1-18 Bauerle and Bellavia Hour 2: People Still Have Too Much To Complain About In 2018 and Michael Caputo On The Time Jon Bon Jovi Almost Bought The Buffalo Bills.

Bauerle and Bellavia
Thursday, January 18th

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News radio 930 WBE. And then you know you live in. All nation. If the mayor of your talent or city dies his beard was berries. He's come our way you live in me. Hole OK it is the number one. Fashion trend in north country. If assure that says buffalo bills' Super Bowl champions 1992. You live in. Cole and David Bellamy if these. Third cause of death in your country if the stock to rise. You live in. Pole its hourly and they'll be and if you or in your community. You have a top five favorite and Murray flavor you'll live and I. Poll on news radio 930 WB EN. Ability. Let's angry taxed so brought in and this is. And it would it would put program that this person wasn't Cuba Jose David your soft. All right. We need to impeach Andrew. Not Cuomo he wrote home. Which by the way that really helps the cough its its real clever noticed but it also helps the cause you know because you know we're not. The one side says you know quality that. We need to impeach Andrew Cuomo that corrupt criminal past to be impeached he's broken the law you know you have no. Shea you have no say over where your money goes Tom is right you don't live in real bill. Well here's. Let's impeach and cool how does that happen. Usually happen in the assembly and and how many people do the Republicans or anyone that anti Cuomo. How many supporters are decent. Can get anything done a Republican state as Dave deviate for co opted to deviate rove like. David DiPietro. Why we impeached Andrew Paul ball. What can we do deep Pedro. Wakes up every morning what you think he does. Oh Batavia. Don't go to Q well. You don't. Please listen. You have three choices in the State of New York. OK you can pick up your arms and you could start a civil war. Which nobody would ever recommend everyone frowns on widow wanna see anyone hurt over the disagreement. Of our ideology. Or you can pick your showcase and you get the hell out. That's how you vote. Because in New York State if you want to impeach Andrew Cuomo you should have real elected Andrew Cuomo can't leave or any thing. What what conservatives. Do in New York. Where do we go. We try to shop New York shape what happens. I'm telling you there is no way English you wanted to secede. From the state which I think is the third option. I actually four. To secede from the city and just have upstate. My point is. Yeah you're up a spot right now where people are going to start voting with their their cars in the duels. Because this tax thing just got real. For 25 years that was it you know thirty years it was a joke he always got to write off the other margin whatever you spent here well it's coming out of there. A wash out doesn't hurt never was made money. Guess what it's Horton now. You're actually playing whack a mole would with Albany right now they any any money that shows up they're gonna take a whack at it. That's how it works. I dated are I think you're right our biggest priority was to show what. Priority and cars that you calls in some extent it not recently so. Yeah we're right here by a fertilized -- keepers servers that it means a lot to me firstly I'd all the people I associate appreciated thanks. No I mean blocked almost sort of career. So I didn't bolt for ultra. And will want to read our I'm Mike hard leading conservative I would say. And some moderate problem. Social views but for the most part I'm conservative herbal or Democrat from New York. I'm national state level I didn't smoke about one reason that in the key witness the New York. So are his market support as well I vote for the libertarian candidate. I was so happy at 3 o'clock in the morning and they stayed up double political junkie so all the terms and he saw him went. It was fantastic. So cap on our goal I'm sitting here how much and the president be doing a job. Are a rally in Pennsylvania. And absolutely. They'd just give you background there's a special election for a member of congress in Pennsylvania there and wreck. Well not tell the audience listen. Well I'm sorry the Pope. So I didn't bowl army. And might might might go to guy applause was mobile and at one simple reason because I bought like the rest boosted their record be short. So I was in a hoot about candy we could put up against. This woman. Beater and I thought Merkel will be of the primary. Want to get to prove wrong regard Edmund I. On that in the out come across as presidential and I still don't think he does come across as presidential too well. But I can't argue with and it has slots these every single one upon as can be. I'm points I think in his first year. I think he's done all the pain she's just short of building a lot on support of. Armed but it's weird that he can accomplish so much by basically. Really pure lean back layers that happened that with