Cleveland Browns Fans: Beer me!?

Fans buzzing about "Victory Fridges"

Brenda's Bites
August 17, 2018 - 11:04 pm

Ever heard of a Victory Fridge?

Thankfully the Bills are no longer holding the dubious distinction of owning the longest American sports playoff drought, and have now passed the most dismal of torches to the Cleveland Browns and the Major League Baseball's Seattle Mariners.

Long suffering Browns fans are hopeful that this might be the year they bust out of the loser column and participate in the postseason. That goal may be too lofty, even though the Clevelanders have Tyrod (or is it “Tir-Rod”?) Taylor and highly-touted rookie Baker Mayfield vying for the starting QB spot. 

The last time the Browns won a game was December 24, 2016, so the creative thinkers at Bud Light are placing Victory Fridges throughout the team’s stadium and in bars throughout the Cleveland area. Each fridge is equipped with “Bud-E Fridge smart technology,” which will trigger in the event of a Browns win at home or on the road.

Andy Goeler, Vice-President of Marketing for Bud Light, noted:  “The Bud Light Browns ‘Victory Fridge’ is a fun way to celebrate and reward a fan base that has never wavered in enthusiasm or dedication for their team no matter what happens.”

Maybe the HBO series “Hard Knocks” will follow this edition of the team into the season. Bet those beleaguered Browns fanatics will drink to that!

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