10/20 Bauerle and Bellavia Hour 2: Working Alongside the Opposite Sex

Bauerle and Bellavia
Friday, October 20th

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News radio 930 WBA. And. So David are two things that I wish I had or had not done when I was around that age and I think back mound I think I blew it number one. I should not have put down the guitar when I was like 1516 years. It's Tom Bauerle I put down my 197200. Delicate after I had bought it were to order they'll admit to. Division I sold for 200 dollars mint condition and I really wish I hadn't that's number one. Number 20 I should go to law school and David Bellamy I got except that one of 26 I could ask the Barbara the most thirty. And you'd never would've known. Well you know I wish that through. But I it's the hourly and Olivia finally the money shot on news radio 930 WD. That's like Jack comedians bit about. How gay are you really on the odd game at all OK when you watch and others albeit the guy does and I laughed my bought up every them later. Felt that they think you're gonna know the name. Is that Louie CK I would usher repairs I try to catch two names of the bits and think you're funny. Obviously is it is it that was Bob what buttons first they'd be ODD heat and the Alonso Alonzo Bodden. You know it's funny because he does bits that are shockingly conservative. Themed. I heard Alonso Bob I'm like okay equipment I think this guy's black. I know he's in comedy and he kind of his conservative. I know this guy. So anyway it's Bob in bella via a news radio 930 WB EN. So anyways to impeach. He has done many shows on this and I got to be honest I'm in honor of Sandy's induction into the New York State broadcasters hall of fame I'm stealing. One of his topics but I've got a different take on it then. Sandy beach there's aunt and don't be upset with me guys. It is my belief and this is based on observation of people I know and it is also based on a considerable amount of life experience. Bat. Would you put a man and they woman in a friendship. 70%. Of the time it is going to end up insects. I'm not saying they're gonna go all the way necessarily. But there's going to be some then that goes up 70%. Of the time. Phil don't talk agree or disagree thumbs up thumbs down. You're not sure OK we'll see you don't have the and you don't have enough life experience upon which to form an opinion and I respect that because there's a lot of things upon which I can't form an opinion because they don't have the requisite base of knowledge or fact. Jim. Same thing all right see these guys don't well. But now sandy is a lot more optimistic about the human condition than MRI okay. He's probably a much happier person I am actually. I'm extremely epidemics and Easter but I just happen to have a very strong belief that human nature is human nature and that there are biological considerations. Over which week. Have less control than we might think. So I'm an Atari and look. Don't tell me that the answer is zero. That men and women who are friends never go down the sexual road don't tell me zero that's naive. In 100%. Either because there are many women with whom I have friends that we have never done anything it just you know it it just never ever ever ever. And conversely to be honest with you would there have been a number of women that were friends of mine and yep. You got it. And I would say probably 70% of the time. Is look out and humanity that's not my own personal statistic that's more like 98% but the but mild. I got Philbin spent water. But I would say that life in general United States of America toll seventeen. And previous by 54 years on this planet who told me that 70% of the time you put a man and a woman in a friendship. And it's gonna lead down the road some into some kind of sex whether it's. Bat or whether it's one or whether. Whatever it's gonna be so okay so I'm just delegate and I could I could tell its story is but I'm not gonna tell you stories. You anybody wanna tell me I'm wrong so do we all have the fundamental agreement that know the answer is not zero it never happens. But the answer also was a 100%. It always happens so you tell me what you worst that is common to go with 70% of the time. David Bellamy is looking at me skeptically were also talking about dating network and I've done that tell. And I will tell you something David you're absolutely right. When the relationship ends as most relationships do we fly it right at the mountains. It is very uncomfortable. When you have to face the person. After a break up especially if she or you. Were really into the relationship and you were totally and completely broken hearted you don't wanna have to look at that person. And it's very very uncomfortable not just for the two view it's uncomfortable for everybody around you. And and 2017 I just think corporations are exposing themselves to an unbelievable amount of liability if they allow employees. Who are working together to gay. Because David when the relationship and all it takes is a man or a woman scorned at a whole budget text messages may be on the company's cell phone to come out and Hersh wrote. But