10/20 Bauerle and Bellavia Hour 4: Working Alongside the Opposite Sex

Bauerle and Bellavia
Friday, October 20th

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News radio 930 WBE. And then I'm not saying almost punched out by hourly. I'm saying. That was very close. That was one I cannot believe he's back and apologize for. It's combo hourly use it in mind. I do not. Generally what he's been in so much for top what I'm sorry. How about like all I can opt an enormous boom in your it was up. You pizza so I could do it hard and let you read. You come by for weeks and David Bellamy I am curious what your I imagine that it went in my mouth its hourly and Olivia. Get by the end is now inside Sylvia. Should do not tell him I said that on news radio 930 W beaten. Anyway it is up early and elevate that. News radio 930 W. They're being and. And welcome to the show for a candidate is producing. Jim Lehrer is producing a and everybody's reproducing at rapid rate is just amazing. Anyway. We're beyond what if you join us yesterday for the show. You know Leo Harvey Weinstein story animators at some questions. And so the questions are what are chances men and women. Can simply be plate tonic friends your experiences. My life I've known a lot of people. For some reason. I've always had the ability. To be confided in by people with their deepest darkest darkest secrets fantasies desires and experiences. And good Italian bat. It is my opinion based on the experiences and experiences of which I've heard it. That when men and women are friends 70%. Of the time and we can debate that number 70%. Of the time. Eventually there will be sexual activity between the man and the woman. Also dating at work or even being friends with anybody at work. I have decided that I am going to be the most anti social person at the workplace. In this day and age 27 team it is not worth it is positively. Absolutely not work. Trying to be friendly. Anybody at work with the exception of course of David but we were friends before this year we've started bad as far as anybody else. There is no upside to say hey wanna grab a direct well I could say hypothetically that fail and he's already given his consent for me the use him any example I used today. Do we have an accord. That I can say it felt I felt you wanna grab a beer after the show. And if all Eagles. If he. The Eagles. Upset if he feels offended if he feels say the word uncomfortable. He could literally go down HR and I get in trouble. Just for say they did a grab a beer after work that's 2070. Welcome to it so the employers who used to wanted to trust building exercises with blankets should now. Change the policy to you know watt. This is your workplace we don't want to socialize after work. I don't know if we can even a company baseball and softball team ball wing T teams or else. Because of the new climate of 27 to where literally all sex is rape. And I'm pretty sure that every word is right now I'm pretty sure at least to college campuses across America there's one other thing that I think we need introduced. Actually. Somebody in the music industry brought this to my attention. What is there about female DM AA. That makes women. Wanna hit on a guy they were never interest in the minute that guy shows up with a woman. Ladies ditch. What is it about female the NK. It's like the old joke in music the guitar player can be with anybody wants. The bass player always goes home 0803. Oda thirty starlet 31 to 80616. W. BE and the we're talking about stuff like that and then toward the end of the show we've got some really interesting stuff about the the military and somebody break in the smack down on a congresswoman. Right now though let's go to ride and in Pendleton WBBM right in Europe Bauerle envelop via. All right dog I want that they likely that could say I put a girl next door. And Dutch it was a good friend Ellen yeah we go right or we were all we grew up. And a bulk part Portugal and you're all our program not that it matters but I think people. As with how we are just genetically. However you want it. In order to meet somebody it's usually you get older with actual fight in at all from. You know to be annually at all so I don't think. People who only get older just comes together at a woman to become a little something more when you meet somebody older white players. I know that we act. Wait you mean when both people are older or when you go through your mrs. Robinson phrase. Wait let me let me bring that up to speed when you go through your Milf stage. You know you'd get all that it was OK you know you're not yet caught. Up and you know it. You know spot that very like I went in Italy it'll at all but are. Oh you're oh boy oh boy or girl they're younger or older. Just meeting somebody there's usually I think that there isn't more. You know. Like an opener Marley but it actually when you get older serve in or not that wrongly of we are made on our creator L. So you're saying that more than 50% of the time men and women cannot be friends with out. Upon sexual impulse or having sexual impulse. Want not what twitch what is that. There's a difference between thinking something and acting on those thoughts. Right