10/19 Bauerle and Bellavia Hour 2: On Hillary, Russia, and Kevin Spacey

Bauerle and Bellavia
Thursday, October 19th

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News radio 930 WB EN Obama and the people FBI should really know about because it actually happened it. And it involved uranium which is one of the most valuable. And the security issued. Things in the entire world. It's Tom Bauerle in my correct in saying itself that the collusion was between. At previous administration and its big shots and David Bellamy. These are treasonous offense now all the hyperbole you about Donald Trump. It's on meeting with the attorneys maybe with someone who want to talk about adoption meeting with someone who was gonna. We heard about the FaceBook ads by the Russian government 200000. Dollars worth brief look at. Shouldn't you turning all the doubts about. A 100000 dollars into presidential. Candidate race you're not even. But even a drop in the ocean its hourly and Olivia about this. What is. It really sounds to me like there could very well be some criminality here there is it really should be investigated. And and you've you've used the word treason. If it isn't treason. It comes as close to treason if I can imagine. On news radio 930 W. A back here. You buy hourly and that would be you know it shouldn't just crazy. How like you watch in professional sports game. And you complain constantly get the call get the call get the call the officials give you call. And that finally get a makeup call there's always like that. Yeah it really wasn't a penalty but you all totally botched it five minutes ago gave up a goal whatever the metaphor is. This kind of like what's happened with the Russian investigation. I mean did you put so much pressure. The fact that Russia was behind every. You know the red scare the Russian managed these guys are behind our heads they're taking over our actions. I heard a guy not the morning show today and a BBN. He was like Wi-Fi security. And he left like a little thing at the end of it was like you know kind of like how you were talking about people could hijack our actions like. Yes it would come from. People hijacking our elections. What was hijacked. What was the evidence that anyone that your wife fire through any other source manipulated about matter fact we did the recount you found out the manipulation. A few other side so what's the big deal here and here. Russia is involved in our active life watchers involved in bed and our government it's like an episode of the Americans. But it's actually happening in our politics in town now we find out. What we heard during the campaign was legitimately true nobody in the media cared nobody in the print media the TV. Is still don't well look. One thought that whatever text is now. You know the the other side there are masters of propaganda L one of the things they do and they do this preemptively a lot. They blew it they assign it a crime to somebody knowing that they themselves have committed the crime. They tried to deflect people's attention because as I said I'm very disturbed to. It's against up the sentence that I'm very disturbed by the fact that. This Russia got the election for Donald Trump narrative was able to gain any legs whatsoever. That was a preemptive strike ladies and gentlemen it was a preemptive strike by the clintons and all the people they paid off and got money from the bribes over the years. Because their real story is but clintons and the previous administration. Uranium and Russia. But to distract the media and to confuse and model the public mind. They assigned that crime of collusion to that trump. Because Powell by the time you hear about real crimes collusion uranium and the clintons. You're buying it it's transfer over to Donald Trott folks it was a propaganda the blue. Yeah half understand how they work you've got to get the re re some of what durables the Nazi propaganda minister wrote about human nature and knowing how to manipulated. The other side will accuse you. Of doing something that they themselves are doing or have done that because in the world of PR with this constantly changing news cycle of people with the attention of a goldfish. They expect that any word you hear Russia collusion you're go to was that the cultural and not put blame where it should be with. The previous. Folks let me give you an example agree or disagree wanted to give me an example or. This right now here is Barack Obama in his last interview as leaving presidency. Lead in the Oval Office. Here's a Barack Obama we've George stuff cooperatives. Improve how we want. Well welcome I think that. What is true is that. The Russians. Intended to medal and they medal I'll be elsewhere George or the things that I am concerned about is the degree to which. We've seen a lot of commentary. Lately where the Republicans. Or comments. Or cable commentators. Who seem to have more confidence and Vladimir Putin and then fellow Americans because those fellow Americans are Democrats. That cannot be does that include the president elect. Well what I will say is that. And I said this right after the election. Which are minor social on the same team. When reporters monarch to. Vladimir pool is not on our team Tom. But. All the preserve them that the clintons and everybody else on the Russians money back. Is that it demands that we elites actually advance on the dollars. Well here's another here's a press coverage is the final press congress. President Obama gains as present state again asked about rush job. Questions can. Change jobs. Or. Significantly weaken us. There is smaller country they're weaker country there economy. Doesn't produce any event remember wants to buy except oil