10/12 Bauerle and Bellavia Hour 2: Stories About Being Pulled Over

Bauerle and Bellavia
Thursday, October 12th

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News radio 930 WB ENF what thing it wasn't stolen video to like to get the Toronto mayor was smoking crack Keaton Eliot do you videotape. Smoking crack. This guys like Dick. He gave me as watching don't think it Abacha. And this is that would be doing if you were here at pennies and then you said. And right now but going to a meeting in. Do some offensive line stuff. And then he's like hey. I just whatever you do don't don't put this on the Internet. And I. Tom Bauerle plot but he's very ignorant but I might acres is get you and David Bellamy you know it's great pillars that he did he's the old line coach. Right so there's like O line bios. Its hourly and Olivia finally the money shot on news radio 930 WB EN. Ward got more of me and I could joke and has ordered them anyway. I my name's Tom Bauerle I'm a cheese popcorn and a thank you. Anyway Bob and television news radio 930 WB and welcome to the shell and we're don't worry we're not gonna talk about watermelons we garden. Going down watermelon play and again I just had a conversation with what about black co workers who listen to the show the other day. I can honestly tell you. I am not the only person of my generation who never says that watermelon with a black stereotypes he was talking with a black friend of earth on the phone during our show. And it will all roughly the same age. And my black coworker at a black friend likewise have not heard the watermelon stereotype so I don't feel so terribly stupid now I feel kind of I think I feel kind of hit and she said you know if you brought a watermelon in as a gift for me how it really enjoyed it I love watermelon I would have taken this raises the so. That was like the best author conversation I've had in awhile so thank you moved to buy a wonderful co worker who is black. Anyway and that actually makes I think a lot of people about hourly and relevant if I'm mistaken anyway it is. As a hourly and Olivia a news radio 930 WBE and so David. Actually and you drive them into a passion on the road a few times I feel we usually you know how my horn flipping off and then you know you or your way and I'm still do and I got a text about my driving didn't so we claimed to have. Drew so it's I saw you on the through way. Indeed traveling Ingraham and I drive that your grandpa. Well only when he's all over the road and not giving and is weighing point three in nine keeping speed limits is now part of all. The times I've been around you and actually texting and eighteen different phones simultaneously that objective of getting. Doctors say the right I think. You know I don't drive like an old man though but you know what David is just I. I tend to enjoy driving fast but legal within the speed limit next celery that's my thing so when I Mahesh you're gonna flip you off. That's that's of idol like being pulled over and I get super. You know I wanna make sure I'm doing everything right. When I get pulled over can try trying not to get pulled over which means I Obey laws and this is true I've never seen you commit a motor vehicle vehicle and traffic offense according to New York State vehicle and traffic law I haven't you commit an equipment violation of moving. Violation and certainly nothing that rises to the level of a misdemeanor or a felony now is our call way back in the day. There are like a crime. There are a number of different like categories. Of things for which you can be pulled over one is a violation such as running a stop sign such as the equipment. Violation like your brake lights are. Working or is I'm finding out with a lot of cars and maple road lately you were ringer running lights are working not one of them. And there's no way to communicate with you people. And if your car doesn't have a sensor that tell your your lights are out your kind of at a disadvantage. And I would never pull up to somebody and start yelling at them if their rear running lights were out I would roll my window down its excuse me hey did you that your real lights are not working but it's not that funny flip laughable that's because not everybody's got a card it's gonna you know put to that position but. There are violations. There are misdemeanors or felonies. And are they not all under the broader rubric of offenses. Like a fence and then subcategory violation misdemeanor and felony and that and I'm missing something here we were going back thirty years so you got to forgive me. But anyway long story short we have video up on her FaceBook page now. The the woman in the video happens to be a black woman the police officers two of them. Are black and I think two or three of them are white. And it's good to see the races come together because if you Wear a badge and for that matter if you Wear any uniform or for that matter your human being race should not really be a consideration. But in this case given the. Optics of 27 team this woman is giving the police a hard time about showing her driver's license now. I don't know in which jurisdiction in this video we shot that generally speaking and folks I'm not a lawyer but it did receive a very nice compliment from one just the other day and that I got a bill. But I like I. I. I was told by a long time ago. When you're pulled over in New York State you're not obligated to all the window down all the way you