William Shrubsall Back in the US

Held by Niagara County Sheriff's on three warrants

Tom Puckett
January 21, 2019 - 5:22 pm

1989 WIVB Archive Photo


Niagara Falls, NY (WBEN) The man who fatally beat his mother the night before his high school graduation and later fleeing to Canada is back in the US, in the custody of Niagara County Sheriff's Deputies. 

47 year old William Shrubsall was recently paroled by the Parole Board of Canada on the condition he serve seven years for sexually abusing a 17 year old girl. In that case, Shrubsall fled to Canada, leaving a suicide note stating he had gone over Niagara Falls. 

Shrubsall fatally beat his mother in 1988, one night before he was to speak as valedictorian at LaSalle High School's graduation. He served 16 months for that incident. He had been previously arrested by police for picking up an undercover officer posing as a prostitute.

Shrubsall had lived in Halifax, Nova Scotia, where in one incident, punched and choked a woman who tried to call a taxi. Detectives searching his room discovered that he had the identification of two previous victims that he attacked, and this was confirmed by witnesses. These were for aggravated sexual assault and one in May 1998 for robbing and assaulting a female store clerk with a baseball bat

Shrubsall is being held on three separate Niagara County Court warrants for Sodomy in the first degree, Sexual Abuse in the first degree, Unlawfully Dealing with a Child, Bail Jumping in the first degree, and Criminal Contempt in the second degree.  Shrubsall is being held at the Niagara County Correctional Facility pending further proceedings. 

The Niagara County District Attorney's Office is making arrangements for Shrubsall to be arraigned on the warrants in Niagara County Court on Tuesday January 22, 2019 at a time to be determined.

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