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Friday, November 10th

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Well is it this ship arrives on the eighth of December which is it a Friday but arrived Ronald. And then the cruel get cleaned up and then we'll have via a press conference a little gathering at around 2 o'clock on Friday. And Saturday as the army navy game so it's great to have all the sailors in town for that. We're over the river works and amicable Beers it's the wings have kind of strong to buffalo hospitality. And the on the whole we will unfold from there. We view there's going to be we wanted to it's just not always done it for we wanted to mark. This occasion by honoring the gold star mothers who you just execute tremendous sacrifice of the lost a child. So. On Tuesday we're having goals are ones that is being hosted by the VA are the daughters of the American revolution. Of them now. The social element of the hole it date process. Will culminate. And the real serious parties together but but he added that kind of overshadow if you will will take place on Friday night I am regency. And that's what's called Germans cents. And it'll be 6650. People. You know ice sculptures live music lots of food lots drink going to be great decorating party that got something that awful relief really Droid. And then Saturday. Will have will gather broke a breakfast briefing. Somalia shortly out of town people and so on and so the military and that all walk over join the rest of the public. Yet the actual and L site where you where we are now. And at that at 11 o'clock the actual commissioning will take place. And that he is about an hour fifteen an hour twenty minute. Ceremony in it it it it goes reactor British navy in terms of the traditions on it from everybody if you government to a commissioning. It's kinda like going to an army navy game everybody should do at least one. Everybody should get go I've been to a a couple of commissioning and everybody's got the opportunity to get at least one. So properly. Public. And understand as buffalo and it's December but don't miss it it's going to be a great event and then after that commissioning. After the actual permission in the B a place people go over get a slice of pizza there be public sale went missing on Saturday yes you mention it's not a big deal it's like going. Into it everything you. Missed it here so. Or. It's. Peter. You've made Etsy and get in your lifetime and blasts. And I'll give you some inside baseball we'd love to see USS buffalo beat the USS buffalo that was commissioned in Norfolk in 1983. A Los Angeles class submarine that just went out of a service that's just being decommissioned now. So if the powers that be. Ever decide to name another ship the USS buffalo we Canon auto hosts to us about. Were on the learning curve it's off anybody in the navy is listening if you if you name another USS buffalo bring it to buffalo we promise we'll move great job. Life easier to hit it. On arkansans more water yes that's exactly right but we're delighted I'm glad you brought that up Peter. We're delighted that down our friends from the city of Little Rock. They too have a committee and they'll be joining us for a lot of these festivities. And I believe that there going to be with the manager of video conferencing and and the Internet. I believe that the citizens of a little Iraq boot camp scrambled to buffalo they're gonna have all live feed data you know memorial auditorium merge some some. Static so. It's great that the people. In the city after him there after which the ship was name. That they'll be able to usher in this about it well explain exactly what happened during. There. Yes the B a number of speakers but no staff whiners you don't know. Nobody's gonna get up and speak for twenty minutes it's a quick couple minute. Our congressman your various dignitaries various military people will speak. Their remarks will be. And I emphasize race. After everybody has spoken. Innate utter was ship's sponsor. You'll stand at the podium. And point to commander Peters commander of the USS what Iraq. And you'll say commander Peters bring the ship polite. And at that very instant. The ship goes from being a piece of battle all by Lockheed Martin to being a part of the US naval fleet. And that's the symbolism means that it's very important about this about this terrible. Audio and AV OS does upgrade I mean you just you know that. The tradition and it's it's it's it's just it. Again this will be the third one and I've seen him in it's it's really it's wonderful. The only thing could snap my understanding is the only thing we could stop it commissioning is lightning. So if you're standing hey you know and you know beat you we get Mary we get very. Unseasonably warm or not warm mild weather in December so that's kind of opened the war. But if we get some small. And we're awful audience were turned lemons and lemonade. Either way it will make an effort to break that we Donovan lightning that's the good stuff.