it also implies that you know people some people have relationships that don't and win restraining orders. You know having real Narnia Alex a couple of experience some some people just. Yet. But I also know people that don't leave jobs in a peaceful way fair and how many people you know that would leave the job they burn the bridge. There are folks are bridge burner always the question in my bag. They they leave relationships scorched earth they leave their jobs scorched earth they leave. You know every aspect of their life they burn in the wake them up and those folks don't work out and. Now you you've got to have some maturity and I don't really dismiss the west amendment but I'm saying that many people are our timber. Many people like that. Let them. It's that there's no firearm in my bag David you can mr. Schumer are let's get back to Dennis in Hamburg that Dennis is a deejay who's apparently miffed that I've ignored him every single Christmas party we've had for the past eight years. But this is actually. You've you've you've been a deejay many weddings and understand that a whole bunch of women. Have said that they met networks that you you'd deal more with the bride's that you do groans. I you do well this will be shocking do you come the brides have a bigger hand in planning the wedding and the group still. So Dennis. How many brides came on to your. The year okay are do you put forth the vibe gee do you throw out the most Jo like when you go out you're chick magnet. Audit log into it that you just. These to trash as I like about. I thought oh. I'll damage the very honest man appreciate that so after sealed that you at least get the wedding contract. I didn't feel any deal I'm very. Kind of boring straight laced I don't do that kind of thing got. You know Arab that doesn't make you boring and it doesn't make you straight laced it just means you the moral compass in your life. You must've gotten one that I didn't get so anyway. Long story short Dennis as far as the whole workplace thing do you believe. That. Really it has to change. If you've been doing your business long enough you must remember all of these so called team building and trust building and let's call everybody associates mentality like comrade rich. That's comrade in Russia but. Yeah and well. I am I wanna stay as far away. From the people with whom I worked as it possibly can and in terms of any socializing with the exception of bill albeit because we have been friends before we started doing this. And I know. I'm pretty sure that try to get my parents. I know trying to get his butt. You Wear them pretty crazy so you never know. It might also. Dirt that is in Italian suit which cost a fair amount of money. Why purple record. Why perk up because the black guys love it. Room although I got absolutely. Every black man who has seen me in my suit is like do I love that I love the threats like thank you very much. Although all back in the day I your old enough to remember that you would have definitely had a teenage gay gay cabbages record store. I didn't work cabbages but it was at the boulevard ball and I remember being three years old and asking my mom how come there was a record store in the mall made savages. Tom worked at merry go round. And that does comedy routine about pornography is name is Dwight. And it always is streaking light run like yeah frat boy that's a guy who does Hillary. Always easy the what do says everybody's a little gay if you watch horror and that's Ron why not at least he carried. Okay it accurate I think you might be right. Man feels Euro for 200 that's unfortunate. So anyway Dennis everything else you wanted to add and contribute it to the show. Well just like I said I I do if the goal is actually go to a wedding right now but I will say that if you take away. People's ability to interact. At the work place which I understand why companies want to do that you're you're. Going to be sadly disappointed to find out how many people just go ahead regulating anyway you have mass firings if you really enforce that rule I just think it's impossible. To. Least in future litigation. You can say we were actively against this kind of behavior here's example AA example be examples see it's kind of like covering parents. I understand that CY AM but let me put it this way let me just say you're the block is I've been the velocity demand. Hussein I'm the boss again I can go to Russia. You got to do you can't play into his hand like that guy just got weird. Allay yours somebody W real life. In ending another players another person you really like you really let. Employees go. Just because there are attracted to reach its. Means that I insulate myself against a five billion dollar lawsuit down the line from somebody claiming that I allowed an environment of sexual harassment to rain that absolutely. What that would be I think the problem is. How easy it is to have these. What I can. Or a timeout on an interrupt you on a combat we're gonna come back Cuba or I would retain them but his contract employees. I. So it all out there actually is contract workers contractors not employees Obama. Let's go to work