Yanny or Laurel? The Internet Debate That Can't Be Solved

Even Experts Finding it Hard to Explain


(WBEN) - Is it Yanny, or Laurel?

It's the debate currently taking the internet by storm. The clip of an automated saying... something... went viral on Twitter and across the web Tuesday night. Some hear the voice say Yanny, others swear it's Laurel.

Listen to the clip for yourself:

Why do some hear one word, while others say it's something completely different?

Even experts who spoke with CNET came up with different answers. A professor of speech, language and hearing sciences said it's because the recording is such poor quality, while other professors say it's the quality of the speaker you listen to the clip on that will influence what you hear.

What do you hear? Leave a comment below, or vote on our Twitter poll:

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