the exception of the tax bill which you know is historical. That is really the only major accomplishment. And and I think you know we look at. That what he's done to the bench federal bench but of course the Supreme Court course it was a huge gain. But the other thing I think is going to be important going in next year Kenny break up that ninth. Circuit. Circuit in California alone good luck with that propped up but it obviously no. Bought. I know I I think the ball was rolling in the right direction and I didn't bold about trouble are you supporter at this point bump. I don't know I don't see I'm not pulling up the the next. Next talked. Our election but I really don't you think of putting cancer. Well you know what we don't know what's out there but will definitely. A look forward to talk to you we get close to that time to get your your point of view on that Jay thank you for your call. By someone is taking a shot every time I say whack a ball. So whack a ball whack a ball or calamity or totality of the lack of as a bunch of them I just loves the gay people you know intoxicated at 415. For the rest of the working society. Trying to drive home from their jobs. They gave it locked or you're not borrowing ability. They make you great name again by the way. They. That thing with. Policy. Though the last person that should that should conjure up position no bull look who. With a cherry on the top. Is develop policy. That this city by the bay erection was talking about. Couple days ago they have an app out there now to to give motorists and pedestrians a heads up. Oh where at the piles up who are and it's not thoughtful. Is that all the bombs and illegals they got wandered around the city. Are literally crapping all over Sampras since ago. And they're like degrading I wouldn't telephone poles and stuff infrastructure. Because there he in all over everything out there. But they keep bringing that up and put that Kerry on the opposite is the last one bit shipments Kennedy being late this. Nancy Pelosi is thank you David always good talking to Dave analog port municipality. I understand everyone's saying she's losing their faculty and geez give the thing is it. You used in the sense that he went back to the statement that she made there was talking about that statement and anti Pelosi may have played some audio. Nit wit when it took Pelosi is talking. Just kinda like tell a joke here but even laughter is. The laughter is uncomfortable laughter it's like you know when when someone. Is in the early it's it's the early signs of dementia we don't know if it's cute daughter they're like they're losing this is kind of like that lets the audience. This is like. Giving you a home. Poll of doggy do put a cherry on top and called it chocolates and this is nothing. Murmur. Room. At the very glad I am wrong. Anyway as sure that's still what dot what is the government shutdown of the defect does well it really depends on who you walk. But a government shut down basically. Is when the legislative. Branch cannot send the executive something to sign basically giving the authority for the government to function. And depending what federally funded agency program. Is connected it grinds to a halt every one has furloughed. 2013. That was about 850000. Employees or furlough per day that's the same a lot of doctor recipients. At any rate furloughed and they get their money back so it's like. They're basically on vacation in and politically it's suicide to keep government shut down for longer than you know today's news cycle. You know all weekend is a long time to shut down the government now here's a little interesting tidbit. Because of the way this whole budget is set up the special counsel Robert Mueller he continues to operate. He isn't necessary personnel. Robert Mueller will continue to investigate Russia even during a government shut down he'll be fully funded that's pretty crazy. That's not. Let's go to will Matt. Matt you're on WB and go right. David do you know I laughed when I heard that as apartment below it would actually. Describing what he's seen them. Wearing. But it also wanted to comment on. I'm gonna give you a fake laugh now. I also want to comment on Trump's. He would live a little bit ago Pittsburgh right hand I thought he would he would bring me it was. He does for it doesn't he really responds well and that live audience. All we know I didn't and an end all for someone who according to Democrats is you know. You know and what is faculties even mention the president's age and then in Turkey but I don't look at. He works a crowd he understands what works and he's still a showman and he still you know gets that fire in his belly to see it. You don't love David give it. I can't help people give them credit. You know I mean he called sergeant average everyday people who will probably be honored to do things didn't take on the ground in the credit. You all's I mean most of those guys that's part of the whole spiel but it. This thing with the with trumpets. His