10/19 Bauerle and Bellavia Hour 3: Working with the Other Sex

Bauerle and Bellavia
Thursday, October 19th

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News radio 930 WB EN yeah. So they've their two things that I wish I had or had not done when I was around that age and I think back down I think I blew it number one. I should not have put down the guitar when I was like 1516 years. It's Tom Bauer Leahy I've put down my 1970 Jupiter pelican after I had bought it were to order valid mint condition. I sold for 200 dollars mint condition. And I really wish I hadn't that's number one. Number two I should go to law school and David Bellamy I got exceptionally pleased that I could ask the Barbara the most thirty and you've never would've known. Well you know I wish that you. But I it's our way and Olivia finally the money shot on news radio 930 WD. Introducing a law school in the fall so. Problem is I. A really crappy else that scores. And when I couldn't pass. The biggest. Idiots complete garbage but also lets chorus. 54 year old man. Still think the health. Law school out with a three point eight GPA and graduate. I just think that there's what you. I used everything worked yet a certain GPA you'd have to take the outset it was like a one year programs and now I gotta thank the else that I guarantee you I'll sets were sucked last time I got in I didn't go. While we are gonna sweat. The record straight they're getting text messages and FaceBook and tweets. I am not at all intimidated by Tom borrowing stalker and talking about me. And another person works and build all yet all we get this afternoon I'm not I'm no doubt is not intimidated by. I am I'm not I'm just not involved in the story at all I'm borrowing OK here's. There is one who has been standing. Sector anymore because she's clearly this year are right. And she's like old books envelopes. And she says. Thirty. It is in its start to freak out the people with whom. So well I mean she. She she. Down and it's up around Hamburg while there's I think. And lady we don't wanna hear from you anymore you're you're starting to disturb the people with whom might work and that's where I have to draw the line and they'll be the complainants but lady anymore that you're gonna get a restraining order because. And if you don't understood what it when things come back to you. Bill every refused to do not contact you continue to contact. Nobody nobody was tampering with your mail all right we just don't wanna hear from you. Thank you for clearing that up David. It was annoying effect lasted Q. I'm I'm. Getting that I get a all right it is at ten minutes after five news radio 930 WB EEN so. We're you know we're talking Europe which little bit about uranium and know some people get away with murder and the lesson from the first hour of the show is. Where ever they accused cultural or Republican or conservative of something. The accusation they're making. Is to give them pre emptive cover because the hand is the same cookie. The bare hand is in the same cookie jar that there are accusing somebody else's and a entering. Watch a Coke and urged him prop. That was simply a pre emptive strike. Because. The real story it is not Clinton's all homers and your any of hundreds of millions of powers that's in the people. That's the store or. Teach them muddy the waters all the times it just remember. What ever somebody on the right where I should say somebody who is it's a lefty whenever somebody who has a lefty is accused of something. Rest to short. Rest assured that the individual. Making that accusation is only trying to do with the all open bill just beware. All the talent. Now as far as Hollywood. David as we left off before the break. I mean the idea that actors and actresses and what they thought of how things really mattered that's a relatively recent phenomenon. And I mentioned earlier that you go back to. I was beat. And actors and they wouldn't eat it would. Then play them that will be killed holes early and by two boys. This is before Kevin Spacey. So they used to have. Boys and a lot of pre pubescent boy oh boy it's. Voices have not changed yet June the female roles. In the Elizabethan stage such was the disrepute in which actresses of that era were help and the same thing goes. For here in the United States I mean you know we've all seen in the movies about why it there and his wonderful wife gave them. Well the fact of the matter is most of those traveling show is I don't know that made reference to this in hell on wheels but most of those traveling acting companies that. Poll were held in low repute. Acting what's considered a low. Profession. Was considered a lol profession because that people who are generally pretty screwed up. I don't know why I I don't. To me in the the point I don't want you to be misconstrued. As saying that because you're screwed up as a person or. Good majority of people had issues that go into a field. According to U. I want you to be misconstrued as as to say that that make you. You know. At that somehow part of why this is happening. He'll look to go to anyone of these jobs I understand that but I also think that we are obsessed with celebrity in this culture were obsessed with. Fame and fortune in and we love looking at people's larger mansions and all their Twitter followers and when you're young person who sent their entire. You know during their goal in life is to succeed