Winter Weather Will Bring Flight Delays

Get the Expert's Opinion on What You Should Know


(WBEN) - More wintry weather on the way likely means that we will see plenty of cancellations and delays at the Buffalo airport. So how can you be best prepared if it happens to you?

"The best thing to do is to sign up for flight status alerts," said Rick Seaney of "The native aps from the airlines have them, apps like FlightAware have them. The key is getting that information as quickly as possible."

Getting the information is only part of what you'll need. 

"Just remember that when you get a status alert that says your flight's delayed by two hours, that's for informational purposes only. You still actually have to go at the same time, because they could un-delay your flight. If you do miss your flight, you could be on the hook even though they sent you a warning that it was going to be delayed."

If you know your flight is canceled, Seaney still recommends seeking out a live person to help you re-arrange. Hear more tips from Seaney below:

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