sincerity and by the way you get warts and everything in that sincere you give them. Sometimes you know contradicted themselves and doing other things but what he's in the moment and he's genuinely needs real. Everything appears is more sincere in and that's cool Matt thank you for the call appreciate that. Matt heard the the speech there is a special election in Pennsylvania Donald Trump is down their support. The Republican in that special election race and that's why it's on the air right now giving a speech to support. A candidate for congress. Well the guy doing shots is on vacation and he bought that book and he'll select mad that tests though. God bless America and during gone. What Kabul just for you pay a whole picks breaking news OPEC's. Director of communications was the Press Secretary when he was candid trump now director of communications. I will say on the record. Absolutely unqualified for any of those jobs but that here and there hope mixed will testify before the House Intelligence Committee. And I hope the first question is. Were you in a relationship with Corey the window ski during the campaign because that's the big. Gossip on the streets. There are great. I'm not a big hope to expand our. Just one. You just discovered. My dream job in radio would just be too like plays nothing but audio. And just comment on it. That's what my show needs to be. The buy hourly and Belle of the show Tompkins is Tom point of view David just listens to audio. My contribution to Bauerle ability we'll just beat a player audio and comment. And I'll even do program. You know what I get by hourly abort if you watch is Netflix. In common and that the whole 6 o'clock hour with the futures I'm. Mark this down at 423 it's January. 18 ranked. In January 18 2018. In the year of our lord. David Bell would be on the record states this. The future. Is going to be. Cameras that watch us. Watching. TV. The entertainment will be watching other people react to programs. That is what we're now moving into it that's the new form of entertainment these kids that why you watch kids play video game. You watch I'd happily and a you you watch the movie at one screen in the corner you're watching will Farrell watches on movie and you're gonna pay ten dollars more for that. That means that you and I as normal people will be on FaceBook. And we all watched the game together the open the game. There is your father and you know with cameras out each other watching each other watch the bills' game. That the future. Billions to gathered tonight is just on the air yet. I really no seriously I really think that the future so when you think about that the future of radio is going to be watching buy hourly. Give his opinion. Even though it's radio it's about the I want to see him and his face when he said that someone who's created mystery political theater 3000. Mr. political errors in this mr. and he's right that's what should be billed to the kids. Did you see new. Release of ministries. All within be really funny like that arousal but the movies that they selected seeds with a show in the ninety's and maybe eighties. These early ninety's and it was they took like horrible science fiction movies. And like these guys these two robots. And it was just really funny because they said things. You know there are just. They just abuse the movie actors and it and it was hysterical. A lot. Of that whole. Oh really did pay back the phone call at 330 start at 310616. WB and I know everyone wondering game on the west side. It's okay. We'll check in nine games as we get back rate. That is have a theme songs this mystery science theater. 2003000. And raised I'm. Did before beeps about it so I wrote in that that idea has been taken its peeves about it. But I think beams about it was after mystery science theaters that mystery science theater was syndicated starting in 1989 leaves invited started and 93 I remember he will be but it was his music videos to. It was more and that was the part that I thought was the least funny about peeves about it. Where in mystery science theater it was my favorite part. When they talk about them yet I could care less about the whole back story battle on all items yet has seen out cereal and all men anyway so don't get your call it Israel and I thirty but first we have via Twitter issues that we have to. Occasionally from time to time we'll watch Twitter while she was going on and our very own Michael trip to Toronto. At Michael arc of food so you can follow him on Twitter and be apart of this. There's a massive pile on none of the ninety opportunity. On Michael market food so what is gone out of twittering in. Well it appeared he talked about it on the radio like on the morning yesterday. Jon Bon Jovi did your view of its power Howard Stern and at the end of the interview. During hearings here. Our dirt at about his attempt by the Buffalo Bills he went into and Bon Jovi went along I tried about our youth are broken. He intended on moving to buffalo and buying out becoming