10/20 Bauerle and Bellavia Hour 3: Working Alongside the Opposite Sex

Bauerle and Bellavia
Friday, October 20th

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News radio 930 WBA. And yeah. It it's time. We talked about sex bravely. Let's talk about you and me and all the good things and the bad things affected big. He Tom Bauerle you know what been there done that and it's weird you're. But now you know you guys I'm sorry I'm a grown up in David Bellamy let's see if anyone agrees with the today. I would doubt that David its hourly and they'll be I think I'm living in real bill I think I'm living in reality land. On news radio 930 W. Not sure I am almost punched out by hourly. I'm saying. That was very close. Debt was one I cannot believe he's not gonna apologize for that. McKay. It's like amateur but anyway. Here's my point. I just think he's gonna come back in the room eventually were to sit down talk like men about what just happened. And we will share with the audience together this is a great moment. If you are in Q in her post fights live on radio you wanna tune into this one. You're back and this is this wish opened the Bulldog. You're gonna hear it jobs. This is going to be a knockdown drag out fight with Tom Bauer all. You spit in mind face. I. Generally don't want is we use Britt in so much for top I'm sorry. How about like all I just hop an enormous look in your fate is up. You pizza so I could do it charged and what went into my Freddy's. I'm like dude you might put them and that happens. Happens. Argue Q well. Did you were following so close I got followed its spots. We would be married impact in the states pay. Pay. I'm dead serious dude there was no need you can at least apologize for something to say that I that I don't execute it I just think. Must be acknowledged it was in life. Try to mess I've. That's singer tried them out my I appreciate items are I've got to react. I was a bit flippant for spitting in my eyes now I was I was turning around because I forgot Mike Bob but that's what you said and that's what came out. Follow a lot of I turnaround and almost all Hillary Hillary so if in fact some of the cheese popcorn I had been eating. Do you think they'll duke duke was an artillery round that ended up in your you view well. I'm sorry it's. You know you go through Fallujah and Iraq and you come through with flying colors I Jews and under his just a little saliva I. I'm sorry but what you thought it was like funny like it's a funny thing that goes on. Oh. Do. You get you worked up over your clothes he's been all this money in your clothes. Mustard or whatever it got in the jacket you had a really nice jacket I had a little. Hot pretzel yourself and it was mustard. The point is you weren't too cool when I got the stuff when you object you got really mad at me. You're really you're upset that I got stuff in your G acting like to be careful this is pretty expensive cars I get that way when a man spits in your face it just walks away laughing like it's funny. I think that's a little bit disrespectful that's all of us. I don't think I've do you think it's a bit and it's well it it's it's legit. But it is what has my attention. I'm not saying you intended to spit in my face and seeing your reaction have been like all I'm so sorry to spite your face I am sure has been in your parents are meant to get away in my mouth. At the top my tooth. And right now I have like. York's. Little freaked out by that to be quite like are you thinking that there's going to be HPV how much vineyard sick or disease and she is disgusting. Well I'm I'm disgusted that library to be discussed and discussed. Here. I'm sorry I animal workers were back. Yesterday so the question yet see that's what I'm talking you to basically kept that all it can't. You know what if it if I just got. Memphis South Park episode if I just tested my DNA right now I'd have Tom's family and my lineage. So let's see. A pleasure laughter. Not David your sisters or 90%. Italian 2% founded Montreal. We know big didn't. That's Bauer at least there. Awesome. Knobs and in the future though if you were to do like just the same like when I. Damage you Jack I apologize. I even offered to clean your jacket. Which. I still offered clean your jacket that the upside you politics. In that spirit. I will expect that the 10-Q. Let's let's are if you're just joy if I if I if I eat a pretzel in the new car would you be upset. Well because it's not a car anymore because of a hole already keyed. Oh you get your car key shot. Or somebody at least open or an overly reckless fashion you can say anything nice buffalo and heated game they've they've opted hitting key use a little the it's a little beat me god forbid you actually had something nice because somebody can't handle it and at all jealous about it. It is nice cars. Well that's why they were they were made for guys work part Asian were badly in doubt I'd like to thank for portrait for office for a partner let's go to Jason in buffalo it's developing a show. On Wednesday. First I wanna say that Tom. The next time you make no mistake was necessary. Which I'm assuming you well because you're not god or Hillary Clinton. Just when she's about a like argue that you know distinct character carriers and it would happen. All I have no issue hearing her voice whatsoever. But I hope I get arm so I totally agree with or 70%. What you know their friends are. Together they're gonna have some sexual relationship. My. Roommate. He met a girl has work. There and it became really good friends. Now at the time she had a boyfriend. And so they were just really good friends or look over year and then he eventually got a