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Thursday, October 12th

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News radio 930 WB EN yeah yeah. You know I got to tell you this kind of supports a thesis paper wrote when I was ten years all the girls are horrible at every. It's combo hourly. And an I I don't know if they've. We have an audience well. Wait I just like ethnic this opportunity to say I helped a bit different than David Bellamy. You know Arnold my point is when you're ten years old. Do you think. Girls are are bad boys are cool this is what you think which you can this really doesn't do a lot to promote. That girls can do things on their own four girls its hourly and Olivia. I think he's a cup of espresso I this morning that a product of the here it is my Rangers were. On news radio 930 WD. Actually big clam chowder breakfast this morning and his two cups of espresso. Is really ability and is ready at 930 WB the and yet it's weird I don't like seafood and yet likely Pyotr entrant cocktail to restricting is that the issues things there are just saying. Anyway I'll sleep well we're here until 7 o'clock tonight and thank you very much for listening. And we got some news today about listener shipped to the show and it continues to go through the groups and that's pretty cool so things were. Supporting the show big in the show like commission on all accounts Barbara much appreciated and we have many things in the which were going to dive today. Let's see Merrill Lynch columnists. Vanguard Collins Chris Collins congressman is in the hot seat. And as you know Chris Collins. Was an early supporter and an avid supporter of president Donald throw up before he was present themselves from David which I'm sure has nothing to do with the fact that Chris Collins is being probed it. In an ethics situation. We're going to be talking with Michael Caputo and just few seconds to enlighten us in exactly what's going on with Chris Collins or for those of you who. You know you hear about the stock market your insider information you hear about ethics and you don't really. The stock market is up and somebody else does the stock market is something that. You'd checked your 401 to date every now and again embassy where you're gaining or losing money. So like David Chris Collins in the is also a we've got some breaking news out of North Korea there is apparently something else going on. Isn't that the up so called hermit kingdom. We're right in that North Korea. There appears to have been a small seismic activity. Which usually means that there was some sort of testing that was going and beneath the surface and right now it's showing a small earthquake in South Korean and Japanese scientists are. Ours are basically making the accusation that north Koreans tested another device. I asked the question to me it would be it is do we know that these seismic activity was the result of something mandated or credit just have been a small earthquake. I'm sure enough the way you know norms are different for a new and they are for ordinary earthquake yes I think that's what they're looking at when they make that determination has certainly he waved and there's another way I certainly am not an expert in that but I will tell you I've done enough reading on the area to know that they've tested so much. They're actually worried that. There will be a large earthquake just because the fault line has really gotten messed up by all of the you know that that the testing they're using the same location every time and that's. You know gonna I'd probably add him to problems for them they're talking about like the rock formation collapsing. Well that bad you know and and the columns thing you bring up you know I got to go back to the office of congressional ethics this was something. You remember after truck came to office one of the first things that the rise in. House of Representatives wanted to do in congress was eliminate. Every legal company to take the office of congressional ethics and move it over under the jurisdiction of the house ethics committee and one of the reasons for that. Is that it's far too easy to make an accusation. Without any grounds. You're not able to meet the accuser which is given to most you know given to Americans as partisanship. You should be able to have ups look the accuser in the you should be able to see what evidence they have and the second thing that I think is. I just. I think does a disservice. To a member of Congress's congressional you know to their their constitutional rights. Is that as a member of congress. An allegation made against you can should not be given directly to the public. I mean if you're going to go on to a criminal investigation or some other investigation. It would be nice to know that you have the ability to defend yourself and you know what's in. You know a decision before the public does I think and by the way if this was such a great idea why does the US senate not have an equivalent. Of the office of congressional ethics there is no such animal in the senate I don't think it's it's a good. You know there's nothing wrong with being a Democrat and a Republican together. Over siding DOC. So up buffalo congressman Chris Allen you're gonna hear his name in the news a lot and in a moment Michael Caputo who knows all about these kinds of things we'll give us an update on exactly what Chris Collins is accused of having gotten a and