding and again all of us tell everybody if for somebody out there with the video. Of this please image or stone county sheriff's office FaceBook page. We would like to retrieve any videos we can't of the incident that happened for our investigation and for NTSB and the Coast Guard investigation. I I guess that question. It's hard to tell looks good. I can't tell circular windows or thorough it's hard to tell on the videos we have seen so far here. I can't answer that I don't I don't know. They were here last night throughout the whole night with us and while brave thing we needed. So I know they've put out press today to but I haven't seen it so I don't know. The told divers have located it they know where it's out. There will be recover probably later today. And hearing every. The. I'm sorry I agree that there. And I don't know anything about. What about it. Or yet he he was on the Branson Belle not on the it was on the branch in Belgium and jumped in and help. I'll take one more question. I believe. Yes I believe it's an about eighty photo water landed I'd leave in about forty but water and roll down and aid for the water. No it's on wheels. There. This is Alex said NTSB will be here shortly. The Coast Guard Ohio patrol mean this is a huge joint investigation between all of us. Just working together this time to try to figure out exactly what did happen and and recovery mode for the bodies were still missing. I. I am not spoken to the president directly we do know he knows that the incidence has been read our staffs have been talking to one another. We were traveling in the southeast portion of the state yesterday evening light. So we've been travel here good morning to get here. You know. I I go back acted to do what I said original image. In my statement right now it's just hi amber off. Thoughts and prayers and their there's a lot of healing has to take place right now and right now that's the story. That we all should be based on or by wants nobody tells all those details will come and talk. But right now. It's it's about really trying to protect the families to unite the families and to deal with the situations that are and I think that's most important thing thank you very much for being here. Well I was there I know that you'll still be on with questions. You can call my office and leave a message and I'll try to get back here I've been. Of course overwhelmed what all of you trying to call and get a hold of us. Jason pace with the Missouri Highway Patrol is also available answering questions so you can try to get contact with those you have more questions. Thank you for coming. Not that we have scheduled yet no.