10/12 Bauerle and Bellavia Hour 4: Stories About Being Pulled Over

Bauerle and Bellavia
Thursday, October 12th

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News radio 930 WB ENF one thing it wasn't selling video it's like to get the Toronto mayor was smoking crack Keaton Eliot did you videotape. Smoking crack. This guy is like to. He gave me as much you know thinking about yet. And this is it would be doing if you were here at pennies and then you said. Right now about going to a meeting in. Do some office of line stuff. And then he's like hey. I just whatever you do don't they'll put this on the Internet. And come hourly bottle but he's figured. Out my ignorance is get you and David Bellamy you know it's great pillars that he did he's the old line coach. Right so there's like O line bios. It's the hourly and Olivia finally the money shot on news radio 930 WB ENN. Sometimes movies give us great. Opportunities to see what it's like to get pulled over by the police and sometimes it's real life. And it's kind of hard to deter him which is the real light one and which is the meat which is the movie one so for all play that's one of audio examples of people getting pulled over and how they responded. Crammed investors that I have I've been suspected of committing what's that what kind of I've been suspended until it only likes. Is that a crime operatives in the license according to a battle. Do you voters in the Hillary. Georgia where I never would be pulled over a million years that matter why are you pulling me over you have no wheels and that a crime if you're driving on the actual ID one. But he talking about is that a crime. But you know that's real why cops have the view within 27 to and this is what tops the deal with like 25 years ago. They don't look back. It's. It's harder aware of the rest of that coming up later on this hour we have to you boys been doing it it'd make. That's from dumb and dumber with Jeff Daniels and Jim Carrey that's wanna buy go to two I'm having a crappy day movies. That's Monday through Friday. It is are we abilities David Bell Libya war hero I'm Tom buy hourly. Like who is actually nothing for his country ever so let's get some calls you've got pulled over for pat. And why and plot may have to say the plot and why why why David why. Are right. All edited the server at the restaurant today I did leave your pan with a coworker apparently you left before we were through so sorry about that. Would you like some more coffee. Here is. That kind of an inside joke even though. OK here is Jerry in ransom bill and actually put up a FaceBook how many of you have gotten pulled over in true that spurred New York. You know folks at. All here's something by the way if you're a new driver it before I get to a jury here if you're new driver. Or if you're driving like to Truman expert Afghanistan you don't know what you're a country road you're doing 55 miles an hour. Any time you were coming up too late now you'd need to anticipate that this is going to drop its gonna go to forty. Maybe 35 maybe the 25 that you're the chance to slowdown but. Make sure you tell your kids or to teach about driving that went on a country road approaching that town. Every single country town everywhere has the same deal you decelerate slowly and that Ager going through the village you're going to be going ethnically. True Pittsburgh New York I've seen more people pulled over there that I've ever seen anywhere else not even the village of more. All right let's get through Jerry and Jerry hi. I. I love here oh lead in its early grade. Well thank you're gonna get what's really weird those in 2017 and it's hard to know which one was the intentional comedy. That's a picture. My story. Ninety's I have an angry. I Thanksgiving. Like us and I can decide to go cover trying we headed down to Caledonia. No it well. By Mumford. Yes I love the stately old homes that way we're going at Alia. We went around traffic circle. And you got around at my truck and go oh crap where were you trying to craft a. Yeah yeah it did yeah you gotta have it this is CNN so you can word up on eleven so that's the only bad due to words you can use here. I asked OK we get around the traffic is nowhere group. Actually what he has a light behind it. I just a traffic light it and all sort pulled over. Not yet out. He goes walks around at VW bug. Looking at the tire and everything. Comes out that a window. Rolled the window now. Smoke poured out cash. This is at 73. Girl that was the media leak captives are okay. You. Know why or over. No. Oh. Nobody to be. Here. Through I consider that probable cause it's going to probable cod. My cousin was choking keep them away. Actually. All. I'm sorry. And he's able get out now. Yeah I think the operative part of that call was 1973. But here's what stuns me OK because that would never fly that. We could all get a duplicate it YouTube the guy's done. Here's what I'm interested in mostly. The smell of we'd can be kind of spunky. How in the hell in 1973. Small town America did he not smell the week. Did you have always given your car. I I knew. I was lucky to its VW beetle she's way to be sure microbe us. It was a beetle okay our cars. Like non. Not red white and blue on I went no peace signs. And blue background. Clearly are. Well