whether or not this is a political witch hunt or whether there is some validity to Michael's not an attorney. But he certainly does know the ways of Washington and I'm sure is going to play this great release or stay with us because Michael Cooper though. Was to be with us three to and so I presume he's in the phone call and we'll let it be with a so presently. Michael Caputo you know him you love him Michael Caputo momentarily to explain the Chris Collins deal bring here's your Mike Mike first hot pink eye on this entire story there was an article in the Buffalo News this weekend by juries from ski. They're really kind of went into. You know kind of making sort of implying that there was something illegal that represented of Collins had done now again. Discretion is one thing. Judge do you watch your congressman on the floor of the House of Representatives. Giving stock tips well probably not it's it's probably not. The time or the place for that to be done he was overheard he was on the phone with somebody and they reporter from what Politico I heard him talking and that's what we first started eager about this story exactly it was sort of like overheard it it was gossiping and you window and then it was. You know. Collins making claims but again none of these things first of all if this was a successful venture. You know it's one thing that he you know if he tells someone bed on the bears that out on Sunday. And the guy bets on the bears and wins a bunch of money you're telling me that Collins because he's a board member of an Australian pharmaceutical company. That he wrote an amendment in a vaccination bill. So that the trial again this company makes. Is trying to secure MS multiple sclerosis and so the the thing was that the trials. This vaccination bill that the the towns wrote amendment and it's trying to speed up trials so that we can get medication quicker. Well it turns out that the company the forties on the medicine failed the trial. In other words it didn't work so it doesn't work or multiples so don't think said the upshot is Chris Collins is out how much money. Q loss to chill out like seventeen billion bucks right so so implying that Chris college used his board position. Just somehow did an amendment through or had the the the medicine worked through the trial yeah college is in the position to make a lot of money but you know what. If the medicine works a lot of people are in the position of not having a mess so you know excuse Chris Collins for trying to. Make sure the name and address medication against me. Things that you're gonna beat Chris Collins up. The guys try to slow the disease. He's a businessman mister enigma. Though is that it's a good. We get these trial medications through with you. Got someone without a master you have someone with cancer and there's something out in Australia or something in Japan that can help your loved all of cancer. Do you are you sick and tired of hearing whether some medication in Germany. Your insurance company won't pick it up because it hasn't passed a trial. There's a lot of access things they put on pharmaceutical companies to pass trials and if you're throwing a hail Mary pass. Let's get all the medicine and well Christian denotes something was up when the company stationary said Dallas buyers club he should've known that there was something just a little bit mysterious about this operation if your going to hit Chris Collins with the idea that he could've potentially made money off this thing. That's one thing but when the guy lost money and is still on the board. You gotta think that he's in this business for the long haul and he's already lost seventeen million. I mean again the accusation was think columns are spending more work. As a businessman and he as a congressman. I don't think that that was proven in the story I think these are low blows against Chris counters so this is okay you're you're hot to you first take and there's issues that this is any witch hunt against Chris Collins because Chris Collins is associated with Donald Trump as anybody who's associated positively with Donald Trump is going to be savaged by the media critic this story broke had nothing to do with Chris Collins this story broke because the guy on the receiving end of the bad stock tip. Was Tom price who was being vetted to be. The health and human services secretary now if you remember they went after price for insider trading claiming the info we got from Collins. As a board member was somehow illegal. Well that's how columns got sucked into this because one of the guys on the receiving end of this tip was a guy that was gonna become a cabinet member. And obviously they went after Tom price for something totally sample didn't hang Tom price with insider trading they got him for. You know using planes and whatnot so to me it's just let's see how many people we get a road that are close to trump. And will use any vehicle that weekend and but I'd I don't think there's anything their currently anchors counts so let's see when in doubt about. Story that tries to go after somebody supporting the ultra look for the journalistic interest or the lack there. Yeah I mean again. Well actually my goal Michael Capuano already at 930 WB EM a lot of guys are gonna join us. RM I'm late guys I was on a conference call that never end. Well. You're you're now I'm with a bigger conference call its hourly ability and at least thirteen people on Wall