girlfriend last August. And that she broke up with her boyfriend. And then it turns out that you actually achieve it. And this is current girlfriend. Was his work friends and now they're together. Because they just. Jason thank you so man. What what would your voice do you you got like some wrong with the voice them. Are actually. So I'm 430. Yeah I have a voice box probably older. What how how that. The when I was going through cured yet. The test Armstrong never once to my voice you actually make it bigger. So like. And I'm I'm told and I appreciate it it's just Jean is that something that like your insecure about honorary cool enough to talk. Well I've heard a long time yes. I was definitely insecure. What did you say when when people for Ghana. I guess yeah I'm knowledge just. You know based the fact that it's not going to get any deeper. And there are so rare that one I saw Marty doctor. Is just like all my show you don't like art camera down my nose. In my sculpt. Yes exactly. It's so rare that is like and showed us two other people yet I have never seen it before. Well I like can you would like what if you choose to give voice like like how to would have us. Or if you wanted to like fate of if you want to fake voice did you faint voices and stuff. Term like did you go like we're there mrs. Jensen. Not go as high as you can what does that sound like. Fortunately we had taken my fear because is he used the word that the FCC's. Rounds of who just called that gonna wanna hear it all back do it to control your voice in the seventh this year. But you still need a fast it. It's like this guy who and I don't mean to be right to bring because he's called before and that was what went on and you know sometimes it can be a lasting result of mustard gas attack which I find highly unlikely. The other thing is I bet he can do one hell. They dominantly impersonation. That's about I wonder if it's singing register has hired. I would bet that he can do killer dominantly and probably killer body Tyler total eclipse of the heart but I also believe he could probably do voices for cartoons and other things like that there is. His voice really stand out to me that such as far as you know. I mean it was different but it wasn't a cautiously different. But here's the question I want an answer when he calls back and it contains his language. Bad boy. It is. If the testosterone. Did not develop his voice box when he was in his teenage years is there a chance that if he saw you colleges in combination with. With an ear nose and throat specialist if they can work out. A hormone therapy that would actually at this point make his voice lower. I wonder if are being augment action with testosterone. Could actually bring about the desire. Result the what sounds like everything else growing or everything else maturity in proportion. But the voice I'm still waiting for that to happen to me from my point is is that I I'm I'm always intrigued by people who overcome. You know like people's speech impediments that are people would whatever and they are teased out there like they get to a certain point where they're just like you know what it really doesn't bother me this is how I respond. And I would think that's good for for kids out there I did. Really thick glasses growing up so I learned how Ottawa. Punched you did you get this the sort of turn. Now now that why do you Wear glasses. I yeah it was in the army and they gave me these glasses and they are so gross and for the column birth control classes yeah because no one will ever meet with you when you Wear. And the point is are so gross and disgusting I was about to deploy and I was like you know what no it's gonna take me seriously what these giant glasses. I learned issue my dominant guy. I became a left so. He dominant guy is what is what is your uncorrected vision of dollar and why they it's like 2040. But the other one is. Stick with it sorts toward a lot about the good losers at this point you can actually get the surgery because not only does the surgery corrects nearsightedness but they also have developed modalities by which a stigmatize and can be correct which is really deal because. When I was around that was in the rich is new and it's gotta be within a certain range war could be applications. Right shot and I'll be two or older and medical school Ed he's going to be in the spelling. All right let's go to were traffic WB and have a guy whose mouth I've never sped into here's Alan Harris. Thank you very much that what you should know Phil is despite the fact that I was extremely myopic glasses were actually east I could actually like do Coke bottles okay and is put thousand frames. I was like. 2500. In each guy with a slight a statement is him. I've been through six yes six refractive surgeries QE. Because unlike normal people. My my vision actually changed in my forties and actually drew an inch height. Did I notice you growing injured night and I will explain how and why call human growth or it's your life settles a group three injured. You've been hearing Barry Bonds or help it grow is that all a rope frak it. We had a compressed it ha yeah now if they can only Pigram waited do that with the other. Issues like Jason Jason joins us Jason Kidd sailed words throw all right so Jason note that you can't use that word that we all use for excrement but your voice sounds a twelve year old but the word was a 22 year old McCain music. And Jason talked about this I think is kind of cooled it. First of all that your you're you're you're totally. Above you know no one is can these words don't hurt you anymore you're you're a man. And and how did you deal with that when people bring