traffic on WB EM I Thursday at a Subaru just tried picking up a Volkswagen Jetta out there on the roads it's epidemic what's up. It well I'm really I don't I don't mind doing it. But have you noticed that if Alex has a short track for report that's the time the site. I could put a fistful achieved opera in my mouth that is true then the long ones I sit there like Hungary and waiting. All right for a new popcorn long was. Could've sworn you would happen. A usually gets thicker greens are exaggerated about thirty WB a well aren't hard dude there had to go often don't go to a wedding. Yes so he he is no longer with a supposed to call if you're just joining us welcome so. Your workplace. Dating people with whom you work. Are there policies on the books about that and I'm going to tell you. And folks I am a long way from being a crew actually quite the opposite. But. One of the things I've learned over the years the workplace has changed and here is look guys I ain't no lawyer but. I've had to sit through an African meeting's been noticed that what do you say it may be completely benign to EU. But if the person on the receiving end it. Feels O fended by what use at the terrorists. It out whether that off ended feeling has any rational basis. You as the speaker. Are the culprit 100%. Of the time. So I. I'm not paranoid but I'm very aware about it and it is forced me to say you know what screw it I don't wanna know anybody at work here is. Marcy and Lewiston Marcy disagrees on what. That and let it can work together and they hey we're back now but not a light up. I might be that what that rate of animal. Thank you tiger. I don't really OK I'm sorry at what point that I say men and women can't work together now he's at the vast majority of them I don't know I was talking friendship. They'll let me be real clear because if Davis confused in your confused other people are confused. Men and women can absolutely. Work together I'd prefer working with men and nothing but men give me a sausage fest any day of the week. I would extent okay let me just say that I I misunderstood remarks he said it in March I would like to just take her statement and extended to. Men and women can be friends without anything ever going on it's unprofessional. I believe that you are we talking at work or anywhere doc anywhere a man and a woman. The hottest man and the hottest woman in the world best personalities. Both of them are married. Both of them can stay married and nothing could happen if you know going into what your look. Before and it is by experience that while that may be true if I was a betting man and I am I put a 70%. Probability to the fact that there is eventually going to be something going on. Human nature. One of them has a bad spot in the marriage. The other one is just being Randy guy and the next thing you know what hello Hampton. I'll tell I people that like integrity that app. I got the ball. Mercy or it may I ask how old York. 56. Okay. Well we've parents have probably a lot of the same life experiences I mean my sample is roughly. I will say four to 500 people minimum. But my sample upon which I have my opinion. Is that 70%. Of the time. Men and women who start out as friends are going to end up in some way shape or form a in a sexual relationship. I I agree I. Bet airy. I think maybe thirty. You say 30%. I say 70% so Q should we split the difference that it's a 50% of the time there's a there's a half there's not happen. There is a 5050 probability then are you would you go with me that far that you put a man and a woman in a friendship and there will be sex. I have a minute people out. We're talking about people who would be pillars of the community were not talking about low lights whatever low life is frankly some of the low lifes I know have more integrity than some of the fancy pants people. I won't light it you. Relate that without pay it back. You'll. Did I say it was impossible. I had. A lot of it wouldn't now. It also to a lot of it depends on. The degree of attractiveness granted that is a subjective thing but there are some some people who really don't have to worry about being hit on and other people who work satellite magnets were. I do you think by an 80. I aren't aren't the ones that are pretty up that. Adding on. It out. Would you rather work with all man or all women you have a choice. Life. Eric. In all they're not yet what the women. Are. Matt yeah. The. You know I think that's huge market if that's something else disabled advocate is that we have to take a break and why wouldn't we we have momentum. It is 8020 my thirties and 3180616. WBE. And the you don't quite know the topics will fully restate them after the news I think I'm living in real bill I think I'm living in reality land. And this is based on many many years of observation of hundreds of people when I make the statement that 70% of the time men and women who start out as friends are going to have sex at some point. I might be off by a few percent but you know what it zero and teacher at 100%. So somewhere between there is any statistical. There is a statistic that is spot on 70% could be a little high but 