10/12 Bauerle and Bellavia Hour 3: Stories About Being Pulled Over

Bauerle and Bellavia
Thursday, October 12th

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News radio 930 WBA. And its. Like how does that make what kind of a secret life you talk about are we glory of all we talked the talk of crisis what hell yeah. At the rate review Rupp all with god here his secret life. He's combo hourly it's still the Italian diet body governor of the shower cap. I will. Yeah I've got a woman went here I don't think that would have been in the government's mind. You know what I'm gonna kill a whole bunch of people and ruin lives and destroy children's parents I just wanted to be that they go to what. But Tom is here Michael Bennett right. You've got to feel like it's with the exquisite views and David Bellamy. Right. Oh I'm sorry that destruction concentrated its hourly and Olivia. You tell me what you think guys. I know why and you tell it like it or we. Or something on news radio 930 W. Surrender that opening because that references made Miramax movie pulp fiction I'm just wondering. Anyway it is how it and ballot via a group will be your production under rated about thirty WBE. Add salt or get back to the calls failure ready we are gonna play. I just a couple seconds here of audio this is a woman being pulled over by cops it's been up for awhile we know it's not new. But do we even want to do this topic and this is as good days and he did do it. And what it boils down to is that we're asking you. Have you been pulled over did you get written or was it an informational stopped and how did you conduct yourself was it anything like this. A crown and after that I have I've been suspected of committing why is that what crime have I've been suspected of doing lights. Is that a current model SD license according to a battle love people person battle. Traffic infractions are not crimes. Give me license and let's there's been a crime committed office where I am not showing rising humidity and see. Where it. Supposedly she's part of the sovereign. Citizen movement which I'm trying to read up about it doesn't really make a lot of sense to me. But that's just me anyway welcome program. So what happened. I mean folks if you leave the way I look at if you live in the state and the state says the unity driver's license to operate a motor vehicle. It is expected that you are set you are supposed to produce a driver's license upon request by any. Duly constituted authority most of us would say police officer in uniform as the duly constituted authority. But bastions again that's just me what you don't ever want to do is is you're not gonna try the case in your car okay. People V battle whatever the hell it is. Not the moment to start case citations. OK you're talking with a I'll guarantee that nine into you the cop knows a lot more about the law that you are right. And if that matter how much reading you've done on the long that you aren't attorneys the cop is gonna go a lot better than you especially when the compass vehicles and traffic stop debating it did you go to my favorite part there when she asked to Wear her corpus to elect the right up my corpus elect. My court. He's got a whole bonus. We're we're placing more than on nothing screams like she's in control of the situation like randomly throwing out Latin look. No looked at no. Wants a bully cops. What cops don't want a boldly. Hold over you know I hope a whole speech were hurt for the next time get pulled over your Jersey had a funny actually Geneva. Yeah. He'll still looking. Sort night and I thought that two bit feels a little slow. Can you ask him to do you think corporate high nicely fast. OK just for the record fell just found in a seven minute audio. The words we want it in less than thirty seconds were gonna start calling you fat bill. There's a joke in there but I'm not too hard to hear it whereas the carpet collect that. Iron the corpus to elect third or another that of course that it translates to body of law which means where's the evidence to prove I've committed a crime out on our translates into high a big exquisite do wish I knew exactly but I love it she's like winners in the with the accent. Makes it all the more class corpus elect. Or the person I said it to me said she was black. She's she's like. Which what she's whether she's black and white this is stupid person and they don't matter. He'll argument here I would not have changed my opinion I model a little dumb white people have them like people believe me. Here is. Etsy. All say outlined three suburbs which are others as well. Sandra WB eat and why did you tell David Berkowitz did do those things. It's nothing like in 1970s. Obscure serial killer reference obscure by 27 team standards. My apologies to Jimmy Breslin anyway Sandra WB Ian. Okay I'm hiding your high time I had the mother of all felony stops my brother. Worked for a company that was doing some monetary at model city. And he was trailing from spring they'll do that. Him he he happened to be that was it during the era of Bucky Phillips. And he hit just an after it was just after block he had I believe murder one of the state policeman down. Right so in case anyone liberal so embargo