Kristine Lesh


About Kristine: I remember when I was in the 6th grade I called into Kiss 98.5 with my friend Jaime, trying to win movie passes.  The DJ put us on the air and since the Bills were playing Miami Dolphins on Sunday, he asked us to yell “Squish the Fish”.  We did and we won the movie passes.  23 years ago, that DJ created a memory for me and I want to share experiences like that for you.
Just as many people listen to the radio today as they did 23 years ago.  What I can do is help your business connect with listeners.  Our group of radio stations reach over 550,000 Western New Yorkers each week!  I can help you create a marketing campaign that is memorable and will get listeners to react.  Marketing isn’t about how many commercials you air, its’ about GREAT IDEAS… and bringing those great ideas to the right audience with the right message.  Those are things I bring to the table.  Marketing with us is not limited to radio advertising, I also offer digital media solutions, social media advise, event marketing, lead generation opportunities, sports sponsorships with the Buffalo Bills and Buffalo Sabres and more.  I represent 7 amazing radio stations and at least one of them could be right for your business.  Please call me, I would love to work on new creative ideas for your business. 

Contact Kristine:

Kristine's Office Number: (716) 843-0116
Kristine's Cell Phone: (716) 228-4943