at a level. That they have a person who's a gatekeeper to an opportunity where they can literally become a household name. You have to question. You're owned companies are you going to do things. You know that you got real proud of to get to a level that you wanna be I don't I don't know that that's. For anyone to judge someone who makes that decision on behalf of their own career. You might that perspective I don't but who are we to judge what I do have a problem with the Al is someone who forces someone. To do something as a quid pro quo. That's that's a prop. I have a problem with that I have a bigger problem with with people like Angelina Jolie and cultural being hailed as heroes for speaking about Harvey Weinstein noted in the middle of heroes that would. What has spoken out about it off. Long time ago how many people women head and currently boys as well. How many people had to be molested it. But Harvey Weinstein. Or did you Majoli and hopefully these wins. Before they were gonna speak out they only spoke out once RB wife was safely buried. And just be clear Harvey wind that we became the voice but there are actors is known Robert his own brother said let it. You wherever it. You watch it's did you know what moments ago Weinstein Co. released a statement call them their former boss Harvey Weinstein. A set as serial sexual threat. I mean the hat. Is divorce paperwork and David Blaine the meet the magician in the famous. Illusionist I don't know which when a column via the magician David Blaine he's just been accused of rape is in the UK. So this is had ever won now fifty accusations across the. Well you know we're gonna get back to the impeachment trial went so tax break it's getting to the point I'm in one. Doll. Where you work Tony Soprano had an expression prevent. Don't so a lot of people don't if you want it to anybody with you work. I would you know what they but it will never. Out there were at work I will never asked anybody even out for friendly drink. Because all it takes is somebody to get fired. And they say well geez how can produce a pass. And then the rest of course is history because people always believe you know even without any corroboration with somebody says. On us but don't go wrong and here's the thing is it wrong to date. Were asked if you are opening. Yourself up right now to ability and repaired destruction like never be what what I. I'm so I'm taking it a step beyond that and say it's never good idea tough four or at. It any place in the job he forget. Your intentions of wanting to you know meet someone in and have a personal relationship with a imports do something after work but I'm just saying. The flirtatious. Some people. I don't know where they're from or why they are this way but I've I've worked with people the past that it just throw things out there and you're just like why you don't know anyone. In this miracle I'm not even go to the Christmas party this year Alcatel port but I don't really you're playing at a Christmas party I don't wanna socialize with people were getting in right. You don't wanna open you know I will go to the Christmas party. Alcohol is consumed at all people are gonna perceive something it's. I think what you might sound funny is it you know 830 after five glasses of why the next day it might end up with me and called it. I think they ask well how why I've I think we should the company Christmas or what's the point. Do away with alcohol at work. It is if you are really does bring asks now it's there it's a horrible thought I will go to the park this year. Has kept its opening my soap opera too much liability I don't wanna. Are you gonna go I'm not gonna project on myself he's all of meat isn't all. Didn't know I had an option we're told him I'm Rocco it's not my contract. I thought we were encouraged to go on record last year well. I'm not gonna do it this year you know life because you don't want to be accused that's right. I'll do everything he probably would be doing if you were so anyway right exactly because somebody else is is you know three issues that anyone talked to Tom Bauerle at a party anyway unless they wanted here's something appropriate lesbian. Well I mean. I'm just saying. I did go. I. Does that make any sense because it was it would again if you have a reputation of being Tom Bauer. And you're of this person on the air. For 35 years this is what makes you laugh this is who you lecture but you meet its hourly outside of the radio show in your lap at the same things you're talking about this things. Why would you be shocked that. People people shouldn't be especially if you are reportedly is in the work environment first of all here's my advice to all day. Anybody you work with number one don't. Even. With anybody you work with. Especially if there of the opposite sex and your heterosexual. Or if you're of the saints wisely changed your game well if you're. Well because if you get a you know going to be hitting (%expletive) global one of sings I don't think it's good for gay people to date with the people they were. It's good for all that of course whatever your whatever orientation is generally don't hang out with people. With whom you work. You know and I will not go to the Christmas party because I've put myself a situation where people are bruised up and obvious gonna hit the elevator and I'll be gone. Lifted it. Actually becomes like high school. Where you know