so what we had was a guy that broke out he holding center. Bucky Phillips. And he was on the on the loose and he shot and killed. State troopers trying to bring him back to justice and this is where Sam's story picks up. Right so Bucky was. You know they they saw him where he lived so I'm spotted it currently nor are they thought he was critical over the border. Sure Eddie in the area of bullets and I believe queen standing you know quite to go over the iams the cross the river. Anyway right so that the legal matter in the area and a brother happens to be at the wrong place at the wrong time he was not that late Barack from model city. And they hit the goal they went to the reservation person gasoline he was trailing with about three other guys. When apparently there's at least not yet but he was in the car that they picked a mop and armed so they really state tight too. He's done that the way are one of the state wrote the 119 north or someplace like that. There he was literally. I don't know assault and I don't say that what basically the black part came out of nowhere. And the basically didn't pull over it stopped him in the middle that the threw away. Ari in the early speed of the night you're going to eat out at the 190 your attitude on the ninety act I think it was a one night. But he really stop in the middle of the road. Pull them out with a buddies feet down in the upstate wrote not even on the shoulder. They called the through a equaled the state wrote they had helicopters they had everything on hand these guys hit their rightful strained right at that. No not and I mean these guys were the basic right in the little wrote I got back early to know what was gonna happen to him he was he was cute here side. They they basically put and take down into the road. Appetite he found out that none of whom were balky right Bucky Phillips and then they let him go and that was that. Well no worries. I vividly. That I'm very dear family member which property right in the miracle. Where that individual. And his family originated and you know to this day Gerson state troopers listening to the show who do not want us to name that individual because they always believe that he got all of the notoriety and trooper longer bardo who was one of three troopers shot by the individual. Died of his wounds back what September 3. While they was September 3 most expect a look at. Anyway long story short it was a it was a terrible terrible terrible thing than the individual involved. I don't think it's any secret. I don't think it's great mystery why he was intent on crossing the border from New York State in the Pennsylvania. To this day I honestly believe had he been in New York State he does not come out of that field alive. Oh no way absolutely. I'm just the state police head you know they were out and we everyone knew they were they were gonna get someone and he actually at least you know. They went after my brother and you know it was a chair right thing for him. Okay you say it was a terrifying thing knowing that they were after that individual. And knowing that there was nothing he had done that was wrong did that do anything to mitigate the sense of terror. Now now really for his brother still up. Remember that vividly and it was up there was no. Due to start every day they they take you out on the thruway I mean that's a pretty it would. When that happens it's a bad day someone. Certainly ripped the tag up the mattress. He does see some things are really stupid and naive about and other things wouldn't phase me and I don't think that would raise. I'm when you have gone straight to your hat and you're told don't move don't. Move and they can't even know what it was about. Of course you do try a little aren't doing your thing I mean does he looked like did he look like the guy. It did everything short of the pick and mover of the pit move to where you know it take to back out it they just put the parents brought. Once there they stopped in the middle on the ground. And that was it and a play like you talk about a change of underwear by poor brother I mean really. We'll come out the bravest guy in the world. And there are some things that I'm scared of that would free bet people would laugh that but that's just not one of them and I there's probably stupid that we are all you know that's one of my weirdness is. But that does not mean your brother is wrong for having residue of that in his mind. Images think that would come attribute Jerker but you think your brother should maybe talk to somebody about that and I don't mean like talked to a lawyer I mean just try try to talk his way and try to understand why the cops did what they did. All he understood he understands it I get a there's told me he understands what the motivation where he is and trauma or anything you know Doug good it. Extra man I mean what I understand it and I mean. But it is like. You're in a moment here driving line and then spam. It'll yet it'll buff out really it's going to be you know. And will be no problem and I thank you very much glad to hear that and that was a huge story that was a major story not well in ten years ago. Time flies aura to it did not just where it's coming up on 520 news radio 930 