and gas and arms. They don't innovate. But. They can impact us if we lose track of who we are. They can impact us or weekly abandon our values. Abandon our values or sell them money are stubborn things for money things like uranium what happened is that. Uranium got in the hands of all I don't know North Korea. Or ice is. Wore a bachelor rams job all that's right that's right that would matter anyway could you just give Iran cash any pallets of so in the last six months of the Obama administration. We were covering up a deal that basically enrich your democratic candidate with a 150 million dollars. What you're looking about the way for trump to build the tower in downtown Moscow at least that's a building. At least he's actually putting something together that could be used. This person she used 08 million dollars to get her daughter an apartment. It is people are using the Clinton foundation for trips dinners and vacations. I have to get back to what hurt export person says. And it is a great point and you have to remember there's. If you want to know about the crimes Democrats are committing you have to look at what their accusing Donald Trump of having done or doing. At what they're trying to do is launched a free of the strike. I think that's a brilliant analysis up for and I don't I'm not follow or get. The accusations. That trump won the election. Because. Could delusions with directions that's like Donald for a one I don't know if you noticed that Hillary really won the right. Exactly because lot of rugged Russian they they colluded with retro people got what Donald Trump. It they put that narrative out there knowing that. Under a new administration maybe just maybe the truth might actually come to write about the shenanigans. The criminality. The not just malfeasance but now practiced against the public good. Committed by the previous administration and those high up in it and it's always about that and dollar. So you're saying that that this was an efforts to. That trump story. That trump collusion story and you're in gay okay these were all pre emptive strikes. Two in the hearts and minds of the public against Donald Trump. No and that those making the accusations. Were the ones who were there really colluding in cahoots with the Russians. Sure I think the Russians are are working both sides all the time but the thing here is that when you're accepting hundreds of millions of dollars from. You know foreign government or private entities and gotten that step has to be transparent. I mean why the Clinton foundation has not been ripped opened and investigated. To me is is beyond any worse I mean but. Cute Q so we are Dell yesterday in a meeting with Jeff Sessions when the attorney general was on the hill. He was being asked questions by Al Franken that we're trying to keep that we're trying to connect fashion to Russia. So even if people are following their own path towards connecting you know trump to to Russia or anyone else. It seems that every member in that cabinet has somehow been three degrees separated some Russian connection. And it just seems to me that if you live in a glass house OK if your preacher talking about gay people. It's probably a good idea if you're not going to woodgate parlor in your gay yourself. I mean you're you're going to be how did eventually why would you talk about this so much is it doesn't make sense that I would like to know. If UBE has seen the pictures of Kevin Spacey. Bomb. Conversation. Like a zombie. If you like house of cards this has nothing to do with or talking about I just thought I'd throw enough out for a squirrel I tell you straight up if you enjoyed house of cards. Understand what that shows probably never gonna be seen again okay is Kevin Spacey this Internet. There are high lean on this guy's color pounding your it didn't take his career. Now he's being fist. Heat is. He's got some issues. Understood Azeri. I mean no seriously bare our. Sexual assault now all I'm trying to come up with a decent way I can say this and have real hard time to limit. August well OK I'll say this. It's a shocker. And it's not in a good way knowledge. Kevin Spacey you're OK here's the best way can sit at opposite kind of bothered by the state because honestly Kevin Spacey love them as an actor I thought he was great in LA confidential. I've loved about house of cards I really really loved him in the movie seven. But what is really disturbing is apparently the real Evans but see. Is a lot like the maniacs are real killer in the move the sadly no wonder he got that role so well because. About Nazis murdered anybody let's get distress or what has happened. Let's just me but let's just put it this way it'd ahead in the box while he he was up. He had. He got. Dad now so he's been accused to do some horrible things but again. How we can still gets worse but it took a mean I don't wanna chase this won't we're gonna have to just changed this world markets I'm I'm appalled and it takes a lot to Paul okay. It's twenty minutes after 4330. WB EN. I am truly shocked and appalled. And it makes it worse it is really like ams racing the actor can't just throw up about the little. Yeah you know it's affected it read it it's a WBM seven for a alert forecast. Tomorrow mostly sunny 67. On suddenly entered Justin Trudeau Saturday partly to mostly sunny skies seven victory Sunday sun and clouds in the vibrant 66. That is ready at a thirty WB yet we're gonna get back to uranium and collusion and concluding with eruptions and the clintons and and again folks remember this every time accused Donald drop of doing something. It's cover it's a smokescreen the to create confusion in the public mind because they have actually done what