multiple PU date someone and then that person gave someone else from the office here rivalries business gets all screwed up. If she thinks it's what the one of the reasons why the military. Didn't have women in the infantry for the longest time was because. It's a district sometimes it can become a distraction for something you. Well so what are. People's. Businesses have. A practice is about the estimate for a long time it was it was very much destruction. And that they went through a period where was encouraged I would think that now it's got a piece probably discouraged yeah. Certain jobs though that for whatever reason man won't buy for. If you hire for secretary position of receptionist. I can't tell you how many interviews I've done with reception positions. And never won once as a man applied for the job. In person all right so now you've got positions that only or traditionally women fail. It's very rare to find a male nurse right. Let's get more common in what used to not via I think may you never saw a male flight attendants. That was a rare thing in the nineties and rarely did you see now it's almost 5050 across the board aria. Right and me and you've seen it would dock obviously you know other point my point is that there are certain things like out in the if you get your haircut a stylist. Majority of stylists will be there are of course our men did do that but majority of those this or female jobs and. It depends on the place. But we'll hold on here just a moment so will you stay where you work I think it's bad idea I used to think was a great idea I think it's it's stupid and all you're doing especially if you make any money at all uses opening yourself up for somebody stands the just nature. So anyway David. Couple things shipment Harvey Weinstein obviously in the news Kevin Spacey views. Allegedly demented and he's got a thing for young guys back sides. Do we say that. He's been accused of molesting people and there's under aged people against and do it because there's a followed this photo circulating that show him apparently doing something about it. Just you know these are all allegations they haven't there's been no charges filed in other. Well there are allegations but the stuff against Harvey Weinstein started out as allegations to the question is is there corroboration our people will leave to go on the record there already have gone through law enforcement. You know well that what will the investigation be. And all are all the witnesses. Because you talk about things happen you know 1512 years ago when when you talk about sexual assault the whole idea of wanting to go to the authorities quickly as. So that. You know you can definitely proved what happened in and put the bag as a way out and as far as dating people with whom you work used to be frowned upon. Not illegal or frowned upon like. And what my question to you before is that if you work in an office of nothing but Whitman. Or you were in office of nothing but men. I would prefer to work with nothing equipment. I would prefer to work with nothing but man does that make me better person now. Aren't too many bad at all about you know why did tell what jobs was the the job you're doing there what is the job. Your gonna steal plan. OK day. And your I don't think I could affect the work now I know. If you're working with all that your senior more comfortable with that because it all when you watch what cameras and and proved that you wouldn't be absolutely. Braylon absolutely. I think I had a choice to work with all women are all men go with Altman every time I don't I'm not meant to be a lot less sensitive. And there's just less tension in the year. And as much as I love I've never wanted to go home with I just don't think I would ever I mean is it safe to say you're pretty secure that you would never be accused of sexual harassment beach things. You just have never with students would anyone I just don't think that would ever be a problem I have no idea anymore. You'd think that the slightest miss understanding I have no idea anymore and why take the risk. Because we go back to your compliment when you say someone looks nice today you say so what that there are today I have no problems tell you the hair is different because there's. I hit three people were today three and say hey you look really good today your hair looks absolutely great. If I said the same thing I'd be doubted HR. You know you would put you can't. Go how do would you. Now you say you cannot say that's a lot now but they can't say it tell me what you can't see it warming. Condemning that what you just like they're your hair looks great you look great today. You can't hear you think you would go to HR don't you can't hear from from. You can't what have you made a comment about their health. That's why it would you can count. Because with a insult you know it's all up the perception. Of the person on the other end. Well then don't compliment. You exactly. You can't say stuff like that anymore right you can't so would you correctional when it they were at things that you look nice today would you say please and cyber company policies that relations. I do and I laugh about it. But I do I say I'm shocked I'm shocked and appalled this is an HR moment and they look at me. As you know I'm right and I said I am so no kidding. But that's ridiculous it's gotten. But what it's like everywhere box and I smoking