WB EMC got pulled over yeah pulled over why and what happened and ago. Did you present the corpus to elect. Here and by the way to every police officer in Western New York could you please tell us have you ever been asked for corpus to elect let's go to a traffic and WB Ian here with your corpus to elect died. And modus operandi. And and the other thing I can think of off the top I Astra I hear is on Alan Harris. Every day in this country 181000 showers or isolated we need to find friends for the showers now. Not buying it okay. Somebody set up a virtual tip jar here is Norman in Cheektowaga WB a Norman welcome here in the hourly and Bolivia so tell us about getting pulled over and a what happened. There are com our long term looser. This hormone involved any dirty try to ladies and very common emperors and you're treated as collars. I would like a weapon pointed at back mattered either. But let me promise it would saying I at least professional driver 36 years retired now sixty. Train and add these vehicles. An order of finish fishing expedition accumulate. Mean in my life. We went out to dinner one tools Sherlund places. You know off the beaten path in rural roads. GPS in the works we just had declared we actually stopped at our miles from nowhere mostly what great restaurant. It has a couple of years. Probably Shreveport Beers I don't know what it got a couple of glasses why and we had in my primary bidder everything's going good. So we had back to the hotel. And again amend our rural roads don't know them at all I want to mention that name where I was sure. When bird. All short time about where talked and near Ithaca, New York okay Truman's berg is case. And I wouldn't say speed trap because it is mark it is highly enforced speed area you've got kids that play hockey tournament and replica you're going to go through Truman's bird. Either Obey the speed limit or get pulled over have a pretty much nailed it Norman. Well that when you're going down to what you it is tricky Tyrone also there's forty cars are in Europe and not to most restricted by the branch or whatever and it pops stick with that two hour by attorney pulled me over. It was back to fifty ties. So anyway I brought down the window per plate you know would I know what I'm doing. Then he says can regulations spoke. Detect alcohol that have you been drinking sir. Actually yes I have I've just let dinner with my wife I have few Beers and I'm much tremor that are Lullabot. You know okay tribulations and registration sure. He grabbed that took me out occurred proceeded to near field sobriety test well. Well he's doing that a state policeman pulled along. So late in hopes to bunch up to watch out for each other understand that it's so I'm nervous just also I'm sixty years old. I did or few Beers I passed most of the field sobriety test. He came back to my case and so the cart. What parts did you fail. Art art what parts you show you you passed most of it. Well a couple of where you guessed you know want slow way you know mr. me actually start. And it's you know and secure that the surgery or moderates flattened they would start to do it. I am just gonna say sir I there's a lot of field sobriety test I could not pass right now. Yeah well be now because my you know I mean you know my back has issues and I and work around them but you know there's some positions I can't really hold very long because that. Well I actually was doing yoga their district but anyway. I knew someone opened the state policemen watched. Are you bring up this'll. They look like a mini Russell editor explained to me this is now legal. This is not your view can't be convicted in court. Now it was probably call the Alco sensor too which is the screening test before they bring you in and they give the full breath allies are my correct. But yeah it was a just a little plastic aren't you know is really not that. Clinton well sure I mean I told there was drink a beer is going to be elk on you know march 1 pulled I think point zero walker 81. Is that ice. Or point. 08 would be. Yeah guy and that is race point 81. No point 081. Point 08 yes and where eighty. For his or not I don't I think they're okay well what happened after he saw the reading what will no real fast what what happened after he saw the reading. Well he didn't want only drive home. So he called somebody air assault. And a guy came within fifteen minutes tore my car my truck back to the hotel. Gave mr. right in the cab though tow truck. And give me speed and take over street cautioning her entry in its actual white. You know what's going on here he says because they saw the veteran label on the top tier drivers Busch. And there's he was like a young young guy used to it you know white balls on the side it he was a marine MP. We were talked to load is diminished by HS little low and alarming ninety years ago. And I really think very you might give him credit for Latin. You know he didn't if they are. Get your point oh you were legally drunk. And he did do you a major sell. But you know what and that the fact that you were a veteran. Did not hurt the fact that you were cooperative at all times was even a bigger help to you you are are also from your MP training showed a lot