Street saying ha ha so anyway but give us your quick take I'm the first explain to everybody exactly what Chris Collins is alleged to have done that was on ethical and or illegal. Well let me first bought important enough of this the office. A congressional ethics which is there a newer offers aren't certain how there was no such thing. Arm and it is and it really supposedly independent office. If we end by the congress. Regret complaint. And then recommend them to the house ethics committee to. To pursue or not to pursue. And basically what they're what they're alleging in shorthand. Is that that the congress and so nonpublic information. And David of people who would financially benefit. All and it would have preferred the ball. How about how. Withstood a lot of people they do it in an abundance of caution because of anything has the appearance. Impropriety. And they want to clear that there. A lot of times by the way we don't even know whether somebody's being investigated by the house effort in the senate ethics committee if they don't and now. So if with this new law at the office of congressional efforts it has but it has. A propensity eager to report if they're recommending things so now suddenly epic. Our complaint. Become very public and it's only been in recent years the stuff. Mike I just wanna a cut in and talk about this office of congressional ethics if we remember this was the thing that the Republicans wanted to put. Under the power of the house ethics committee. And the reasons they stayed it now it was bad optics because this was right after the inauguration of a guy who wants to drain the swap so the first move is to kill the office of congressional ethics. And of course everyone jumped all over the Republicans. But there are a couple of things about the office of congressional ethics that are a little for Q if you are in the first thing. That. The first thing is that hey you never meet you can totally be a whistle blower protected or that means is. You can have an allegation made against you never know the source of the allegation. And the second thing is. Unleashed on knowing exactly. And and popping up that in. And and it's a very public way you're pursuing epochal an ethical allegations but public enough. On the congressman. But no public exposure for the for the accuser. And then the other thing is is that even if they decide that this is gonna go up to the ethics committee they hold a press conference. And basically you don't even know what you've been accused of doing right or wrong you find out like Carl Paladino and real time that he's been removed from the school war. Right exactly and Al Mario I thought our congressman. A call and in Washington. There's the day or two ago. And I thought it was remarkably. Upbeat IRA if I took it as an indication that he's on concerns and and but one thing that we all need to understand. If of the office of congressional epic recommends these things ethics committee in the house typically picked up what they recommend. And and I bet there how ethics committee. Has you know there is by no stretch of the imagination. Are the larger here a percentage of complaint. Down to the ballot. What what what they offered to congressional epic saying is that they are the appearance that that law. And it's the appearance. That concerns them the model. But the appearance. But again and just take to give the whole side Chris Collins is on a board of an Australian pharmaceutical company. And he had an amendment they had to do with the speeding up of the process of trial medications in this particular this medication. It is hopefully going to cure war and that's. And what happened was they're claiming that because he was a board member and because he wrote this amendment. Somehow he did this to better you know a business that he had financial ties to the problem is. The amendment was very public you can't say it nobody else knew or had information. That Collins passed an amendment to a bill and anyone could've. Known that the one thing that no one else probably had was a large percentage of stock in a pharmaceutical company. But let's be honest we're gonna take this guy's head for losing seventeen million dollars. Why at an adult under way but in addition to that. Congressman calling has. For it longer I can remember probably long before at a very. Laser like focus on bio not good for investment. But we're working these are advancement. Brit that help people quit there Al. And and I believe that the amendment could you might construe it appear like crew would be. These horrible weapons organization the weapon Republican but this. Our has him on the profit or you can just look at him as a human being and see have been pursuing a long standing interest of all. And I wanna I wanna make one thing absolutely clear here. There I haven't talked to congressmen are calling since this came out but if I work congressman Collin I wouldn't raise it. Because now it's sort of all these. Well liberals are a Democrat who were talking around the district. And the crew type organization in Washington. Were trying to defame them at every her. Bell caucus called get to put this to bed. Ethics committee in the house will come up wit commitment basically consider it further investigation off epic. Did initial cursory. Bob fail quite investigate if there what the appearance of impropriety they determined there won't be apparent Friday they probably