11/10 Bauerle and Bellavia Hour 2: Veterans Day

Bauerle and Bellavia
Friday, November 10th

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News radio 930 WBE. And a lot of sub mariners up from the east and I'm school district. If it's a toss up iron from buffalo because we don't do this anyway that's a tough job I arguments never I know myself and being a lot claustrophobic at all but being underwater in a sub for more than a day I would start to. It's Tom Bauerle. You know I I we get. They're real bad I would go Psycho I just feel real bad. And David Bellamy. I just wonder where the smoke needs to protect it we're putting sectors right that we are practically you're gonna smoke them. Including its hourly and Olivia you wanna talk about crop dusting and you can basically four to ask him from side to side pollute all of your comrades there on news radio 930 WB yeah. Loud lessons have been learned by Tom Bauer the. Yes they certainly have been my grandfather used to always say don't force anything and Andy was right now it. It's eight minutes after how map. It's eight minutes after four news radio 930 WB and buy hourly envelop via. And it is our veterans day so if you wanna get pushed out out to a veteran in your life who is played a role in your life. By all means knock yourself out we would love to hear some stories. You may remain used batons we're gonna leave that to you and your sensitive the court or whatever you might be a veteran and you might wanna give a shout out to somebody with who usurped. That's right. Because. Friendships of forged under those kinds of circumstances can often be lifelong friendships. Just like the movies is it just like the movies David as far as when you're in and out under a great degree of duress with the same guys for extended period of time. The friendships you forage in those situations are life long a life long light lasting or. Like anything else you just kind of forget what you go your separate ways. Well it really depends on your experiences together but if you used to go through. You know basic your first unit together those relationships. You're running on the army's a small place smelter small place you eventually will. Bump into each other but if you've gone through like a deployment together. Or had a really bad duty station Korea. Germany during the Cold War ordered it and you those bonds it's funny because you can no sign for a year and be closer with them than any friends you've had twelve year high school or college. It's just amazing those military relationships. They keep going up it's it's a special thing. Say get some phone call sooner as you give your shout out to whether veterans in your life 803. Owed by thirty stock and I'm 3180616. WB. The and let. Who would be next it's. Ray in buffalo on WB yet. Gelman. I upbeat bit. Good luck and good David. They don't have a British view. Thank. You sort your service arm means. Autopilot and it ended up peak eight Dayton in court. Absolutely absolutely they are. I'm very proud group and they should be. Oh yeah you bet. Are gonna take I got four guys that I ever think about unbroken genetic. My dad. And editorial called poker world war vet but my local team was an accountant for example buy Beers colonel portrait. I'd say we're where was he Matt. Well are you sir could you lose that vote truth but he could have been because go to the debut what do you think about you know. Armed that you Libya. Well there was ocean its while there was a Schmitz two other where some places that I Auschwitz which were slave labor camps basically there was sub camps. There was a burka now I mean. So if possible it is possible that you he could very well but it out Schmitz and have survived. Well see that's why I'm by no question about it when he says that this war was and what Al Gore he went back and rooted. Poll and I want out. Of them. Are on the thing is yet this gave the com. Yeah and the red. Get to meet a patent on me a little army and yet. It escaped and create harmony at all Senator Obama look good strong arm and mark. A lot of talk about you know who all of or. Yeah I mean that's like we that's been I don't think anyone can comprehend what that's like candidates who. I'm cynical and absolutely what scorecard connections. Anyone remember. I mean it's a concentration camp it's it's beyond war it's it's beyond suffering it's designed for that specific purpose. Absolutely so I have complete money and open about congratulate. Brought Easter Michael Waltrip I believe is an is looser too urgent call at all. My dad was in Korea. It was stationed in Japan did you draw remember or take. Import your Herman. The error and on my to a local worry him. Well worn blue. Court ruled out a little bit old ball. Pulled the truck and you what that I may get local. On top of the battle of the bulge it at that particular point a lot of the guys who were hit it never really experienced combat before so. When you get the Germans come through the year Dan bay were absolutely stunned. And air support couldn't do anything until the fog lifted off the ground so those guys battled the bulge went through hell and of course with some of the SS units they did not believe in taking prisoners and an ivory notorious war crime but it machine gun and hundreds of POWs. In a field in France discussed you know there were a lot of occupational specialties in that time you might have been I tech heavy wheeled mechanic or tanker whatever but. When push came to shove they handed