930in716 November 3, 2017 The Turkiewicz Tragedy

Friday, November 3rd

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Her kids 930. In 716. It's a story that tugs on your emotions and 88 year old man a sixty plus year marriage. And an 86 year old wife who lies in a nursing home in both physical and emotional pain and suffering from dementia now. My understanding deserted your pleading no hitters peers or information number 42911. Viewpoint how thorough. We as his assault in the second degree in violation of it was sanctioned ones money. Point 05. Paragraph two which is a class. He took him it was worth it. And he tried to particular who tried and her life. And I I have. A responsibility to society were. I can't allow it happened. Martin Turco it's winter garden gate health facility in Cheektowaga in September and visited with his wife. She's not the same woman he shared a life with raised a family with shared a decades long romance with. Rita Turk who it's had been robbed of all that by dementia. But mark made a fateful horrific and tragic decision that day. He would place a towel and sheet over his wife's head and striker repeatedly with a hammer in an attempt to end that pain. He left the room and told the staff what he had done. It was an easy case of attempted murder says Erie county district attorney John Flynn. Nothing easy about it though Thursday a plea deal was presented and excepted in court. Stricker wins it's my understanding at this and that you wish to leave your regularly. Deputy prosecutor my superior court from Akron. You understand you're margin Turkoglu it's looking like anyone's dad or granddad shaking slightly quietly equipment company. The clarity answering the judge's questions. And pled guilty to second degree assault it. He could be in jail for up to seven years when sentenced in February. And will be under the care of family 24/7 until that time. Hello no access to his life with the two exceptions of Thanksgiving and Christmas if that can be worked out. This is obviously one of the most difficult cases. Months here on DH on Flynn visibly moved and troubled by the ordeal of Martin and Rita Terkel it's. On the one hand. I have an eighty year old man. With a seven year old or older married for 65 years. Dave. And gather. They've raced extremely here in buffalo area for 65 years. He was a veteran. He was he was actually probably just discharged early to com home and care for blind son. He. Worked his whole life. Never had any problems with the law always a model citizen. With a churchgoer actually volunteered his church. Hand of his that his wife and get sick. And his wife gets dementia. Should be on our go downhill rapidly. In addition of that she. Has numerous faults. Where she's now in and out of. Different rehab facilities for falling and having different injuries because her faults so. Not only was he caring for her and she's suffering from the mental dementia aspect of it. What she's also suffering physically. From the pain from her falls. And obviously it. He couldn't take anymore obviously he said to himself that. My wife farm is not living a all wife that she deserves a live and he. He then you know even even even as he cared for her for all these years arm. He Iraq that he he cared for her even at the last minute to in the sense that. He put a blanket and sheet. Over her head. Com so he won't. Soon so he won a massacre. You know again all right. Why have all that on one hand and on the other hand by the fact that he took care ruthless at. Did he tried to particular who tried an early. And I I have. A responsibility to society where. I can't allow it happened I can't. I can't allow press and he sat here and they're just let him walk free because. You realize how many older couples we have her buffalo you really. How many elderly. Armed cult pools are nursing homes suffering from dementia in alzheimer's. And how many elderly couples have a false who has cancer or who has some disease that is debilitating them. If if I allow him that in just walk home. All. That that was set a precedent that it's okay to do it's okay for individual to say to themselves. You know what I feel that my wife's wife deserves to be over or my husband's wife deserves to be over. Wanna take it upon myself now to do I think is right. So on the one hand it. Com I think I'm being merciful here because I'm alone completely assault. I got it easy case attempted murder. I could prove that case any day in court. Well I'll come along and depleted assault where he's only facing now to a show ever hear is voice by the 25 years. Old I don't want in the guy in jail. And I I thought he asked you are I'm gonna recommend. Because he has to. Pay for a crime. Or at the same time. I don't want them done in jail. And I. Have some compassion for what. And quick and quite frankly while while while I I have I have to recommend jail. Bomb. My my my biggest concern. Is that. He can't do this again so I'm actually more concerned about that and their ball jail time in this case. I have. Obviously he feels what he did or. So nothing has changed that stamp. He. Is if I got I didn't let him walk out here and and go see is what Robert wants. He could do it again I can't let that happen so I have. I have insisted that in the conditional plea. Or protection in place where. All you know temporarily until sentencing. Where no he can't see it. However. That the family asked me if well I would be okay we're along in the see her at Thanksgiving and Christmas. And I am. On the slot. Carved out in your protection hear language it says that. He can visit her as long as it's supervised by third parties are very personal they've got a paper caricatures of someone to escort him. And and go and we'll see here so. I guess I don't want to keep him from him how they felt all. That I biggest insurers. He he he posted bail bombs so yes I could ambassador charged that already pled guilty to Aum increased avail. What I do. So I mean he's been out. For the past number of months. Here he's been staying with what with all with all you know it will have a daughter and her daughter on it all hang out palms. Ensure that note that he hasn't you know. Issues assured me that. He would share his missing wife. Well soul as law I got your protection in place. That no he can't see his wife. On that Shoppach carted off for Thanksgiving for Christmas poem so I'm satisfied in that regard that that he hasn't violated if you. And Alabama originally does as far as sentencing you know and all of all of that dirt dirt dirt dirt precedent assurance that nobody. This office had a case a number of years ago where all you know a gentleman who was white where the measure along. In that case all the facts were different for four people in the street here he'd pour all of are frankly she she was a couple days and issues. On the ship you're walking off track fractured skull here or she. She was looking at possible for it to be calm so I mean in that case though we know that individual sport told us wife. They were argue before hand there are the only had worn arguments going on and also there was animosity there and not let that Casey got eighteen years in jail. All what did this case is that there were no. There were no no arguing your wolf no argument at all here there was no animosity here he truly. Felt what he was doing was the voice for her own and took the biggest difference cases. Kill. I don't look at every case individually. I I will look at every case. Com well as they come in here no on their own so I'm Marcus do you have a cookie Carter for sure. So I'm well I look at every case differently and if I think that their mercy Islam is warranted I'll be merciful. What the same Hannah. I can be merciful I wanna hand bar I can still pursue shots on your hand and I think I've found the bail for mr. The field of the fairway is is conservative father obviously. They would look at server monitor food for the mother Joseph I know they're they're they're on top spot. I mean they're they've they've they obviously love their mother but they they love their father to me all right Andy and you all right. I feel for the family they are there and are very difficult spot here and there are living through this tragedy here and I have the utmost respect. Com and compassion for the family and my. Awesome person that it went well here it's it's very difficult it did did this case has the arm. Obama I IE I would some. How I was I I was agonized over this case last night I was alms. I had to agonize over this case for a long time. What you know what's the right thing to do here all of second guess myself. You know sure recommend jail I mean does it mean that those things you really deserve to go to jail here. Com I'm second guessed myself when I asked myself and that we are we doing why they actually and that. So I've I have on I've been tormented this case Obama there really thought about it long and hard and I am overwhelmed. I think that I like actually I think on the white balance here where I I I gave me completely attempted murder when I had a I had a clear case for the murder and allow the plea to the assault. Which which gives him the opportunity. The defense argued that George no jail at all he could get probation here. And also it would with mitigating factors here so I've given the defense the opportunity to argue the judge. Allman nor nor jail here again how many recommend jail bought. So I think that I. I think I felt the white balance here what it is the ultimate decision easier. Sentencing for Martin Turkoglu it's his February 8 prison time to be recommended. That's 930 in 716. We're back tomorrow with a net a radiation from the studios of WD EA and buffalo well.