930in716 November 10, 2017 Move Day to Oishei Childrens Hospital

Friday, November 10th

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It's 930. In 716. End of a long era this is the communities hospital and now we're proud to deliver the beginning of a new era at 70 on the first patients. Blocked the bill that includes transcripts video shot children's hospital and it's a bittersweet day many people had had been throughout that hospital many people have had had significantly events in the hospital. I'm staff had been there some for forty plus years. I'm Tim Wenger and buffalo is now home to the O shy Children's Hospital on the buffalo Niagara medical campus. The new shiny hospital towers alongside buffalo general and gates vascular. And is dotted with play full colors signifying its emphasis on kids. The new hospital replaces the longtime Bryant street hospital just about a mile away. It's been a long time coming. I truly come to fruition really in the last four or five years as the new management team took over. You know the running in this hospital. And the planning in the effort that's gone into this project has just been amazing frank Kirch he is chairman of the board it's only big day for client it's really big day for the community consists hospitals really special. It up high a rumor I was a lot younger I mean too young to really know what was going god knows the last time not that big push was made to. Keep Children's Hospital here right you saw the signs just about everywhere everyone has some sort of connection to this hospital why is now the right time to make this. Well and of course this hospital has a great history has been here for 125 years so people really do have the emotional connection to it. But the M did the fact that the new house those going to be very efficient in its it's modern. It's gonna be able to take care of her children much better. On that the real thing though is that over these past four years recliner has really done a great job of getting our house in order. On and Ian Brady both financially. Management wise to pull off for project of this magnitude and the management team has done a great job. It's been described almost as a missing piece to that medical campus downtown to have the Children's Hospital here. I mean that makes that entire campus surrounding it it's really the place it has been the place for a few years now but it is it the missing piece. Sure sure their children customers is the missing piece to have that here now with Maria the hospital surrounding it. Content is here with you being medical school. Anything that you need medical rise can be done here in them in the medical campus. And really this whole thing is and it's it's it's a metaphor for what's happening in buffalo in general there really is a resurgence going on. The fact that we have fallen this all this construction going on and on the medical campus all these new hospital buildings. I'm the best medical care you can get anywhere in the country right here it's really amazing thing this thing. It has to open new doors for you guys having that in being able to it that. Collaborate with everyone else on the medical care. Sure everything has put together makes things much more efficient so any concern that you need all these hospitals and to connect and you don't even have to go outside. It's just a wonderful thing this thing. Do you mentioned before the movie itself kind of a well oiled machine of military operation today she called it's one thing to hear about it. When you see it that action what I saw hope these ambulances lined up from picking Ari it's gonna take on don't know. They're all gone already already making this move gets under way is it impressive it for you. It is yours impressive then you know we really is described as a military operation and really that's always going. Person holding number one priority is to get patients over to the new house safely. It's not quickly it's safely and the planning process that's gone on here over this past year has just been amazing. There have been practice runs. On this disaster recovery teams has a whole command sent here to take care of any potential problem that that comes up. But so far so good patients there in the new hospital already. And things are going according to plan. With this hospital it changes hands next week. What are you hoping to see as far as at the development of this bill. Tressel this building has been here for a long time it's a big part of the and the only go to community here. We really look this via a great project fits in with the and we've with the community that's tyranny. Whether it's presidential. Some some commercial. We we think can and hope that it'll be and an important part of the community here for a long time. I have to think it's a little bit easier to sit through into the community because so used to having this big building here it's not as if your right making it new development that's big game you know a smaller community this has been here for under point five years. Yeah this'll this'll be a great project because it will if it's right here and done an Elmore and this is going to be a great project. This many people wanna live here than many people wanna shop here all those of facilities are or. Able to be in this building here in fairly short order. And you know we've done a great job of selecting. You know developers do to get this project done and them we're looking forward to it's fruition. Leading the way from old to new and all the planning from financial to construction. Is collide a president and CEO Jody low Mayo. He talks here with WBN's Brian as a arouse key inside the old Bryant street location just minutes after the move began the bass. Part about this morning and really the the days leading up has been to see the emotion of the staff concede. It really the memories that have gone through the conversations I've had with them through their minds. And I've heard every story imaginable and it's very touching and it's very real it's very rock times. Lots of tears I think those tears are tears of joy from. A really great past a building that served this community well and the tears of joy of going to their new home on the medical campus which is just. The tech set lots of tears that wasn't exactly sure what I was gonna see year this morning but I did see some tears of teary eyes. Especially over here or there is so it kind of some words being said a little prayer before. Everything got going. It's emotional for a lot of these people have been here for a long time it's exciting but. Sad to see that he had as that you don't eat you have to think about it a different way where. You have nurses and physicians and New York care givers or staff who really spend more tying. At at work with their colleagues and so on than they would at their own home and print on the beat a position to heal the community. And I've heard stories relate to remember faces from forty years ago were patients come back and say hello. It's it's incredible babies. I've heard stories are all my babies have been born here I don't save lives here so. When you look at it and you think about it Nektar contacts that's the part that you we always remember it is always about the people that's for ever about. People delivering care house care for the community. You know we talked here with