to rifle and said you get when you're dealing. Your your fighting that that was a strange time but amazing service thank you for sharing the staff got thank you weigh in buffalo you wanna give a shout to the veteran in your life for the veterans in your life who have influence shoot and I wish I could go back in time and talk David to some of the people. In the elementary school that were that were teachers. Alia I thought well thought out that this one teachers debt I really thought was a first class able. Turn daddy died know that long ago man actually the guy Wednesday read. He's so awesome the most intense combat ever in the Pacific. And I wish I didn't know that there and because it would have changed my assessment of him if it's funny you never know what where people of that and what they've done. I usually. If someone's little ornery. And they went through you all. You know maybe you can it almost kind of understood I forget whether mr. Harland Guadalcanal. Or you were jima but I definitely in the thick of it and it would have changed my view of that particular individual. A bit just that not to put it ended chew chief in that service but if you if you take the HBO series band of Brothers as incredible as that was. And how realistic they try to get. The Pacific the follow on series that was based on. My my pillow for helmet there my helmet for a pillow whatever was. That story your helmet for a toilet that they Eugene sledge story of what the Marines in the Pacific. Unbelievable. Mean that is one of the most violent and disturbing miniseries that ever ever mean in Atlanta tonight I as you as you know in this might probably have gone over some heads. You are down again. You lift your head you're going to die. Would you like to tell us all harbor uses the Helmand has. Well you know begged them helmets were actually made for that purpose to hold liquid they would shave eat out of on the did so many of the things they also use them as eight. A bullet train. That was always frowned upon in my unit they period. They had a totally different purpose by the time we got to Robert dole steel pots those Cape Cod whatever they call them. Then when they were steel. The it was crazy I mean I was lucky to get a map in mind. That would. Little by little it different than what we're used to seeing you know the world were to die but I tell you I remember this vividly when I first saw myself deployed. Over her rise in deciding the back of my dad and some of the civil wet in my Kevlar. I thought man grandpa would have taken rushed shot. Yet in 1941 it looks just like. The German helmet it is easy to see you're so conditioned to Hollywood to see that like. The bad guy it was. The bird where the united states army changed its helmet design in the mid to late 1970s. I Wear my brother who is here to World War II with that nightly look at the front page of the newspaper said. Holy crap the united states army just adopted the German infantry all the the Second World War Mohamed. It's it it it's why he worked in an effort well then neck and except you didn't get the little pointy thing and stop until another World War I and they got rid of the side cars do that it is ours is there anybody who didn't think they were cool watching Hogan's Heroes and speaking of politically incorrect and everything you imagine selling that hole today heroes from Harvard that ever make it as a sitcom on T how did you ever find that. Funny I mean there's. In the era. Did you ever watch it experts aren't true that's I mean it was on the ball. How that whoever pitches that should have never worked today in their life to bear the greatest salesman. Absolutely let's go up yours let's go too aggressive in Batavia WB yeah did a better at do you wanna give that a shot. Well that day and did you just like shoot a BB. Gun into a garbage cans. David Batavia there. Dave yeah. We're gonna let the author people sort this out so we go through the year put people through this 8030930. Start at 3180616. WB Ian and Terry in taxes and WB yeah. I gather obviously it happened near geared mired. One here click story. Dependent and I'm glad. They the most talked about. Well not personal detection is an old soul here other than my children. And it turned out about a year and much staying here were in mind that they're whipping around baton. Really had a really close relationship where all throughout my military career that he ended up movement about an hour and a half light to mean. Well. Evening long story short. We agreed to meet and hang out and everything like that you know because that does it just so happened I had to work out there but. When I got out where you from Lubbock Amarillo. I mean yeah like a bedroom made out forming it took me out first they banners from the years. We Batman grab and just kick back called war story that just funny story certain direction. You'd be insult you're just. You know live in that particular light and whether or lower than where oil where you know at that particular time in our lives and it was like we never it could be you know it was like we don't like I've yet seen on the date the war. And tell me. For better and they got feel proud of to be a veteran because. I'm proud to be apart of the outcome moderately like that aware that a bit at a brotherhood and her sister murdered just that a kinship that. Between. A bunch of patriots that are all about not the more than. Mud and their country lautner and money and doing the right thing when they hand