I don't get. Pretty remarkable but refine it could be attractive regard and think about it what you just meet somebody. You didn't finer or the at all might be cool what do you I don't know if you are on Saturday at cook Al. You might feel like you're getting the wrong impression that you are that would Hewlett but it would attract the Buick. Oh yeah that prototypical power sharing their fire it open if you want to really attractive and that goes both ways about it. It wouldn't you wouldn't be so up should be like Ella allowed on Saturday unless you go out each other somewhat abstract number. Maybe I mean I. So I time elected there's a difference between a situation I mean I think we're stating the obvious or there's a difference between a situation where both people buying the other person attractive in some way shape or form and a drunken 3 AM booty call. Oh yeah at all or not. You might wake up next day and not wannabe can't do that person that bark at you realize if they stay at. Or you may wake up the next day and you'd know that you will be going to Denny's. There are. So that's one of the reasons why a lot of offices don't have Christmas parties and holiday parties because of of that type of fragmentation. Value that we battled all that's required they'll have a bit more maybe triple logic. Police and everybody would respect highly it or not nobody appeared to sort it all drive all without getting in trouble in the weight. Your I can't even go to the Christmas party this year I I just I can't do I have to cover. I have to CY I I don't going to be in an environment at work where people are drinking alcohol I don't want that thing. I get a slither out of here it is just it's always. Wright's point though the liability of that is going to be huge reason for that decisions well I agree. Yeah big time absolutely of people out of I mean I have a couple beard you know your side. I mean bars are getting sued for sending people home that are getting in accidents. That's a lot of responsibility. For just having a punch ball with the alcohol and you know. Well I mean if you had the means you're gonna do a Christmas party you should at least make it very clear and generating preferably that he'll be. If anybody's override home. Very considering how cheap Wilbur says well I don't remember that you don't duck like yelled. It's ridiculous. That people are they're like within five minutes in we've Livan paddle. Yeah who are all over the late trading. Well yeah but I mean seriously be you gotta watch him if I no longer about get trashed there's no way am driving. Even even in acted as you and you appeared at a little in the view and. How old would there is no such thing as a little buzz. It you're either drunk according to the law you were impaired according to the law or you are legal so a little buzz you might as well be a lot drunk. Air all doesn't matter does it you know what you know that's not even deployed because. I think most of us are of the opinion that. We could not live with a ourselves if we were quote a little bugs and ran over a three year old. There's no law in the world is gonna stop me from. Hurt myself the vikings like that. It's even if you have one beer and you accidentally oh we actually had gotten to a so called fuel. If I had no Beers and I ran over a three year old idol. I have a very difficult time the rest of my life. Oh I think anybody would but it didn't want to thank you knew you would be put out their third straight interpret whether you're gonna wanna make an example out of there as well. You don't get a beer and no matter what you're wrong but it still was all I don't know yet appeared at all. This is one of the interesting things about wheat because everybody smokes it. I'm sorry but I'm sorry that I see everybody a bit. Up I 90%. Of the people are pretty sure over certain age smoke weed and the problem is. Is it will stay in your system and will be visible on a drug test so you could be totally straight like. You might add an edible three weeks ago. And if you're driving. And you hit somebody and there's an injury involved and you're gonna test positive for we'd even though you were straight. As a long Baldwin's aero at the battle up lodge in court. And you still screwed. Really had allowed belt now but I have never heard that even I figured it. They look more at all all bets is for Obama. Might be right. All it if you're involving a serious motor vehicle accident you will in all likelihood you're getting the fold drug panel. Yes absolutely. And obviously it should be that way. Yes it should border if they haven't straight weeks ago and marijuana really. I mean escape. What is what I'm saying here is that an issue with with marijuana and frankly other drugs as well is that you overlooking the effect is totally gone from your system from your government that from your mind it is not a factory actions but it still is gonna show up as president in your body even though you were about oxygen they're working nine and things that they can get it down to a certain level but these are all experimental mostly in Washington State and then cholera. Well the same the same Nichols looked construction as we