A Trio of Food Trends for The New Year

What’s Cooking for 2018?

Brenda's Bites
January 11, 2018 - 2:47 pm

A new year brings new things to sink our teeth into and some tasty trends for 2018 have already been served up.


For the pizza lovers among us, the foodies at Fast Casual.com says to expect “Detroit-style” pizza, which is a thick crust pie in a square shape. Detroit? Lots of pizza places in Western New York bake it up that way already.

Breakfast pizzas and clam pizzas are expected to catch fire too. I love seafood on pizza and have had clams and shrimp with hot peppers on my pie on more than a few occasions. Delish!



With everyone seemingly time-starved, doesn’t it make sense to prepare breakfast the night before? Certainly Overnight Oats will work and actually taste better once the flavors have had time to marry. Even less thank skilled cooks can throw some raw rolled oats, almond milk, banana, berries and whatever else your appetite desires into a jar, seal it, and refrigerate. Next morning, voila, ready to go and eat breakfast. Tons of recipes abound on numerous sites.



How does olive oil and sea salt or burnt marshmallows or mulled cherries and almonds in soft-serve ice cream grab you? How about Rocky Road or a combo of milk and honey in your ice cream sound? Those are the new upscale flavors that are already available in some parts of the country and are expected to continue an upward trend.

Here’s to a happy, healthy New Year with plenty of delicious food choices!

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