me now and so that you know what I took from that. Yeah I. First of all where were Kerry served in Iraq and I've only known him through the radio program but the ramadi Iraq was and I. Long said this is one of the most dangerous places on earth it was a very very. Very untamed area. And it was the real epicenter of Anbar who's got a lot of attention just because of that. Massive set play that was involved in the invasion but. You know if you go look at like April of 2004. It section sixty of Arlington there are rows of Americans who fought in and lost their lives in ramadi especially. And so so Jarrett thank you. You know happy veterans day but the thing you bring up about those relationships and how easy it is to break the ice. You know if it's one of those things where veterans not only do we recognize the other looking someone's either it's been there done that. But it's how how we also identified someone who's being condescending it's also cool. You know it it's also sort of a radar for finding out people that don't have the best intentions. I am and stick it on that one thing if I may before our god the one operatives to David's advice actually we. Have to take the advice after trap. WB had 71 solar forecast for tomorrow Saturday partly sunny it will be cold again the high 37 Sunday cloudy chilly could see some light rain and wet snow showers in the afternoon high 42. It's 23 degrees it feels like eleven at news radio I'm pretty WBBM hourly Bellamy. We're let me give a shout out to the better and that two most influenced you do in your life for 12 veterans you may or may not name them that's totally up to you. And sometimes I wish I knew the names out of veterans like my mom's class when she was a little girl and Ken more they had a writing program with a soldier in the European theater. And today she doesn't remember the guy's name. But he did guy. Somewhere between 1944 and 1945. Somewhere. In Europe that I really I always wanted just figure out who we was. And what the circumstances. Of his death because in some small way you know my mom's classroom affected his life and he was pen pals with these. Kids in Buffalo, New York I'm not even sure whether or not he was from buffalo but I'd like to know more and I think about some of the teachers from a school is as said before. And there was another one who had very. A couple of hearing aids back when you could release the hearing aids and you know the rumor always was that his hearing was hurt by artillery. And at that point it and pay attention so it could have been world worked through. Might have been minute Korea I have no idea but you know you'd like to go back and learn some of those stories so. As we proceed him before you practice Terry in Texas. If you are a teenager right now you're in your twenties right now. And you had any interest in May be somebody putting together your family history please take it for me and talked to the people in your family about what they specifically did and with what units. While they are still alive obviously you don't wanna bring up posttraumatic stress issues but. If you feel it's OK to proceed and they say it's okay to proceed here as much information as you can about the veteran in your life while the veteran is still Weathers because. There come a time when there going to be they're going to be beyond earthly hailing distance and then you might wish you had. Now Terry had a story or something was gonna leave us with before deep part. Yes sir and how's this gonna saying a thank you have better and there's someone that's. You know it's currently serving in the military about them and we are certainly appreciated either myself or five C a man or woman in uniform out. Don't think there and thank them for their service and upkeep and move and how won't even mention my town and that's cool and like this that we are appreciated what if you could just do one thing and I say this. With a little bit yes it is you know if you lock up to a man and a woman in uniform someone that you know has served in the united states military and you say. That's great thank you Prius terrorists are gonna serve the military but and then you put out you know. Eight years see excuse any time it's almost like lol you're making me feel like I didn't have any other option. You know are the somehow yours Poland's. You know greater than any of the car but sometimes people do that there comes up a little disrespectful. Well I'd I'd officer Terry bit of cowardly person. He picks up. At least I'll be honest about it Terry thank you very much are glad you called. The guy who you know we everybody all right there's. Said O'Neal so I interpreted by you or for her to shoot at people that are issued and yes you can expect that move quickly targets are probably bad ethnic and paper targets of we all are it's 425 news radio 930 WB EN if it is about hourly and Olivia. Now it actually with Terry set about making a better outlook I know it sounds trite and I'd know it sounds almost cliche these days. But a true story as it buffalo group this must be several years ago now. I saw a guy in uniform and buy here was long. And the actually wrote to me after so I know what was going on his mind so. He sees me walking up to him this dude with long hair and he wasn't sure what the hell was gonna happen. That I reached out my hand I said look I just one year ago that. I want to thank you very much for your service not all of us freaks with long hair hate the military thank you for