30% to me is far too low. And as far as work as your office a policy about enter office dating. And it's a totally different environment now that was in 1987. In 2070 in real it really is folks it's easy to get in hot water without even being Harvey Weinstein. Thin air. Relevant evidence radio 930 WBE. And so we started talking about this yesterday and let's face it in the error of Harvey Weinstein. It it's time. We talked about six babies. Let's talk about you and me and all the good things and the bad things that could be because. The whole work thing. I've done a 180 degree others because is when I was married I met my first wife work OK we met at work. And she's well aware of the fact that she was that the only woman back in the eighties I met at work with the movement. Relationships were hat. It was the eighties that I mentioned that OK so I just don't wanna but it may be a hypocrite but let's just fast forward here to 2078. Things have gone so far the other way me how many HR meetings ped use through. And I'm not an attorney but. It. It doesn't matter what you or in hand in waters. If the recipient. Of your words was all offended or made uncomfortable. By them. Today will and can go to HR and drop a dime I knew for example. Fail. Legally. Do you permit me to use you as an example of something that could go sideways unexpectedly art he's given me the thumbs up. Could you just say the words I affirm if you agree with that I have firm thank you. We haven't a court. Too many pirates of the Caribbean movies so if if I fail and I say it well you know you really you've lost like ten homes right. If he is uncomfortable. By that. He can go to HR and say Tom buy hourly sexually harassed me. He may be very uncomfortable when he told me that it lost weight in the it looked good. And I'm the bad. OK folks that's not you got to understand the way the laws are now. Phil would have a case. That I would get written up I might get a read on and now. So obvious and that's the real world in 27 to eight and as a result of that. Work is where I am at my most anti social except when it comes that you guys the fans of the show who idol out. And I love you guys. Not the same deal we was five years ago like that I love our fans like big league. But in the eighties it was all about team building and let's get together let's pretend world work family. In 2070 in its all about covering your best guys and ladies it is. The other topic that works nicely with this is. Ten men and women to be friends without sex becoming an issue. Now obviously we know that the answer isn't it never happens and we also know conversely the answer isn't it always happens so somewhere in between. There is a statistic that is true. As far as men and women and friendship and how often it leads to sacks. My life experiences and you know country what are callers went out and about people you would consider low lights. You know not only did they cheat on your friends but she also all his political. Talk about that and talk about people that you would consider to be. Quote successful people the people next door I mean that that's absurd that's a metaphorical example you know Ozzie and Harriet and the Phillips. Not saying nasty things about my neighbors that's you know that that's not buy it that's not original. But. I'm an Atari or my experience of life is it 70% of the time men and women in a friendship. There will be sex at some point now is high. I don't think it's low. I mean that's my upper range of high. The answer might actually be closer to 50%. But you tell me if I'm wrong because I know I'm not that we can quibble over numbers. But grant me that when a man and a woman assuming that both are heterosexual are in a friendship. That you know some people some people say if them as a friend with a woman he's in the batter's box just wait for his turn to slide that there. 8030 my thirties and that was not even a sexual metaphor. It really was 80330. Start at 3180616. WBBM. Shall we take more calls David. Let's see if anyone agrees with the today now. I would doubt that David bet will try 801 line open you guys love this show on a Friday 803030. Start at 310616. WB. And Eric on WV ML. Hello hello and were taken call Lipton Nam I have to do and it certainly agree with you. Us. I think you're that in the numbers I'd. Is there criticism. Yeah I you know in it kind of on my partner with if if the current head that have been thinking about it but I audit and yet you make. I would put it more like or eat it. Like people people here that nurtured not I'm not. Well not really think about that people do not forget about yourself you know and you everybody skewed look in your own you know prism just. Just think about people in your life and what they've done it at port that. You've read I don't know that cut and. Yeah I mean like relationship. Story you've heard and. Well there's there's one other variable that would like to introduce and I don't know how to modify this. For whatever reason people have always felt comfortable confiding in the things they will not tell anybody else. It because I keep those confidences I have dot may have looked