haven't actually been hurt you actually file that apparently while they were called motor. You know you're you're in whatever drugs Serb Yemen and Jordan into terror perpetrators just on the legally you know you're all god. You know you're going to be caught your lender any you know there was a conference all they're not bigger joke that's it'll go back. You know they want to go and at a joint or whatever. You know legally they don't have you can't do it. First of all a joint waste too much and nobody spokesman's upward legend Paul thank you very much. By that's what I've heard from friends of mine who smoked marijuana. And there are no longer course alive because it's true effective the minute you smoke one you will become a heroin addict and die within a year. That's that's science were. It's a twenty minutes after six sorry it's the libertarian in the coming out ladies and gentlemen let's go to traffic on WB yen and here is Allan Harris Allen. It is by hourly and Olivia is a text and the text board who wears a purple suit to Iraq concert. The answer is I do. Thank you and I have also warn other colored suits to rock concerts and the reason I dress up is because I want to be noticed. In the words of steely grip and I didn't dress like this not to be noticed. Let's go to you and by the way let me just mention this conversely. Don't go to Russell's wearing jeans. Portal and so. I guess he's not a slob but shows respect. Here is Eric Corey on the boats on WBE. And Corey you are the man of the boat and you're a WB Ian. I. All from the oval catamaran. Yes. You are the guy who is on that vote and we are really well which we got to make some money mixed your. Well we a couple of that it will and I continue to talk a lot in particular that duke Barbara I want an Indian city of buffalo. Okay and my partner will want female. We had absolutely. No. Attraction to one another we work for an. From the elite became partners until the day that we work partners. Although the group club went out to the bar and alcohol at all. It and it you can read in no way would mean her. It's not like we're an op city where war. One and that building to the other. We were partners should get next to each other in income for twelve hours Ortiz. And four days off. No actually happened it was probably the awkward situation. Occurred in. Okay what I say okay what made it awkward defect that. May be one of you wanted more than just a one night stand or the fact that it happened in the first place. The fact that moon wanna I wanna do more. And I'll do it it's just wasn't gonna happen because it. Well we first became partners we only true that's a little but walk through what happened and we're here to work. Alcohol and also one night and the network. And how long after that one night stand to that partnership that works lest. It couldn't live work and we call rotation or were column towards the weekly he couldn't write for what rotation that would like to awkward. I want audit go at that our partners and she agreed that the the patient for almost I don't wanna be at risk it was so awkward. I need look. There's Seoul are you know what. I find disinterested because this actually covers two marys or covers the dating or sex with somebody you work with and it also covers ten men and women be friends so with the best of intentions neither of you will want it anything more than a friendship but a few drinks go down and so. Well I'm not gonna finish the sentence. Well you know. That's. The Flickr hello I have never been in such an awkward situation certainly. I'll move. Oh. Well third I mean. That that didn't happen you know with with the guys on the camera in. August saying you know. I'm not. Throughout noted that there were over cocoa pebbles. But rabbinical. I was gonna say yes yes hey want to what quickly inquiry because. There's somebody actually challenged me on this true or false. I do not accept free drinks from people. 100%. True. I can vote for you might try it operating at any rate drink and you re. You sit at one under. Thank you and I did so slightly. And you'll reap. Where. I'm reading food I will say it. Well I've learned in life that you have to take care of people and typically you get taken care of and it's just it's nice to do nice things for people when you can't. So anyone that senator Gregg who. Nobody should that I've ever met any board did you ever said it's how Bauerle is a bad tipper in any text him ever read. There's absolutely well also invited Korea out afterwards but we were going to talk about the seriously this this happened why this happened years ago. That has ever reason and I recently and now. So that's definitely the FaceBook the email was recent. That said that you can Friedrich accusing me somehow I think they accuse me of doing something you listen to get the tickets they got the concert. Which I did not now. Well he had that first of all you'd be outed in two cents. Don't use that were on you would be if you did something. Unethical they would blow of the 30. Absolutely and and that's just management. Hey Corey thanks a million. Will be it cut they're about. Indeed indeed a lot of interest in that a gasket after grapple legalities