which you that. While he writes me later and it turns out he was or cure re you really really bad time with posttraumatic stress. And just reaching out to him and shaking his hand. If it meant the world he has released already emails already nice emails like emails and it takes so little. To make a difference in somebody's like because when you see that person in uniform you don't know what they've been through and you don't know how they're feeling about what they've been through. And you might very Welby. A person that makes them realize that you know one. I'm glad of wearing this uniform. I'm glad I did what I did and I don't have any regrets about it you'd never ever ever know the kind of positive effect you have. On somebody when you do make them. For their service but you know above the big deal out of that they don't wanna hear your life story just a quick eight thank you very much appreciated if you can buy some Beers always all the better. It's a 27 minutes after four news read united thirty WB Ian I'll leave. Birthday and states Marine Corps sadly tragically you sheer birthday with David Sylvia united states army retired. And David actually one of the via Maria and if you haven't heard this story before. He goes to a list on his birthday which is the birthday of the United States Marine Corps I believe that's the story start. Suggests millions basically I thought I was just being tested as like you know what kind of confidence do you have in. I want to be a problem marine and so we just asked me if I thought I was worthy of sharing a birthday with his core an icy yesterday. So Mika. What is correct answer have been under those circuit and obviously was Null what what is it something like. I want the Marines to trade me to be a worthy of sharing of birth I don't know. Our I don't know I I think he was like he's like we'll get out of my office I was like. Okay and I don't know if he wanted me to turn Veronica back it was a joke but I think a blog. 'cause like maybe it was a test to see how badly you want to be a parade to a that I felt that because I I joined the army I'm very glad that happened as well of the army. Well well I. Granted there and the other lesser man that the Marines but still. So I'm getting all the marine email today so I I gotta get elected the jabs and I think yes it's my job you know as a career I never served in uniform. All right it is up hourly ability you know three on I thirty starlet 3180616. WBE. And if you wanna give a shout out to whether veteran in your life for veterans in your life we'd love be your if you got a funny story aura and heroic story. We'd certainly like to hear of this is one of those things where you may or may not use names read as you were discretion and obviously we trust you on your word. Not a veteran my dad do here is required draft the service in that Korea. And they actually wanted to keep them and they kept trying to promote my Fokker actually kept turning down the promotions he did not he basically. You know he did not want to be in the army. He'd he was drafted didn't want to go but it was his duty to go so he did it. He put in his time and he came home after he put in his required time never gave back an army or military career a second thought. But you know its interest in David because for as much as I heard my dad say that. I was looking through some of the old military picture albums you know these did back in the old days before FaceBook and staff used to have to take bill would give it developed and sent pictures old family here sometimes said the film home to family to be developed by your family. But long story short. You know he's he looked like it despite the fact that he didn't wanna be there. He made the best of the situation and certainly made a lot of good friends and saw parts of the world we otherwise never would've seen a guess what that's life isn't it and you sometimes you grow we are planted and you don't. When you worry about what life would have been like over there you realize how many blessings you have. And this was bad when North Korea actually had food. So my father announcers like why I'll never forget and I don't know if the company Korean veterans we have been still win this were listening to the show. But the north Koreans at one point work as my father said they were big. Mead looking bastards I didn't want anything to do with those guys is we just look big and me and off. It is for now of course fatally. There would be a bowl full of steam Tuesday that likes to say let's get back to date Batavia day it is that were commemorating veterans day. On the hourly and they'll be welcome to the program. Hi guys thanks for doing the show that it wanted to talk about it permanent shall work to venture and are three army. He within Branford Ontario. Up. But he only he replied I won I think we actually memorize the right at it and altering your update on how do you blind it wanna say they let him go when he came up with the all resistant. Kind. And I'm stick with a call for awhile and then met up with the American American it will take up. Emission permits for the American army between alcohol and battle flag and bring an action he also had dogged. Throughout the morning. He's actually commission. Let's say their unit several. When they're hiding the Dalton wore them Germans coming. And that all made it all the way back I'll whip him to Bradford Ontario. Unfortunately the public that I try about two weeks after a pack. So I just wanted