I'll tell the story meant that you caught that you could have been convicted felon. That's why yeah meat pot and get decriminalized. Or stayed until circa 1980 like small possessions it all and still smoke Jerry. No act you're free I'll judge of the jury had a few pops before he called them and correct jury. I'm nineteen. This morning in 1970. Astaro and I'd change or by ten area thank you very much and I think drugs ought to be legalized. They do not but eve in the war on drugs thank you very much what you choose to put in your body is consenting adult is nobody's business but after all injured deviated sept. Let's go to or your lungs as the case may be. Let's go to. In Cheektowaga Tonya hello. They cannot have. Our annual testing of our lives actually one of funk this is like really uninteresting show. It's not politics ever but it is due to a political shout no we try to be as entertaining as we can and fail miserably repeat going. OK let Latin that was what I think it's why output over our Russian Nicaragua and a much out the work and school. And I came out and they expect and where a couple of them on in the end we're kind of going down five went around them the right. And in the corner of a mile down about my mama and I'll attack. I don't mind the pop my pet you get a bicycle without on the way that my child at school. So now I'm behind the top again but he and I think are really very very low about a not Aaron. Another quarter of them out battle the popcorn all over I keep going straight he Cordoba yet to come out we'll go. Sure enough he colonial where am I like the way you want. Bowden Bartlett and Ollie think that why people you know and that outlook we gained at a tailgate and that I had them without signaling. C cube we have the Almonte. And asked them not let them off on us but I am in a hurry up but I wasn't beaten against the U. Not article are the things that you know it's best that I can't do without singling. But I definitely wasn't my fault. Something you know it pretty much just his ego that act at some acting not let me say it. Don't add up don't you talk they'll get out of my lot of got a lot of at the top. So sure now by pat them loans made thought he ended up problem you know without the street by a quarter with another guy in here crying. So don't don't you find that the kids normally get you off the ticket. Normally like that's enough to have a crying kid where they're like all right man apologist but not your case. What in your case so the kid didn't work he's still got to take it. No good because I really didn't do anything wrong I think it was just the fact that I have something but you know. All right it's a power game now that's what I'm wondering. When you will when you were having this interaction with the with the officer did you try to lighten it up at all or. But how would you describe yourself. I become you know like the body when he walked but it practical what then are very NM like the book I'm David Ball. And I hope that the iPhone yet I am and I carrying a bed and some of the things I'm Mike Weir yeah about the complex and I'm not all of. Do you have. Todd did you have the uncontrollable urge to like you cannot control yourself you must look at the person you pass. The ever and none of that. Late I can I everytime I pass when I'm like who is this. This dirty Paris and 20. Okay there's two things are checked for most places of Western New York I want to see if the person was alive during the McKinley assassination. Anywhere near UB I have to do the Asian Jack. Asia or not Asian all of your body you know I. I I just to look at the person that I just passed like you know what you know it's almost domination thing. What Europe NATO the eyes just like later on it's faster and you you must have something wrong with. Tiger thank you so much for the call. You don't throw all right thirty start at 310616. WBO for listeners to the show like probably two parties in Jerusalem you'd understand why can make it joke and we. Hear is traffic with Ellen it's. Whispering in my steps it's talking with a black coworker during you know one of the breaks a couple of hours ago David over the watermelon joke. Joining us I have to say this is just not everyday I get the feel vindicated. But the same page she was on the phone with one of her friends who is black when doing the warm and show. And this person is a fairly intelligent achieving individual company and all of this thing. And she had never heard of the watermelon stereotype you thus making when I was saying you debate entirely plausible she she backed me up. And she says and I quote if you ever watermelon and for me I'd be really happy about it I wouldn't think it was a racist. She also knows me I. I said I would I would not to that app lets. I love you never ever going to do that absolve fighting games milk at all absolutely. And I asked her about the soda thing she. Haven't heard about that either a Halm all. Should she settle quite got that you are. I we should stick. To it only to back up turned approved the stereotypes are true we don't trying to prove that they exist is trying to prove that I was stupid for not knowing him I can't tell what strip a take over that show but can't make it that good natured. Brian good natured crap it's always. But the best