just have to roll it down just a little bit. And if you were asked to provide your driver's license that is he reasonable request driving is that privilege and it police officer has every right to ask for your driver's license and proof of insurance and registration. When you were pulled over to go to a vehicle and traffic stop but Tom I didn't do anything. But David what you don't know is that your brake lights are working. Paul but how do you prove it to me. Well it's going to be hard to prove to you because you have escalated the situation now by giving a hard time over showing showing me what I as a police officer and legally entitled to see proof that you are in fact license to drive vehicle. So your saying that by being obstinate I'm actually making a non stressful situation more stressful for everybody including yourself how soon now copper thinks Harry. This guy is just jerk he might wanna kill me. It is I could be the next Michael. 52 people on Twitter account that. You should be shamed yourself for not following about the Bolivia. On Twitter you really should be ashamed of yourself because our ratings are huge and people for whatever reason seemed to really like us a lot together allegedly elect applicants are Twitter account really does not reflect that. It's like objects in Twitter account are smaller than they might see in exile anyway this video we're gonna presume most of you are driving so fill his poll that. Many things in his life but he pulled the audio a short while ago. I wanna subjected all minutes of the audio but. I think we we need people to hear this yet maybe two minutes of audio seeking to kind of set up the topic here because we're gonna ask you guys. When is the last time you've been pulled over and at what. The last time I was pulled over now with what you're here in this video is how to not as a motorist to handle a vehicle and traffic stop which was legitimately made. Buys the police department in question and David like that that's the jurisdiction anywhere but it doesn't matter because. Typically driving is regarded as a privilege and the weight exercise that privilege is to become a licensed drivers as a licensed driver you receive a document that you can showed a law enforcement upon demand just like your registration or Europe as twenty your insurance -- New York State you're listening elsewhere injury gets similar things although in Florida nobody has insurance and convinced of that but. Long story short. In as a police officer. You have a let's. Explains on a police officer of two ways with a motor vehicles up yes at least on the go both ways here. The police officer can write you. Or the police officer can turn it into an informational. Stop. Now in a lot of cases ladies and gentlemen. If you're brake lights are out. Cops are not stupid okay they're pretty cool and they might actually realize you know what this person might not know the brake lights are out I'm going to inform the driver at the brake lights are out and I'm going to call this an informational traffic stop. The last time I got pulled over was maybe two or three years ago a New Year's Eve. And it was innocent I thought of being directed to move up in two or should not have been making a left hand turns what made the left hand turn. That I got pulled over I knew exactly what was going on. And it was Maine and young's and I did not try to evade pursuit I simply I pulled off by ECC into an area where a we would not be blocking traffic and B because we were not in the main street traffic pattern. I knew that would be a safe place for the top as well as a safe place for me and the other person got pulled over for doing the same thing but the police officer explained. That I had crossed the yellow lines to make it left hand turn. And I symbol I saw you. I was watching in the rear view mirror actually your hand go up and motion I thought maybe you rolling and its orders something and that's why I moved up but to be good bye week. So it was a totally understandable situation but it was information either knocked it written or the person behind me who followed in my in my tracks but. Can you imagine David what if I had acted like the woman in this video active. You're to be written and it's so stupid because even if you get written in New York State common equipment violation you know what happens you get it fixed view for all you got it fixed and it's not a big deal not the end of the world you're not going to Africa for 25 the life it's a B it's a minor charge have been pulled over for like headlights were out. Never got written but always fixed exactly as they set I was gonna fix. And had nothing to do with on the radio most cops don't rate you. For equipment violations. They don't it's just it's informational thing and frankly most cops know that most people have the same schedules in the same patterns of what makes a surveillance that we everybody's got it up a pattern in life that they typically follow. And so you would say the most people who evade the police have a reason to evade the police I would know most people who evade the police if it's simply a minor violation they are simply worked themselves up in the misdemeanor and maybe felony territory with naval war well Leo war then it's just all shouldn't eBay because that's just going to be something else and go look good to our spirit adjudicating authority is up but. Anyway long story short let's give it two minutes of the audio if you