they accuse Donald Trump doing. Here's another example Hillary Clinton talking about. The abuser. And the White House for me it but the real issue wasn't talking about oh. But anyway. David and a story that is going to be breaking as fallout. From the Harvey Weinstein and I think there's a lot of really gross people in Hollywood. Involves Kevin Spacey and some pictures on the Internet which stories it is Dave it's it's everywhere in. Into the longest time people were saying in list celebrity Oscar award winning actor. I mean you're seen a lot of gross people that have again these are all left wing people these are all individuals who. Purported to stand up for weapons rockets for gay rights for all these different rights. But when it comes to. I'm meeting the threshold for. You know what they need at the moment David just going to take it just like Donald Trump. Was reported as seen an axis Hollywood. Here we have evidence that other people in Hollywood many who piled on Donald Trump has actually doesn't as the pictures of Kevin Spacey. At a party are absolutely without. And they have to have some explanation from the actor himself but. You litter we go on these out these ready change and you're seeing. Literally in real time people Shane went to a party and I'm pretty sure Kevin Spacey just tried to assault me. You know Karen's phrases making a movie in Iowa to a restaurant and I'm pretty sure he just did something horrible. They're all over the place they're all over the Internet and you start to realize that these people that have been put on platforms and pedestals. They've got problems man and like everyone else had problems they want to watch. If somebody doesn't personal life but if he was without consent trying to give somebody a prostate exam that's an issue. Is certainly an issue is definitely an issue for everyone involved did not make much about it easier I'm just me it's it's not their their horrible things going on that would Harvey Weinstein being accused of and now we're hearing about you know the athletic Brothers and it's really sad. Really it. You know. I'm still waiting for the Carrot Top stuff that happened at an atheist if you have an industry that is you know. Promoting and and covering up sexual assaults. And what what can you possibly say about that there's no excuse whatsoever I don't care what your politics are what your religion. An American citizen you're going to work and you're tight you're you're always jolting people vote for Hillary let's get the first woman elected. And then any female under the age of 27 years old you're showering in front of they have to go through a series of of auditions were there naked you've got a girl telling the story was the actresses such in they can perp walk. The program. She's fifteen years old they put in a room with fifteen year old girls were forced. Kid ain't what it. Different from a Russian mob and in. Oh it is not at all. Ourselves actors and actresses have all web Sherri usually historically were regarded as the scum of the earth. I'm sorry this might bother you but I think people were actors. Actresses are really left up for the most part well. Have to pay to be able to cry on cue holed out though I don't think the actors and actresses here are are the I think they're the victims I think that was being taken advantage at a certain kind of personality is drawn to that work in its ways and John will ask me it's been that way with Annie are uncle who was innocent by the where it's the debate as I just don't think he gives you license to use. No I think it does what is this idea that at. Actors and actresses political opinions actually matter is a relatively new phenomenon because historically. The American people of the British people. And most of western civilization had very little respect for actors and actresses and it's true they were paid well they weren't respected and frankly they didn't deserve it and I'm sorry there's a certain personality type is drawn to that. And for the most part with some exceptions. Most of them are you know they make me look like this thing to do. I'm just saying that these owners producers got these guys have there's sexual deviancy issue. And an rape problem and Hollywood needs to obviously stop sexual deviancy sexual deviancy. Is. Edited call. It is what you would agree that if you continue to rape and dinners are cross section of people that are forgiving did more last meeting more people. It it's abhorrent and and again there's this whole idea anybody who says I was shocked but we expect you out of your mind. I'm sorry you're you're picking up my leg and you're telling me it's it's bella via speaking. Or that it's raining when Javier. Wow. Soul. KE in Hollywood David did you shake Kevin Spacey is hands never. I L I think you'd remember. At least I mean these are serious allegations what's crazy to me about this whole thing is that what still on this entire thing. I mean you're telling me that all of these stories have existed. And nobody felt the need to talk about it we would have watched the next season of house of cards thought this guy was a great. Our contributor to society but it took a goose pile out of horrible guy like. Harvey Weinstein for this information commodities are what do you work you don't work ask you this question coming up your son or daughter. Says. Eight I was at the school like I wanna go out that. Heidi we to make it big. And be honest if you were out of Hollywood. What you. Do anything to get a big part. It could mean you'd be the next huge star in Hollywood would you do anything to make cannot tell you the honest answer. There are people and not in Hollywood. In Western New York right now. That are working