exit not true it just. A few minutes ago and did he was there as the prayer was going on now with a lot of these nurses who have been there for a long time he said. He was getting emotional he takes over this building in about a week. When you hear that out of him that he's getting emotional has to give you hope for the future debts this building will continue to be special. It well and I I think this area to we don't you think about it it to mean this is our I'm not sure. Others another facility like this and in Western New York that has this kind of a lower too at this kind of context of people's lights. Where every one everywhere you go they've been touched by children's tough hard toward five years a long time this neighborhood this community has been tremendous. To this hospital and so. What we're gonna do and insuring those. Nixon not turn the pale of the you know Zell can are gonna do the same thing. It's just make sure that were respectful to the community we don't wanna leave this community alert for and believe it better than we found. It is you hospital which opens now by the way everybody. What's your favorite part of the hospital. I I I don't have a favorite part it's like asking what's my favorite son there's three sounds like I wouldn't say in my favorite is there they're all the same I I'll say that's the best part about the possible for me. Is just the colors the feel of the hospital when you walked in the hospital. It's it's. It's a beautiful place it's comforting it's colorful. So I look around that hospital and I say as a father that in the event I needed that hospital. I would want to be there so. It's it's beautiful I don't know I I Peter said this in the past I'm not sure ever been in the hospital. This beautiful this nice so I forgot the technology and all the other great things are going our own and it better in the hospital. I would just say that the feeling that you get to. Is second to none so. All the departments are great all the floors are special. In all the people are even better than than ever we spoke. Doctor Turkish pitcher earlier he said that he's taking a lot of the artwork you mentioned the colors as some of the art worked up by children who have been treated the hospital take met with him from here. Over to that you hospital. Take any mementos from here you know media brick it's lying around somewhere I get out. I think some DI know a lot of the I know a lot of the employees are. Are chomping at the bit to get something will do that over some time now I owl. I'll latency and and you know for me I rather see all of the employees all the people who really worked here for years. Get whatever they need out of the building in the that he gets they get great comfort in knowing that they did some really great work. Watch out for you to be yen speakers were eights it. Right now said it's cold out there you know I've been saying this is it is cold but it's not call for buffalo rights and we were Buffalo News. It's it's hospital moving whether I'm saying that's magnificent job of convincing myself of us at hospital moving whether. Look at it could be much worse you know we could have another November's October surprise or November storm what have you. It's just coal and the cold isn't gonna prefer an Austin or her stop blustery and delay us from. From doing a great job and really ensure that patients say I think you match before when you look back at pictures this is. Kind of how you want it to. Yeah I know I've been joking lease is saying and I I've you know maybe a couple snowflakes in the background what would be a bad thing we we are buffalo and this is who we are and and this is a historic moment and I think it adds to the moment I think. Eighty and sunny would have been kind of boring for a church so we need we need to be who we are in this is. This is going to be a day that I think will look back some time ago where were you plan. When Children's Hospital moved low were looking forward to the rest of the day a good luck you're staying busy stay warm I lawsuit I'll stay warm and you know we're so excited and it's been really appreciative of you guys for. All your coverage go wanna say take into the community for all the support it's been. This is the communities hospital and now we're proud whoever. The emphasis on move day centering as you would imagine on the patients the kids under the care of a very bittersweet staff. Doctor Steve Turco Mitch reflects on the meaning of the move to the dedicated children's staff. You know that the staff has spent some of them this might just point for our worth trading in new new hospital and the brightness that your phone as the technology. This the spaciousness of it is so exciting and I think they just slightly to gallery area and started new era pediatric and. And OV health care much for me or is it going to be. Maybe they care taking to a different level to speak houses some of the new capabilities. Yet that technology specifically around the communication caregivers that the technology that patient monitors directly going to the nurse. In an instant is certainly can help response times it's gonna help again I patients that are signing hit six sooners that we can respond to them. So really we have a brand new possible that's gonna allow us to take even better care patients. At the same time on the flip side this'll hospitals then you know Western New York institution for so many years been going to be hard to leave it all. Yeah you know I think you know many people had had been throughout that offered on many people have had has significantly events in the hospital. Staff had been there are some for forty plus years and that's than their home away from home so. Really being sensitive to sort of the grief that happens when you say goodbye to something like that. An and in thinking about. Those memories cherishing those memories taking the good things that remember and bringing them here so that continue on and on that tradition at the hospital and. The community to I mean it's it. Tight community that a hospital right next to people who live right by it's obviously a different community here. Yet it's gonna be remarkable when that last patient leaves them together that the last remaining staff of the hospital and walk out and really say goodbye. I think it's going to be a lot of tears. I think there's going to be some exhaustion. And you know we've been working with the developers to to make sure that we can put something in the site that our honors children's hospitals memorial to the staff and patients that were there in. And some you know that lost their lives there. Now are you gonna take any piece of field hospital with a little memento something like that. Well you know we were really fortunate that we have a lot of artwork from students for the last year it really was on the wall system possible so. I was fortunate to take some of that are worked my new office here. And some of the photos of the children of a Children's Hospital. That and kept it throughout the years now adorn are obviously my office to remember those that that we lost in those that are coming with us. Welcome to buffalo shy Children's Hospital take a peek inside and a complete photo gallery at WB ENN dot com back Monday. That's 930 in 716. We're back tomorrow with a net a radiation from the studios of WD EA and buffalo law.