was mrs. if you and me did you get bad natured crap from shelves and they had no business course no help but I have to tell you that the best thing witnesses there because like I talked the entire drivable on Monday night like I feel so stop and feels he Puget hostage that he you know this is you sit com. Chill your racist that's why you don't notice that stuff. There we know more and more balance now it does not it is. I think a lot of it is geographically based I think a lot of it is just like our own individual life experiences so and I'm not saying hard and that's horrible evil human being if you fake cigarettes for four nightmare that. All right let's get back to the calls. Others doubt all but that that's the nicest thing people say is of course you did note that because that's because your beautiful person I have a beautiful person what you get to know me and that's out of Libya dragnet radio episodes it's called the pick. PI CK it's for free on YouTube. And the wider the guy who actually lifted the wall out of people's. Really nice Fella want to get to know. That's an atlas to might David before I go to sleep this old Jack where dragnet radio episodes because. You know we do for live in this whole radio thing you look at Jack Webb. He was such a great talent in radio I just have this tremendous respect for what it. He invented hold you are without Jack Webb there would not have been law and order mark my words let's go to war Wanda on WB. Easy and Borges Laura. I. I might pulling getting pulled Albert story happened in Oklahoma. And it was. Numbered years and I was driving from candle to 29 palms to pick up my son who was. Coming back from the point. And I was in his little hipper on salon on. Speed and it was 75 and I was. I was going 78 I really know how fast I'm going I know I was going to mediate and that's. Oklahoma Highway Patrol or whatever they are pulled me over. Then. The first thing he did was asked me to get into a trap card and I was on lake. OK you know count myself let me and he kept out about it credentials and I wasn't scared because that was going to Leo over and I would advocate no purpose in order. So I felt comfortable enough to say like glamour in your cop car. And he said it the what we do here and it's safer for me than being on the road it's a busy highways and I'm like okay and makes sense. And yet we that was Colleen and I called on hand. He's like put these cuffs on that's what we do without my name is Harvey Weinstein their have you ever thought about being just trust these and just him. Cuba. I'll be taking a shower now the backseat hope you'll watch. Not we're doing Harvey Weinstein engines we've got. You know we've cut. And I wasn't. You know trying to use what I was doing to pick up my phone on the appointment it was partly I was actually doing right and so he I said. Why Tacoma mail her you know and he said he was speaking and I am white I was going except maybe seventy or 78. And he said look at Bieber on the 75 I have a couple of. I'll yet out of here. He can't it literally fat cats but after after a compliment that the kind of makes sense. And I get your plate on the car. And I don't you know we couldn't get. A good 810 leeway to cut and I would calling area and then what rode around and Paul in New York in this heat had a weak it can't. Could I ask how will they go. Kitty corner through Oklahoma and it's 75. Mostly the whole way and he weighed the candle or the highway and he'd vote probably by fast enough. And he said you can get hurt you know go without me 5000 dollar and he's that we take it seriously we will obviously get tired I'm like. Nick and you know I'm excited I'd love to be looked at them inside around here. One I'd love to be the person hands you your tax bill and sharing your version of that depth it. You know like I'll pay the flying you look like you've had a so it was so what happened lower because there's that old there's an old saying that cops have you either right somebody or you lecture them what you don't do both. He can't PT. Well I get a little bit about I got to get that right here ticket he gave me a warning. And I thought pat because. You know what kind of a little moment so they keep that Adam you know you got a long way to doll I was going to California. And if he's that don't wanna peek at her so here's a warning good luck to your time and all that stuff and and he got was that and you let me tell and it slowed me down for the rest of the trip and I'm not definitive reason for that you know. I thought I was. Except that time when you did 7675. Zone. Happy about 75 X. And so that was that I will say that I was pulled over into reverse gears now. Did you get to take. Him. Gee I don't think women have an unfair advantage. Women can get out tickets guys can't a lot of work. Thank you we got to move on some other folks thank you very much the call Phil let's play that's out of a woman who did not deserve a break this is why we're doing the show this has been around for awhile but it comes out of Georgia. Our current investors that I have I've been suspected of committing what's that what kind of I've been suspected of doing lights. Is that a current model SD license according to a battle. People vs bad. Saudi idea got a chip that went on to. Ask about the corpus