crack have you say at do you consider yourself being sexual Iraq. Really I just say it has that ever happened. It's not arrest if if I enjoyed it. Know what it's it is did you youth games depends on the perception. Of the person who is hearing the words. I liked it. Some people. Get their hands in it right. I think people. Think in the work when Immelman HR for rat people out. It is. I mean Phil and he is. Fair market. What a joke now on the but if folks is your work and everybody related arrests come out. Just blow this by what you do you do you think you're so and that's when I just asked do you wanna see an X every day at work for the next five years that's another good reason warn that the god no video there hadn't been there done that I wouldn't wish that on anybody it's on Compton it's uncomfortable for the people with whom you work. Hack you know. I mean so you do twenty drive buys today. Don't really do it's coming up on 28 minutes after five all right so it is it Tony Soprano do you not blank were you. Or maybe you do great. But you've got lenders in 27 to eight in my opinion not a lawyer. But my opinion is you're better off avoiding it altogether because the possibilities. For you organs group. At hung out to dry are limitless. You don't even have to be Harvey Weinstein anymore do it it's all the other person perceives what you say. All right good point it is. Like you've it. Our top. And television news radio 930 WB yeah it took a couple of questions for your dating people with whom you work. I would never. Do it again and I used to do it I would never my effect my first wife. We've got to work. But it was like 1980s. It was the cool thing that you know act in the eighties now. I understand we live in a culture where there are people who actually believe ball sex is rape. There are people who believe that strike okay. Why pitch outs. Because if things don't work out. Every email. Every text you ever sent will subsequently find its way onto the you will pay you will be accused of all things so why is. That. There's plot out there you don't have to. Wear you eliminate. Which Iraq work. With all men or all Whitman or a fix and day out to catch help them as sure as hell will apologize for an opinion. I would much rather work. In an all male environment. I would much rather work in an all male environment and all male environment or. An aid. A mixed environment lie if you were depends on the females I've worked with the amazing women who were very professional and never have to worry about anyone. I've worked with guys that are some of the most irresponsible professional alcoholics or government my life. By. At the end of the day. I guess really kind depends of the person close. I don't care if the owner of the manager is a female that's why I've I've been there done that that was great yet but I as far as a day to day interaction with people they're giving a sausage for us than it. Do not put that in the intro bill do not even think of putting in the intro. Let's a take some calls and WB. Port to develop the edges outer man that the order. Let's go to jail but why do you know what to do a good. This is other's shoulder to whom do it don't do it on me. Now it's going to sound awkward people and say all right here's Jim. Give me even more than they do here's a block port of WB an agent. A time aide David real quick couple of things. Number one David thank you tree service greatly appreciated appreciated you think. I love your show I think about something I'd been lusting for awhile. In regards to what you said earlier tab better was that tying 83040 years ago. I was young first job. I worked at a certain change that you couldn't rain. Home entertainment from being at a specific uniform you're required to Wear. OK I don't think we need any more specificity. Regarding the business you are referring to. OK. And I went into work one day and amp and have a coworker that. I knew from. School also working here I took what looked and error and said you know he looked very good. For. Looked around Watkins impact McHale welcome and are. Working in our street again. Anger. And this is all that it's over three decades ago. So okay so it gets down to what I told David it wasn't what you'd said. It was the fact that what you said was perceived as sexual harassment. Basically edit yep no I I would say yup that was back when. You know I figure we just start where you said earlier. Somebody tells me hey you look good today hey have you lost weight hey is that it's how your regular spot and asked. I don't get offended. And it's not harassment if you'll like it and I capital like that I'm sorry I couldn't compliments. I'd really hate that I will now have bird say that to a female. Again ever never know I try to talk to women as little as possible work. I will be viewed as saying here and I love women but I've learned over the years and ain't worth it. No it because I I you know what I see a woman at work I see lawsuit possibility I just wanna get as far away is akin. I'd be more rattling my gap. What it's probably just not acting in a manner that that would even be question. Because at this point you look at somebody the way they're going to interpreted as he did a lost full looked he was addressing me which he was helping me. Yes I gotta tell you wanna you know what you did you play like a Muslim woman in Afghanistan usually a woman your David you looked the other