to talk about the. Well work we're glad you shared your story thank you very much. I. What I mean you know think about all the stories you heard from the Vietnam era of the extremes to which people ago to not be conscripted although I'm sure that happened in world war two and an earlier but there's a guy memorize the eye chart. So that he could. Get in even though he was blind in one night. There is some news in the musical world you probably have never heard of this group but if you have your got to remember Avery infamous event in Buffalo, New York. Chuck Mosley from faith no war. Has died at the age of 57. Faith No More is the band were one to the other guys. Let's just say did something to a microphone that most people don't usually do with microphones in buffalo and it was this big scandal for a while in buffalo but. Chuck mostly from rate though more dead at 57. And in all honesty I've never heard of prior to news. Well there were you know popular late eighties early nineties debate will or yeah chuck mode but you know it's funny the family released that he died of the disease of addiction in one of the reasons why this is becoming a big story now only because of you know the band but the way the family has been very transparent about his struggle with addiction and and their trying to raise awareness is much thinking and saying that this is what. What killed there. Their fan that I will say this for Faith No More even though they weren't very nice to microphones they worry very feline friendly band they like casts bigger. Let's get back to the calls on the WBE. And the veterans day we are commemorating those who served. And of course I elected remind you guys in this veterans day everybody who served. Gets recognized everybody who's heard that matter where you served. When you served with you in a logistical or support their role in the United States stateside. Hotmail the United States or. Whether you were overseas in the thick of it. It is for all veterans Memorial Day is that to me that's the really sacred national holiday we have that is where we commemorate pros. Who died in service. Of the country it's more than the beginning of summer. And I'm afraid sometimes Memorial Day and its entire meaning gets lost in that hole is the first week of this ever bank but this is better Tuesday and we thank all of those. Who have served Bauerle ability for those who don't know David Bell albeit. My noteworthy co host art is a decorated the Iraq War veteran wrote a book about a house to house the book is being made into a movie. By Ron Howard and it will be called house to house coming to Thanksgiving 2018. Actually it's not Thanksgiving 28 team Britain to sounded like something the big voice guy from the Yankees would say right. Coming this fall are let's get back to the calls on WB EN here is an L in Eden L. A veteran you'd like to shut up to. Yeah hi guys. I'm in my heart talk here. Days that you for news service. I appreciate it thank you. I have three people. Intimately. I person in my way to hand she was decorated nurse officer. In the midway. Or war true. What we're lives apple are glaciers in nurse officer decorated for the battle of midway. Yeah okay and I would have time to get into right now but the battle of midway. In part was won by the form of by the perseverance. Of a guy from buffalo who pushed his squadron further and further to pick up where the Japanese were and that is one of the reasons ready buffalo connection the United States was victorious in the battle of midway. Yeah please go one. Yet rabbit story and also my mom. Equity universe. And what she was stationed in San Diego. But I barrier about two years or military. With the patriot guard I'm not taking care of myself. I appreciate doing what you do with the patriot guard were things that people understand about these naval brutal wars and forward to these battles. Some of these shells at the size of like Volkswagen's. And the amount of odd damage that you know that. Emergency medicine of people like your aunt that. I mean sailors when they're injured at sea there's a very short window that you can get those people to safety in a battle especially in the technology of forward to. That was a pretty dire situation Padilla to be injured on a boat in a firefight. With another vessel is pretty crazy. We can't do what my aunt. My mother so as far as injuries she I mean be ripped him. Not just you know catastrophic but the burns and everything else I mean. It was that's really a tugboat the nurses don't give and and women in general do not get no respect for the service they've had throughout award. Do you remember Alvin name of the ship on which she was stationed. You know I don't that's unfortunate I can look up well who else that you wanna give a shout. Well like it was on the idol. And he was removed and you I'll just tell you a funny story about. In Kabul about the war. There was they were in. Alarm situation he ran a fifty millimeter guns and father of the Iowa. And there was two guys one guy I was on kick the barrels laughter. And one there was choose. And become a captain command but it was like this sixteen inch gone. In the water. I'm water. So why did. In during one of the alarms. Ran up and they lock on the door ship. And he forgot all of eight you mean so he got. From them that sixteen guns firing and larvae. Is playing c'mon I guess you couldn burned in his state and he got a little berm that they had to cut open. Let me says it was a video you'd