Perk Up: Friday is National Coffee Day

What do some familiar voices drink?

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September 29, 2017 - 4:00 am

Seems perfectly fitting that National Coffee Day is falling on September 29th this year. My husband, Dan, and I are celebrating our 27th wedding anniversary and we have a confession to make: We are both coffee-holics, so much so that we crave our Tim Hortons fix daily and go into Tim withdrawal when we’re away from our favorite java joint. Hubby usually brews up a pot of Tim goodness on the weekend at home and, while it is satisfying, it never seems to taste quite as good as the coffee at Tim’s. We both take it black.

Many of my radio colleagues get regularly buzzed from coffee. Given the 24/7 nature of the business, it’s no surprise that many familiar names love their Cup o’ Joe, especially many of our on-air personalities who are rising and shining when most of us our just rolling over.

Here’s a few comments from some familiar names and voices, who answered these questions:

  • Do you drink coffee every day?
  • If not, why not and what do you drink in the morning?
  • How many cups do you drink a day?
  • What is your go to brand?
  • How do you take it?
  • Do you get jittery if you don’t drink coffee? Or if you drink too much?
  • Do you like coffee specialty drinks (cappuccino, espresso, lattes, etc.)?
  • Do you make coffee at home? Favorite brand?

Susan Rose, WBEN morning host and news anchor

 2 cups every morning.  Black.  I need the jolt to get going at 4am, Tim Ho's is my favorite, but we brew what's provided at work, and that's pretty good.  I don't like lattes, cappuccinos or expresso.  It's kind of weird, but I don't drink much coffee on the weekend - I guess I don't need the jump-start!


Tony Caligiuri, Sandy Beach Show producer

I drink 2 to 3 cups a day, Folgers dark, one sugar no jitters, not a big fan of specialty stuff, I mostly drink coffee at home, once in a while at work   

Josef Beamer, WBEN morning producer

Yes, I have one large Dark Roast Coffee every morning around 4:30am.I drink 1 large coffee, and then 2 cans of Monster Ultra Sunrise throughout the Morning. Now if I didn't get a great night of sleep, I will have a cup or

two of whatever they brew here on top of my usual, but that's maybe once a week. Tim Hortons, either at Tims or the K-Cup. If I go one day without coffee I'll be fine, but by the second day I get a horrible headache, I tried to stop drinking coffee last year, it was awful, the headache lasted for a week, and eventually I needed to give in and start again because I wasn't as alert in the morning.

      Dave Debo, WBEN morning news anchor

EVERY SINGLE DAY, even on weekends when I’m not in the office. At least three cups in the office, and then maybe one later. CAFFEINATED. BLACK. Sometimes if I’ve had too much my stomach gets a little queasy. That’s when I’ll switch to a lemon tea. Love Starbucks Carmel Macchiato, but the Timmy Ho Ice Cap is far cheaper and almost as nice. Because of price, it’s my go to, if I’m in a mood for something fancy. It’s a battle in our house.  We have two bags on the counter next to the coffee maker.  I’ll do the dark roast Starbucks, my kids the Tim Hortons.  My poor wife doesn’t drink the stuff. What’s up with that?

Tim Wenger, WBEN & WGR Operations Manager

YESSS!  And almost all day long, at least 4 cups; Tim Horton’s if I’m out and about, Kuerig breakfast blend at home.  And I’m loving the McCafe ground coffee now too! Take it with vanilla cream mostly, or black if not available. Jittery only if I drink too much and don’t eat. At home, Keurig K-Cups…breakfast or donut shop blend. I’m working to cut back on the coffee consumption after 9am.   Slim progress so far!

Janet Snyder, KISS 98.5 Morning Host

Coffee!! Yes must have! Starbucks, Grande red eye pike (extra shot); Venti cold brew extra ice. Best way to start my day!

            Nicholas Picholas, KISS 98.5 Morning Host

I drink 6 to 8 a day. Starbucks Gold Coast, black.  Nope never get jittery.

 Specialty drinks? Nope, those are called milkshakes.

At home? Yes, Starbucks or tops pods (compost friendly)

Emily Wink, Alt Buffalo 107.7 Morning Host

I drink 4-5 cups a day, black. I'm frugal so I stick to what's affordable (McDonalds $1 any size is usually my drive thru go to) I get jittery when I drink too much, I get terrible caffeine headaches if I don't drink any Every once and awhile I will treat myself if I want something sweet or desserty but can't take my morning coffee like that. I do make it at home. Sometimes I put my own pumpkin pie spice in the grounds for flavor. I usually buy the Aldi's brand because it is affordable, fair trade certified coffee and that is important to me. My radio tag line is "I hope your courage to seize a new day is as strong as your morning coffee!"

 Sue O’Neil, STAR 102.5 Host, STAR, KISS, WWWS Operations Manager

Yes, I drink 2 large cups a day, Starbucks with Stevia and Almond milk.

Yes, get jittery, and if I drink later in the day-keeps me from going to sleep

Drink Folgers at home. I prefer it made in a pot-not a Keurig


Rob Lucas, STAR 102.5 Morning Host

      Despite getting up at 4am for much of the past 30 years, I hate coffee!  I have tried it more than a few times…at a freezing Bisons game when they ran out of hot chocolate, and in a Pennsylvania turnpike McDonalds

during a snowstorm.  Hated the taste both times.  Too harsh.  On vacation this past Summer I tried some goofy chocolate/coffee/latte combination from a much revered coffee house in Rehoboth Beach Delaware…and it made  me gag.  How do people drink that stuff? If I need a little jump, I’ll drink a cup of Bigelow Green Tea with Lemon, or Lemon Lift.  But I gotta watch the Lemon Lift.  I’m hyper as it is, and if I down too much, you can tell when my mouth can’t keep up with my brain.  Or at least I can!  If I have tea, I also keep a filled water bottle close by.  Mixing the two seems to be the right combination for me.

           Sandy Beach, WBEN Talk Host

           I only enjoy coffee after sex. I wish I could start drinking it again!

Love to hear your comments!  What is your favorite coffee shop and brand? How do you take your coffee? Would you rather buy or make your own coffee?   Brenda.

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