Will Summer Camps be an Option for Kids This Summer?

Still no concrete answers for parents

Summer Camps

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Hamburg, NY (WBEN) - Earlier this month, Governor Andrew Cuomo announced that in-class summer school programs would not take place across the state. Now parents are left wondering if summer camps will be shuttered, too.

“We’re hoping to open up our two major camps,” said Ed Leak, Orchard Park Director of Parks and Recreation.

Other towns are in the same unknown situation.

“We’re going to be making a decision probably within the next seven to eight days,” said Hamburg Town Supervisor Jim Shaw.

Dealing with the unknown is an issue for organizers, who are working on plans to reopen in modified ways without knowing if that will even be able to happen.

“We’ve been searching high and low for guidelines,” Leak said when asked about what guidance the town has been given on camps. “Camp size alone has to be reduced by 50 percent. All staff will have to wear masks.”

The planning that has already been done may prove to be for nothing if the state decides camps can not happen, but that isn’t the only threat they face.

“There’s no question the financial concerns municipalities have will be the determining factor on whether programs of any sort will go forward this summer,” Leak said.

For parents, it’s an important question.

“Every day for the last few weeks, we get numerous communications from parents who are now being called back to work, and have depended on our programs for years. They now need us more than ever for child care.”

Leak said he still doesn’t have the final answer for summer camps, and doesn’t know what the alternative would be for children over the summer.

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