Ulysses Wingo. May 28, 2019. WBEN Photo/Mike Baggerman

Wingo Banned from BPS Property for 18 Months

Won't be able to attend child's graduation ceremony

June 19, 2019 - 11:38 pm

BUFFALO (WBEN - Brendan Keany) - On Wednesday evening, the Buffalo School Board addressed the recent incident of Common Councilman Ulysees Wingo bringing a firearm to Riverside High School.

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While the incident was found to be an accident, and Wingo will not face criminal charges, many parents and advocates are outraged. 

Just a couple weeks ago, the school board wrote a resolution that requested the removal of Wingo from his education committee chair, and they also proposed that Wingo not be allowed on a Buffalo school property for the next 18 months, and the board requested that he be removed from the Common Council's education committee:

Whereas the Buffalo City School District is committed to upholding all state, federal, and local laws, including those related to the presence of guns in schools and on school property, and

Whereas NYS Law 265.01(a) and Buffalo Board of Education Policy 3411 strictly prohibits the unauthorized presence of guns anywhere on School District property, with the sole exception being commissioned law enforcement officers for duty related purposes, and

Whereas communities across the United States are besieged by gun violence and the horrific, unspeakable events that have occurred inside our nation’s schools, and

Whereas across the nation, all school districts, law enforcement authorities, civic leadership, and parents are especially vigilant concerning the uncompromised safety of our students, and 

Whereas on May 14, 2019, Buffalo Common Council Member Ulysees O. Wingo, Sr. admitted to bringing a loaded gun into a Buffalo Public School, and

Whereas upon being informed of the incident, Superintendent of Schools Dr. Kriner Cash immediately barred Buffalo Common Council Member Ulysees O. Wingo, Sr. from entering any Buffalo City School District property unless he receives expressed written authorization from the Superintendent of Schools, and

Whereas on May 23, 2019, Erie County District Attorney John J. Flynn declared that Buffalo Common Council Member Ulysees O. Wingo, Sr. committed a crime as a result of his actions, and

Whereas Mr. Wingo’s violation of the law and board policy have compromised the safety and forfeited the trust of students and staff of the Buffalo Public Schools, impacting his ability to work effectively with the District;

Therefore be it resolved, as a consequence of his irresponsible and illegal behavior, the Buffalo Board of Education requests that Buffalo Common Council Member Ulysees O. Wingo Sr. be permanently removed from membership and the chairmanship of the Common Council Education Committee effective immediately.

While most were in agreement that it was a dumb mistake and there should be consequences, the main point of contention was about an amendment to the resolution that would have allowed Wingo to attend his son's graduation ceremony.

"I'm not carrying Ulysses Wingo's water here either - I could care less," said school board member Larry Quinn. "But our job is for children, and there's a child involved here who is not going to have his parents at his graduation."

Ultimately, the board decided that allowing Wingo to attend the ceremony wouldn't send a strong enough message regarding the seriousness of the incident, and they passed the resolution without an amendment allowing him to attend.

Listen to the full discussion on Wingo's situation below:

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