thank use because I don't need any but he didn't beat him thank you used elements of I get a key ability out of the loop joke where nostalgia and a half. Now David you will benefit you and Michael. It is 647 Israel thirty WVU we're gonna let he'll do the deal of the day because he has got a chance to talk all that much on the radio. They did it we've got people calling a bit. It's it's important to revisit Niger and a certain phone call that was made this week do you feel compassion for that now you felt that okay. Ladies and gentlemen coming up you're here one of the greatest. Have views without saying those words. Ever given by somebody in the White House to a radical congress one. And Israel thirty WB yeah. I go back. To buy hourly ability and for the record I never said I wasn't gonna do ago show I just said I don't I don't believe in ghosts and I think they're stupid and that. Do you have. Wouldn't subjected to doing that show if you thought the show is stupid I mean. Audience likes ago shows they love it they always ask for it that's the one is the most report it is your stairway to have. It's the most requested that it might bohemian rhapsody there are three shows that you do to get the most requests. The top. A ghosts. Ghosts your people like your Memorial Day shows. And they love you're. Best toys you get for Christmas yeah I would want it while it has I just felt it was getting older and repetitive. What do you do. Black Friday show. No I but I used to do your favorite toys the favorite thing to play with as a kid but it got repetitive a lot of stuff I didn't even know and frankly is as generations. As generations have moved on it it just got down to the big game boy. And that was the Xbox that we ever for the call we took. From somebody who got an Xbox and then one day later they left the employment of the guy who gave the Xbox. That was one day later. I've got app. So anyway David for those who. Have not been paying attention to that news. We lost four. Of American. Soldiers. In the African nation of Niger. You know it's there it's a really Cree. Easy mission we don't have a lot of information but here's here's basically what we know we know that. Oh we lost four guys three of them were recovered on day one. Do that the fourth guy who is the this soldier that really kind of behind that. This congresswoman and the controversy. Led. The pack Thompson. Kid. He is the soldier dead to have. Was basically separated from you and we don't really know how he died quite frankly because at first it was a beacon that went off. And they went to the beacon but they found his body. Wanna see either two days later one day later. But it was quite a distance away from the other gentleman and we also found out that there were two waves of attacks there that was the first wave. That hit these guys and they were fifty enemy that attacked d.s the small special forces group and they fought off the first wave. The second wave is what killed the asset guys and then a French attack helicopter came and he might be asking what wide we have people in in Niger well. I can tell you that. You know met a hash tag for the girls that were taken by apple core arm. Bring back our girls right that was so effective I look Michelle Obama with that hash tag and I was so emotionally. I was so moved by what these these special forces guys that's exactly who they're fighting in and why they're fighting because vocal rom in that area. Has big com. You know almost a franchise of crisis or al-Qaeda you know whether or not they're flying the basis or al-Qaeda flag. Vocal rom is definitely a part of you know that terrorist movement now they do things in sort of used the name of whatever terrorist group. Is the most popular at the moment but they can definitely unsettled that if you look at the border. Where that is there's been a lot of bloodshed there over the years. And honestly you can't gave these terrorists any sort of a battleground so what you do is you train the locals to be able to fight and that's what this does. They trained. Local nationals to pick up the fight and do it themselves so we look at this and 5060000. Americans over there. They can do it themselves and they were around they were killed in that mission. And of course there was a kind of a phone call made president trump. Call the grieving widow of the congresswoman there phone when I'm speaker she thought she heard something different. But John Kelly yesterday. Not only takes you know essentially takes this issue off his presence. You know it's not present trumps issue anymore. John Kelly goes and gives this for those who don't know David John Kelly issues. John Kelly is a former marine general who lost his son in Afghanistan. And his son was killed in action he has another son that's done five Taurus is another sign that I did three tours. But understand this is a commander this. A field grade officer. That it's still an amazing things for got a country his kids do not have to be in battle these kids do not have to be in danger. And they chose to be. The this is part of their life this is what they want this is the county. Family is what they do. So he knows what it's like to anomalies