of integrity. And yet you know what to end their I've got to say this I know a young men and commending them. No military service whatsoever no not a relative actually yes but not close relative. And that he had the same thing he was extended dead police discretion. And you were certainly extended discretion and compared to if your point 08 dude you've got to you've got a real break in the east if you probably refine grant. Yeah talks. Why not throw violation you know I've just my second speeding tickets forever never had a do you like but my lunch or during leisure is never break the law when you're breaking the law. Like agreement to thank you very much. They are injured servicemen. And yet thank you for your service and a you know David it's and I mean it it's just a fact and in having his attitude helped a lot in the fact that he was a veteran and specifically you I would never count on that ever happening again yeah that's that's pretty much. One and they gazillion. Yeah it doesn't matter what you've done and who you are who you think you are now that's what year us why are we just let drive and I always litmus is mirrored drive letter to the collar. Why would we be playing this well. Because this video has been around and we're using it as a springboard into our discussion have you being pulled over. And what happened did you act anything like this. Our current investors bet that I've been suspected of committing what's that what crime have my business they give him any clients. Is that a crime on the ST new license according to a battle love people person battle traffic infractions are not crimes. Give me license and less there's been a crime committed office where I am not showing rising humidity and east and west of corpus elect. I need to seize arms. And it went for what it's worth the woman is a quite woman. We've actually added the picture to our FaceBook page for a nickel for every time I said corpus to elect tie in one day. Yet 45 cents right now at least here they're gonna get at because she did ask about the corpus to elect dies. I'm I'm sensing into I'm sensing an Easter egg with corpus collect in the way north of corpus elect. Where's the core it's right next year exquisite do should. It is power the ability of revealing thirty WB she has more. Clubs are at. She's kind of funny she's funny when she thinks she's Smart here's Karen in Akron and WB EMI can. That was hit in Georgia by the way I don't this might be a Yankee. I never wanna get pulled over by a cop in Georgia North Carolina South Carolina. State south of the Mason Dixon. Although I didn't get pulled over and flora once and actually ended up as friends and our traffic. Is not right now I thought I'd throw yet. Let's get back to our callers here it's been an Akron can. A that's weird candy just mentioned Georgia last caller mentioned MP. And I actually was part of a 988. Unit out of blood work that Georgia. Wicked shad I got a pretty. Silly story Oreo twelve years ago fortieth birthday. And Stanley surprise party for me at this where are. So it was about who 23 miles down from right lived. Had a great birthday bash they made me up this really horny gay and now for a boy camp with these little mountains. Start streamers coming down but it morrow night. At the end of the night. I'm like hello all I absolutely. I am absolutely not drive and obsolete unity you know. Oh my buddies who have the either. Nicknamed. No. Is nickname was not but don't make sense via in this or. That goes to make an old film I have a victory it'll take you all and believe me I would traders are we get the car. Now we're in an area where it used to be 55 miles an hour her. Jack aides here and that's how all that and it recently. Reduce speed limit the Florida side. So we leave the buyer we get apologize to borrow more than half way home in the lights on in fact we get all over. Well my body not there east street canal in autumn like or about your drink in don't worry about it. They got circuit that the door asking for license registration and insurance. And goes back to retire in the meantime there's an act dumb I would developers and other offers cern says sir I need your identification. Well you know and Oprah get violations. Expected it to her that some people ought to back up one or any site. And source of the drivers can enter again. Although I don't know I'm I'm good on the designated driver right up there and drink it but yeah president dumpsters as well yeah obviously as. But are still like said that. However I want little Gigli telegenic good book that was pretty Gately. Well so. Sure why so it just didn't act well as he tells me not and I'm like oh Mike Adams awareness still been. If it's so I'd start lap that's okay because that's. The officer. The other side and it's our system might bloody nub. Our rates are doing a favor raise your right hand and torture suddenly each what are your digits. Well liked what he picked up destroy it and it. Upper east fact he's got no fingers sanity okay. So hole then this. Year we'll look at it the officer. I lost. And you understand that that not that he gave himself the nickname is a practical Joseph our Joker he's just a joke here. I start lips and so darn hard. At the