WS Police: School Resource Officer to Respond to Shooting Immediately

MD resource officer confronted school shooter Tuesday

Tom Puckett
March 21, 2018 - 4:00 am

West Seneca, NY (WBEN) Tuesday, a school resource officer in Maryland intervened in the shooting inside a high school. If it were to happen in one local town, the police chief says school resource officers are at the ready.

West Seneca Police Chief Daniel Denz says there are five such officers assigned to the district. One at each of the high schools, one at each of the middle schools, with the fifth officer floating among the elementary teams. In the event of an active shooter, Denz says the officer is trained to intervene immediately and hopefully stop the aggressive action at that school. "That's how we train the men in our schools. They are to intervene the first chance possible," explains Denz, saying that improves the chances of saving lives. 

West Seneca Police Chief Daniel Denz

Denz says while the officers are embedded in the schools, if there is an active shooter, they'll be sent over to the school with the shooter. "It's all hands on deck, depending on what's going to happen in the other buildings, all other officers and administrators including myself would respond immediately," says Denz.

He says police will also gather information from dispatch and first officers responding at the scene.

Denz notes the officers' primary job is not security, but try to be proactive and identify students or situations that could lead to situations like the one in Maryland so they're prevented in the first place. 

He adds each school undergoes an active shooter drill each year. 

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