sacrifice you know it's like to lose your your kit and battles so it's very powerful. Let's play. He was John Kelly in the briefing room yesterday from the entire White House media. On WB Ian so I just wanted to perhaps a bit more statesman and an explanation Seymour an explanation and you know amongst your traditional press. Correction. The most Americans don't know what happens when we lose what about soldiers sailors airmen Marines. A coast Guardsmen in combat. So Terry what happens. Their bodies. Wrap them up and whatever passes as a shrug. Puts them on helicopters came to send them home. Their first stop along the way. Is when they're packed in ice. Typically AT&T your head. And and flown to New York. Where there have been packed in ice again. And flown to Dover Air Force Base. Where it over security remains. Bonds them. Meticulously. Dressed as them and your fault with the rebel with a medals that they've earned. The analyst of this service. And for tomorrow and other plans linked up with the casualty officer. Escort that takes them home. Very very good over to watch your you have ever seen interstate insurance. Where this is done in a movie HBO sitting. Chance Phelps who was killed under my command right next to me towards him that if you've never seen it. So that's the process. While that's happening. A casualty officer. Typically goes to all very early in the morning. And waits for the first like to c'mon. And then knocks on the door. Typically a mom and dad lancer wife. If there is a wife is happening in two different places have been parents are divorced three different places. And the casualty to casualty officer. Proceeds to break apart. With them. And stays with that family. Until. Well for a long long time even have to internment. So that's what happens who are these young men and women. There are the best 1% this country produces. Most of you. As Americans. Don't know them. Maybe I don't know anyone who knows and you want to prepare the very best country produces. And they volunteers that our country. When there's nothing in our country anymore. That seems to suggest. That selfless service to the nation. Is not only appropriate but required that sore right. Who writes letters to the families. Typically at a company commander in my case is a great accomplishment of attack commander regimental commander division commander. Secretary of defense to look at the services from around the Marine Corps. And the president took steroids whether. Typically the only phone calls a family receives the most important phone calls they can imagine and that is from their bodies in my case. Hours after my son was killed his friends were calling us from. Afghanistan. Tell us what a great guy Lewis. Those are the only. Phone calls it really matter together. Via letters column to a degree. But. There's not much that really can take the edge off with a family members going through. So. Some presidents. Have elected to call all presidents I believe elected to send a letter. If you elect to call a family like this in his book the most difficult thing you can imagine. There's no perfect way to make that phone call. When I took this job. And talked to president. Trump. About how to do it. My first recommendation was he not do. Because. It's not the phone call that parents family members are looking forward to it's nice to do in my opinion in any event. Yes revoked could be previous presidents and I so I can tell you that. President Obama who was my energy when I was an active duty. Did not call my filming that was not a criticism. That was just to simply say I don't believe pres Obama called that's not a negative thing. I don't believe President Bush called in all cases. I don't believe any president particularly casualty rates are very very. That president's call. They all right. So they gave that explanation for president. Three days ago. He elected to make phone calls in the case of the four young men we lost and I sure purely as part of this month. They said you know what I do you make these calls. If you thought in the family. If you never worn a uniform. You've never been in combat. You can't even imagine how to make that call but it is very bravely. Does make those calls. The call for question. That he made yesterday. A day before yesterday no worker for family members before falling. To remember this and actually can. Designated by the individual if she's married that's typically what they're supposed. If you got marriages typically parents Alyssa parents are divorced and they've. It's like one of them if you did get on with his parents they'll say it feels like to sibling but the point is the phone calls made to be. Next can only if you commit next Ken agrees to take the phone calls sometimes they don't. So pre call was made president of guys stage of the Colorado marine corps of someone would like to call we will have to call. And typically they'll accept the call. So he called for people live there and express his condolences the best way that you could. He said to me. What Roy said. I should ensure there's nothing you can do like the burden. On the east room. We'll look at your life. What really tell you my best friend. Jordan