guys. So you've been pulled over for what what was the disposition did you get written or did you did you get a ticket or did you get a talk. So here here's how to get a ticket here's how to escalate the situation. Crammed investors bet that I've been suspected of committing why is that what kind of I've been suspended until literally fly us. Is that a crime on the list in the license according to a battle love people vs battle. Traffic infractions are not crimes. Give me license and let there's been a crime committed office there I am not showing my daddy committed and he needs these are words of corpus elect dies. Need to seize arms and very injured parties that are not as he. Is there an injured party. Is there an injured party office there. According to black flood dictionary Akram is is defined as they're being an injured party. Unity. According to black club dictionary as time is only to find if they're being an injured victim or injured party is there an injured party. It. Okay according to people vs battle traffic infractions are not crimes. If I've been suspected of a crime then prove it. Yeah there's been no crime committed. Not my property mamet there's been no crime committed. Please do not my property man. I know I managed. First segment is like actually identified as black that is running issue is a white woman thank you built for catching that and that's a new video I mean all prevent the 88 Texaco Wednesday. I go I mean she's a complete any. And you have more dangerous than. Information. Is people who really don't know what the hell they're talking about machines. She's sick and the cop obviously doesn't help themselves by entertaining this stuff but. Well yes well all competent to say if you wanted to get involved in this conversation was a man. It's not a crime it's a violation and obligated to show me your license and if if you wish ought to McMahon it's going to be a big deal. And if you don't it's going to be big and if you don't we're gonna break your windshield like Europe's I side window because we have the right. And the duty to make sure your licensed driver of the traffic and I'm sure nobody up there getting pulled over today if you're listening to buy hourly and Olivia. Over the one Gregor written for the cell phone and threw it in the trooper was not impressed. I thought I'm not laughing at him and kind of laughing because it was announced the last time you got pulled over. Did you let seek did you hand these documents over immediately. As per the request of the police officer typically. License and registration please and then sometimes they receive proof of insurance in New York State the past audio please keep in your glove box. You shouldn't keep your registration in your glove box that should definitely go in your wall. So anyway it will list to get pulled over and and for what offense or violation review pulled over. And what was the what was that this position. And if you wanna tell us of yourself that's why are you middle age young black Hispanic. We want these things 8030. Thirty. Start thirty. 180616. WB at 330 start at 310616. WB and have you been pulled over what was the outcome of being pulled over and even in years do you ever get in this discussion with the police officers in on and yours is this approach that you think is this rational is this normal is this what you're. Crown and after that I have I've been suspected of committing why is that what crime have I've been suspected of Illinois likes. Is that a crime on the ST new license according to a battle love people vs battle. Traffic infractions are not crimes. Give me license and let there's been a crime committed office where I am not showing my day committed any needs that you see where as a corpus elect. Short arms and Barry entered the bloody and wouldn't and the rumors say. It took to like c'mon where's disturbed as your. Sounds good I'll have that went well. That's our soup for the that a real dark canyons. Claude be established shot op and YouTube. These folks really annoys me yeah at all. It's like the open carry guys all look I mean yeah you open carry you walk in my neighborhood where that they are at the high ready. I'm gonna meet you at the driveway without a doubt I mean that is abnormal behavior. In my neck of the woods to be walking around with a rifle at the high ready I'm sorry. What my program a walk around with a in my hand. I'd ever. I don't and that's like I have a right to to do that in this area okayed. With rights come what David with rights come one would hope my responsibility to also hope a little discretion unfortunately some people are. They just they they can't handle it. Fareed you know what you're David thank you can view them that you committing a crime whatsoever in these videos online as well. Common sense of the walk around with our. Is it. Too hard to figure out that maybe some neighbor might think that you are you mad man and bring his or her own firearm. And shoot you and paralyzed for life. As were really. And again and there's so many do you know I needed for that coyotes. If Liggett there's a lot of people that can misinterpret what you're doing them. You know you straight in the wrong property at the wrong time it's just dumb why invite mayhem in this woman in this vehicle stop is in bite machine turn something that was not. And things should turn it into something. And that in and fight in finder's vs keepers can yield Ullah. And you'll remember that. But