930in716 October 27, 2017 Opioid Crisis as a national health emergency

Friday, October 27th

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Her kids 930. In 716. Declaring war on OP annoyance we can be the generation that ends. The mobile it epidemic. It is getting worse is kind of beginning to level off but it is still. The goal is to stop kids before they ever start a lot to get to on the podcast I'm Tim Wenger. The acting health and human services secretary is officially declared the Euro pioli crisis a nationwide. Public health emergency as requested by president Donald Trump. Eric the die hard guinn says in a statement that the president has made this national crisis a top priority since he took office in January. And we are proud to be leading in this effort at HHS. He says this epidemic. Is a national health. Emergency president Donald Trump as Americans we cannot allow this. To continue. This time deliberate our communities from disgorge. Of drug addiction. Never been this way. We can be degeneration. That ends the OP really epidemic we can do. Doing. That is why effective today my administration is officially declaring open unit prices. A national public health emergency under federal law. And why I am directing oil executive agencies to use every appropriate emergency authority. To fight the hope really crisis. This marks a critical step in confronting the extraordinary challenge that we face. As part of this emergency response we will announce a new policy. To overcome a restrictive in 1970. Easier rule that prevents states from providing care at certain treatment facilities. With more than sixteen bids for those suffering from drug addiction. A number of states have reached out to us asking for relief and you should expect to see approvals that will unlock treatment for people in need and those approvals will come. Very very fast not like in the past very very quickly. Ending the epidemic will require mobilization of government local communities and private organizations. It will require the resolve. Of our entire country. The scale of this crisis of addiction is why soon after coming into office. I convened a presidential. Commission. Headed by governor Chris Christie. That has consulted with experts across America to listen to learn and report back when potential solutions. We await the final report which will come in next week and I know some of the some of the report has already been seen because I wanna see is quickly as possible and some of these things that they are recommending. Our common sense but very very important gonna have a tremendous impact believe me tremendous impact. Today I will detail many of these aggressive steps with my administration. Which we've already taken after we review and evaluate the commission's findings. I will quickly move to implement a pro approximate an appropriate recommendations. But I want the American people to know. The federal government is aggressively fighting the Olympia wide epidemic. On. All fronts we're working with doctors and medical professionals to implement best practices were safe OP really prescribe. And we will do something very very special we are require. Federally employed. Its drivers. To receive. Finally special. Training. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has launched a prescription awareness campaign. To put faces on that danger. Up openly worried abuse. I want to acknowledge. CVS Caremark for announcing last month that it will limit certain first time opened prescriptions. 27 days supplies. Among other important reforms. And I encourage other companies to do their part to help to stop this epidemic. In Western New York Tuesday the US attorney for the region JP Kennedy announcing prescription drug provide that day for Saturday. And in doing so putting a spotlight on the scourge that is the O peel it epidemic community events supporting. Efforts to not only curbed supply side which is sort of our bread and butter but also to reduce the demand. And doing that through reentry programs that we have people that have been previously. I'm prosecuted either in federal court or state court. We have a program right now that thumb we're gonna probably be doing something out and a few weeks but we. Have funded over a 120 different. Certification. Positions to be given to people who have. Previously served time in jail so whether it's asbestos abatement removal certification. Or forklift operation certification. Or even OSHA construction certification OSHA ten. There's we've had. Oh last year we did it with about 45 sort of a test group. And of that when he five point five convicted felons now these are 65%. Of them remain employed in the area in which they obtain certification that's a remarkable numbers so. You know to an extent that we can provide jobs to to peoples that they've made not. You know feel either they may have more of a purpose in life that they don't you know. Aren't susceptible to drug keys perhaps or you know see an opportunity. So that they don't become mired in drug use but really I mean the goal is to stop kids before they ever start because it is we've seen. Many a time that he used to be a so we say that not everyone smokes marijuana ends up being heroin addict but that's. Which is true but come every heroin addicts started smoking marijuana that's not true anymore. And I used to get a case but now. Pretty much every heroin addicts started with prescription drugs that answers tells us self. If we can keep kids off prescription drugs we can hopefully keep them off that path so. And as many efforts it is I mean we can't that would alone is obviously excited before this is something that we in this process with our way out of we need help from mental health professionals we need help from community members who need help no legislator. We need help from you know retired law enforcement that are willing to sort of take on different roles. In and fortitude you know try and curb the demand. Curb you know. The underlying reasons why people get involved in and experiment with drugs and effort locally the battle against rubio it's his lead on many fronts and clearinghouse for at all the command center of sorts is the Erie county. Department of health. Led by commissioner doctor Gail batters steam. The mark my game. I'll be. Could be black. Happy if people are really happy that he he got when I. You've ever been. Looking more at the outer coat Bill Clinton has been. Number a lot of what number one prescribed god. But I'm model he be back and electrical use up down the number of all. So do you look at this and look at how old less openly however what they know what he spoke struggling with the home. And Hagler is very concerning bet there is a great feel you know on the seat and when you talk a lot. Back now and they're very very potent. Medically fit it fit into a