at that given one name. For whatever reason and sometimes you can hear this what I do interviews on the here. And even though people are on the air they will tell me things. And you guys my great audience are great audience. That they might not tell another interviewer for whatever reason I engender in people they believe that they can tell me things and I am a vault which I am. Well that's a good thing because I mean in your line of work. It's good story tickets good conversation about Basel and. Let my friendships are more important than my job. LL absolutely but I would say that 08 I mean not to be armed. That the one woman to comment she's very Smart everything I respect her opinion but. I I find that often the case I don't know about you that it it almost is a man and woman's perspective that it when you talked to women. They'll they'll tell you that that's not that that in the year if your fortieth Marley. I would 10% say yeah you'd think all matter that. No I know a lot of man and I know what they say when women are her. It in and and I know I know human kind of lived life and I aired the story that people they'll. Now as far as work that at the French yet. Favre were collide you'd think it's awful amount and when that work together and not have you know I'm not trying to be wishy washy but. I think there were part can be a little can be professional if you wanna do you know you walk and some cockpit. And there's the picture they have their Stanley on is that unique. They're always working it out into the conversation. I appreciate that somebody was trying to beat. You don't tolerate line myself I appreciate. What they're trying to do and everything like that and I think that that that there are owned by on to say that I did think so and neat for people that they that. It never happened you know I'm not it doesn't happen that much know it happens a lot. Unfortunately happens a lot. And you know I I don't think given like OK if you're a guy. The worst thing you can ever do is tell the woman in your life. I really don't feel comfortable with you and difference that's the worst selling short wave hole. It really depends if if the gore if the guy I dated her at some point I completely agree. That is a little weird okay right you know been there done that and it's weird it. But. You know be I'm sorry I'm a grown up. If people enjoy allowing people are gonna bank. But here's the thing some people are insecure and they don't want their wife to have any male friends at all or their girlfriend and mail friends at all. Some relationships. Free eggs in New York. Romance and relationship with the person. And they've been friends for you know when Harry met Sally. Which are bad example yeah. My point is is that I mean art would you you'd draw the line between relationships your significant other can have that are the opposite sex Eric. Mean I know I'm not seem like Britain might like she has she has male friend she's known. You know I mean since high school and I do I have female friend. Diversity speak I have female friends that I've known literally in her. Are any of these former lovers or acknowledged former levers. No sir I in fact well I'll tell you that I purposely make it that. I purposely stay away from the former because. Of what I'm saying I'm not they demagogue it and you know I'm just saying mean needle. In. Why put yourself in the position. Yes yes your friends and a diet you don't hang on its policy on at all. I still. Hope is. That's how did that come from. The deployed are trying to make it and and I respected name in you know I love you but I'd beat your meal and I went out this particular. That may very well being. I'll let you know water I have become the David's defense David is a Christian David tends to hang out with people who are Christian and he he has a higher quality of shall we say moral compass based friends that I do. I'll hate lean on that often and you need a fantastic guy in you know I respect into the into the air it's just that I just pocket all the broad spectrum of people like Nolan. Being a middle aged guy. Everybody across like you that honestly. I don't know install an air quotes colors that by eighty ear that more salacious joke about. You're the best story is about sex and drugs are from East Amherst. All I'm gonna tell you meant you cannot believe that I'm convinced that if it's just one big cocaine fueled sex orgy every night in the East Amherst. Studio 54 and I'm pretty sure it shouldn't view for. Hey by the way nice studio 54 reference bro that was a place back in the seventies that was notorious. But hey thanks for the call. Great. Short yardage thank you so much and at eight thanks for listening to is that we we got images earlier in the week but their ratings came out and you'll like us you really like us but in all honesty we do not get cocky when the ratings are great. And we're never going to be despondent if they're not so great or simply one metric the real metric is. Did we put fifty people into Brennan's with two hours' notice a couple of weeks ago after a show yeah we did and that was pretty important to us we loved meeting you