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What wakes up those who wake YOU up?

Entercom’s morning hosts’ noshing & sipping breakfast routines

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September 22, 2018 - 9:08 pm

I was talking with STAR 102.5 announcer John Anthony recently about – what else? – food! He mentioned that he ate a big bowl of spaghetti for breakfast. He’s also the same guy that wolfed down an entire box of Stove Top stuffing for his morning meal.

It got me thinking that it would be fun to survey the Entercom Radio’s morning teams about their breakfast habits, especially since they work such ungodly early hours. After all, the talented radio broadcasters who get us moving in the morning are usually hard at work while I’m just turning over in the middle of the night.

While John’s choice of breakfast food may be unusual, could folks who work those extremely early shifts have similar cravings and habits? I surveyed several familiar names - and voices – to check on how they get their groove on before the sun rises:

Susan Rose, WBEN News/Talk 930 Morning Host:

“I’ve pretty much tried everything for breakfast (granola bars, toast, yogurt, Carnation Instant Breakfast). But my go-to early morning meal is - cereal. It’s just what I need to feel satisfied until 9am when I get off the air and start grazing on a banana and other fruit and veggies that I brought from home.  It’s pretty boring but cereal is quick and easy at 3:30am. No special flavor or brand. Just whatever is on hand.  Morning coffee is a must too - but I don’t have that until I get to work.

Randy Bushover, WBEN News Talk 930 Producer/Host

Power Bar or “Cranberry Almond Delight” and a cup of coffee (or 2)

Allan Harris, Traffic Reporter

6am..coffee along with a Blueberry Belvita; 7am..second cup with a Nature Valley Oats and Honey; 7:50 - One of those frozen morning sandwiches such as the muffin, egg, cheese and bacon ones.

Nicholas Picholas, KISS 98.5 Morning Co-host

Water and coffee only.  No food till noon.

Janet Snyder, KISS 98.5 Morning Co-host

Coffee, coffee, coffee, water, coffee: Grande Red Eye Pike, Venti cold brew with almond milk.

Wease, KISS 98.5 Morning Producer

Every morning coffee/cantaloupe & Greek yogurt

Rob Lucas, STAR 102.5 Morning Host

My wife always makes me a sandwich, not just any sandwich...it often like a piece of food/art or a half a size NYC deli sandwich.  My producers often ask "Where did you get that?" as I chow down about 7:30.I also have some sort of a breakfast bar, hot tea, and about every other day give in and buy crap from the vending machine.   M&Ms, Reese cups.  

I probably waste 10-15 dollars a month doing that.  I've been addicted to the Kodiak Pancake Cups as well, but I usually have that at home on weekends.  I can’t get them to cook right in our microwaves!

Jeremy White, WGR Sports Radio 550 Co-Host

I used to be a “must eat something or I physically can’t function” guy… and now, just a cup of coffee.  That’s it, ha ha.  Sometimes a banana or something during the show, but normally I now wait until about 10:30 to eat.

Emily Wild, Alternative Buffalo 107.7 Morning Host

Almost every day I do a Thomas bagel with vegan butter and about 6 cups of coffee. Not even an exaggeration. 


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