read the newspaper right. And then they're corporate ethics committee will now big into a bit but congressman opportunity. To be fully vindicated and you know and I spoke out armed you know to. Bet there are wetting a line between now. And election date for incorporated dropped twenty scenes but offers a property. How ethics committee to put him in the clear. Otherwise this is gonna dog him credible with the media and wept as. Let you know quote unquote watchdog groups. Are basically giving all the quality for a television ads but to ride him out of office this is going to be all congressman. Called needs to clear his me. So what outlets exit to break now Michael can you hold up play this. All right Michael group photos with a senders ready in my thirty WB EMI you're hearing a lot about congressman Chris Collins today and and what what's going out that we're trying to clear it up we're trying to it would look into the future Michael to Bhutto has is crystal balls out. And I'll be looking into both of them coming up after the break a news radio 9:30 WBZ. Am. Now be a top ice as recruiter is reported dead that. It is hourly and Albania under Israeli about thirty WBP. And neck. I I was gonna make a joke but I thought better of it. Anyway we are joined by Michael who put no political consultant analyst and a man of a thousand hats under pretty in my thirty WB and congressman Chris Collins is in the news. So what Michael if fighter Chris Collins nothing to worry about here just that damn the torpedoes. Well I mean if you were congress member has that recommend their fourth epic verification. At outlet for many bars. Offered some congressional epic. If you're done nothing wrong that you had nothing to worry about congressman problem has been very clear. What he's a bit he believes that broke no laws were also talking probably don't know the law don't go. You know we're talking about. An Australian companies here were prepping complicate things for those we're trying to prove wrongdoing. But I think it if I were advising the congress and all I would say thank you very much. Because it is going to aren't aren't the type of an armored ahead of the deputy director. Of Al represented. Our television and radio news. And I and hours upon hours probably I'm gonna get about a hundred out. Outside of the the front door the house ethics committee. With all we meet in secret they're in there with dozens and the cameraman and radio reporters. Waiting for people come out and say. And and I can tell you to knowing of a process. But there is plenty of time between now. And even primary day which is in June 3 further back out epic can be to clear the congress. Otherwise these things are dogging him all the way to elect of the vote Republican district in you know in the region there's no question that they could. Republicans what I've been there. He doesn't have much to worry about anyway we happy. And a little less he broke my running around a rant here on the claiming their you know it though have brought town hall meetings etc. Could be could be. They're going to be on him all the way through of the election next year that the great opportunity for him to put them in their place. We are talking to Michael go put under is ready in my thirty WB kept Michael on another front. Your buddy Steve Bennett has given an interview in which Jerry he says that Donald Trump gives Donald Trump a 30%. Chance of surviving. His term. And the 25 amendment is coming up it's like indeed desperation. Of the swamp and his enemies to remove Donald Trump were to not want Donald Trump to get anything done. Is it has even exceeded what people thought were my bizarre expectations. Well. I'll tell ya I know you well art art art meet with him regularly on our work with him. On on primary. In vitro Republicans in the senate and house. In art I've been. Sitting down with him in recent days. And even as of fatalistic view of what people are trying to do to the president of the United States. I don't disagree that my belief that there is. Other radical all the people inside the White House itself and certainly certainly inside of his cabinet department. Who would like to see him off. And also by the way. I and I'm I'm not quite certain. Are there at the report prepared that they and then bent. These are again more will be. He didn't say it I don't believe in him in an interview electors in one that I have not seen and I spent thirty minutes on the telephone with a reporter. Wrote. Story about it in the Washington DC airport yesterday. Good abusing them all I believe this quoting. Are you ban them. Banner at an ideologue I am and and and I'm proud to stand. Sort sort of with them in this fight. But and and I I don't being swallowed up and nobody had an excitable person who's very passionate. All that he will only bullying. That is a really only categorical 30% share all of our survive I I don't think so but I do believe. Team is extremely concerned that I am and there are people around the president it would just there's at least be involved. Rub me the 25 amendment and and we put the story up on our FaceBook page by the way off of but McClatchy but that basically twice for the amendment of the constitution. Allows the president to be removed from office if the majority of the cabinet determines the president is quote. Unable to discharge. The powers and duties of his office end of quote. Now I guess my take I'm unable to discharge