plessy vs Ferguson says hmmm I guess it just she shot. One is him no you expect them to what do you think they're gonna run putting chipping your Moeller. What is the worst thing that could possibly. You get a ticket for having no brake lights you'd get the brake lights fixed and the ticket goes away you may or may not have to pay a small administrative three it's not the end of the world equipment violations even. Purely your insurance goal. You know I maybe shouldn't be you know if you're into that insecure about handing over your license to me that screams volumes well get it to the police officer you think that might send up some some like. Distress rockets like maybe this person doesn't. You licensed perhaps this person is not authorized be driving a motor vehicle because it is a privilege it is not a right Allison and the question and I also believe that if the constitution. Gives us through court. Decision. I don't believe a person has their right to knowingly live in fear because of the uniforms that they where. I mean you can't have a grievance against an officer because he's an officer. Please allow something to have happened that you can save that you ever agree temperature pulled over he's claiming your lights are out. Let's see if you're lights are out I can we take the benefit of authority actually having some sort of we're supposed to ask people to keep us safe. Right to keep order if you will adhere to the most basic and lawful borders are. Is hourly envelop him we'll take some calls coming up by the last any apple over it was for what and a what happened. Why happen. Under is ready at 930 WBE and. Covered by every band ever. Their room. At springs hesitant on this one. It is it's but the message never says fails to really pack a wallop you will never ever. Ever get away with any. Seriously. If you think you're smarter. Than some guy right now drinking coffee at the police station. This dude or female or whoever is detected they are going to find out everything you do. So why break the law I'm going to defeat that thesis in two words Hillary Clinton. OK you know what that track no you're right. If you wanna be above the law you're gonna have to put so much effort in who you marry like Hillary did. Hillary do it herself she didn't build it. Should and she married a guy who was a winner and he became governor in the president Indy so that's the that's what you have to trajectory those were the best days of my life. Number matter to represented modern. Femininity. Modern and women. Then the wife Hillary Greg's help. Three or 530 start at 310616. WB yen we're talking about what you do when you're pulled over last no what I'm saying is I'm like one has nothing to do with topic therefore we should probably let that person goes real waste their time. It 03 on my thirties and 3180616. WB yeah. All right have you been pulled over and what was the disposition. Of said poll over. Here's Terry in night Clarence WBA and if you'd wonder why we're doing this will place of audio just a little audio a little bit to explain. What year the audio you know do in the topic Terry Clarence WB and hello. I can't get about five here at all are going out I got it in Hamburg I am a true way. Going to block wanted to pulpit area they hit the floor Elaine. To walk out of it right. Officer at a car pulled over in Russia finished giving him the check at whatever block there just patrol our. I get pulled over into the third playing you know. Give them enough CO room I'll. How much gas again. No I'm just asking about your game gone yet. Anyway he put behind me flashing lights I think okay elastic SP I'm over over evil seller. OK I will love her again in what was over that. Match eating at I'd pull off anywhere in the side comes over actionable what do I do what would be. Said no you are actual what I. Said. You're inspection sticker is expired. To inspect. We've got act I can I would like two years ago when it was we bought it was suspected in January. We went to Florida for a month. We weren't going to be quick I expected in December. All bet. They get everybody on the I'm my family's inspection sticker Nazi I always tell my son my ex wife and my daughter. Inspection getting into car inspected. Yeah and we just forgot because. We did a month Derrick as we went out. So what happened Terry did you get written or was it an informational stuff. One hole. Out well thank you New York. An eighty I doubt that this state and I wrote a letter to it to question attic of the police. The court explained the whole. How how often do you live in New York the year. Our allies I thought you were going back to fort I just love that reminder email the state DMV's. All I'm sorry they don't sender reminder email about your inspection sticker. I wonder why that would be. I was only two years older now it was an old carrot needed really. And it doesn't matter you know major annual inspection sticker Terri it's all about supporting the giant machine you now. Right it's. My husband however apparently yeah these are beating carting in cutting. That doesn't matter if you're OK here's what's really freaky here are some cops Terry. It's it's got you know what it was legit ticket. I mean it it was I mean ultimately it's just ridiculous though it's a 135. Dollars to prove that a two year old cars what it's gonna all of a sudden be coffin up. What that they get more people on that more people on that one and why do you think you don't get a