jobs that nobody would ever think in a million years are good glamorous. Debt. Are offered opportunities like that every day for advancement. There are probably people in this audience that that experience as were a boss has said. Hey would you like that job or would you like this opportunity if you do something like that I think the better question is have you had a Harvey Weinstein moment. Where someone has legitimately offered you. A better gig for a for for circus is I think that it's happening every day. Yeah it's hit maim names well he's of people deceit and IQ of one of course you can. Unless or course how it's our guys have no idea how the show became hourly and relevant. Here is. David block port RW. A WB BSN David hello. And it. They don't at all I'm sorry notable that if. You are forgiven absolution has been granted because genuine contrition was expressed. All right thank you very much I'll do three hail marys wanted to go out our way to take me. This basic stuff for the last twenty minutes and I was solicited again and went home so I haven't heard that the health. But I think it'd be anything like Weinstein right Spain and they're not that fast. That the movie that you're got a call for up as a real example of what he's like would have been American Beauty. Where he rules over the fourteen year old blonde cheerleader with the rebels battle. At an actual vote was I didn't see the movie liberal on number two was when Shia leader chick or dude it was that you implement a girl but the idea that guys haven't midlife crisis in. Basically just tunes out. Great movie one. We start watch out we start you know what we started watching it and you know I told us there are some of this is just too creepy for me I can't do that won best picture American view and a lot week's how we started watching it. And it got so creepy we did not go back to the well that's. About steak it was made obviously your pocket and Eddie's the rumors would boys but you have Family Guy did this thing with the cheerleader with the red. The rose petals fall all over anyway the reason why I got on the phone. I'm your commit somebody you know credit for point out that the Democrats accuse us of what they're doling. Well that Belichick had a long time ago and it has five stars Danny shoulder. And he's if you wanna know what the Russians are up to just look at what they are accusing itself and that was of course Eisenhower. He said this in many years ago and the left in his country's socialist Communist part whatever you want to call him. They have gone so far left and opium different that what the Soviets used to be seven years ago. And they did the same crap back debt they muddied up the water they muck it all up. So that what we retaliate with a real accusation make I combined and a ridiculous. And people quiet date based O'Brien. Why though it's a it's really sort of an interesting. You know like this really comes down to the rusher thing and the Harvey Weinstein that we can connect these two things together David because what it really comes down to is hypocrisy. And did and how genuine these leftists actually are. I mean if you truly believe that you were pro woman can you believe any liberal man who lectures us. Ever get. About respect for women. I mean obviously it's like every one of these guys that they put on a pedestal it's horrible pervert Jesse Jackson. I mean goodness gracious the stories of just rejected Bill Clinton is a alleged rapists you've got. You know Anthony Weiner just happens that your chief of staff also marry someone who is equally as disturbing as your own husband. Beat these are sick sick. It. What consenting adults do mean we probably didn't Hagan is I don't care what consenting. Adults do. But when you are forcing yourself on some but he or what you make in the year. Participation. In New York freak a pre condition of employment advancing. That's not just against the law it violates. A standard of morality even ID I don't know where your ball with that 'cause I'm talking about men who I took advantage of interns there were unpaid I'm talking about people who texted underage girls pictures I mean. These are illegal acts in. Many I mean were taught under age rat. I'm talking consenting adults which Clinton obviously he was forcing himself on people as well as Weinstein as as a Kevin Spacey is alleged to have done in the past well I mean David hot. Pictures are either of you online with some guys spare parts written for your base I think there's Eddie I hope there's no I'm pretty sure there's no enemy. I have to say pretty short I guarantee you I'm sleeping. Okay all right yeah. But our gate at the pictures of Kevin Spacey outline our deuce. And their numbers out there. And yeah that would escalate. I wonder what if you're docket again. Let me ask you David how many. David let me ask you though I analog port which when you're talking about. The difference between someone making an allegation. Okay. And don't get me wrong. We have daughters we have friends. The idea. That. A person can make an allegation like this and not be believed or more over make an allegation and have the courier was worth it. I mean some of these women were saying no it was I assaulted. Again. Medium of bill he gets out there and would you wanna put any loved one you know in a work environment like that David. Well that's bad that's another good point just made because sixteen of them came out and apparently made false accusations. Against Donald Trump when they open the. That we talked about that last week yeah where's the accountability for the false is it also I think. Makes a false accusation about sexual harassment I think it ought to help the same standard as the