guys. We're gonna take some more calls and you know that's another very able to David. You know let's just today. Your girlfriend it wants to go well where a guy who's having trouble with his marriage. Oh yeah and they used to date. You know if I throw a sex robot references and I can probably start the Drudge Report all over again. And also as somebody texted a couch cushion is in the left lane right before exit three Seneca street slowing the one might be south. The big question is will match my living room. The WB and 71 alert forecast is amazing how many people lose mattresses and sofa cushions. On the highway comedy unsecured loads there aren't that just spiel on to traffic deaths irritating and it's dangerous to our Barbara fatal on the young men were of oh. Trailer got the catch from vehicle pulling it and actually cost somebody his life summit at all something make sure it's properly secured. Don't major. I should have said that were with these guys. Saturday partly to mostly sunny 73 Sunday sun and clouds 77 as a football game. I don't care I am not watching the NFL they hit America apple 65 right now he's ready at 930 WB yet. The target number and I don't know if some of our text here here's here's what I have slept with every friend that is a girl bought one. We're viewed as one friend what do with a girl. Films that now. So that that's one text but. Let's get back to the call and let's get back to the calls I said that like catcher radio guys W the yen is Michelle calling in from Amber's teller Michelle. Guys well I definitely get time an in your story my husband and I at one point participate and they. Alternative lifestyle I think. I didn't know we had some friends and one cup well Purdue's Glenn. And the data that I mean became very very very good friend. So at some point Bellingham and it might decide they're going to operate. And unfortunately the husband decided that he wanted to be lured in front of me so it will then there are fantastic French. I kind of got lost you UConn lost via alternative lifestyle I wasn't sure if you went vegan or swingers you lost me. A case of start the story over again sort of put my bank let me let it. I actually missed the point of the story actually so let let me let me give her cliff numbers and yours stay they met someone that became really good friends. And what happened was he this other friend left his wife and he decided hey Michelle. We have something more than friendship Michelle's like I am actually. Will Wright said that we became more than Michelle did you go for the bay. No I did not I am happily married back panic stolen now. We'll see you know what Michelle that is another variable that has to be taken into consideration and that is this nobody and nothing can destroy a happy marriage. If it's a happy marriage. You know Angelina Joseph the on her best day could plopped herself naked in front of me and I would have not the slightest interest. Shelley how how does the album. I I don't mean this disrespectfully but are you still. I guess they'll swing otherwise. Now Leon police stopped years ago that the disciplinary under today. What was that was at a a weird thing to. It was a different one time thing or was it a judge could turn mile. Idea that we get I think it's over and then you know we have are that we're old and I've ever world. Can I asked did this happen during the Internet age. OK so I'm really confused both couples worked quote in the lifestyle. Oh okay so you were both intimate with each other but the rule was no emotional attachment with the other but their marriage fell apart and he wanted to continue with you and take it to the next level of emotional as opposed to physical intimacy. Well actually me absurd and we're look what that we actually not bad and it ended up being really that I'm out of what about other lover. But the guy fell. A role. Did that now that had to effectively end the friendship with him is that correct because he attempted to cross the line. They don't. That's equivalent that would cut under my. Well that's unfortunate. Michelle will be taking your number off the year of course and there's try to get you laughed. We're glad you called thank you very much. Is that Michelle is that amber is that news radio night thirty WB Ian. This is time for to make the Hedo joke David I don't have any job got them for great that she could feel comfortable and talk about that in and I learn some things in. But also look. Who who's anyone did you. That Rudy and a eight whatever floats your boat and if you're talking consenting adults I really don't hear. And you'd be surprised at the number of people in that lifestyle who are conservatives. I've previously done. All right it is that hourly appellate via a WBE and she would do this topic they going to that would buy a winner no way we'll let you David your offer I will be off market will do a ghost and then swingers on the same day when your off. Let me don't tell me up I guess thank you got another good player with his or he's not listening to today's deal of the day from my buffalo parks and threw for a expect it. To the topic is the best fun you ever had.