and somebody else's take on on able to discharge might be two different things at visa B Donald Trump. Yeah you're right in and I think their of those the people were hoping and praying that double file will be brought. Are these the same people give up that bogus Russian. They want to believe this and help them sleep a night arm indicate they're bath water war. That came out I guess initially and in Vanity Fair. And I spent time on the phone with the Vanity Fair reporter disputing the current same story if they're. On the president's former security he seller. Would rip the White House fight by general Kelley couldn't be further from the through the day after he left the White House. I had a beer with them editor at a restaurant. Down the road from the white out and here it. He left it on record you get offered general Kelly great so clear picture. Chairman general Kelley yacht in your property away. He still has an opportunity to make three times the money in the white out quicker Richard Baker by the way. Are quite setting up his own company and doing some interesting things. And I keep it will belong out of it and it is a critical oil the president. I really like general LE and at the same story you're in the same erroneously insulation or if you bought general Eric Bret are and what are bought. Regard what are the most remarkable for a reason I mean this year. Our general Kelley says sports stories are almost always wrong. He sent check your sources. Which is exactly what I told Vanity Fair reporter exactly what. I believe ever reported whiteout he do there are people there would be intentionally hurt the president we're getting rid of them little by little. But it going to be continuing problem. Talking with the Michael go put orders were up 930 WBM. Hourly and Olivia Michael something else we wanna get your thoughts into your brain upon is that North Korea may underline may have tested another new reports of some seismic activity. The Korean Peninsula and specifically. North career. President trouble few months ago. Basically said I mean it wasn't an ultimatum as such but it was as close as you can come to giving an ultimatum. Regarding North Korea without actually calling it an ultimatum. As president trop painted himself into a corner on North Korea or you've got Jimmy Carter novel people coming out of the woodwork to say. You can trust me to work things out with Kim Jong. Not quite what he said that he's offered BA east negotiator. Yeah I mean I I I think Jimmy Carter in the back in the the as. Who's very crazy basketball player that goes over the plate all with Dennis Rodman. Date as effective as Dennis Rodman and Anthony Carter is actually in the impact. Attempt to interfere in presidential. Up politics they're they think works. On and and it happens. Quite a bit one of former president besides that there's the president. But I can tell you I don't believe Donald Trump is favored in order forty is dotted made things very very clear. Since Kim Jong or better he does something to to attack another and maybe walk more and or another. I admit that they're there will be hell to pay him back for a better methods just delivered. If you don't want it delivered all the people around him who ordered the intelligence analyst. Are very nervous about him now to convict a billion point reduce property records and their country and Donald. And it would require more aren't aren't concerned about his use of nuclear rep the courts. I'm also concerned about him aren't doing it an electromagnetic hole. Explosions over the likes of wal more as we know the parties RD. Launched a well oh rocket over Japan that he. Basically explode a nuclear weapons in the here over Tokyo which is entirely possible the entire economy of the globe will crash. You're gonna have to land it at an apple wants a missile and Landon efforts as Goer Honolulu or even walk. It explode in the atmosphere over to amber over another art city. And we are also going to be albeit off. You know Michael you talk a little bit about some of the things that at North Korea can do with. A weapon but. There's something they've done is they've sort of weaponized. Their own. Population really I mean if you look at some of that. The folks that from North Korea that are in shine in. You know various other places in Asia that are using cyber. You know war essentially going after power companies banks. A lot of these spear Phishing scams this is all from the North Korean subsidized. Essentially their military. There is no doubt in my eyes third on the Ian these. It's on order of affair during. Team spirit award and and and the tension between the nation's patent decreased from what I repair what are expanding India. In panel drawn. The ceremonial village where they had some peace negotiations standing in the room where they've been very patient. And one of North Korean altered battered beat the green or via on the window at that it has so as you can not even bat I think it got worse. In the last eight years. You know we we we are not sure what the north Koreans who were living at work you're. In information it all all the masons that worked with them. For example each. Egypt is Eric got in trouble. Wit the top administration. For app actually participating commercially. With North Korea. Participating. In supplying them with weaponry and in fact I think it was our airmen. Here the problem. Those countries that are our allies