to elect died in one of the funniest moments in pullover history. Today's deal of the day from my buffalo approach is a forty dollar certificate to deem is restaurant and eligible for just twenty dollars for over 25 years dean is restaurant has used fresh local ingredients whenever possible for the delicious breakfasts lunches and dinners too much buffalo perks that come. Where is the corpus elect. Plugging in more. I've got to find my corpus select died of where the carpet collect that. Where is the corpus to elect where I want world dessert corpus to elect the saga delicious dead birds. I. Well ma it. You bring your carving knife the weeks I'm just saying it's it's such a ridiculous thing to just throw they where is my corpus to elect whereas the carpet elect. I believe that's slightly inferior to the lower angle of this capsule you should go into China wanted just pull over and say excuse me. Can you play. Whereas the carpet collect that just pull over to people rolled on the window and if you're like pizza plant I don't mean to trouble you but I was looking through the red carpet elect. And that's isn't I want does that ring tone for a it obvious so that was a lady getting pulled over in Georgia the for awhile and I should probably point out she is a white woman. It was sent to it as hey listen to this black woman that was that was I think that she's actually like she's wider that I am I didn't think that was possible. But it apparently it is. You know I've got a couple breaking news stories wanna keep aware of first ball. This is pretty crazy according to TMZ they've got a hold of Harvey Weinstein contract at the Weinstein Co. And it actually. Write it in black and white. It allows for sexual harassment. As long as he is shelling out the money. So he had yet. It allows him to sexually harass people as long as he's pain for. And then of course were following the shooting multiple people shot at several locations. In Goteborg Sweden. In Sweden. There are multiple people shot up to seven people seriously injured several locations makes local people in the media. In Sweden think that this is a terror act that he's been confirmed. But we know multiple people shot at several locations in Sweden and Harvey Weinstein contract. Well he can be Arabia as long as he's pain for. Horry that's all I can say all right all right now in Sweden. We point this out in Sweden the refugees have done such a great job assimilating into the Swedish culture that Swedish women have been told to cut their hair short and possibly Wear head coverings so as not to entice these people who obviously believe that Harvey Weinstein says the president recording rituals in the west. It is. 640 news radio 930 WB. Let's get back to the calls it his radio thirty's should. Against the ship is that the words shenanigans guidance that it shenanigans that Europe. Let's get back to the calls let's see it was Dunkirk it had to be Evans PD I don't know evidently nobody has been to court few New York corps is doing is curfew or Corfu no court few. Corfu is what the that's what the outsiders. But it Pembroke were few area that area is I die and I believe the entire. Budget is based and eating well you know what else Darien. Similar to what I'd open to identify you differ municipality in your pastoral way in Woodbury Atlantic. Excuse me in the area you're gonna get collar you that is court what I'm saying is in that area. If you can't 7733. That is that's what we're talking about that little area there. Let's get back to the calls a news radio 930 WB SE got pulled over what happened did you ask this what the corpus to elect the Iowa. Or did you tell the officer that because having no brake lights is decry your not obligated sure you places I mean would you like to hear our specials. I'll just take the corpus to elect the where the carpet elect. We're gonna that right out of a deal hasn't asked for that Russell's next them ICC GA and we did mix and you get accused of you know being unfaithful to your girlfriend your spouse gene did you say where's the core is still like to Wear carpet elect. It'll 330 start at 3180616. WB yen and that you could say. The but the guys raise your cellphone messages I recovered. Oh that's unfortunate here is Etsy. Where is the corpus collect died the stripper put it up on YouTube at all when I ordered anyway. We're way host I I still wanna do we have at least half hour in less about stupid. You can putt. Atlanta dolphins to coach what it doesn't talk about Miami Dolphins old line coach yes I was a video of themselves or white powder. Of that if that's he says that this but he but that's he sends it to us are. I told me tell you a little something right now if you're fifteen years old and you're female you wanna listen uncle David okay. Never under any circumstances. I don't care how much do you think this boy mean something view. Never. Say and any. Any photo that you were about wanna show your father or your mother. Because I'm telling you whether it's in a cloud or some other British Arab people look at it it's just dumb to do but here's the other thing. If you're coaching. In the. And it fell. Don't video record yourself snorting cocaine the way. Joseph Girardi coach is the Buffalo Bills that's a league job. To store cocaine up prostitutes when