officer I'm mice. Started loosen it and sell them. These start at left is trying to hide it but I know it was less. Certain respect I mean less so much a bit the other officers assert. Get those guys able ansari here relations back and off we watched. All. Is hilarious. It was great it was absolutely but I always great bet it would be and go perfect art department. Your friend had the birth the fact you know it's interesting election that because. If you ever wanted in great movie now he has fingers but he actually has some whose fingers are attached to each other like you almost like and a web affect. You items Lotta people don't have finally get that at Akron is very pro law enforcement as they Hollywood star actually as the honorary badge and a few places. I'm Richard in that. Huge fan Jack Webb and dragnet as well and that turned down interview which act with panic and I think that Bill Murray was in town yesterday that he didn't even call. That's pretty outrageous I mean seriously bill was in town yesterday or uncle went out of them. Do some media talk about the show maybe sells more tickets would never all right very Bill Murray should have been witness. Our great great call and. Don't feel bad about your friend Vick on himself knob because he didn't have fingers. After my dad lost both of his legs he appreciated my nickname for him weevil. I've just second. Thank you very much. My family is kind of dysfunctional but we have a great sense of humor and as Shakespeare once said misery makes sport to mock itself. You're gonna go through life that way you might as well make the best out of it may they're here is. Next caller days it did in buffalo WB Ian David. Yeah it's my or is it how are you know. Also also welcome back in 1980. And I stopped by the truckers. I was work and options for a security company all week and it was nice sunny day and drive it on the tuna. You know going towards going west. I'm gonna not pay attention as a place when he. Was beaten and that I. 12 little bridges and saw a program. And you know to the left side of the road on the gulf. The program so they'll exit the from a rapper pull out. And then he is applicable currently behind me and you don't dispute to nineties I really. Undercover police car those in this day and age you think brown wrapper is some musical or ethnic insult. A group that plays soccer world com and while we're gonna end up like an order as trooper and the industry. You know knowing the development and peace in and in the Marine Corps that was my pleasures. And I saw that the cold and X and I think it was cold and that was common out there put muscle actions and I you know slowed down and was behind me. And then I pulled off cold and it went to a city parking spot. Hands on the steering wheel you know blah blah like you know count the cup down trooper comes up and I said you know could have been trooper. And many aspects former registration. General able jewel or you know trooper like night and on and it probably was beaten. And it goes yes like Oprah Chopra thank you for not scripting you know on the road here. And I think came back and he was you know. I'd really appreciate what you do understand exactly what you expect that understand why you preacher solutions and why he went to a six players. But he's still game get tickets for my inspection. Because he knew it wouldn't affect it was a complex. And he was like really really cool you know and he's. He noticed a disproportionate amount of military police who find themselves although I would like this well for the fourth guy. Think I was an empty so are wise I heard trooper who that I have to land at. If there ever gonna. You know I was pretty cool a lot of you know whether or not you exit the three way or the limited access highway as the case maybe he's kind of contingent upon how far ahead of the next exit is. And you know be when you mentioned getting off at that at Colvin. And I'm sure you where you are aware that that was that that was where a trooper lost his life and routine vehicles. It took place around sunrise the person accessing awaited evens it trooper because the sun would have been in is exactly that moment. And back they named the abridged. On Coleman after a trooper and he was a great guy I know if you lose friends and they still have not gotten over. That that it's resonate throughout the ranks of troop and a local T troop guys as well. So. Yes or. Glad you glad you called and thank you so much. Yeah I mean you don't wanna go twenty miles before polling over but in a situation like the young men and and also completely geared to me you really have to use your best and sound just judgment the same thing we're told that story before but not the main street make sure that it quiet. Because it minimizes the danger to the cop and it is coming up on part 48 at news radio in my thirty WBE. And let me if you don't like state you're eighty miles an extra extra debris here flashes. Bishop of flashes it also receive VC and also be aware they will pull you over if you pass. A trooper anyone's pulled someone over and you know make an effort to give away. Badly in via the law is you have to move one lane over as long as you can safely do sell. But if