a part of the community. That it. None of it in court he never did any of those things when he would try and by the team and move in the Toronto. Yeah actually hired my son do last June to plow his driveway. That's how would then stay. Delivery papers you know. My I'm certain there are many hairdressers here been in it applause. He's a good job by Jovi living in Hamburg. At the Austin. Here's the thing he would never ever ever leave New Jersey pepper. There's he said that in many many thought it completely full of crap but. That's a problem the bar until we always had. Is that though the other investors. Were hell bent ivory NFL franchise which Ronald so. It didn't matter what Jon Bon Jovi is intentions were the main money people in this deal wanna debris a football team to drop. No doubt and they're proved plenty and I've I've gotten into debate with him gram up and do all of that. Many different kind to him and other don't think that you were dead set on moving them to try and support we know that. They presented paperwork that can be had withdrawn the old on the paperwork. That and they. A court we know that Jim Kelly which are walking and talking to them about joining their group walked away because he thought there was too much of a risk. They would move the team to Toronto. So they've what you well and an analysis. The fact of the matter is they're the real threat but that he was going to be moved to Toronto I think everybody at buffalo new it. But the Buffalo News. Through a reporter Baird nick erotica wrote a story in the paper today. Accusing us of running a smear campaign against or Jon Bon Jovi. And and for some reason I don't know what they are Michael Wootton over our WG here at the channel two news. Michael war jumped in. Michael would say. Michael wooten says that myself and all the volunteers behind. Our build and they're under thirteen thousand members about 45 volunteer. Word is leaving buffalo because dawn until he never intended. To move between the Toronto and their Bay Area that that we got the idea from Donald Trump. So so what we're seeing is that Michael Bolton the Buffalo News they don't like your Google. Don't know don't know but I can't tell you they may bit. That Michael wooten is called all the volunteer. Of build and under the group that we put together that all we didn't throw marquee brands. And the spoke of the Bon Jovi campaign I mean what will depart the only people who really kept our bill here. Article go look for him. I mean Donald Trump would never repaid the money bit the bullet willing to pay the key and out of Toronto. And be saved the game with a proposed but we put together bill spam under the draw at the fact that they bunt so be it for Ronald billionaires. Work work hard to get at 815. To Toronto and and Michael wooten from WG RV and decided that because we've been revealed to everyone in low. That the idea came from Donald Trump. Couldn't accept that somehow we are all but why. So the idea did come from Donald Trump. That's the only guy I would walk when went between fourteen after after our Ralph Wilson passed. Now from our aunt being Mick Lang were the the head of the Republican Party here in our aid in victory to me. Air and Camilo a call at Cobo who came from a top law firm here in the in one BA it's called are here in buffalo to come talk to them. He we went to trump tower are aren't throw at me. Are to coordinate community relations yet. Make Wang word beat you coordinate lobbying. He had army air corps corporal who do or local council were local. And then we all hope that regard to help and it and that meaning double parked there you know if Bon Jovi Bardner your obviously give you auto. You really is part of a public campaign to keep. To inform buffalo what you really opting. And I think that's a great idea we came back to buffalo. And about two days later before anything happened. Dot opera called me up that might be great idea of all worked up a target by target gave my hero. Mario. My provisional Baird and I have the time. I'm not a quarter treatment in order to get a look at the Buffalo Bills for why can't even speak to you anymore so have fun and that was the last time we spoke about. So that the group of volunteers. Went awkward all the volunteers do it appears in the right here at a table don't throw and the Donald Trump had nothing to do. Somehow. They're good guys overthrow of buffalo and Veronica. And Michael wooten the reporter from WG RV channel to be excited that this would be people but what we did was lie to the par. Because we didn't tell them that Donald Trump and abide by congress. That hey you're the great idea. We're refresh I met Prado a Michael Capuano was another group that was putting up signs all over bar that was and that was your group. Or your group was in no Bon Jovi zone. Yep the bottom pep band bonds are we got all I got Bennett's music are all the local. Radio based the damage music. Here's the question though that would ask fue La Michael and I don't know any of the