alleged master attitude taken to court. Falsely accuse Jews of the beep at you funny or they issued yet expertly. You're you're making a false it doesn't matter what he elegance and damages your brand every time somebody does a Google search deep into the the false report is is the one that comes up first the number of good stuff you can say the bus loaded gifted schoolchildren from drowning. But what intern at futuristic and your daughter and jealous thinks that was when such a big celebrity like you're Tiger Woods your Bill Cosby. You're such a big celebrity that when one person makes an allegation. Like forty people and legitimately big could be bogus I mean when you're what do stories that they'd like Tiger Woods. Percentage of those women actually were with Tiger Woods. Because you don't. All of a word just coming out of the economy the burden of proof is the person making the accusation you know showing you the type words were ever even in the same zip code to give me a day or approximate date where this is alleged to have happened to make Iraq operation and there aren't as you know all our things there are people that are currently not all the time and ruin people's lives but. In this circumstance. It is quite obvious that there were people that had things happen to them. That they did not want to happen to them and because they mated vocal and tried to do tell someone about. Their careers were destroyed and I think that one of the lowest seen you cure and I want for you David and David and it is us. Even wanna take the risk of dating somebody you worked with many more. Why would you even want to take that risk we know what it's for uranium in order to ask you. I have for about uranium to a person we haven't we ask the question would you at this point. What you opened yourself up how many have you. Would even consider. Dating somebody with whom you work in 27 team. Knowing that if it doesn't work out you had to set yourself up for termination. And every text you might dissent during the relationship is gonna be used as evidence against you that's you were bad guys. Has held up though few are you Kevin Spacey scored. At that act. Heard Monday. In 1991. I asked the girl out for ensuring that I want to. And I don't get hurt today I answer straight into the left yet it still is a Americans. Now put their name sounded so I'm screwed. Yeah well OK I mean what happens in the future we all work with a robot. All gonna record all of met art does not disappoint dredged had a story about the first brothel feature links to these robots that Max out Dickerson Matt Drudge is a pathetic human being. I'm convinced that the ride actually has a whole collection of sex robot that's why he's fascinated by it and you know why he's so elusive I'd be willing betcha he's hanging out with sex robot told me he is actually obsessed with sex robots Matt Drudge is a that aren't you kind of obsessed about mad drugs obsession with sex robot that can certainly because he's like one of the most influential people in the world. And that IE has a big. He's got to stay in for sexual robot through this thing it's weird though is that the sex robot is not just sex robot stories it's like sex robots are gonna kill us sex robot arm would take her job. Like really really upset that it's like three degree beyond. The normal text runner up but the good old days when people like Lorena op but we're just capital things you know. You know. But thanks for the call thank you problems. Rhonda. Not now we're hanging up on you you were as you accurately predicted. All right we have a lot of things mortgage unit too but you know seriously the 27 Libya are you tell are you asking me the question. I'm asking yeah. Then on to say if you are you saying. Is there are something that you would duty did advance. And regulator. Maybe you have got to get suburban for told us. Does affect them all the letters were written in maple syrup that's what it was disturbing note dude here's general rule this business somebody sends you a packet that is the size of the Manhattan massage parlor directory. Don't even open because it's it's going to be a personal matter from somebody who has mental issues you don't wanna get involved. Here is unless of course they wrote a great book and watch and read it. It's a good. That was sarcastic by the way folks it was sarcastic here's our car car phone and WB and car. Hello gentleman come in and tell us what you set up out there. And Hollywood has always been depraved. As that didn't marry a point oh or. Are. Okay what I say is the act. Acting profession in general has long had a bad reputation in western civilization. In England they were regarded as little better than prostitutes even in Shakespeare's era. And in Hollywood the early twenty why did it. We have the film coat. Why do you think we've. Why exactly. I argued that woods was Jack Wald preying on their little girl. You know it's not adapt batter. And up Mario Portillo told us threatened with Johnny Fontaine and and all the Hollywood's even how do you want his daughter to be anywhere near. Well and we keep. I'll tell you something I don't care how many gold never get any power that uncheck arm is going to be sleazy. And you you have to have a system where there's rules and force that people are encouraged. That to do the honorable thing there has to be accomplished in a coat in its not just because you know well it's all going to be. A Pollyanna but it comes down to the back and it's the best way to work when people are respected and feel safe. And thank you for McAuliffe inaudible you know we have to take a break of course I do radio thirty WB at 80330. Is the ball never start at thirty himself 4180616. WB Ian.