you can safely do so you're obligated to reduce speed to an appropriate level which I consider 25 miles an hour and if X if texting is your excuse as to why he can safely do it you will give yeah I could. Get over America's right in the middle attacks guys I'm sorry. It's up 548 added that pull over what was that this position we go audio that wouldn't plan all brave woman who was definitely hung up on corpus elect and who may have seen one too many episodes of law and order along the way Sam Waterston she is not cowardly and Libya earlier Monday through Friday three to seven. And we actually got some ratings news and we did extremely well it really really awesome well. Yeah just real quick I love these stories most of them and really get it. Just limit the amount of unnecessary information we put out there you know I'm saying. You know got pulled over on my way to my mom's house Easter she's an orphan. And needs to be put in let's just get right through the actual pull over story Paul Harvey there we go okay. Line Washington. It. Some people again nervous and they just wanna just give a lot more information that we double we Stewart just to comply. Where do an egregious. Here is Rick and can more on WB yeah pirate. By boat that you want to say some of the full article from don't hurt I have to say am I know not to price. I kid. You traffic stops over the past both. Yours did you for those who didn't hear earlier a guy called edited Dunkirk PD pulled a ball over four and 48 license plate light that was not working and they did the full felony stop. Except they didn't make a walk to the middle of the road with his hands over his head so I guess it was half a felony stop because it. The first stop was in a town in north bought an end to this day at perplexed as. I was on the way home from the Serbs moved from the afternoon. And he pulled me over which state trooper rolled out the window. And walked up to the Kurdish as he looks at me. Don't think that uniforms and do you any papers. As it turns out it was beating broke his ticket a decline. In this day I really don't know what that was. All about. The second stop which in the count inward I didn't want to two months. Weight training. And only at night. And the following warnings about six on its dark though. It pulled over and I'm watching the officer she's approaching vehicle she hit her on her hand. On that site and what the world is going up. Scioscia approaches the vehicle she says media like pulled you over function normally am I have no idea. It turns out her scanner picked up my registration. That it expired while I was gone for that eight weeks. Accessible while I and souls are. And I can literally head all of my paperwork from the trip right now action by airline tickets by Alltel bill on. The rattle her reservation and says. Let me I I would like blocks here a little bit Coleman and I'm like all right now. She says no need licenses and registrations okay. And now it turns out I guess I got written for that too on. I don't remember even what applying world. But all of those instances or shout downs and Al Islam in the low water they're Trajan but it was just really ideological struggle a little bit desire. They don't like strangers and those parts. I guess not. Not. Just really really kind of where it almost felt sort of hostile I. Can I kind of strange they had a role at. So yeah one yet this is the first stop I was going by over. And then the second stop man that was really kind of. Five over five over if I can tell us that there are actually just plead not guilty we get a traffic ticket has pleaded not guilty. At five Olbermann should have brought a lawyer with you because that that would about a stock or just pretend you've been stung by bees. Yeah well I was. It was a fairly young and recently divorced. And freshly divorced and in Allen's. That's what we're talking thank thank you very much you know many years ago that a call was W claim that they were pulled over being one over the limit. One mile an hour over the limit and. They insisted it was true to this day I think they were BS. It is up five that the by the news radio 930 WBE. And C a put that out there before the break knowing that somebody who did actually get a ticket for one over the limit will call in during the break and the one open phone line we have. So these are like I was cleaning my gun and I got pulled over. You can reduce your chances of hostility guys if you turn every like he can and inside your car night. And if you would turn the engine off they know you're not a runner and if you have your hands on the steering wheel. They know that you kind of know what's what. And it is greatly helpful to the ball with your job when you get pulled over because the cop is not a cop is getting into there is no such thing as a routine vehicle stop. Your job is to make the top is comfortable as possible before he or she walks up to the car. Because you have the escalated they fear adrenaline rush. And it can work in your favor all way is but it can't. Police often have to show something for an hour to hour duty after some people are gonna get tickets nobody you know not everybody gets breaks but you increase your chances of breaks by. 556. It.