an apple would you DO. Well I had and I cannot lie. High school was a little bit out. I can imagine. Do I've got scars from high school we've all got scars from high school but I mean this guy that's why we buy porsches for the reunions. But like the what I mean did you use humor what did you do. All well. I just eventually just accepted the fact. This is so I am right. And you know god put us our reserves. And he doesn't make any mistakes so. I guess what I mean there's people out there that day. Their hearts don't work in the lungs don't work you know on main deck at don't feel too bad Jason theirs at this and I know you don't. But I question for you bet I'm kind of interested in knowing the answer to that is this. Have you discussed whether testosterone injections now all would do. What your natural testosterone was unable to do with your voice when you were two major. Well. I have I'm too many doctors process. Actually had surgery done to try to group that. Able it's called injection. One to a slow plastic it's basically means that they take. We know what it means for just explain it to the people who doubt. So but they put me under. And then injected. Fluid into marble courts to make them ticker. Okay. And did that work. Process. I mean did it did it work. At all. Okay but did have you asked. Me to be chasing this world but is kind of interest. Had you I make Jason more interesting. First your voice is not like your Smart guy and you make great points is that you know I don't I don't point your voice is annoying obnoxious at all I don't think about that but have you actually sent to a doctor hey. Would testosterone injections now all bring about the desired result. It actually has not. To discuss that I have had my testosterone sure. And that is worth than the normal levels. For your age. It would be normal levels for your age but my point is if you could take even more testosterone. I wonder if you're which could be lower than you should note one of the risk factors. For testosterone injection is an increased chance of our Cheerios out plaque in your arteries everything in life as a tradeoff but. It. You know there's a doctor listening like doctor run semi females WB and Robert amen David WB EN dot com. And explain given the available information. If there's any data that would support. Testosterone injection as a voice lowering modalities. For this man who is in his twenties but for some reason it. Update normal quote unquote normal vocal bought when he was younger I mean Jason I've seriously though I I applaud the fact that you are who you are you're not afraid of anything that takes like urged the dad and I'm sure there's been a lot of morons in your life. That it that try to make you feel insecure about it but that's a lesson all of us you know some of us are insecure about expand our weight whenever. You know be like Jason and who need you have to change your voice to two but anyway chill high ago. Let me hear it. Okay this. Wow well as Isaac that's you know. You could do more usually respect you and sing live ended up at a hotel California. I mean seriously do a higher register singing voice is well. Water I remember. Have you ever shag like you've ever like realize that maybe you could sing like a twelve you know because obviously before puberty your voice is higher. Well actually illegal wow well I guess my voice was normal. And like you know school but Darren got forty through high school. We got a break dude but I don't you call about the talk what your voice but to talk about a topic which is the network and stuff and commit at Whitman would be friends oh you're able after the break. It in the meantime job Jason in the meantime you're going to go on line and you're going to look up the leader extra hotel California and witnessing the first four lines you up for that. I all policy that works out WB. On that dark desert highway there's two people that sing that song actually three. There's dominantly. Tom Bender. Mark Valentino. And Paul bargain and I think that's. So before you back in the room lemon hosts Davis hit by DNA is now inside Sylvia. Anyway period things he's director. Should do not tell him I said that he has no freaking hard it's a 537 Israel thirty WBE and hourly. And belt Libya we welcome you back like you act like they're bass speakers in the hallway you can move your show I haven't heard from what is the pastor. Can it can add what what irritates me the most you know something annoys me and then you find. Humor and what's what I'm she is is that I understand and act and understand it intend to do it. But just like to find. Humor in the fact that I'm annoyed by death and changing up the fact that it's a funny thing could you would have laughed and real McCain was just because you is that I'm upset. Because you might at all the things that you've been through the thing that something's. It really. Trigger point it's just I just think it would you do something you know it was groves and the other appease the person is upset with the just acknowledging. Maybe later we'll talk about certain emails. Talk about it now what emails you all know about certain people that won the sponsors the show him. I think about maybe splitting counties. And I've maybe I said I'd be cool that. I've said. Silly if you take three days to respond to an email I respond to the U think for you or your I use your cell. I use your that I did well I'd I'd. That we could split supplement it. What I'm saying that it OK so I have no business speaking for. Is that what you say and I think I withdraw whales down to your tax. Foothills of the you're I didn't. But one of things that Okie you know what you're