I will nor did the writer for the Buffalo News. But but I would just say how does that affect the fact that Google a big more money then the bond of regret. Oh I don't think they're they're worried about who's winning eight I think they're making a point. Because they hate comments from all all of us liars. All I see it here. We didn't Wear button. Oratory on the stadium parking lot the parking lot around the stadium with a disclaimer that said. By the way Donald Trump came up with the idea not a not a lot of brand new idea an idea that would have been done and the problems of aren't before. But it did Donald from different you know. There were independent people and also the same thing that what their intentions right. Absolutely I mean what they've just by. With our Jim Kelly. Michael arc a Poodle and a Twitter you can join in and defend him or attacked him that's what we opened the door to. Yeah I pledged five as low as you follow. By the way so anyway Michael thank you. All right mug photo defending is honor. I'd Twitter I guess Michael wounds from channel two and a writer for the bottlenose I don't know Michael wooten. I met him. And I I don't know anything about the the Buffalo News writer but. It well again. I don't know I don't really know what their argument is if their argument is we didn't know about this before. Why do we know Trump's involvement before or if they're trying to say that somehow this affected. The ownership in poll how it was sold it doesn't make much that it's going to be taillight if this was nothing to hide what you just disclose. But again it's an idea right its key fund added that he. And you don't have same. And the other thing is. I don't know I don't know what the I just heard about this and and one this year. A still back to the phones and a 330. Before we left we're talking about New York State. And the tax is a New York State. We're talking about the fact. That there's not a whole lot of options you have I mean you you you have the ballot box option but we couldn't really get a lot of people out there to vote. So you vote with your you all and you get out. You know the state that's how you vote so let's go to Dave. Dave go ahead recall from Dave. They turn your rendered out if you cut. Let me hear myself say it. Dave there's so we're behind you the calls from inside the house. The delay. Pretty bad. He's gonna we instantly gets. It. I wish you could keep publicity he got really funny. I'll listen to their relay your radio. Day. And argued gave it back and get on the phone until they weasels and replay. That was cool though gave the calls from inside that he'd like wrong day. It rocked the you got the wrong guy I'm not. I don't know what's going on here that that the west side are you OK and. Oh yeah. Now. I just eager for what did you jump by speakerphone and you are yet speakerphone did you get a house speaker phone. All right Luke who. I go. Out and recruit hard in a short hurt him. Why we're a very well. I owe way we're probably done. A lot of will that we we saw. Well and not a legal and those superiors the move will probably create some because you don't ma well we have action. They believed it and roll right and why he would later be all right the American for a moment. These. Are out of all the belief we have who all of the media. It was cool aunt and uncle letters. All all of the where you know where Arnold supplement is where alcohol pain in the end it will honor. They hire poor white are the political right no system then slowly plot were locked act. And edit will shorten okay yeah. You know there's an uphill battle straight so you know I'll probably eight million watt was liable. Right. All right Dan to those trick I appreciate that I'm I'm really seven. I wish the phone connection was little bit better you know. Thank you again you waited very long time and I appreciate that he made a lot of sense that you probably would make more sense than a better device. But thank you laughter and love joy your rod Bauer the ability to go until. It David earlier. First favorite Democrat. They can Microsoft. Talking to Phil. And what are these days I wanna get back to this guy drive around your neighborhood in the suburbs. Just collected and I've got to get more I want to do a half hour. On a slow rainy day when traffic is is really bad. I wanna do a half hour on your neighbor. No problem all right so bear with you might they felt. Yeah I can't listen to that arguably better bluster that there was Howard and did you eat yet he said he was going to. Movement entire life took off when he wasn't going to move the truck that the team to Toronto. It did the part of the interview feel that was the most powerful was the Bon Jovi was like I was so emotionally. Distraught. That I was ready to literally quit music quit everything you dedicate my life to buffalo where he got he would really over the top added that's why it made news. Oh well I had that question it is you know Chris why. Why wouldn't. Gone are the national broadcaster