WNYer in the Hurricane Zone

"We're hunkered down, sitting & waiting"

National Hurricane Center


New Smyrna Beach, Florida, (WBEN) - For years, Vic Baker was producing newscasts on WIVB, Channel 4 in Buffalo.  Lately he's watching lots of TV news, either by by necessity or boredom.

Baker, his wife and dogs are in the Hurricane Zone.  "We're in the coastal area, but not on the beach," said Baker.  "We're hunkered down.  We have cranked down the hurricane shutters and are sitting and waiting."

Mindful that Dorian has been torturing the Bahamas for two days, Baker notes that he's only seen scattered rain and no serious wind as of Tuesday morning.  "It's stressful. You can't escape it because it's the only thing on TV.  He adds the state is well run and officials are staying on top of it.  "The flip side of waiting for it," he said, "is that you have plenty of time to get ready for it."

Baker said as soon as you hear that a hurricane may be coming your way, you have to start making preparations. "You stock up on bottled water and try to find a generator.   "We don't have one, he said. "But we'll be sharing our neighbors."  He has no plans to evacuate.  

Baker has been living in Florida for six years. This is his 3rd hurricane.  Experienced Floridians tell him they expect this storm to be like Hurricane Matthew in 2016.  After catastrophic damage in Haiti, the monster storm stayed out at sea and tracked up the coastline.  If that happens, Baker expects New Smyrna to get tropical force, rather than hurricane force winds.


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