you're the manager of the Yankees. Tip your store cocaine when you're the all of lying coach of the door opens that's a good job. We bills coach. He's in charge you Burton shot McDermott even he's not allowed to snort cocaine off a prostitute. You have to have a lead position in sports Michael Jordan can do that people wouldn't care shady McCoy he's established himself. No one cares but I don't wanna see the office of special teams coach of the achieves was doing blow Cain with a. Now not now. You are bottom of the total. Paul when it comes to. Sports coach's ability to get away with such thing I've always if you are left wing political activist in Chicago you may do it but only in magazines Leo of other dudes. Let's go to you one let's go out yet David and you're is never proven. Here's some zip it or tell Wanda I'm W via. Hi. Get in. 1980s and ninety's there was that famously I won't mention his name. In dark tunnel Wanda who would intimates are pulling people over. And I was on my way home from. Work one night I work at a local quirky star. When we award these red white and blue polyester jacket and I had backed polyester jacket on in my hat. And so I get pulled over and down. The police officers had you know you know Wyatt pulled you over. Is your words yeah that's right probably. I. I honestly didn't know had gotten although I know I'm sorry sir I don't know why you pulled Leo back. And he said well you were beating and I I was eating at that how bad was like telling you were going 32 in the thirty. And I. Have a burst out laughing. Button that I said well I'm very sorry I didn't realize I was going to flee. I'm so he questioned me about where I live and I was going and thought it was pretty obvious I was coming from my job at a local supermarket because of my outlet. Or from a to Frankel family concert. It. And I got right. I'm so he kind of you know that a few minutes questioning me want to know who owned my car. You know with my father and mound he actually followed all the way home with the Vatican jurisdiction what I thought was strange. Yeah he's creepy yeah. Yeah but that was back at a time when you can be far creepy that you can now with all the different technology dashboard cameras there or some guys that reduce some creepy things and you know exploiting females telling them that that would give them you know. Things that Harvey Weinstein would. Yeah well maybe he just like my out that. Com well we I tool who have lied to judge anyone but I'm just saying I'm glad that things worked out and that. That that's a happy ending this story. Yeah yeah yeah I need to. Thank you and you have a good night. All right that's sales in north time allotted talking about you know what could have been classified. But by the time we it's into the good night it's like to place halfway through. Here. Is here is let's see who would be I had someone tell me that they got pulled over just what she told me I was driving erratically. Like a rabbit is radically radically. Erotic is a difference. So. It is Betancourt view to ship owners. Your holed up like a 13. Outlined Bertie. OK let's go to. North college week here go. Today your average American flag over your history and that the one that. That is relative to the hall but currently is football one cute Japanese so thank you go one New York. And now let's go to idea that your two Hebert from Europe that here's to the north Collins you. I've and I'm here that are coming back from hunting. And like November and it was a real bad weather on the 190. Real bad mom what no. That was enough evil or right work are acting in the eighties and I went behind job. But state trooper and a right Himalayan and it was. A lot of water and and I the amateur way and he looked like this tailing a little bit. So I got around them and embarrassed pass and I looked at him and he liked being a real bad what I meant that not that I that I can't and don't. Are probably doing the speed on the back thing I knew. It was behind me right back and everything so I pulled over didn't think I mean I've pulled into the right knowing nothing in anything it was me. I'll let you know I just got aren't likely gone. And there's nowhere to pull over. Right over there there's like cement wall and everything no shouldered. Hawk eye and I couldn't turn on that bull in a whenever a gallon people were pulled a so when I could I did. So yeah I'm out the window and my act a little bit whether you know drop frustrated angry yell at me or my license and registration. And I'm. I asked him what what was wrong he really didn't say much. And then he thought. I noticed anything. And eight. Sort of a quick glance and he told me he noticed as I passed them that I didn't have a registration. Sticker on my windshield. Well. I did it because that it came opulent show but it felt like right. And then on the dashboard there. And I guess that's an iPod how how inept bad weather how you can see that it step up a decorated where you went back. Took his car came back stinging attack get. I up went to court. Told the judge what can happen that you know that that could just fell off the windshield and it was just laying right there where you can get. And the judge tell me why you're here 150 dollar fine. Her let her serve degrade the don't review there was a