hundred times more potent. Then wiping however are not hard I'm eating in publicly manufactured by Nolan. No derivative contract and other sites he and I called and they know that they know. You let people think I know it and they won't much more potent and he made and they are. And that like people are overdosing on why because they don't really realize what their eighth. The you know Gayle are around here it seems like in Erie county Niagara county locally. Everyone's kind of them working together for a number of years on the crisis cooperation between doctors and lawmakers in law enforcement. With the president's declaration yesterday. Does that may be expand that in the hope is that in more cities we see the collaboration that we see here. Well. I have an uncle or however and then beaten me I already had declared be who you play. Accurately then that'll really make a public outcry in or emergency. And really what I think everybody understands. Trade act and is a huge problem and the killing. Too many people are actually young people knowing what we need to know about this problem remark he collected. He paid for a more treatment and actually medic weakness at its treatment. We need to paid for a better athlete but merry men that don't necessarily include I don't like Medicaid and I'll leave you develop a new policy. That really how he borrowed that accent didn't let that they won't need whether he. No more men or about it he couldn't fit it treatment and without those lean toward it. It's really typical can make any significant pain is. It could be can do that don't really cost a lot of money. For example I don't even if and he is a blatant how no one of the most effective medically effective treatment therapy it. Eleanor north frame it this acting. And there's actually a big federal half. I'm how my dog trainer for black now and then healthcare provider. I won't yeah I wouldn't want you cannot hanging didn't he have a corporate I don't know Hillary. There was when they were eliminated. Said they would see a hopefully more available slot. A minute he insists its feet long and it would be easier for people to collect. And you know that really wouldn't cost any money though. And we really need to see you know how come out more centrally collect it. It's been painted. Can really make it happen and I think. Our parents know what exactly partners in this is yeah. I think having pulled this bottle without opening it epidemic so I think we you've been adequately. Inform the public when a serious problem or so many people out there now we need to be collected in those important things is. So where do we stand will this national crisis declaration work to keep. The dial a heroin overdose. Right now it's actually mostly sentinel. Much of that has illicit but most of these people who got to that point. The vast majority started out with prescription drugs and most of them actually with their own prescription. So the addiction problems starts. With a prescription drugs. Over the course of years and they progressed or heroin. Doctor Richard blonde Dell is at the university of buffalo and thinks about and speaks about the issue often. And that's really what it's getting worse right now is this distribution of certain though in the local market. And it's many people are dying of violence just a little self book accommodations sentinel and the senators like senate. And and doctor blonde they'll lose the problem itself. It's not you're not seeing get it get better rate I mean it's were continuing decline here with these numbers are we. If it is getting worse is kind of beginning to level off but it is still. It would bet what you mentioned there are people starting with prescription drugs. I know there's been a lot of work put in over the past couple years to. I get people of the mindset that this is how this begins but hammering home that point say getting rid of maybe even some of that stigma. Associated with opiates that people have for a long time is that proving may be more difficult than you thought. Well it very difficult to change prescription habits in the habit of people that took us about twenty years to get to this point. And it's not like we're gonna have any immediate magic solution it's gonna reverse this over night. So I took awhile to kind of turn this back I know that prescriptions. Position to write prescriptions that's beginning to level off. But it still streak of four times the rate or twelve years ago. People doing other not just not go to share what people doing. Before opiates were available for pain. Well you know the World War II generation they were tough. And they had an injury or fracture. To you know. Very tough that out. They consider that sometimes decide that we associate to take more. The generation now you know. Fast food HTM. Instant gratification thing. You know we're so are more inclined to want immediate relief from our payment. Last tolerant of like little poems. Our Richard what do you think when you hear that news that just came down yesterday that pharmaceutical. Executive. Who stepped down because of thug OP Lloyds have. Indicted. Saying that he was pushing this medication on doctors say is this the right action that needs to be taken more more by authorities. Well that's just one of the thing you know he's right here buffalo. Ideologues. But they start to the school should recently arrested because it's. Ties to a spray of certain column upon. And the behaviors of farms through that. There was a pharmaceutical company called Purdue and it's. Learn by these the secular Brothers and they brought aggressive Wall Street or aggressive Madison avenue marketing. To move them. To promote this sales of prescription drugs. And that's really how this crisis started when this is an artificial let them this is an epidemic that was created by the medical industrial. It's amazing so I mean really to some degree in the pharmaceutical companies. Are at fault here. Well there's enough blame to go around. So in the pharmaceutical companies that fall because they've marketed these highly addictive drugs they knew what they're doing. The positions were sort of woven into prescribing all of these these drugs. The patient wanted them and they wanted more. Health insurance companies financed it. The piracy just through the descriptions. You know a lot of warning. So there's a lot of pieces and everybody wants to blame it one little statement say that's the one cost. But really it's sort of a perfect storm of a lot of people so I think that. Each each of us that doctors and health insurance companies the power to companies who don't have to accept our week. Accept responsibility for our little piece of this mass. And do what we can't clean up. Back Monday. That's 930 and 716. We're back tomorrow with a net irritation from the studios of WD EA and buffalo law.