and hate that even though over but he don't look at dark. And you don't people involved local was an hour show so. Again I don't even know where the story came from there was a follow up story that they've mentioned to Poodle in like the New York Post in the New York Times. And that was maybe. I don't know a month ago so. It's the reason why he was on Howard Stern is they're doing the rock and roll hall of fame thing and he asked Howard Stern to you know induct them. And and they were just talked about what's happened in the last month and they brought up the trump thing and it was. The president that was behind it so that's what the topic came up what. Why Jovi gave a really emotional. You know he bared his soul and it became news. Didn't he call you know the one parked at best I was proper we catch up. My weight that he thought he called cool election you won't hear this. Who I'd drop. Out no no no he he actually complemented Jerry globally in an interview with Howard Stern getting back to fill the Lovejoy. Yeah. And if there was everything negative said about the goal it's immediately before he was candidate Donald Trump. Donald Trump made a comment that Terry Google paid too much for it and he hopes she's a better owner for the bills and he was the sabres and that was kind of like a little Trout slap to the Google is but. I always remembered that. But at least yesterday the interview with Howard Stern Bon Jovi seemed like he was very you know at least trying to the Google wasn't. Compliment them that they don't agree yeah. From what I heard adopt a wait I thought that we cube but I didn't hear everything watch Jerry. By look in the records you can berg great. The dummy and a trying to see how old don't live tag. And I did for business that is how show 52000 dollar yearly to me. You mean well this the issue is with the corporate tax rate there's actually there's like five different thing if that was gonna brag about trying to sell the tax explained to you. I would sell it there'd be five ways that I itself. And and the first one believer and that would come right down to. The amount of money that's coming back at your check only because that the mandate is gone obamacare that's really to me the biggest selling point of the anti tax. Because that was a payroll odd problem. If it caused a lot of it was you know it could be an extra 85 dollars instantly. Just by rolling that back and it depends on your income bracket to. The other thing I think is really special. Is that you have a corporate tax rate that is not the best in the world but its competitive we had one of the worst corporate tax rate. If so what that means is it's more it's easier for you to say I'll try to do that Allen in dvd that I'll have someone else do that then do it here. It's more expensive to work here and then of course you have employees and you have all the requirements or regulations. So the corporate tax rate 21%. Probably could've been 15%. If you're they fought hard but what will settle at 21. And now that the tax structure the way the taxes are broken down it's a lot Morse it's simplified. And it still allows you to give money to charity though the two of the biggest. Fighting point in this tax plan wise we have to eliminate all the exemptions to give people flat rate. And they lost that fight and so now there is the ability to still have exemptions. What you're gonna find is your write offs are going to be as plentiful. You're not gonna be able to write more stuff off for businesses and the other thing is because you live in love joy you get here it's for by the state New York. And you're gonna find that a lot of the things you rode off federally you will not be able to do. In the state New York. What was so I don't didn't see any type a look at. No more money. At all. Does this figure what if you own a business in your and your pain a corporate rate that incorporated is has gone down about 16%. And that that's significant. Worked for a new inmates. Are here. So what your contractor. I feel old Serbian I do I do actual construction work. But besides I. If you here's here's what I'll say if you feel. If if you're there are things that you if you lived in Pennsylvania and Ohio. You'd be much better off Florida then in New York State but I'm going to say that for the businesses for the local businesses out there this is a huge. A relief in burdened but there's other things that tax bill. That I think are a far more important getting rid of the individual mandate is huge and the individual on the consumer. And it's a relief on businesses as well and the other thing. Is and war the drilling in Anwar you're going to see is we're going defined in the next eight years it'll take eight years to harvest what's over there. In that area of the world. But you're gonna find in Alaska that we are going to surpass Saudi Arabia. We're going to be the biggest fish in the pond when it comes to oil and that gives us a whole lot of leverage if you wanna get cleaned out the time to get clean.