way. I mean I gotta tell you that's that was pretty much my military experience was you didn't ever make eye contact and certainly didn't. You know make comments so yeah maybe that's I don't even put my head of the vending machine anymore. We've gotten a little bit ridiculous there was and seeing. You just want to go and acting as. Gay porn and argued legitimately. I really think well I've got a look that could you did I'd prefer to go to law school. You would actually consider acting as a career like going fold into well. Now what you would do that because I mean you can give up radio. What do you mean you can do things in addition to other regular and whatever and a few people yes and anyway so just keep ever again so so this anyway Jeff what did you learn from experts if I'm gonna say it's gotten worse. How many people here exit question how have you. Have actually been call old HR because somebody said well you know he didn't say anything but he was looking at me like he was odd hopping. Is that a thing asks you look at someone as a pure what do you mean I wouldn't want to hear that it's 27 to eight you look at a certain way. It will jar and say he was alive hoping he was addressing he made me feel uncomfortable and that those words he made me feel uncomfortable interest owed. Wa. Stay jet goes on to talking about. Hey David time right now a days. I don't care. In my what I currently do it but in my current occupation OK Tom. I was raised. You hold the door open for one. You'd you'd do certain things gentlemen. Who are doing. And you know this is well I knew they were appreciate. Two day you do the same thing. You don't get well thank you sir are a appreciate that you give us a look at what else you want from where he talked to work. Who work at work even socially. It's like out in public I say you know what it's funny because at work now like over the past yourself I have like. Wrestled with opening doors for people because I didn't want is to be something somebody would complain about. Like you know I don't like his politics on the year and I've found his holding the door open for me was misogynist. Because as we live in 27 to. Okay but I will play in the real world I will bend over backwards to opened doors for people. And I talk about race relations and in our country be better than what the BP is saying last night. Last night eight I was like Europe a good five seconds behind the black gentleman in front of me he looked at me like waded buys five seconds of his life to generously hold the door open for me and I nature I think Tim it was just advice in order and I get that all the time. And that sort of talking about the real world we get along better than the other fellow does. Yeah give you that and Aggie but there are times battle unfortunately. With. That we act piece Ackerley. And and they have been like five years. Derek tangling. I will and all the gas station coming out a theory only coming and and I mean just write the order of clogging up the door open. I used to hear a lot. She has got her pacers this thing he'd get the healing which is what really. We think guy like you do for myself you know stay you know trying to be gentlemen things been. Well it you know and also especially outside of the work environment where you really don't have any liability or coupe rear threatening issues. Optus sometimes just a word like please allow me allow me to be a gentleman it's an honor to hold it open for your butt up to the creek Buick. What decree beware don't hold the door open town. With your ass. I. Thanks for the call her. Hit a three car and I urge you start at 930 I get a sense of also had a choice decade ago with a great with the 8803. Owed I'd cookie starlet thirty and a cell phone what 80616. WBBM and I'm also thicken David what you don't wanna say is men these same figures are shaking Kevin's bases it. I would not say that. I think you'd be wise did you see your email sent to the all these different emails all I well yeah that's crazy and they're gonna. Here is Tom in tunnel under let's get started with top would you prefer to work with all. All women are mixed. And it do you think it is still open in 2017. Eva has anybody out for eight jewelry with whom you work. Barack members about the disability up our good blow to a football man yes definitely hear a lot of optical. In the war compartment for a drink. And then after about seven years old artwork. To a minor for an aggregate enacted it was all right. About it monster ball properly looked in the same temperament that I did. And there is an area. Where is that people all combined area we know that the low ratings and he got up like that and I'm fine quarters. And the gentleman and just brushed up against Serb backfired because of the naked and they're crying. Immediately when you oh. They're kind of the Delaware are currently being talked about pay. And you were a witness. Are more important work but aren't. I what Gary OR. Is the first thing I would ask would be a's who can corroborate the woman story who can corroborate the defense. Her grow hard worker great. Well see that's that that's unfortunate that the guy had a reputation. Are here to go worker. So by heat he brushed against the woman's backside with you is to say excuse me I mean as long as he didn't put his hands that are Pippen's army to get on upset. I usually did but it's the nature of the station and spoken buying