Children's Move Day 3pm Update

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Friday, November 10th

Jody Lomeo and Cassie Church with an update on the move to the Oishei Children's Hospital


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Thanks again for being here it's it's been a great day for children's hospital for your shower children's hospital and a great day for the community. Our how to schedule while it's giving that message. Everything has gone seamless the plan that we've been talking about for some time now. Has been an ax acute it to perfection you've heard me say that I continue to say that give all the credit tip team in all the work that they've done. So as we continue the transition we're looking at some time this evening. Having. Full house tears at your chart Children's Hospital. We'll be back catches sometime after 6 and at 6 o'clock news cycle to give you the update is that your you you're a tighter time. Around there so what casting. I go from there so I as Tony mentioned we're doing really really well we're about two thirds empty overkill Bryant street can't best. Our pediatric intensive care unit is completely vacant are he intelligent apology unit is vacant labor and delivery is emptied the mother baby unit is and I think it easier as the days goes. Oh absolutely you sort of get into a routine so that was some one of the bulls all the practice runs that we had having twelve and up moves really helped as the team got to know each other a lot better. Us in that same vein today we paired our nurses and transport team members with the same paramedic team for each routes and so they got to each other really well on sort of fell on to their rhythm as the name. It it's yours it's hours. Yes it's. Where I think it we're thick in some time early evening tonight it's a mid evening. We should be shares the reason we're had a schedule is when you do a move like that you built in times. In the event that you needed more time for patient patient was more difficult than you anticipated. So very happy that none of that has occurred so we were able to pick up some time. As you've got to later in the afternoon. It's nothing really nothing really. Now we had planned for a lot in practice a lot to me you know everything worked out well cities helping us a great deal and all the partnerships have really helped. They're who has worked so hard they mean something important. If it out of the key lesson that I would I would say anyone is just. When you have a plan and you can you work the planning and preparation that the key lesson is. That's our goals and you've acts acute it and so nothing that we would go back and change right now to be perfectly honest with it's done better. Then I think anyone can even if they expect. It. Here right now. And I need to do them so high seventies low eighties that we can give you an actual answer. And so far we have one of what channel Aaron hand out little guys joined us at twelve while. Born we're born outside 1212 and it. Lots of special stuff that the executive teams working on right now that's an accurate. And I cannot that's protected information. Well. At old house that eighties is that he's here yes and it came here a couple of hours doesn't know. Not at the top of my head not at nine inch I can double check that it. I. Just a handful of pediatric patients in the end of the neonatal intensive care unit. The big move I mean he he started out and read about 10 o'clock 39 patients just talk about. That group at the very sick group. And a lot of them and and and you know that's my passion is a nurse neonatal nursing is in the background and they are sick they are fragile that they are absolutely resilience in the of one of the best political teams around to dealing that you know if it is an area where we of the transport team. That transports sick Muni around Western New York all the time it's just more then you know more babies and that people who do everyday. It does plan to talk to any of them. Yeah we've talked to many of the families of either excited. I in it's it's been interesting because a column it goes from a little bit of little anxiety right there are moving their moving their loved ones and now. When they come here and they see this facility in the obviously see the care and they're used to the care that they've gotten. And I'm the price tree campus they come here and the freshness the brightness the collars comfort. It's been great and I couldn't be more happier for them. Athens finished they're shipped over French street on any channel last words from them about grants well they're gonna finish their shift here so everyone who started there came with their patients and they're gonna stay with them through the end of their scheduled shifts most nurses work twelve hour shifts and he'll be here and till the end of the plan at this point in time. I also want to mention we did have her first surgery here in the new attack facility a couple of hours ago. Went beautifully and many of you saw our color spaces on some of your tours I'm so. 900 square feet of high tech amazing technology that the staff got to break and today. I'm it was a child and it was a success it was very safe and went off without any problems with the I cancel and we. Plan actually was not planned is just needed. Maintenance man. Business as usual regular surgical schedule starts next week business as usual as has been here you know the feeling is Vincent 7 am just a little bit of that you know excitement with the old campus closing. Her. Her hospital. One. I haven't we actually only have a few pieces it. Of imaging equipment left that we need here I'm here are two CT scanners and the radiology suite to memorize her brand new in the majority of X ray equipment has now. To some of that portable ultrasound and X ray machines are becoming. And just one seat he will be coming so we actually have a dedicated seeking emergency department that will come tonight takes about two weeks to set up. But then lost three instead to. No room. Again I have I would have to do a little bit of math but I can get that answer the FF and you have it well and have you seen it yet. Our you know we can delete one by just a couple of minutes. Physicians felt a little bit more comfortable but ended up moving within a few minutes of the scheduled time. We. Well. It seems like it's going very smoothly and there it. I think it's happening the way it's supposed to you know it's buffalo we had to have something to do with the weather that's what I was expecting. And you know the patients iron. Telling us when they're ready in my case that we had that one adjustment and we took a pause because we realize our team needs a little bit more than thirty minute break we give them justice of the work that they are doing and other than that in this is why the practice so many times we learned a lot and is well. Just. Well the weather today. Is cult like it today was never warned as to you how we need the talents that he told me that. But I will tell you my last move we delayed a week because we had blizzard in Northern Virginia. 33 inches of snow in like eight hours or something like to hear it as what you know laugh at but down there when you only have three snowplows. It took four days to clear that you hospital. So we actually tested that building by housing and 19100 employees in it for four days to sleep. And we re cleaned everything and moved the move by seven days. And let it hasn't yet. Geno a time over those last birthday when children have to double check in. But there's no more that are expected to announce it if somebody were to walk and need our help we have a full team. And but we would hope that we can get them over here and be admitted into him. Absolutely it'll be stationed there and spill amnesty tells us can leave because we want to make sure we continue to serve the community. When we got there this morning at five I believe there were two patients in the emergency department there. I mean when we opened here we have the first two patients within the first few hours here. And. Yeah thanks guys. I had a thing up yet. And.