had told me. This is my casualty officer. You should tell. He was going. Exactly. What he wanted to do. When he was killed. He knew what you get and you might join him that 1%. You know with the possibility for. Because toward war. And when he died. And before cases were talking my advisor my son's case in Afghanistan. Where he died surrounded by the best man. On this earth is friends. That's what the president. Tried to say to a fan support families the other day. I was stunned. When I came to work yesterday morning and broken hearted. What I sore and member of congress story. Member of congress who. Listen there are a phone call from the president United States we don't want. And in his way tried to express. That opinion. There's a brave men. Fallen hero. He knows he's got himself into because he'll listen to stories are listed in list. That is where you wanted to be. Exactly where you wanted to be was exactly the people he wanted to do was when his wife was statement that was the message. That was the message that was transmitted. It's stuns me that a member of congress for the listened in on a conversation. Absolutely stunned me. I thought. At least that was favored. As a kid growing up a lot of things to say in our country. When it was a good. Looked upon with great on its always about the case in wars receive from recent. Faces life particularly of life saver that's gone religion. It seems to be gone as well. Gold star families I think that left in the convention over the some. I just thought. The selfless devotion that brings a man or woman to die in the battlefield I just thought. But that might be sacred. I listen to this woman what she was saying. What she was doing on TV. The only thing I could do congressman. To collect my thoughts as to go. And walk among the finest men working on this earth. You can always find I don't know if it matches up there. Or whatever. Walked about storms so hopeful I'd put it. Because they were doing what I told him to do when they were killed. Oh and with us. And in an October April's rather reported fifteen are still on active duty. I went to the dedication. Of the new FBI. Field office in Miami. And it was dedicated to two men who were killed in a firefight. In Miami it was against drug traffickers. In 1986. Got him a Grogan. And duke. Grogan almost retired 53 years old joke I think what's in here on the job anyways gotta gun fight. There were killed three others FBI agents were there wounded. Now retired. So get down Jim called me get an absolutely brilliant. Memorial speech to those fallen man in the and me and to all of the men and women of the FBI's. Serve our country so well in law enforcement so. There were family members there. Some of the children that were there 434 years old when the dead were killed. On the street and no Miami Dade. Three men that survived the fight was there. He gave rendition of I'll bring those men were they just realized. And congresswoman. Stood up. In the long tradition. Premise that was just holidays IE you know what David IE I was riveted we usually don't like the play that long. A bit of audio and weak could have gone further than we have the time of that as some of the most powerful. Pro words I've ever heard from. Iraqi people and ice to send him to do over every step of what happens to a body and for anyone to politicize that. She had no business being on that phone call she had no business listening to that phone call certainly no business making a political blood. That's why general Kelley called her and empty barrel. And in return this year is called mr. General Kelley a racist a racist that's. Which is served. It'll actually devoid of any substance whatsoever and that's I think that's what you say when you have just been completely undressed by somebody like general Kelley. That's right you know he spoke with such a calm voice and yet. The passion was there and the content was amazing he's he's a special guy earliest I I'm so glad that we we played that they're guys. David of course thank you for your service well that's very kind to thank you for yours and thank you for. What we shared today there we shared a very special moment and David leaves here in the firm knowledge that my DNA is now part of his make up. I accidentally spit in his mouth earlier. Thanks to Jim Barrett thanks to go cavity and I know one thing David would never stoop to any level to get even with. God bless you guys. It. Hello ate dirt with I am now what's going on we would you wanna do today for the show. It it's time. We talked about sex bravely. Let's talk about you and me. And all the good things and the bad things that could be yeah go ahead I prefer men and nothing but men give me a sausage that any day of the week. I really don't know what to say about it I think in an effect on the ailing Ronald Reagan I'd would you know do it I don't I don't instantly you're talking about. So the traffic on maple road. And who'd think I go by. Just an Asian. I am old. Why are you saying such ridiculous things right now Asians can't. Tom have been recording new this entire time. Given a good feeling inside may be able particularly actually I'm gonna play this live on the air.