them next. It was familiar to cardinal Americans. What you say is she. Interpret. It and it is a sexual. Advance and not just a sexual advance but. A virtual. Or. And he got a three. In particular outbreak and certainly if you try to appeal to partner now. How could find is this space that you had to. You know rub. You know parts within. Well. What you're you're Gordon and then how you go out typical tired you ought not do vehicle below up and it's. Like her but that the Balkans by and I know and it happens let me you know. Have you ever done it to another guy. Is in the we prefer is that have you ever bumped into another man. Because and so confide. I bombed in Japan and the female workers at their facility and are never had a problem I was I was lucky I. I've been told us what you're you know it will. Who would it act go. You know Tom I'm hitting the actual belied text messages 30 and I threw her off females say that they don't like to work with a win. The in your hands down a female environment and I have a female women are brutal. One I take that. It's cheaper for is working with Whitman is a woman but women are brutal which is true with our total to other women. Absolutely brutal one aren't learning so much David you need to speak to that we need to do traffic. Right yeah well really ability you don't three Oda thirty started 3180616. WB Ian is powerful number. And this is real world stuff guys were having some fun and I think that you guys are definitely relate this to all. And took the texture day it was not an intern. Eat. My first wife and I didn't get along as husband and wife the marriage was doomed. CE. She is one of my best friends now. So well I strive. Together and bring your agent of the let's go to some work holes on WB. Here is actress in the boy lays dale Chris dated people with whom you work and would you rather work in an all male all female or mixed environment I would much rather work with all men and nothing but men. You know it doesn't matter. Where it save it and it depends on it you are here are there. It what you get off your I. I want my wife. Now I'll working at a local college and medical facility seeing young college I'm an all day long. I went and here they were butt naked in front of me I have absolutely no interest I love my wife. I never have a problem working with women I don't get off the body. Here OK you might not get off the abide but in this America Chris something you'd say. Could. I don't care if you're why it is the next eight they putter but what are well. It's up. And use say that is overheard. And somebody's as well it made me feel uncomfortable. You could say something like. You know I really can't stand Hillary Clinton I think she's sure who your female co worker can go to HR and say he's missed. He made be feel uncomfortable by calling Hillary a shrew. Well that's what he seventy bell. Being no can he allow people here survivor FXL. You know rare when you say. Yeah network never. Seriously. Network I mean you got to be like. Late was prior talker real friar. I mean or was he one of those bad writers now he was. The yeah he was helping Robin yeah okay what you could be liked. John. John Bell. Or would that be John ball. From the peasants revolt and you can be so slightly which is the most innocent thing you say you're talking to your wife on the following the white that you love and edges that you could see a whole you know a bus full of naked co Eds and you wouldn't go sprawling OK but just a conversation with your wife on the fall at this point saying honey I love you so much and I can't wait till later later of course being when you're gonna have dinner with your kids or something. And you could actually have a co workers say. You know I heard him talking to his wife and I thought it was very inappropriate when he said he was looking forward to later on and you can get ripped. That's inappropriate language. OK in the workplace but in April. Which part I love you or I can't wait 'til later all but there I think Christians were and this I don't really think you should be on the fight your cubicle environment you're talking about things went through your wife later. Yeah if you miss what I set the you can be talking. About having dinner with the kids are any coming meaning her extreme and it has sent extra food like that. But see it you know what you remark. I would you do it for that. But here's another thing I don't also probably would share a whole lot about my personal life at my new job anyway. I wouldn't put the pictures up and talk about analyst. It's a team atmosphere and I don't care what other great anything you do your job until my job we're seeing you would be I don't care you know. What you art. In this regard every coworker except David as a potential shark. I don't trust them as far as I can throw them I want nothing to do with them outside the office where's. Your. Career. Yeah I. I've talked to him and it's true it's true though he's. Your score. It that's what is it that the question of preservation. And legal awareness like he's at he's kept in touch with you have been born of all call phone. Decreases in but but people should learn. That you're you're you're emotional part is not to you know what. I'm John Travolta and be cool and maturity on the one and how it is your. My god. For hearing problem all we're gonna continue this after the board of UBE and a lot of good new year.