we're still doing business. With North Korea and bill allowing North Korean citizens. Read actor. Agents of can go on into other nations to do business. Are entering the rest of the problem ministries and at duke and probably is no. They are going to Egypt and other. They need to get our allies the lineup and stop doing business with more career. Stop letting them and so on in your country pop up and I think that by getting involved with them on government. And and that's the kind of record at the White House is ringing. They're doing it very quietly but he's one of the nation's it started to react. And north Koreans are becoming more and more isolate it or more. Are being set back the North Korea quietly. Why nations or war and our line. And more. You know we heard of from four we have actually a listener that's dead. It is out believe it or not in that area of the world and he calls in from time to time and what are the things that he was mentioning before really gotten the news is that. North Korea's biggest bumper crop. Is their own citizens they basically sell their own population. And a lot of you know the companies like Wal-Mart and all these were only. You know give maybe oysters there or what are the Sar teams that are are packed away. That's actually being put in there might be packaged in China but the labor. Is you know almost slave labor that the north Koreans sell. Essentially under the table for profit. No question an and app on the White House's radar as well and all of these small. Trickle of income and trickle of friendship. They come from other nations of the world have emboldened and so on because you say well article by in my labor if he took it down your weapons it. Germany's. Then how bad can it be well we need to make it works you know what all happened happened David it would prop up right here in the situation. I have a bury your private life. Michael we wanna hear the stories so don't lose their thought that we have to take a break we really don't have control of that so hole holed if you would. You don't get back to. Michael Caputo a dozen calls coming from on lecture what does Michael schedule is like coming up but. Michael you were I had interrupted one of your thoughts and Europe just that role what are your friends it's always heard they wanna pick that up. Monica problem because I have so bought in when you interrupt them. It becomes really lonely there. I apologize to your thoughts and their singularity however they have friends now in the thousands of people listening so your thoughts will not become your friends to thousands of people. I have a dear friends I served with since South Korea who actually have to write another berg stated in the became an all the ballot BO opium or. Live for a couple of decades and in Korea and a up for five years ago he left. Comeback the United States or the Department of Defense report at or other or at a base. From hundreds of public almost what you know but he's redeploying now to our South Korea. I whip his wife and trial. And I think it's time for president. Are you a brought to order home albeit a nonessential. COP. Ambiguous government personnel and their family from South Korea. If in fact that he had and that improvement have again. A pet and other nuclear weapons it is part. Because appear it would be something if something does happen we could stay with many lives as we can I do not all my friends like love very much. Laurie who. Without Korea and it kind of situation but more than anything else directly. Would be considered essential personnel considering what it special years like I York I have to kill you but. I don't wanna like entitled to go I want all book spouses and children. Of American personnel to get out of there now that we've got to the point where they are now in danger in it take from. It's it's not a Pat Roberts is it subprime begin amount. Evacuate are now bad evacuation needs to happen now. Right micro Bhutto. At what just we got a thirty seconds here what do you expect is gonna happen with North Korea more tough talk and nothing happening or what. Well I think there have been Newt is gonna continue to fight Iran that Batman back with. Which have more unilateral action by our allies. We're organ apartment gonna make your economy worse and worse idea that China is still using north its slave labor. It unconscionable. For the ball. They never should have gone in the first place. Right now I would I don't want to do anything at all it's stop this guy that madman. From going millions of people they need to stop it's propping up its economy and app and I like that there have been going on for quite some are now. There are really the but it need to be tightened down its fighters. That's the voice by WB and talker Michael Capuano who you've heard here first he's against slavery. I I didn't think that was actually possible. But just like myself why would China need to import North Korean slave labor to play their own. Well you would think but you don't have to pay as much. All right apparently all of China is Oscar show and than before the character arc. Okay Michael put up thank you very much for joining us we appreciate your time very much appreciate. Would expect because of those places with Michael but there were glad that it offers thoughts and that everything you're getting your commitment Chris Collins etc. Developing news rating of thirty WBE. And a Harvey Weinstein is now so.