right I should have I should've spoken Buford before that and the next time zone and how we might hit we each get 0%. Tell me if you want to do and on the intro. I don't know I did a number that's kind of a low blow to do that. Ominous and what. Say. It was rich or is FC. You know what I don't think it has anything do with your maturity it's nothing to do with your class act when you spit at someone whether it's appease its. And dad. The more you laugh the more it angers its that you know your angering me right now that you know you're intentionally poking. I I think I actually am turning sizing this up laughing at myself for ex factory that what I said it literally said view. Hey I have to go PA I'll be back before the show resumes I'm gonna go get my Bob bought and when what I said baba. The why leave Beagle for captive F I think launch something into your palate and you know I mean. We look all pretend that I'm not laughing but on the drive home in my scratched our. I will be thinking about the piece of cheese popcorn which has now. Going to go until there's a couple hundred Angela I'm dead serious at what you're you're series across quiet right now. To bring up the fact that there may be chunks of your life in my about right now is really crossed the line. You know related story at least I don't related deaths really cross the line and compare that to an email I sent out. You obviously didn't respond to you by the way check your inbox. Over 12100. Emails at the on the left. Sure sleep though the emails in there for you know. You're you're an syndicated show has been canceled because you never showed up pitches in your inbox. And I don't know that yet you're supposed be in LA three weeks ago. Well. For real though I'm gonna write a song called Disco duck under the make everything better. It's 541. At Israel at thirty the end. If you are just yes we are talking about a divorce now we're talking about the we're talking about the reports talked about whether or not to date people you work with and I'll restate all of my opinions coming up David will restate his and we will take your calls but we. Had to let Jason really you know make you sing hotel California but you actually called because you have something to say about dating at work. Well good. Funny thing about the Osaka one I had the lyrics spoke up and I. I give us the first give us the first part. Turkey got the guitar part then that he got ball up and voucher to. Well I got the yeah that I've done better well. Cool wind in my hair. Won't not look so. Luckily there. Are having that there's students. As social learning more. My helmet crew of me. And my size group. And again yeah that's. Actually I think it's very service hi everybody I'm very clearly the Olympics in that takes courage to sing and I gotta tell. So now that you've ruled out the chance of ever dating again. It would it at this whole dating network thing. I agree let problem that's one though I don't ever experienced and some Christian circles where I'm trying to do is plant. People are a little bit more respect or just. And can hold their own. Yes. So I agree that. I got both guys were mainly out. So Jason's like although I know civilized people if I figured they're worth two then. Not many paid by the way I think I've always I think all of them and have agreed with Tom and two of the three women agreed to me so Jason you're in good company. OK so as far as. Like. I've told this story about my limited. Like it was slams where one girl from more hurt so it's actually planned on bolts thing. And eventually. It after like all here eventually get their girlfriends they were together about a month. And then. His work friend and broke up what her boyfriend. And then. It turns out my room and cheated on his girlfriend and what it has worked for a. I'm now so what's this present situation is your roommate was his work Frederic girlfriend. I didn't. Quote. My remit is what has worked for our. So. It worked out well then they're dating. I don't know they're still in this kind of weird. It turns out is. Girlfriend that he was well it's firm. 12. His friend's boyfriend and they. I do I'm lost I don't know what you I don't know if I'm kind of lost but at noon you're living with a cast member from days of our lives. All right thank you I'm pretty much for the call now if you are actually calls a world. Are right if you're just joining us so Harvey Weinstein. Obviously has been in the news. And you know week at the beginning Michelle Wie at the topics that will will explain what led up to the topic but. Do you or would you date somebody with whom you worked. That's number one your company as a policy and that and that the one that I'm catching a lot of fire for here is. Can men and women be friends with out it leading to sex now some people are not hearing this but. We all know that it happens so therefore zero is not an answer. We also know that it doesn't happen every time a man and woman are friends that leads to sex so it is 100%. So what point what percentage of the time based on York experiences. Either personally or your observation of people you know. Does a male female friendship. Results. In a sex. I think it's 70% of the time and they are. Going to tons of variables like. Frankly attractiveness or perception of attractiveness. Or desirable. That's a big one but. I'm gonna to I'm gonna say it's around 70%. Do think that's too high yeah I think all the people you know. All were just friends yeah we're just friends. Yup we're just friends I mean yeah we hang out all the time we're just friends for years down the line define how old they were. Q what did you all the hold your implying that