talk. Just the point where it would. Sounds horrible. Yeah I'm a man. Only I guess we could laugh at it now but it's still the whole time in the moment that's a pretty. We're in a horrible thing that you talk at the kamikaze. A lot of people don't notice but if it. Wasn't just the planes themselves that would loaded with explosives that were designed to crash into our vessels and they say quite a few of our destroyers actually in the Pacific but. The Japanese actually had eight jet powered to. Suicide. Device it was called the cherry blossom looks like you very small jet aircraft it used to be carried by the bombers. And the thing was you're supposed to drop out of the bombers Bombay and then the pilot would take that one way trip right into one of our ships. Our pilots quickly realized we're never gonna catch up to the jet. So let's not the bombers out of the air before they can deploy the cherry blossom. If you look it up on Wikipedia or YouTube or whatever you'll see some fascinating video. Well that's great yeah. It is in the Bud Abbott are not our role people that. Lot of the country you know we'll. Let. There are heroes to me now. Indeed thank you very much for your call and I'm sure that they beaver greatly remember thank you. Veteran Tuesday and we had set aside. At least four hours every year to talk about our veterans and what you guys tell your stories of if you are veteran and you want to hero story. Knock yourself out we'd love to hear from him because at that David Bell albeit in studio can relate to pretty much everything a person can experience in the you know depths and in the purity of of fighting in wartime. It is about hourly hourly ability at veterans day 27 team you wanna give a shout out to a veteran in your life. Who's made a difference in your life for May be recounting year old situation. This is the day of the year we do that 8030930. Start at 3180616. WB Yemen. Yeah you can men not noted for anymore taxed I do thank you of course for the reminders but. The state back in 1975. The last major Great Lakes shipping disaster happened. It was of course of the wreck of the Edmund FitzGerald and as we leave you. Today from today's program we will be playing the Gordon Lightfoot song. In all of its magnificent maritime splendor. At the end of the show to commemorate. The semen went down. The Edmund FitzGerald. And also a remembrance to all of those. Who died in the various gaels. In big blows of Great Lakes. Lower which have been sent many. They via a sailor and captain to Davy Jones's locker but the Edmund FitzGerald and hard to believe this state 1975. Anybody else remember being a kid and hearing on the radio that this freighter was missing. You know just being an audit geez in 1975. How can they not know were freighters. Here is Bob in alma on WB EM I Bob. Our bureau WB and go. Yeah I think Kurt thanks for doing the show on I'm a US army veteran his serve back in the mid seventies. And the veteran and I want to give a shout out to was my wife for forty years of about a month. She was she's also a veteran we actually met at Fort Benning. I'm I was US army ranger and though we were both in the same military intelligence unit there. And Menard we have the same job we were both Prisoner of War interrogators. That's awesome and it's got to be like the ultimate relationship been like. You can't keep anything from each other and I heard her Catholic into the bottom of it. And a few times over the years. I'll sir Jeremy exactly what that hey Bob thank you your service and thank you white farmers that's pretty cool. I've scared. And you know is to interrogators that those parents they don't get they didn't get away without having grown up. I can imagine I'd be like literally the worst. You know yes sure tell me exactly the dance ended when. And you're looking the laps earlier obviously. So all right get this one sure fire way to tell whether somebody is lying mr. interrogator. When they look away for me when they give the answer they all looked in the that's one way. But a psychopath. Can look directly at you and tell you would total miss truth and actually believe it himself how do you differentiate between. Like somebody who is a psychopath with the ability to lie without conscience a guy like Bill Clinton and and somebody else. Well. In addition to examiners body language and and you're trained as an interrogator. You know it's it's the entire interrogation where it Kamal what the result of that. So you have to follow up question. To seriously contradictions off. But I never interrogate any cycle that's my only interrogated prisoners of war. I gotta tell you some though that Bob is the last person you wanna play poker not. At act as he always knows the bluff. All right Brooke thanks for the call thank you for your service. Service they have better not Rangers lead the way. God bless and future of our best to have leeway as well. Up and it that's the relaying the call me you know it's a good call and you get the summer well he wanted to hear himself on the radio you want to hear what he's unlike other radio news talking DeRozan I do the same thing project. It is a 456 a news radio 930 WBP. And hourly and bell albeit. And an element US special forces guys and very impressed with the adaptive. MO. And some of the videos are and yet now making it seem less and less like science fiction and more and more like reality but that's that is a pretty amazing adaptive ammo. It's pretty cool are right it is up solidly.