reminder postcard in the mail from New York State saying you're inspection is due next month why do you think that would be. The house so they can get you for a day in the van and and here's here's the bad there's folks there are some cops I know. That can spot the month your car is overdue from like a quarter mile away. It's edit they are on some of these guys and ladies are unbelievable. At some time it's it's hard to do with me and guys that can do it it's like leak. This is secret that I never was in here is. The enemy like before. There is. Do Joseph in buffalo WB Ian Joseph. Hey guys. Well I bought three years ago I was driving from Toronto US driving from right now back it up who. We just got going got cruising really well. It's well over Oscar our. Oh my goodness yeah I mean to drive in front Conor your was intoxicated. But I do not drink. I was sellers wills lucky three knives or. But the thing is I didn't he'd come up that was an anatomy he was in the same plane going this direction our cruise right by. Where you're going over a hundred miles an hour to be fair now many people could have seen that geo. Oh I wouldn't expect the cup to be ill. I'm just Starship Enterprise went into warp speed what happened yeah stars of this and F sixteen pilots say the same pentagon and number that we thought that might be. You're good document and their very gentle people you're. So tell us about the stop we got to fight to stop it Joseph a by the way quickly. It. It was. It's Subaru was this it was different kind of drugs to a deeper. I. Anyway so so I came with Joseph intervals you what how did he take it like you disrespect of the country. What are you know you're not that I just suspecting him I'm bypassing him. So he pulled over obviously I have been put up their nose where it all the look at it again Metallica look that we don't often. You know I'm American citizens are you the embassy else. And the embassy you're. Joseph troops could lead in the end of it. Very well done go like you go. All in all. Yeah actually did me a favor because in Canada when you go over a mile speed lies they can write you would have a thousand Arctic and in the car. Only and take away a year vaccinations. Second or the bloodstream of the horrible. No social what did you yen have to enforce. You wrote we went on our under that limit. It's still ended up costing me about 3000 dollar. Oh my god. True candidate is not the place to go which we which is amazing because I'm outlook on the QEW. I think the average speed in the QEWs about 85 miles an hour. They Joseph did you watch. Did you do one for the US to leave a bunch of articles of clothing by dumpster at. The sell Americans get revenge to Canada so I'm curious you were looking your coming back from Toronto you're heading in the buffalo do you know the municipality in which you were stopped. I yet it was Ontario coming. Or Ontario or not arterial problems. Obviously if you Ontario is a big place you were talking Toronto we're talking like right next to commander a leader Borough what do they have like share like we talk and Stoney creek branch that what are we talking about. Saint Catherine's okay. Actually I think if you committed to this that this guy away going that fast the garden city's got what I believe you might have gone airborne. Yeah you could have done that does have very high rated SP Joseph have you had a ticket since then. No that was the last one. I need to keep my point soft. So how many points now you new York and Ontario and this reciprocity agreements and New York's you'll find out about it to get busted for speeding and Ontario so what happened there. I employed the mine on my driver license my New York drivers like the that in. And your insurance premium is what the F pastor 500 bucks a year for that ticket for 35 years. It was in bad I mean I'm I'm almost forty years old so it's not like a much like tiger it. I'll tell you what though Joseph you're drunk friend has the best story ever. Yeah I do it dog dude I imagined I mean. I guess I can't understand but maybe I can't is. You're doing 100 miles not kilometers 100 miles an hour on the QEW and you don't see that cop. I didn't see him I'd been driving are ready for two hours at that point and hours help overweight from the bridge. And just kind of zoned out and and her as a bad day yeah. Thank you very much glad you called them. Actually called as a great that's a great story top that one I would hope someone it was kind of war. Well I find it he has the US embassy. Dude that's really funny so again explain why see the end he said he didn't he know I don't like it again I would be really funny to me if someone went to battle level in Ontario. Joseph's a funny guy I'd say I'd like to see prime minister Trudeau please. But just saved even though the Joseph could have been you know you could argue that that would have been a tough situation at the end. Just complying saying sir what makes. What I don't owners feel like you have to make it more stressful well you know what because he was respectful I'm guessing that's what a cop wrote him for one mile an hour under that for which you can had a car taken away which wasn't even his car I take it and a world of legal hurt. Let's go I getting three we got a few ones we actually. Let's start on line one on WB at will and Angola. Oh it will. It was a if you will a WB yeah. Where is gonna get 30 seconds in the morning that the rest of your calls so give us the cliff notes right now and then we'll get to the integrity. Out of my twenties or about 1015 years ago I got pulled over 5 AM and the Concord New York. And now. They got their DA said aperture and out of the window. They got the spotlight so I mean. Both officers came out with their guns drawn. All right opt out right. I'm right there this is going to be the best our cable all this is a guy who went through a felony stop he was just a routine. Isn't colonists from attic or is the colonists from his own hall identifying doubting there was a target why were the guns drawn on the caller on line one stand by news radio I'm thirty WB and you're just joining us we played audio just a little while ago a woman giving cops a hard time because it brake lights were working and she made a federal case about it. 