time when the registration stickers of New York State would not adhere to windows it was a huge like 1015 years ago I'd love after all that work happy he explains. It's a totally innocent stories and. That they ash. And a couple out of Turkey done just that well your hair. Well. Yeah you paid for overtime. Or. Aphorism sewage to be all pushed down the nagger. Congratulations to Niagara Falls two days gone by with one fecal discharge into the rivers book and I. Tell you congratulations no one has mentioned that is actually. Globally the value of that area. It is Friday asked rise here's Terry in Lubbock Texas on WB Terry. They gather on the share little corporate elect that I am not carnal. It's. Just elect it's what's for dinner and as the alliance. Go back and Ellsbury right is saying we're eaten up our act you know war is technically officially over. I'm and a lot of my buddies got the right idea to drive from Fort Riley Kansas Chicago Illinois and got my sister. Technically need a pass from your commanding certainly of a certain radius. Actually miles make it back I've formation dance around like that at yeah this is DA 31. Well we failed to get past the loop and all of might not cotton Illinois doing about ninety this shot I want to say it like yourself and a couple of older Capcom is the state trooper who went out and mistakenly gave them a military act as opposed driver's license. Italian and other military that's cool you know it's such as there is to wait on topic my sister is a lot. What we're going Barack you know I'm not a bad back out now. Racked by. Communism or came out. So. That statement about the for not only that he let us now but he likes separate address and you know it's thank you. Are there at. Really terrible about it. Was whether Amherst cup. Are no I obviously rides and had any work around this area I don't think anyone would have a word of prayer we view when you have a chip apparently it's gonna say you're the and that I mean you know take a professional courtesy given the nature of being a service person and given the nature of being cops it does not surprise me that a professional courtesy might be extended. And they capital all the time. And I certainly appreciated. We let Max fast forward a couple of months well lo and behold we did get orders to our act. And that we were kind of beg to Larry loaded up. That's because the cop called your CEO made sure you've got deployed to Iraq that's the other side of the story that when the cops call that's what he told us. Basically well. So I wanna speed one day out actually need to form this time I'll grab and throw the local part of town around LA out doing like four miles over the speed limit. Doug called me over. See them in uniform get my information comes back and start coming on log onto our act in this Atlanta. I think yeah any day now you know stuff like that long story short. Is that well good luck. In hockey in my prayers and handed me you know like 300 (%expletive) beat out Arctic gay had a mean out like well you know I didn't complain to that at the palette well apparently you know I mean. Up yeah. It's all life is a boomerang. And comes back every job boomerang Patrick will be thank you very much for call it should be available. I think it's a cable it's. It's free Blu-ray. Turner classic and the other what would be called or sidestepped settled with the James Stewart Jimmy Stewart. Rate movies and he got a lot of back to back the nominal. I think we have time for the call let's go to let Kevin in Jamestown. Kevin we have like one minute for your story that we did not want to let you go so you just start talk. Now. There's no start talking at all Kevin. Apparently Kevin from pebble that is on the Kevin James Johnny fell asleep on a whole Anthony's. Well yeah we gotta be out of yours like thirty seconds ago but we got to OK here's the Isa WB yeah talk. Well. Hi guys David thank you for your service my story is the product map where I was going to 41 in the thirties it happen. Came up into my elect licenses registrations some light to the sticker on the back right and my son has been ringing in my daughters and marrying. And he came back and handed it back to me and said wow god bless you have a good day. You. Well good job raising two patriots and good for you that you deserve that the least. Then though at least he could do is thank you it's that's an awful lot to get your god thank you very much do we are unfortunately and sadly and tragically at a time because David we know we we just if we had our druthers we would stay here the next eight hours. Mean you're not by and that. All right so it ability of Tom Bauerle together we are solidly in bill via so they were coming up one year anniversary as soon. I don't. Like track anniversaries that no idea that's coming year. Let's do well Joseph Kennedy listed James better god bless you god bless president god bless the United States got let's go one of the York at the flag. Whereas the carpet collect we know what that means no one knows what it means but it's for pocket. It's not it's just what people go where the corpus elect die group. Ooh what does it all mean Ben who wears a corpus elect I just don't want you to look up to the out west of corpus elect you know I don't speak Spanish in English please.