this not. An important role to have in a potential hate of course won before and with the person fall lovely it. I mean yes so I can understand where friendship can result in something else. That means that all French ships were able to bell that something will you goal. 5050 you think it's 50% of the time I think it's weightless. Wait less than fifty you're telling me that 88 that were trained at them that's. We're gonna take a sample of the most attractive people on both sides and they're in relationship with their very happy. If two people aren't relationship I don't know about you just introduced a new vertical to people in relationships where they're very happy. We're really honest how many people relationships are really very happy. Most of the time and how many are simply in a relationship because. It's comfortable and there's no way out. I don't well I don't have those numbers but I'm gonna say that's probably higher than the number of friends and is. In a relationship. You wit it relate to you being a sexual situation. I'm sure that a married woman. Can still be in love with a husband and have a guy that they go out and they buy Christmas gifts for her husband and there's nothing going on their friends. They've been friends all their lives and whether or not she's quote unquote attractive to the other guy or he's attracted to her. Is academic. In 030930. Is department also dating at work and noble just a quick preamble on this. Back in the eighties there was this whole effort to basically make everybody in the company feel like an associate all the way of the CEO CFO down to the jam. We're all us see it's a big. Happy family that didn't trust building exercises we're gonna take a blanket from 1945. You're given the middle of it at all co workers are gonna gather round we're gonna throw you would the year where at you with that blanket because we're out. Utley well guess what fast forward to 2017. That doesn't work. Because you know what work is right now work is an opportunity to sue somebody with whom you work. And if you run a business. It if I ran a business I would absolutely positively. For bid. No exceptions. Co workers from dating to. Or forward a candidate and if you get busted that's grounds for automatic dismissal. While I take such a radical draconian approach it's called CE YK. Because I know that most relationships. Don't work out. They worked out. And it's just opening yourself up to. A call from Gloria Allred and I don't think anybody wants that. We will let takes more calls coming up we've also got the question up on FaceBook 8030 thirty starlet 3180616. WB EN. Now the exception would be married couples who have a pre existing marriage before I hired both of them but. As I've tried to explain to you guys and believe me upset through enough meetings at lectures to know how this works you can have the most innocent honorable intent in mind. But use him fill his previously given his verbal assent to my saying this. If I say to fill Kennedy they feel you've lost like compounds I think you look great in 27 team Phil can go to HR and say. Release actually passed an olive that gitmo like one they ripped. Would be the first time. Here is. Shall. Paul Harvey certainly hey let me give you five seconds on the rest assured the story. Everything really high heat they just didn't renounce him. Here's a Sean John roll up the car window get off the speakerphone and please be audible. There are able. I've done all of it but I have while truck thank you much better right basically. I actually married by. All of whom only used to work together. But I have you stipulation what we got together we had two out wonderment at the lead to job. The other day at work. Explain. What I was the manager. I would only Euro so is averted by. You know one. Together and really what do anymore. Sure you know they. Doug is very important that happens. Yeah they've no one of those Larry Blair were like. You know should it make them much like hey you wanna look something else yeah area. Didn't know where did that idea come from is that your plan or did you hear that from a supervise yourself. Well I would miss supervisor we kind of it was kind of an impromptu. Right but I mean she was obviously cool with a because you were more important than the job. Yeah yeah. And the when it comes out of the variables. You know there's a whole lot of very boat when it comes to the outside the marriage. Bright bill that I had to they're gonna go responds and how. Nobody and nothing can break up a happy marriage. Absolutely then that being said I've had a bunch of female friend once who Eric. Not act but once your you know your life you're court or you do it day and they see you have a lot alleged relationship they typically what would you have and that's where that all the incumbents so. Wait wait wait wait they want what you have so they try to steal you away from her. Okay that state dynamic of females somebody needs to explain it it is in the 6 o'clock hour what is it about women. That eight guy you would have looked twice at. Like ten years ago five years ago last month though met. That guy shows up with a warm and why do women insist on trying to win the attention of the guys. What is wrong with well then I mean I know Asian vault but what else is wrong with the. Yeah unfortunately it's I would be and I'm just a mechanic like yeah explain it but. That's my experience. I appreciate it thank you. God I I do think Republican women should vote it is 556. That was humor don't I can deceive but I can see that the social media explosion buffalo radio host says women shouldn't vote. Yeah I read you leave me I it's 556 news radio 930 WB he.