1-12-18 SPCA Segment - Gina Browning


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Gina Browning is here from the SP CA serving Erie county with an adorable news a and news hound that could fit in your purse this. They told me yesterday eighteen I think about doing browser. For Delhi the end marrow so I went maniac look in the kennel thing you see it done. Came out nice thousands Afro pocket and one of the balance yourself so does an act expecting this ticking and it Don and I like Allison a big name. This is a six pound mount T he's saying he is just the cutest thing about my result. And she surrendered an unfortunately we see this every so locked and he was with the family for awhile and new baby. Came into the picture. And Allison wasn't really prepped for and you know the difference talent is there a difference owns and sometimes animals become very afraid RA they just increases are stressed probably how it's and manifest itself. And the family Gary is Stanley had to surrender him he didn't Chile aggression toward immediately he was just perpetually nervous and became the needy. And your baby in the house and it changes things too into the eighties feeling median and you have to get to keep it then their little ones sell. They bracket on an anti yup brings up an interesting topic is a lap you can do to prepare dogs he can't. Before babies coming into the household are like what. Just have not around do you shown pictures of baby yeah. That's pretty videos I thought that you know some people do ideal they start bringing them sound recordings of babies crying babies cooling gurgling. X 118 in a dose of Israel it's I think it sounds like networks animals and the into the sounds that they hear. They also start planning cents that would be in the home once the babies they start with the baby powder and soaps and different. And she and her little baby shampoos the you can use in this lady animals. The sentence sounds to can be used to these things and snacks such Chaplin ABB's there doesn't become a stressful for the animal for humans to. Exactly right definitely for you make that. They had and it is such a major change and your right it's not everybody just adapt that quickly right. Right so he does not like many little dogs on ballots are here became a little nervous with all the unpredictability of the situation. Probably do that hung with some ups. While I was I do you think there might be something to the video. Parties shall video of a baby and my dog was going crazy the other day I was watching planet earth on Netflix. I'm there are showing up in the mountains some of the mountain leopards and the leopard was on TV. My dog was going insane barking at this electorate that was sound this marine didn't owe it to make it. Did something to get because you are old Arnold right gambling and dog show is shining and I'm hearing that was on duty at the dog barks or disease as well I. And Gary we he cost of people who see their dogs last Don shows now. At least two we've heard that more than Linehan and Antanas Canada. It's wild and Harry are so he's bouncers a boy browsers appoint our end is available later this morning Pia I'll six pounds of them 11 AM this morning I wanna. I know how it's like over at the SP CA yesterday all the snow is melted so you go out. And you know you pick up three weeks' worth of doggy do you do I'm a backyard is at the same way about you guys. No no I don't care sector responsible. Every season and we average expecting to see aunt. When I did see was all the volunteers coming in and dogs hit on while outside and so the volunteers. There was a lot of fun for them here in beautiful warm. That's good yeah perfect walking weather yesterday and angry beast of a few hours to get that answer right after. Our eighth grade Tina have a wonderful weekend thanks to collect 1000 or you can check out bouncers picture on her Twitter feed right now at news radio 930.