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In its Jamestown actress south transit road in lock port tellem hourly sent you right now let's figure out what's going on entrapment which are moments today and here's Alan Harris. And we do have some news Tom Petty. Is still let's get back to will in Angola on WB EN will. Hi so there you are driving home and it's Dunkirk. And your pulled over you're not just pulled over but you're introduced into the world of the felony stop tell us all about it. Yeah it's still kinda interesting to manual and beaten I just gotten out of work it was dark 5 AM in the morning. And I mean I've got my hands thing out the window they get the spotlight sign me and they're they're coming up with their guns drawn. I'm thinking and what they do. In how they approached me and I did everything else Bos Stuart says yes sir no sir and it turned out that I had a license plate light. Not work. You hear what else. How can I play OK. Well I have to say I find that story to be improbable. Because you. They're the kind of vehicle traffic stop you experienced is known as a felony stop and there's a very specific protocol for when a felony stop is going to be initiated so did they offer any additional explanation like. Hey a car matching that description was just used any robbery. All what do what they federalists. You know it was. Afford they have with tinted windows so they could not see me. Were they illegally tinted. Where they too dark. Are. It's on the side in front legal if it's on the back window seat in the that would be like say in a panel vans legal. Well you know that that's really interesting I had never heard of the full blown felony stop for tinted windows and the reason they all over was an equipment violation that they screwed up they thought that he that seems to me like a total overreaction on me I mean. If I presume that they read your plates to DMV they knew exactly who you were and that the car was not on the hot sheet before they even ordered an avatar let me take a stab in the dark wood will hear you're just got to work at 5 AM. Do you work for a cartel. Hug while than there goes that theory. And how it always is well. But they just already get the light fixed then I have a good day. While and give some new underwear. That the. I didn't escalate the situation I was really a pretty easy thing to get through. So you when they approached the vehicle your hands were out of the window as they approached. Animated abundantly clear you are not to move your hands as they approached. Oh absolutely before they even got the vehicle they got on the PA system and driver did. Teacher hands out the window where we see him. It seems to me to be a little bit over the top to be brutally honest with you but I guess some people just operate out of an over abundance of caution I bet she will checks his license plate lights now doesn't. He doesn't want a swat team dropping down there as he this was Dunkirk PG state police sheriff's department who conquered doesn't as a. The local doctor police. While I've somebody's got to know the back story Candice such as it in the historians will that's a great story thank you so much we later find out that that will had just held up liked you know the Dunkirk he would giant hotel. Yeah that was like that is a brand. All right thank you well it 03 on I thirty heels and a felony stop treatment for it speicher for a light that's out over the plate. I you know what thank you for saying that if it doesn't add up to me but then again who knows maybe maybe if it was two officers are maybe it was like a training exercise here's the to a felony stop in the real world. Maybe it is it was a probationary officer and wanted to see what they did in the real world there isn't. I I'm sure I mean I'm just look at trying for explanations well again there is enough of them out there and Iraq Afghanistan and pull the wrong card for cars in the whole country they're the same thing collars and me out for cars and eight billion yet that your outlook if for an Arab viewed in an Opel. Wright. A whole country and that I opened up with that all right 456. Power in bella via. Sarah you're just joining us order what we're talking about have you been pulled over at what happened with people over did you get written that you talked duke and then we've got some audio we're just play a few minutes and we come back the break of a woman doing it totally the wrong way as a driver of the vehicle and escalating situation and the cops for Super Bowl. They were super cool paper anywhere I want those people protecting me I don't know but the woman in the car driving and we're gear.