WNYers Check on Florida Properties

Gulyas: "We dodged a bullet"

WBEN Photo/Susan Rose


Buffalo, N.Y. (WBEN) - Western New Yorkers with properties in Florida are starting to find out how they fared through Hurricane Irma.

WBEN reached Esther Gulyas, CEO of EG Tax Service and attorney Paul Cambria Wednesday morning.

Gulyas has a home on Marco Island, where Irma made a second landfall Sunday.  "We dodged a bullet" said Gulyas. "We never had any water damage. We're so thankful.   I lost a couple of roof tiles and a lanai screen but that's it". 

The power is still out at Gulyas' house.  She is planning to go there on Sunday.

"I hope people open their hearts because there is so much devastation especially in the Keys" said Gulyas.

Attorney Paul Cambria has a house in Key West, Florida.  The only way he has been able to check on the damage is through a contemporaneous hookup of satellite pictures.  "You can dial in your address and do an aerial survey" said Cambria.  "It looks like we might have a shingle off or something, but no major damage.  Most of the damage is to older structures or to boats and trailers". 

With no power or no water, Cambria said he has no immediate plans to go there.  He is relying on people who specialize in checking on properties.  "Hopefully they will get to ours eventually" he said.



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